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Make Your Own Simple Spa Face Mask

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Bring your spa day home by making a super simple kid-friendly face mask using only lockdown cupboard staples! Be warned, you might want to lick the bowl after this one...

diy face mask

If you're missing your monthly facials and your skin is craving some serious spa treatment in lockdown, then don't worry Kidadlers... did you know you can easily make your own face mask at home?! Using just three at-home cupboard ingredients (and even a chance to lick the bowl after), you can whip up this kid-friendly face mask in no time and unwind with some relaxation time as a family this weekend!

1.Mash half an avocado so that it's a guacamole consistency

2.Add one tablespoon of cocoa powder and one tablespoon of honey and mix thoroughly to combine

3.Apply the mixture to your face, leave it for 15 minutes, and rinse off with warm water. Be sure to moisturise afterwards!

You could also try a mashed banana, honey and orange juice version for a tropical facial twist! Other great ingredients for your skin are oats, lemon juice and turmeric which you could mix things up with here too.

These DIY face masks are cheap, accessible, and fully kid-friendly to handle, not to mention being dangerously delicious too! Get the whole family pampering together - if you don’t eat it all up first! - and you’ll never turn to a shop-bought face mask again.

Written By
Laura Savage

Laura grew up in London and loved special family trips out to the theatre, Science Museum and all of the city's wonderful parks. She loves travelling, writing, drawing, exploring new art exhibitions and finding the best food and drink spots in the capital! At Kidadl, Laura handles our social media channels and is part of the busy brief writing team, creating the blueprints for the diverse range of articles you'll find across the site. She also dabbles in graphic design pieces for Kidadl's Instagram and writing blog articles full of family fun herself.

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