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50 Elf Movie Trivia Questions To Spread Some Christmas Cheer

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The occasion of Christmas every year witnesses the release of a horde of new feature films.

However, few flicks have had the impact that the 2004 Jon Favreau-directed Christmas comedy feature 'Elf' had on the audience. Everything about the film was thoroughly enjoyable, from its stellar star cast to its rib-tickling moments.

Encouraged by your response to our Christmas movie trivia we decided to come up with these 'Elf' trivia questions and answers to continue spreading the Christmas cheer among our readers. Take this quiz revolving around some fun facts about the film 'Elf' and characters like the 'Elf' dad, baby Buddy the elf, and so many more!

General 'Elf' Quiz Questions

Before diving into tricky 'Elf' trivia questions and rather obscure 'Elf' fun facts, let's first get through this general 'Elf' movie quiz that will serve as a warm-up for 'Elf', the movie.

Toy figurines of elf and his friend on snow.

1. Question: When did 'Elf' come out?

Answer: 9 October, 2003.

2. Question: Who starred in 'Elf'?

Answer: The lead role was played by Will Ferrell. The rest of the cast comprised Zooey Deschanel, James Caan, Mary Steenburgen, and Peter Dinklage among others.

3. Question: How old was Will Ferrell when 'Elf' was filmed?

Answer: 36 years old.

4. Question: What is the main character's name in 'Elf'?

Answer: Buddy Hobbs aka 'Buddy the Elf'.

5. Question: Is 'Elf' a Disney movie?

Answer: No.

6. Question: How old is Buddy?

Answer: 30 years old.

7. Question: Did Will Ferrell really eat the gum in 'Elf'?

Answer: Yes, he had to eat everything that was present on the elf food pyramid including the elf cotton balls and all.

8. Question: What is the movie 'Elf' about?

Answer: It is about Buddy, a human, who is raised among elves at the North Pole. When he stumbles across the discovery that he is not an elf, he then embarks upon a journey to New York to search for his biological father.

9. Question: How many 'Elf' movies are there?

Answer: One.

10. Question: In the 'Elf' doctor scene, who is the doctor in the doctor's office?

Answer: Jon Favreau.

'Elf' Movie Scenes Quiz

Now that we have gone through a set of basic questions about 'Elf' it is now time to launch into a set of fun facts about the movie 'Elf' that shed light on many of its iconic scenes such as the elf snowball scene and the elf workshop scene and cover some interesting 'Elf' movie facts and elf facts as well. Try out these 'Elf' movie trivia questions and answers about pop tarts, candy corn, and other 'Elf' candy scene!

11. Question: Which actor was almost cast in the role of Buddy?

Answer: Jim Carrey.

12. Question: Was the 'Elf' Macy's scene shot at Macy's?

Answer: No.

13. Question: Who plays the role of baby Buddy?

Answer: Daniel Tay

14. Question: In the 'Elf' breakfast scene, which famous Italian delicacy does Buddy consume with various amounts of chocolate and candy?

Answer: Spaghetti.

15. Question: To which building did the elevator belong in the Elf elevator scene?

Answer: Empire State Building.

16. Question: With what does Buddy compare the lights in the elevator inside the Empire State Building?

Answer: A Christmas tree.

17. Question: How many takes was the fight in the Elf North Pole scene filmed?

Answer: One.

18. Question: What is the name of the toy store from 'Elf'?

Answer: The toy store in 'Elf' was called Gimbels.

19. Question: What is the name of the Elf mailroom song?

Answer: 'Whoomp there it is' is the song in the famous Elf mail room scene.

20. Question: In the fight against Santa during the Elf mall scene, which famous line does Buddy utter?

Answer: 'You sit on a throne of lies'.

'Elf' Miscellaneous Trivia Questions

The following section throws light in various segments of the film including a few buddy the elf trivia, questions about the 'Elf' movie outfit, 'Elf' movie products, and other related questions documenting the journey of Buddy from the North Pole to New York. Answer these Buddy the elf questions!

21. Question: Which actor plays the role of Buddy the Elf's dad?

Answer: Bob Newhart.

22. Question: Does a sequel to the 'Elf' called the 'Elf 2' exist?

Answer: No.

23. Question: What are the food groups that the elves are expected to stick to according  to movie?

Answer: The four main food groups are candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup.

24. Question: Where was 'Elf' filmed in Central Park?

Answer: Bethesda Terrace, Central Park, Manhattan.

25. Question: What is special about the 'Elf' movie jack in the box?

Answer: Will Ferrell's reactions were genuine.

26. Question: Was the 'Elf' eating gum scene staged or was it real?

Answer: It was real.

27.  Question: What is the name of the two characters that are showed in the 'Elf' date scene?

Answer: Buddy and Jovie.

28. Question: Which technique was used to make Buddy look like a giant?

Answer: Forced perspective.

29. Question: How many years did it take for 'Elf' to make it from script to screen?

Answer: 10 years.

30. Question: From which other Hollywood movie was the journey of Buddy in the movie inspired?

Answer: Tom Hanks in Big (1988).

31. Question: The iconic 'Elf' movie burp was performed by which well-known voice-over artist?

Answer: Maurice LaMarche.

32. Question: What is special about the scene when Buddy starts singing in Santaland?

Answer: The song was entirely improvised by Will Ferrell.

33. Question: Who plays the voice of the narwhal that pops up to bid farewell to Buddy?

Answer: Jon Favreau.

34. Question: Where were some scenes of the department store in 'Elf' shot at?

Answer: In an old insane asylum.

35. Question: From which movie were the designs for Santa's workshop as well as the elf uniforms inspired?

Answer: 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer' (1964.)

36. Question: Who was originally slated to play the manager role at Gimbel's?

Answer: Wanda Sykes.

37. Question: Who makes a brief appearance in the 'Elf' Ming Ming role at the beginning of the film?

Answer: Peter Billingsley.

38. Question: How many songs does Zooey Deschanel perform in the film?

Answer: 3.

39. Question:  What job did Buddy do at the North Pole?

Answer: Toy-tester.

40. Question: How did Buddy get to New York?

Answer: By traveling through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, the sea of swirly-twirly gumdrops, and the Lincoln Tunnel 3.

41. Question: What was the name of the song that Buddy heard Jovie singing in the shop?

Answer: 'Baby, It's Cold Outside'.

42. Question: What is the name of Buddy's half-brother in 'Elf'?

Answer: Michael.

43. Question: After whom is Leon, the snowman, at the North Pole named?

Answer: Its voice actor, Leon Redbone.

44. Question: The costume cause several minor accidents. True or False?

Answer: Several minor traffic accidents occurred when Will Ferrell walked through the Lincoln Tunnel in his costume, because people were so surprised (and distracted from their driving) to see him wearing an elf outfit.

45. Question: Where did Buddy live for most of his young life?

Answer: North Pole

46. Question: What flavor of Pop-Tarts does Buddy use in his spaghetti?

Answer: Chocolate

47. Question: What toy draws Baby Buddy to climb into Santa's Sack?

Answer: Teddy bear

48. Question: How did the elves come up with the name Buddy?

Answer: They saw it on Buddy's diaper

49. Question: What was Buddy's mother's name?

Answer: Susan Wells

50. Question: What's the first rule in the Code of The Elves?

Answer: Treat every day like Christmas.

Second Image credit: Forest_Fairy / Shutterstock.com

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