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Remote Festivals Are A Thing - Get Involved With 'Glasthomebury'

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This year, all our favourite summer events are happening a little differently, but that's no excuse to miss out on some festival fun.

Normally taking place at Worthy Farm in the lush green Somerset countryside, Glastonbury has been providing a weekend of top tunes, sun, and more than a little bit of mud for the past 50 years. What we now know as Glastonbury Festival was originally organised in 1970 by local dairy farmer Michael Eavis and his daughter Emily.

It was known as the 'Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival' and tickets were only £1! Since then, the festival has grown massively, and now it's a staple of the British summer experience. Unfortunately, Glastonbury has had to take the year off, and has made the switch to become completely virtual.

What Is 'Glasthomebury'?

'Glasthomebury' is an online community of would-be festival goers who are coming up with inventive ways of celebrating Glastonbury weekend at home. While celebrating music and festival fun, 'Glasthomebury' aims to raise lots of money for charities that need it most, such as Mind, NHS Charities Together, NSPCC, Refuge, and the Trussell Trust. With Glastonbury festival celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, we've taken inspiration from 'Glasthomebury', to make sure you have everything you need to groove in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you were planning on heading to Glastonbury 2020, or simply want a taste of the festival experience, our at-home lineup of performances, activities and family-friendly festival tips will ensure you have a weekend to remember.

Boy having lollipop celebrating Glastonbury at home

When Is It? 26-28 June, 2020.

What Can We Expect? 'Glasthomebury' is all about enjoying the Glastonbury experience at home. Follow along with their community of like-minded festival lovers as you tune in to at-home family raves, television and radio coverage of the last five decades of Glasto! Here at Kidadl we have made an easy to follow itinerary so you don't miss out on any of the fun.

Do We Need Tickets? No, this year Glastonbury is free for everyone! Simply enjoy the Glastonbury experience with highlights from previous years, virtually experience the different stages and headliners, and get involved with all our fun festival themed weekend activities.

Where Is It? No need to move a muscle, Glastonbury is coming right to your front door.

Who's Performing? With fifty years of live acts to choose from, everyone from Adele to the Rolling Stones will be featured as part of the Glastonbury experience. You can also enjoy virtual family raves, all kinds of live DJ sets, and much more on as part of 'Glasthomebury'.

The Ultimate At-Home Itinerary For Glasto 2020

So the week is coming to an end, and you're ready to experience some festival magic. Here is our ultimate at-home schedule with lots of information to help you make the most of your time at 'Glasthomebury'.

Toddler playing during Glastonbury at home

Friday 26 June

Start ramping up for the weekend with these Glasto themed activities that are guaranteed to get you up off the sofa!

4:30 pm

Family Rave: As the week draws to a close, it's time to get in the 2020 festival spirit! Why not get rid of that excess energy and host your own mini dance-a-thon with the 'Glasthomebury Virtual Family Rave', hosted by the ultimate family-friendly rave organisers, Big Fish Little Fish?

5 pm

Blue Peter Crafts: Now that we're all danced out, it's time to enjoy some chill-out time over on CBeebies. Blue Peter is putting on a special music-themed programme that features kids from all over the UK and how they are celebrating this festival weekend.

Saturday 27 June

Ready to get into full festival mode? Today is filled with activities inspired by all the fun daytime locations you can visit when going to Glastonbury.

Child and mum having fun at Glastonbury at home!

9 am

Pitch Those Tents: So, you've finally made it to your campsite after trekking through the mud... Wait, not this year! Follow our super simple guide on how to camp indoors, or pitch a tent in the garden (Top Tip: Add bunting and fairy lights to your tent for extra glamping points!).

10 am

Wristband Check: Head over to the 'Glasthomebury' Facebook page to print off your very own wristbands for the whole family!

Visit The Kidzfield: Tents pitched? Wristbands on? Now we're ready to dance! The 'Kidzfield' area of Glastonbury is renowned for giving kids the ultimate festival experience. You can find playlists, animations, songs, and much more on their website (as well as an appearance from Basil Brush).

12 pm

Picnic Party: All that grooving can definitely work up an appetite. Whether you're indoors or not, roll out the picnic mat and whip up some of our delicious (and easy) homemade sandwich ideas!

1 pm

Face Painting: There's one element of any festival experience that all kids are bound to love; face painting. Check out our easy list of ideas for kids face paint that are quick to paint, and lots of fun.

2 pm

Head Over To The Greencrafts Village: Normally located in its own area at Glastonbury Festival, Greencrafts is an environmentally conscious craft space that encourages everyone to try new things. You can learn how to make flower crowns, natural skin scrubs and much more on their Youtube channel, or have a go at some of our upcycling crafts or fab eco-friendly DIY activities for kids.

4 pm

Glasto Throwback: Search for the 'Glastonbury 50' on iPlayer and you'll find a whole selection of Glastonbury tales about the history of the festival, arranged into decades and compiled by the founders of Glastonbury themselves. So pick a decade or your favourite headliner, and travel back in time!

7 pm

Evening Jams: Wind down to watch some Glastonbury coverage of acoustic performances on BBC Four, followed at 7:30 by a 2010 set from Toots & The Maytals playing some of their top hits. This is a great opportunity to chill and reflect on the day.

8 pm

When The Younger Kids Are In Bed: Enjoy some more headlining Glastonbury sets on BBC Two, from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Janelle Monae, followed by Adele performing at the Pyramid Stage from 9:30 onwards.

Sunday 28 June

Soak up the remainder of your weekend festival experience with this jam-packed day of activities!

Little girl and grandma gardening at Glastonbury at home

10 am

Pop Down To The Permaculture Garden: The Permaculture area at Glastonbury is a fantastic community experience, centred around growing what you need and living sustainably. Their ethos is aimed around reducing waste, and reusing everything. Check out the Permaculture Youtube channel to learn all about sustainability, then head back to Kidadl to learn how to grow your own cress head, or even plant some vegetables!

12 pm

Get The Barbie On: Let's get sizzling! Whether you're indoors or outdoors, there's always a way to enjoy some BBQ goodness. Come rain or shine, our simple family barbecue recipes are bound to be a hit.

2 pm

Keep Those Tunes Going: Take yourself back to the Glastonbury experience from 20 years ago, with the 'Best of 2000 Glastonbury' highlights broadcast, available on catch-up from BBC Four. Kids will love hearing tunes from before their time, with a dazzling selection of artists that includes David Bowie, Moby, and The Chemical Brothers.

3 pm

Cool Off DIY-Style: Whatever the weather, it's not a festival without some tasty frozen treats! From fruit kebabs to frozen 'hot' chocolate, these homemade snack ideas have something for the whole family. Kids will love getting involved in making these no-bake, no-fuss sweet snacks.

4 pm

And Relax: Round off the weekend by going over to BBC Sounds and browsing the selection of Glastonbury performance highlights. From Laura Marling's chilled-out vocals and acoustics to funky French-infused tunes from Christine And The Queens, there are dozens of options to listen to with clips from past festivals that last between 30 minutes and an hour each. Simply select any band or musician you like, and enjoy!

5 pm

Let's Reflect!: Take a few minutes with the kids to discuss their favourite things about the weekend. Did they learn something new, or perhaps listen to music they hadn't heard before? What did they enjoy about it? Are there things they would like to see in the future inspired by their Glastonbury weekend? This is a great opportunity to spend some time bonding together and maybe even start planning your next at-home adventure!

Kids camping and enjoying Glastonbury at home

If you're inspired to make every weekend as great as 'Glasthomebury', take a look at our articles on How To Make The Weekend Feel Like The Weekend and Lockdown Projects for more activities.

Written By
Sarah Hallam

Sarah was born and raised in the North West. Her love of art and culture brought her to study in London and she never left! She can be found teaching painting classes, trying out new recipes, or drawing with a cup of tea.

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