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100 'Mean Girls' Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Are So Fetch

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Are you a diehard fan of 'Mean Girls'?

Did you know that it was originally based on a broadway show, which was based on a book? There may be more 'Mean Girls' trivia answers that you may not know.

After the movie shot to icon status transcending generations with its popularity, 'Mean Girls' has persisted in pop culture. Knowing the right answers to a 'Mean Girls' quiz will no doubt make you very interesting in a party or a sleepover, but will also help you get the countless pop-culture references made about the movie basically everywhere. So waste no time, and delve into the 'Mean Girls' trivia quiz we have compiled for you. If you like this article, make sure you check out our other trivia articles like Twilight trivia and Pretty Little Liars trivia for more fun.

'Mean Girls' Trivia Names

Let's jump right into what makes 'Mean Girls' the cult movie that it is: the characters. This will be a quiz on the names of the characters in the movie and the Broadway show, so let's see how many you can get right!

1. Question: In the movie, what is the name of the protagonist from whose perspective we see the story unfold?

Answer: Cady Heron.

2. Question: Who is the Queen Bee in North Shore High School?

Answer: Regina George.

3. Question: Where does 'Mean Girls' take place?

Answer: 'Mean Girls' takes place in North Shore High School, home to the Plastics.

4. Question: What are the names of the 'Mean Girls', or the Plastics?

Answer: Regina George, the leader, Gretchen Wieners, Karen Smith.

5. Question: Who are the first friends that Cady makes on her first day in the school?

Answer: Janis Ian and Damian Leigh.

6. Question: Who is the goth character we find in 'Mean Girls' who asks Cady to spy on the Plastics?

Answer: Janis Ian.

7. Question: Who does Cady have a crush on (and who is off-bounds)?

Answer: Aaron Samuels, the ex-boyfriend of Regina George.

8. Question: What is the name of the understanding teacher who tries to patch things up between the students after Regina incites social anarchy in school?

Answer: Ms. Norbury.

9.  Question: What subject does Ms. Norbury teach in North Shore High?

Answer: Ms. Norbury teaches Math.

10. Question: What is the name of the iconic book that contained insults about almost every person in the school?

Answer: The Burn Book.

11. Question: Who were the only people who were not mentioned in the Burn Book?

Answer: Originally, the Plastics and Cady were not mentioned in the Burn Book. But after Regina learns about how Cady betrayed her, she puts herself in the Burn Book before circulating it, making Cady, Gretchen Wieners, and Karen the only people who weren't included.

12. Question: Which character storms out of the school hall and gets run over by a bus?

Answer: Regina George.

13. Question: What is the name of the Math Club in North Shore High School?

Answer: The members of the math club were called the Mathletes.

14. Question: Which character is a member of the Mathletes that Janis later starts dating?

Answer: Kevin Gnapoor.

15. Question: Who is Regina's new boyfriend by the end of the year?

Answer: Shane Oman.

16. Question: Who wins Prom King at the Spring Fling Dance towards the end of the movie?

Answer: Shane Oman.

17. Question: Who wins Prom Queen at the Spring Fling Dance towards the end of the movie?

Answer: Cady, but she breaks the tiara into pieces and distributes it to the other girls in the crowd.

18. Question: Who joins the lacrosse team to cope with her anger?

Answer: Regina George.

19. Question: Who is Cady's boyfriend by the end of the movie?

Answer: Aaron Samuels.

20. Question: Who joins the 'Cool Asians' clique by the end of the movie?

Answer: Gretchen Weiners.

'Mean Girls' Broadway Trivia

Many people forget that 'Mean Girls' has a stage musical that is just as famous in the theatre community as the cult movie is among cinephiles. How much do you know about the 'Mean Girls' Broadway show? Read on to find more about 'Mean Girls' musical trivia.

21. Question: Who composed the music for the Broadway version?

Answer: Jeff Richmond.

22. Question: Who was the lyricist behind Broadway's 'Mean Girls'?

Answer: Nell Benjamin.

23. Question: Who wrote the book that both the movie and the Broadway show is based off of?

Answer: Tina Fey.

24. Question: Where was the music performed for the first time?

Answer: National Theatre, Washington D.C.

25. Question: On what date did the musical premiere in Washington D.C.?

Answer: 31 October, 2017.

26. Question: Where did the show officially open on Broadway?

Answer: The August Wilson Theater.

27. Question: When did the show begin playing on Broadway?

Answer: April 2018.

28. Question: When did the show play its final performance on Broadway due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: 11 March, 2020.

29. Question: Who was the director and choreographer of the show?

Answer: Casey Nicholaw.

30. Question: How many performances did 'Mean Girls' complete before closing permanently due to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Answer: 'Mean Girls' completed 833 performances in total from 3 December, 2017 to 7 January, 2021.

31. Question: Where did the US National Tour of the show begin?

Answer: The National Tour in the United States began with a show at Buffalo, New York in September 2019.

32. Question: Who plays Regina in the US National Tour version?

Answer: Mariah Rose Faith.

33. Question: Who plays Cady in the original cast of the Broadway show?

Answer: Erika Henningsen.

34. Question: Who replaced Erika Henningsen as Cady on Broadway?

Answer: Sabrina Carpenter.

35. Question: Who plays Kevin Gnapoor in the Broadway version?

Answer: Cheech Manohar.

36. Question: Which role did Cameron Dallas step in for after Kyle Selig took a leave of absence?

Answer: Cameron Dallas stepped into the role of Aaron Samuels.

37. Question: Which song does the Broadway show start with?

Answer: Act One starts with Janis Sarkisian (the counterpart to the movie's Janis Ian) and Damian Hubbard singing 'A Cautionary Tale', introducing Cady to the intricate social hierarchy of her new high school.

38. Question: Who is the name of the school principal in the Broadway show and movie?

Answer: Mr. Duvall.

39. Question: Who plays Mr. Duvall in the Broadway show?

Answer: Rick Younger.

40. Question: Which Drama Desk Award did the musical win from the numerous nominations it received?

Answer: Tina Fey won 'Outstanding Book of a Musical'. Tina Fey also won the Outer Critics Circle Awards.

'Mean Girls' Movie Trivia

Lindsay Lohan, Brian Atwood at Poiret King of Fashion-Metropolitan Museum of Art

'Mean Girls' was almost an instant success with all kinds of age groups, as everyone has faced a bully in their high school life or at least has come across those who have.  As a modern cultural artefact, everyone should know the answer to the following 'Mean Girls' trivia questions, as hard as they are.

41. Question: Who wrote the screenplay for 'Mean Girls'?

Answer: Tina Fey.

42. Question: Which book did Tina Fey base her screenplay on?

Answer: Tina Fey based her screenplay on Rosalind Watson's book, 'Queen Bees and Wannabes'.

43. Question: Which actress had her film debut in the movie?

Answer: Amanda Seyfried.

44. Question: Who plays the queen bee Regina in the movie?

Answer: Rachel McAdams.

45. Question: Who played the protagonist Cady in the film?

Answer: Lindsay Lohan.

46. Question: Whose character is actually an ex-friend of Janis Ian in the movie?

Answer: Rachel McAdams who plays Regina is Janis' ex-friend turned Plastic Queen.

47. Question: Which character fits into the trope of the gay best friend to Cady and Janis?

Answer: Damian Leigh is Janis's gay best friend in the movie.

48. Question: Which role does Tina Fey herself play in the movie?

Answer: Tina played the role of Ms. Norbury.

49. Question: Who did Tina base the character played by Lindsay Lohan on?

Answer: Tina based many characters on her real-life friends, and Cady Heron, played by Lindsay Lohan, was based on her college roommate Cady Garey.

50. Question: Who was the character of Janis Ian named after?

Answer: Janis Ian was an openly lesbian singer who was a musical guest in one of Tina Fey's first ever Saturday Night Live episodes, after which she named the character.

51. Question: Which actress first read for the role of Regina George but later had to play the role of Cady?

Answer: Lindsay Lohan, although she was worried about the mean girl character affecting her reputation.

52. Question: Which Saturday Night Live cast member had a role written into the movie, and later became an iconic part of the cast?

Answer: Amy Poehler, who plays the mother of one of the Plastics.

53. Question: Which Saturday Night Live costar, who inspired Tina Fey to hire him for the role of Aaron Samuels, does Jonathan Bennett resemble?

Answer: Jonathan Bennett has a striking resemblance to a young Jimmy Fallon, who was Tina Fey's Costar for years.

54. Question: When did 'Mean Girls' come out?

Answer: 2004.

55. Question: Who won the MTV Movie Award for best Breakthrough Female Performance for her role in the movie?

Answer: Rachel McAdams.

56. Question: Damien sings which song by Christina Aguilera at the talent show?

Answer: 'Beautiful' by Christina Aguilera.

57. Question: Who wrote the orchestral score for the movie?

Answer: Rolfe Kent.

58. Question: For the talent show, the Plastics along with Cady dance to which Christmas song?

Answer: For the Talent Show, we see the Plastics and Cady dancing to a scandalous version of 'Jingle Bell Rock', cheered on by Amy Poehler's character.

59. Question: Which actress delivered the line, 'And I was like, "Why are you so obsessed with me?" from Mariah Carey's 2009 single?

Answer: Rachel McAdams.

60. Question: Which official government page tweeted out a photo of the president's dog with a dialogue delivered by Rachel McAdams in the movie?

Answer: The White House tweeted out a photo with the caption, 'Bo, stop trying to make fetch happen'.

'Mean Girls' Trivia Team Names

'Mean Girls' is all about the politics of cliques in high school and how the entire student populace flocks towards people who are just like them and dislike those straying from that group. Do you know all the team names?

61. Question: Why are Plastics called Plastics?

Answer: Because they are stunningly beautiful and just as artificial.  There is nothing natural about them, and many people suspect that they have had plastic surgery.

62. Question: What is the team of math wizzes led by Kevin Gnapoor called?

Answer: Kevin Gnapoor leads a team of math geniuses called the Mathletes.

63. Question: Which team does Gretchen end up joining after the Plastics disband?

Answer: 'The Cool Asians'.

64. Question: Which cult classic 80s movie does the clique in this high school resemble?

Answer: 'Heathers', starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater.

65. Question: True or false: Rachel McAdams wore a wig during film for the Plastics clique?

Answer: True.

66. Question: What are the sports enthusiast boys referred to as in the movie?

Answer: The boys who are in the sports team and are often sexist and misogynistic, they are called the Varsity Jocks.

67. Question: When does Cady encounter all these cliques?

Answer: Janis introduces Cady to all the cliques on her first day in school.

68. Question: How does Janis describe her own group of friends, that is, her and Damian?

Answer: Janis and Damian refer to themselves as the 'greatest people you will ever meet'.

69. Question: What present does Janis give Cady to help her navigate the harsh cafeteria politics in the school?

Answer: She gives her a piece of paper which has a diagram of the cafeteria tables, who sits where, titled 'Cady's Map to North Shore High School'.

70. Question: What does the ROTC in the ROTC guys stand for?

Answer: One clique in North Shore High is the ROTC Guys, who are training for Reserve Officer Training Corps. This clique is filled with buff and burly students preparing for the military.

'Mean Girls' Costume Trivia

Even though the movie was released all the way back in 2004, 'Mean Girls' still has some of the most iconic costumes of all time. In this short quiz on 'Mean Girls' trivia costumes Mathletes, The Plastics, and the Greatest People You Will Ever Meet all get their outfits dissected.

71. Question: Which character had a grunge, artsy look in the movie?

Answer: Janis. She wore a 'rubbish' shirt over a grey long-sleeved top, combining it with a black skirt and striped leggings.

72. Question: Which Plastic made her gym uniform look better by modifying it?

Answer: All of them. Regina made a skirt out of her gym shorts, Gretchen tied up her shirt and Karen fashioned a tank top out of her gym T-shirt.

73. Question: On what day do you wear pink?

Answer: The Plastics wear pink on Wednesdays.

74. Question: For what occasion does Regina and the Plastics dress up in really short red Christmas skirts and dance to 'Jingle Bell Rock'?

Answer: The Talent Show.

75. Question: For Halloween, which character dresses up as a mouse?

Answer: Karen Smith.

Quotable Quotes from 'Mean Girls'

'Mean Girls' is famous for being one of the most quotable movies of all time, with even global political leaders using gifs of Regina or Cady to say what they want to say. Let's test your knowledge on the most iconic quotes from this cult classic.

76. Question: Who delivers the iconic line, "You can't sit with us!"

Answer: Gretchen Weiners.

77. Question: Which character says, "Damn Africa, what happened?"

Answer: Kevin Gnapoor.

78. Question: What is the quote about a hot dog that appears after Regina releases the contents of the Burn Book?

Answer: "Made out with a hot dog? Oh, my God, that was one time!", by Amber D'Alessio.

79. Question: Which character gets a montage of people gushing over their interactions with her, including the line, "She punched me in the face...it was awesome!"?

Answer: Regina.

80. Question: Which character says, "She doesn't even go here!"

Answer: Damian.

81. Question: What is the iconic line Tina Fey delivers in the cafeteria after the social upheaval caused by Regina's Burn Book?

Answer: "Raise your hand if you have ever been personally victimized by Regina George".

82. Question: Who delivers this, "It's like I have ESPN or something!"?

Answer: Karen Smith.

83. Question: What line does Regina George says while picking up Cady from the parking lot?

Answer: "Get in loser, we're going shopping!".

84. Question: Which date was immortalized as 'Mean Girls' Day after Lindsay Lohan's dialogue?

Answer: "It's October 3rd".

85. Question: Who actually delivers the line "On Wednesdays, we wear pink", although it is often misattributed to Regina?

Answer: Karen Smith.

Random 'Mean Girls' Trivia

To conclude the mother of all 'Mean Girls' quizzes, here is a few random trivia about our favorite movie of all time. Let's see if you were keeping up with everything that went behind the now-iconic story of Cady, Regina, and the Plastics.

86. Question: Cady sees this object on fire when she first enters her school?

Answer: Cady walks into the school and spots a group of students burning a textbook on the front lawn.

87. Question: What happens to Tina Fey's character over the summer?

Answer: Ms. Norbury gets divorced over the summer.

88. Question: What are the school's official colours in the movie?

Answer: Blue and yellow.

89. Question: What word does Karen ask Damien for help with because she did not know how to spell it?

Answer: 'Orange'.

90. Question: What drink does the Plastics have in front of them when they first welcome Cady into their table?

Answer: Perrier cans.

91. Question: What is on the business card that Kevin Gnapoor gives away?

Answer: 'Math Enthusiast/Badass MC'.

92. Question: Where does Janis have a part-time job in the mall?

Answer: Janis works at the Bath and Body Store.

93. Question: Which subject does Cady pretend to be dumb at to get close to Aaron?

Answer: Math.

94. Question: Regina names this as her favorite movie so often that it is public knowledge. What is it called?

Answer: Varsity Blues.

95. Question: What does Karen complain about often in relation to her hands?

Answer: She says that her nail bed "sucks".

96. Question:  What is the gift you get when you win the Spring Fling Queen crown?

Answer: Walker Brothers Pancake House gift certificates.

97. Question: What is Cady's Halloween costume?

Answer: The 'Ex-Wife'.

98. Question: What does Regina do to spite Cady at her Halloween party?

Answer: Regina kisses her ex-boyfriend Aaron after realizing that Cady has a crush on him.

99. Question: What does Cady trick Regina into eating to gain weight?

Answer: Regina gains weight uncontrollably after eating Swedish nutrition bars.

100. Question: Which character asks "Is butter a carb?"

Answer: Regina.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Mean Girls' trivia then why not take a look at 2000's trivia or trivia questions for teens.

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