37 No-Prep Indoor Activities For 5-10-Year-Olds

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Dec 12, 2023 By Karen Gordon
Originally Published on May 14, 2020
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Home is a great place to discover fun things to do, and the lockdown is the perfect opportunity to get creative indoors and come up with some ideas to keep the family entertained.

Kids can develop cabin fever quickly if you aren’t prepared, so it’s a good idea to have kids' activities inspiration ready to keep everyone happy. Whether you are looking to do something relaxing, energising, inexpensive or free, here’s some inspiration to keep your kids entertained indoors.

So, read on to find 37 no-prep activities we have rounded up to keep your children occupied at home – don’t worry about having the right equipment or materials, the activities require no, or very little prep!

Little ones under five? You can find our suggestions for no-prep activities here.

1. Draw A Rainbow

If you haven’t already, whip out the pencils and draw some rainbows to show messages of hope and support for all the key workers. Display it in your window.

2. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Hide some treats around the house and create a set of clues for your kids to locate them.

3. Create A Memory Box

Lockdown will definitely go down as a memorable experience. Find a box that is big enough to keep some items that you’ve chosen to tuck away. Write your name on the box, colour and decorate!

4. Joe Wicks PE Classes

Kick start the day with the nation’s favourite PE teacher! Tune in at 9am on his YouTube channel for an uplifting, energy-burning 30 minutes.  

5. Enjoy A Playful Adventure

Get stuck into a free PlayHooray activity sheet. PlayHorray has printable activity sheets available to download for every age. Playing encourages kids to be active, not only physically but mentally too.  

6. Make Time For Mindfulness

Teaching kids to be mindful from a young age is a great way to keep them happy and healthy. Check out Headspace, which offers kindness, focus, sleep, calm and wake-up as categories. It's free and perfect for your kids to take some time out to just breathe.

7. Playdough

Who doesn’t love playing with playdough? It’s a brilliant no-prep activity, where you can be really creative. Fancy making your own play dough? Here are some great recipes.

8. Prepare Meals Together

Being indoors is the ideal time to be creative in the kitchen and have everyone involved in dinner making. Have a pizza making family night where everyone gets to add their own toppings.  

9. Play With LEGO

Have you got LEGO mad kids? LEGO is a great way for your kids to relieve stress and allow them to experiment, test out and build new ideas. Spend the day having a LEGO-building contest.

10. Enjoy A Family Board Game

Who doesn’t love getting competitive and bringing out an old-fashioned board game? Monopoly anyone?

11. Have A Dance Party

Does your child love dancing? Create a playlist together and turn up the music and dance.

12. Do A Giant Family Puzzle

Building a puzzle is a great activity at any age and is beneficial for mental and physical health. They are believed to build up short term memory, develop problem-solving skills and increase fine motor skills.

13. Make A Home Cinema

You may find that you’re spending more and more time in front of the television, but there’s no better way to chill out together than with a good family film and a bucket of popcorn.

14. Arrange A Virtual Meeting With Friends And Family

Put some time aside to organise a virtual meet up with your family members and friends who you haven’t seen for a while. As well as catching up, there are so many great options for playing games together, including charades or a quiz.  

15. Run A Family Talent Show

A fun bonding activity that requires no prep but maximum creativity! Have a go at dancing, learn a new song or recite your favourite Shakespeare monologue.

16. Origami For Kids

Kids can learn origami techniques too. It’s a great way to sit down with your children and create something. Check out Pinterest for some great ideas.

17. Make Paper Planes

Paper planes at the ready! Make and decorate your very own paper plane and have a race to see whose plane gets the furthest.

18. Play Cards

Teach your kids all the old card games that you loved playing as a child, or learn from a professional here.

19. Build An Indoor Fort

This is the ideal activity to keep your kids occupied for the afternoon. Just grab a few bits from around the house, including cushions, blankets and laundry pegs and you're good to go!

20. Write A Story

Lockdown is the perfect time to take on a project! You can have so much fun writing a story. If you'd like some storytelling ideas, check out this article on how to write a book, according to a children's author.

21. Learn How To Sew

Sewing projects for kids only requires a few basic bits, including a needle, selection of tread, sharp scissors and scraps of fabric. It’s a great way for your kids to improve their fine motor skills as well.

22. Dress Up

Have some fun dressing up and using face paints to turn your children into their favourite character.

23. Start A Diary

Keeping a diary is a fantastic way to keep track of all the things you have done and it may be something memorable to look back on due to us living during such a unique moment in history.

24. Read A Story Out Loud Together

Whether it’s a Roald Dahl book or the Harry Potter novels, kids are never too old to be read to! Cuddle up on the sofa together and enjoy a book or two. You can search Audible too.

25. Do A Science Experiment

There are plenty of easy (and safe) science experiments for kids, which can be done at home with everyday household items. Here is a tutorial to use for the egg in a bottle experiment. Wear goggles and aprons if needed and watch your kids be amazed!

26. Write A Letter

Encourage your kids to get off their iPads and write an old-fashioned letter to their grandparent or friend they are missing. They may even receive one back!

27. Find Your Old Photo Albums

Dig out your old photo albums and look through them with your children. Kids will love looking at all the old photos and learning about old stories.

28. Set Up An Indoor Obstacle Course

Create a fun indoor obstacle course with climbing, hopping, hula-hooping, jumping and skipping. Can you beat each other’s time as you complete the course?

29. Have A Tie-Dye Party

Have you got any mini fashionistas in the family? Give tie-dye a go – all you need is some white clothing, a bucket, water, rubber bands, rubber gloves and various dyes and you are good to go.

30. Enjoy A Virtual Day Out

Make the most of your time being indoors as a family and take a virtual tour of an art gallery, museum or aquarium from the comfort of your own sitting room. You will feel like you were really there.

31. Play Some Indoor Games

Why not play some outdoor games, indoors! What about a game of skittles?

32. Put On A Fashion Show

Let your kids raid your wardrobe, dress up and put on a fashion show for the whole family to enjoy.

33. Get Painting

Embrace your inner Van Gogh and do some painting one afternoon.

34. Have A Karaoke Competition

Find your voices at a karaoke concert. All you need is some background music and the whole family together.

35. Plan Your Next Family Adventure

Lockdown won’t be forever, so plan ahead! Talk about what you would like to do – whether it’s visiting somewhere local or planning a trip abroad.

36. Bake Something Delicious

Who doesn’t love baking? From cheese straws to flapjacks, we’ve got some great baking ideas for you.

37. Play Charades

Playing charades is a great way to have some real fun with the family. You can find loads of resources available online.

If you liked our suggestions in this article and would like some more, check out 37 No-Mess Indoor Activities and 33 No-Prep Outdoor Activities For 5-10-Year-Olds.

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