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Share A Story Month! 8 Live Storytelling Sessions

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There's something so special about sharing the magic of storytelling with your children. Now more than ever we encourage you to step into the pages and escape to other worlds, even if just for ten minutes. From bestselling authors to local librarians and A-List celebrities, plenty of wonderful people are broadcasting free storytelling sessions for your children to enjoy. So sit back, relax, and make the most of these brilliant lockdown live streams.

Share Stories With Julia Donaldson

When is it? 4pm, every Thursday

Where is it? Facebook

Join Gruffalo creator Julia Donaldson every Thursday for a video broadcast filled with original songs, storytelling and loads more. Expect special guest appearances and plenty of fun!

Bedtime Stories On CBeebies

When is it? 6.50pm, Monday to Friday

Where is it? CBeebies and BBC iPlayer

Just before your kids settle down for the night, check out the soothing storytelling sessions on CBeebies. Different celebrities lend their storytelling talents, and after becoming the most popular Bedtime Stories reader ever with his 2016 reading, Tom Hardy is returning to CBeebies from 27th April to 1st May with a new series of stories.

Join Nicola J Rowley's Storytelling Session

When is it? 11am, Monday to Friday

Where is it? Facebook

Looking for a relaxing way to calm down before lunch? Join author Nicola J Rowley as she shares some of her favourite children's stories in a 10-minute storytelling live stream.

Little girl reading a book.


Mondays With Michelle

When is it? 5pm, every Monday

Where is it? YouTube

Join former First Lady Michelle Obama for Mondays with Michelle, her brand-new read-along session with PBS Kids. Every Monday at 5pm (12pm ET) she will be reading a new children's story.

The World Of David Walliams

When is it? 11am, daily

Where is it? The World of David Walliams

Brilliant children's author David Walliams has been releasing an audio version of either a full story or a chapter of one of his bestselling novels every day on his website since lockdown started. Hilarious and full of surprises, you won't want to miss it.

Sally's Super Sessions

When is it? Every Wednesday at 4.30pm (ages 3-6) and 5pm (ages 6-8)

Where is it? Facebook

Sally is an Early Years and Year 1 specialist who usually offers tuition to children, but during lockdown, she's sharing some of her favourite stories online in two different live stream sessions throughout the week! One is for ages 3-6 and the other is for ages 6-8.

Save With Stories

When is it? Daily

Where is it? Instagram

Every day, more and more famous faces are sharing their voiceover talents and reading magic on Instagram. A whole host of celebrities are sharing their favourite children's stories with you, from Helen Mirren and Stephen Fry to Liam Payne, Eddie Redmayne and everyone in between.

Storytime With Fergie And Friends

When is it? 4pm, daily

Where is it? YouTube

Fergie, AKA Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, is bringing royal storytelling magic to your home during lockdown with live storytelling videos. She'll be reading some of her own stories and will sometimes be joined by special guests! On Saturdays you can expect an even longer storytime.

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Georgia Stone

Georgia is originally from Essex but moved to Switzerland as a child, attending an international school and igniting her love for experiencing the world and its cultures. She later moved back to the UK to study French with Film Studies at King’s College London. She took a break to enjoy a patisserie-filled year abroad in Paris. Shortly after graduating, she started as an intern at Kidadl in a small team of five, progressing with the company as it grew, to where she sits now as Digital Content Manager. Since returning to the UK permanently, she has been known to take ideas from Kidadl for things to see and do close to home and make the most of London’s incredible travel connections to explore further afield.

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