80 Seinfeld Trivia Questions: How Well Do You Know Your 90s Sitcoms?

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Jerry Seinfeld, comedian actor from a 90s sitcom, 'Seinfeld'
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Who can forget the hilarious 90s sitcom 'Seinfeld'?

'Seinfeld' commenced airing in 1989 and concluded in 1998. The show revolves around Jerry Seinfeld as the lead cast member.

It features the life of Jerry Seinfeld as a stand-up comedian. His life takes comical turns now and then and is made more fun with the involvement of his pals. Are you prepared to play a 'Seinfeld' quiz? We have prepared a list of the most curious, fun, easy as well as difficult 'Seinfeld' trivia questions and answers that you can enjoy with your friends and family! If you happened to enjoy our Simpsons Trivia and Andy Griffith Show Trivia, do indulge in this one as well. Challenge everyone around you to see who knows the best about 'Seinfeld' Trivia. Are you ready? Let's roll and find out who the champion is when it comes to the 'Seinfeld' Trivia quiz.

'Seinfeld' Episode Trivia

Are you aware of these 'Seinfeld' Trivia facts based on its episodes? You are the champion of the Jerry Seinfeld quiz if you can answer all of these questions correctly.

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1. Question: What was the date on which the show aired for the first time?

Answer: The series made its debut on TV on July 5, 1989.

2. Question: What was the date on which the series aired for the last time?

Answer: The sitcom aired its concluding and final episode on May 14, 1998.

3. Question: In which of the sitcom episodes did George Costanza not feature?

Answer: The one episode in the show in which George Costanza did not appear is the 20th episode. This episode is otherwise the third in the 3rd season.

4. Question: What is the total number of episodes in the American show?

Answer: The total number of episodes in the American show amounts to 180.

5. Question: Where did the series begin to air for the first time?

Answer: 'Seinfeld' began to air on NBC (National Broadcasting Company) for the first time.

6. Question: How many seasons does the 'Seinfeld' show have in total?

Answer: The 'Seinfeld' show has a total of 9 seasons.

7. Question: Which 'Seinfeld' season has the least number of episodes?

Answer: Season 1 of 'Seinfeld' has the least number of episodes, that is, 5.

8. Question: What is the name of the episode in which Jason Alexander did not make an appearance in the 'Seinfeld' show?

Answer: The episode in which Costanza did not feature is named 'The Pen'.

9. Question: In which season does the episode The Bizarro Jerry air?

Answer: The Bizarro Jerry airs in the eighth season of the 'Seinfeld' show.

10. Question: In which season can you find the episode 'The Puffy Shirt'?

Answer: 'The Puffy Shirt' was the 2nd episode in the 5th season.

11. Question: What is the name of the second episode of season 2 of this NBC (National Broadcasting Company) series?

Answer: The second episode of season 2 of this sitcom is known as "The Stake Out."

12. Question: What is the name of the concluding episode of the sitcom?

Answer: The final episode in this series is called "The Finale".

13. Question: Which episode in this series was decided to be put off-air?

Answer: It is "The Puerto Rican Day", the 20th episode in season 9.

14. Question: What was the name of the episode in which Jerry and Elaine traveled to Jerry's parents' place?

Answer: It was "The Pen", the 17th episode of season 3.

15. Question: What is the combined length of all the episodes in this series?

Answer: The combined length amounts to an approximate sixty-six hours.

16. Question: Which episode of this series was dropped?

Answer: The 4th episode of season 2 was formerly decided to be 'The Bet', but it was dropped in-between, and 'The Phone Message' was finalized instead.

17. In which episode did Newman feature for the first time?

Answer: It was episode 7, season 2.

'Seinfeld' Characters Trivia

If you're confident enough about the 'Seinfeld' questions, test your knowledge of the 'Seinfeld' characters based on these questions. Go through this 'Seinfeld' trivia game to have a competitive 'Seinfeld' trivia night.

18. Question: In which episode(s) of the sitcom did Kramer not appear?

Answer: The two episodes in which Kramer did not feature are The Pen and The Chinese Restaurant.

19. Question: What is the name of the actor who stars as Costanza in 'Seinfeld'?

Answer: The person who starred in the 'Seinfeld' show as George Costanza is Jason Alexander.

20. Question: Who is the inspiration for George's name?

Answer: It was Mike Costanza.

21. Question: What is the first name of Jerry Seinfeld in 'Seinfeld'?

Answer: In 'Seinfeld,' Jerry Seinfeld's first name is Jerry, and he starred in the show with his real name.

22. Question: What is the name of two of Jerry Seinfeld's friends?

Answer: Jerry Seinfeld is friends with Elaine, George, and Kramer.

23. Question: By what first name does Kramer go on the American show?

Answer: Cosmo Kramer is more commonly known as Kramer in the 'Seinfeld' series.

24. Question: Who does Elaine consider as her best friend in 'Seinfeld'?

Answer: Elaine considers the central character, Jerry Seinfeld, as her best friend.

25. Question: What is the name of the person, in real life, who plays the character of Elaine in Seinfeld?

Answer: Julia Louis Dreyfus plays the role of Elaine in the 'Seinfeld' show.

26. Question: In real life, who is the person who performs the role of Cosmo Kramer?

Answer: The person who enacts the role of Kramer in the show is Michael Richards.

27. Question: How is Frank Costanza related to George Costanza in the 'Seinfeld' sitcom?

Answer: In this sitcom, George Costanza is portrayed as the son of Frank Costanza.

28. Question: What is the full name of the character played by Julia Louis Dreyfus?

Answer: Julia Louis Dreyfus enacts the role of Elaine Benes.

29. Question: What is the name of the person who performs the role of Frank Costanza?

Answer: It is Gerald Issac Stiller who plays the character of Frank Costanza.

30. Question: What is the name of one of the supporting characters in the sitcom?

Answer: Jackie Chiles is one of the major supporting characters in the NBC series.

31. Question: Who plays the character of Sidra Holland on this NBC sitcom?

Answer: The person who played the role of Sidra Holland on these series was Teri Hatcher.

32. Question: Which character amongst the series is based on Jerry's friend Larry?

Answer: The character of George is based on Jerry's actual friend and comedian, Larry.

33. Question: Who is the antagonist in this American sitcom mainly produced by David?

Answer: One of the most important antagonists in Jerry's sitcom is Newman.

34. Question: Which character in David's sitcom does not have a first name?

Answer: It is the main antagonist, Newman, whose name is kept obscured for the entirety of the sitcom.

35. Who plays the role of Jerry's mother on the sitcom?

Answer: It was Liz Sheridan who played the role of Jerry's mother.

36. What is the name of Valerie's stepmom?

Answer: Mrs. Hamilton is Valerie's stepmom.

37. Question: In this sitcom, who performs the role of Estelle Costanza?

Answer: It was Estelle Harris who performed this role.

38. Question: Who are Jerry's parents in this 90s sitcom?

Answer: Helen and Morty are the names of Jerry's mother and father, respectively.

39. Question: Who plays the role of Jerry's father in this American series?

Answer: It was Barney Martin who played the role.

40. Question: Who enacts the role of Susan Ross on this American sitcom?

Answer: It was Heidi Swedberg who enacted this role in the 90s series.

41. Question: How did Susan Ross die in this American series?

Answer: Susan Ross licked the adhesive on an envelope and died because it was unsafe to consume.

42. Question: What was the full name of Susan Ross?

Answer: Her full name was Susan Biddle Ross.

43. Question: What role does Kenny Bania enact on this 90s sitcom?

Answer: Kenny Bania, like Jerry, performed the role of a comedian in this series.

44. Question: Who enacted the role of Kenny Bania in this 90s series?

Answer: It was Stephen Arthur Hytner who performed this role.

45. Question: Who was the profession of Matt Wilhelm in this series?

Answer: He served as George's supervisor.

46. Question: Besides being George's supervisor, what did Matt Wilhelm do?

Answer: He worked as an assistant for Yankee Stadium's travel secretary.

47. Question: Who performed the character of Matt Wilhelm?

Answer: The American actor, Richard Herd, enacted the role of Matt Wilhelm.

48. Question: On whom, the character of Elaine is based in the show?

Answer: The character of Elaine is based on Larry's close friend, Monica Yates.

'Seinfeld' Trivia Quiz Based On 'Seinfeld' Quotes

Are you up for another one of the most interesting 'Seinfeld' games? If you are able to outdo this ultimate Seinfeld quiz, no one can defeat you in this sitcom! Challenge yourself with this 'Seinfeld' trivial pursuit to see if you are one of the top fans of the series.

49. Question: Which one of the characters in the series says, "Sometimes the road less traveled is less traveled for a reason."

Answer: It was Jerry Seinfeld who said these words in episode 10 of the second season.

50. Question: Who is the one who says, "We have watched you take our beloved Yankees and reduce them to a laughing stock"?

Answer: It was Jason Alexander (as Costanza) who said the above quote in episode 22 of the 5th season.

51. Question: In which one of the episodes of this series did Jerry Seinfeld say, "There is no such thing as fun for the whole family"?

Answer: Jerry says these words in episode 22 of the 5th season.

52. Question: In which episode did Costanza reply to Jerry by saying the following words - "I'm disturbed, I'm depressed, I'm inadequate – I've got it all!"?

Answer: George says these words to Jerry in the 15th episode of the 4th season.

53. Question: Who in this American show says, "And by the way, they're real, and they're spectacular"?

Answer: It was Teri Hatcher who spoke these words in episode 59 (or episode 19, season 4).

54. Question: What is the name of the episode where Kramer says, "I'm out there, Jerry, and I'm loving every minute of it!"?

Answer: It is the sixth episode of the 4th season where Kramer says these words.

55. Question: Who amongst Elaine, George and Jerry say the words, "It's amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper"?

Answer: It is Jerry who said these words; but, they were not used in the series.

56. Question: Who amongst Jerry's friends says, "You’re just as pretty as any of them. You just need a nose job."?

Answer: It was Cosmo Kramer who said these words in the ninth episode of the 3rd season.

57. Question: "Look away I'm hideous". Who out of Elaine, George, and Kramer speaks these words?

Answer: Out of these three, it was Cosmo Kramer who uttered these words.

58. Question: Who said the words: "I’ll tell you what’s up. My stepmother is violently ill, so I hit the button for poison control and I get you!"?

Answer: It was Valerie who said these words to Jerry.

'Seinfeld' Trivia Quiz Based on Larry David

We have prepared here a list of the ultimate 'Seinfeld' trivia related to Larry David. Go ahead and give it a try!

59. Question: What is the role of Larry David in this TV sitcom?

Answer: Larry David contributed to this series as the executive producer for the first seven seasons. During this time, he also served as the main writer for the show.

60. Question: Why did Larry David not play any role himself in this series?

Answer: Larry David does not view himself as an actor, which is why he refused to enact any role in his show.

61. Question: When and where was the main writer of this sitcom born?

Answer: Larry David was born on July 2, 1947, in Brooklyn, New York, U.S.

62. Question: Who is the famous American comedian, producer, and director Larry David married to?

Answer: Larry David is married to Laurie David. They have two daughters: Romy David and Cazzie David.

Rare 'Seinfeld' Facts

Quizzes are fun only when they invite competition. If you are able to unravel these obscure 'Seinfeld' trivia, no one can challenge your knowledge of this show.

Take these hard 'Seinfeld' trivia quizzes and leave your friends speechless!

63. Question: Are there any places in New York that feature in the show?

Answer: Yes. The series has featured a lot of places in New York, such as Metro Theatre, 2626 Broadway, and The Original Soup Man, 259-A W 55th street.

64. Question: The name of which episode in this American show is also based on the name of one of the characters?

Answer: The episode is 'The Soup Nazi'. It is the 6th episode in the seventh season.

65. Question: If we begin from episode 1, what is the overall number of the episode 'The Soup Nazi'?

Answer: If we neglect the episode from the point of view of seasons, 'The Soup Nazi' is episode 116.

66. Question: What is the place where Jerry, Elaine, and George gather?

Answer: In most of the cases, the three gather at Jerry's apartment.

67. Question: Apart from Jerry's apartment, where do the three friends Jerry, Elaine, and George meet?

Answer: Jerry, Elaine, and George often used the "Monk's Cafe" as a place to meet each other.

68. Question: What is Jerry and David's sitcom otherwise famous as?

Answer: Jerry and David's sitcom is famously known as the 'Show About Nothing'.

69. Question: Why is the famous American series known as the 'Show About Nothing'?

Answer: The famous sitcom is called the 'Show About Nothing' as it circles around the lives of its characters mostly in Jerry's apartment. It is about the daily experiences of life rather than something innovative.

70. Question: When and where was the creator of this sitcom whose last name is also a namesake to the series born?

Answer: Jerry was born on April 29, 1954, in Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A.

Impossible 'Seinfeld' trivia

We have prepared some miscellaneous and tough Seinfeld trivia for you. Take a look at these, answer them, and show everyone that you are the boss of this series.

71. Question: Which online platform is supposed to feature the series in 2021?

Answer: It's Netflix.

72. Question: On who the character of Kramer is based?

Answer: Cosmo Kramer is based on Kenny Kramer, David's former neighbor.

73. Question: What was the name used for Kramer in the pilot episode?

Answer: It was Kessler because Kenny Kramer didn't want his name to be used publicly.

74. Question: In actual life, what is the occupation of Kenny Kramer?

Answer: he works as a stand-up comedian.

75. Who amongst this sitcom's cast dated the renowned Hollywood actor James Dean?

Answer: It was Jerry's mother on the sitcom, Helen (Elizabeth Sheridan).

76. Question: Is there a reason why Jerry decided to conclude his sitcom with nine seasons?

Answer: Jerry revealed in an interview that he considers the number 9 lucky.

77. Question: Which baseball stadium has been featured in this series?

Answer: It was Yankee Stadium in NYC.

78. Question: What is different about the opening music of this series?

Answer: Each piece of opening music in this sitcom was unique. It might've required great effort!

79. Question: Who built the opening music for this American series?

Answer: Jonathan Wolff composed each piece of music differently.

80. Question: Kenny Kramer runs a tour based on this sitcom. What is its name?

Answer: It is called the 'Kramer Reality Tour'.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Seinfeld trivia, then why not take a look at Golden Girls Trivia or 90s Trivia.

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