The Only Kids Party Checklist You Need For A Stress-Free Celebration At Home

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Originally Published on Sep 25, 2020
Kids Party At Home
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Planning a party for your child can be stressful for us parents, especially when there are so many different components to think of when throwing a kids' party.

With the lockdown taking over this year looking into a party for your household only as well as one for outside guests is vital. But with this party checklist, you're bound to throw a fantastic (and stress-free) party.

If you're looking to make a cake for your child's birthday why not check out our recipes for a magical unicorn cake or this truly phenomenal SpongeBob birthday cake.

Parties For Your Household Guests Only

Your child may have a birthday during the lockdown. However, the birthday party doesn't need to be boring, you can still arrange a fantastic kids' birthday party to help your little one stay positive on their special day. So here's the only birthday party checklist you need when planning a party for your household.


When hosting a party with the guests in your home, it makes the guest list super easy, creating a comfortable environment, and you will need less of a birthday party list.

Indoors Or Outdoors

The great thing about a party with your household is that it allows for changes in a location with less fuss. Especially helpful with the UK weather as it's hard to tell what it may do. One minute it's sunny and the next not so much.


Every great party includes food. When throwing a party in your household, you can get creative with the food and make a buffet. You can pick up several different food items and get something everybody will enjoy. Some great ideas include hotdogs, burgers and pizza. As you are with your household, you can still offer a buffet which tends to be at a traditional kids' party.

Happy brother and two sisters at Halloween

The Cake

Who doesn't love cake? Throwing a smaller party means more cake to go around, whether you're looking to buy one or make your own, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you are aiming to host a simple party with your household guests, you can make a simplistic cake which tastes lovely but has less hassle.

Party Games

There are plenty of party games for you and your family to play during a party whether you're looking to play board games or party favourites like musical chairs or pass the parcel.

The Theme

No kids birthday party is complete without a theme. Pick a theme, and the whole family can dress up - there are plenty of themes and costumes to choose from! With these costumes, you can make DIY outfits and play with face paint so everybody can get involved. Some great theme examples include:

  • Animals
  • Frozen
  • Minions
  • Superheroes

Parties With Guests Outside Your Household

Throwing a party for your child with guests outside your household may be a little different right now due to restrictions. But you can still host an exciting kids' party even with a limited guest list. Once you've decided on a theme, let the party planning begin.

Before you kick-off with the planning fun, start by considering the length of the party, along with the date and dress code. Giving timing information in advance is helpful for parents to know when to pick their kids up from the birthday party.


Before the party day, you will need to send out invites, including all of the information as previously decided. You can choose to make handmade invites, or you can buy them in the shop. However, hand-making these is always a fun craft using some art supplies in your home. Top tip: look at Pinterest for decoration ideas. By offering your kids the chance to do this, they can feel a part of the party planning. You are allowing your children to become their own party planner! Help your children make a birthday party guest list as it may be more challenging to decide with fewer people currently allowed to take part in social events.


Due to lockdown and social distancing, the food for the party may be a little trickier than usual as a buffet is off-limits. Why not buy mini pizzas or provide sandwiches which are plated up ready for the event. If you're looking for an option which is a little easier, you could order a takeaway as a special treat, that way all of the kids can have their chosen choices.


Remember to check any allergies before organising any food; you can find this out by asking on the invites.

Party Theme

A theme is a great way to encourage youngsters to dress up, put on some face paint and have fun. Your theme can be as simple as princesses or pirates or even animals. By having a theme, it helps you to tie together your party.

Party Games

There are so many exciting party games that can be played at any party. If you're choosing to throw a garden party you can offer sports day like events to encourage your kids competitive streak. Some other excellent games include pass the parcel or a treasure hunt. Another party game idea could be based on your theme.


When throwing a kids' birthday party, it's essential to consider the number of guests to make sure there is enough cake to go around. Whether you're putting it in party bags to take home or just enough to eat during the party, the cake is a special part of any kids' birthday. Don't forget the candles!

Goody Bags

The end of any good birthday party is goody bags so much sure you don't forget these. Party bags can be made cheap by using toys and gadgets found on an online store such as eBay. Your local supermarket may also offer these supplies. If you have a party theme in place, tailoring your goody bags to a theme will make them extra special. If you're looking for a more straightforward solution to party favors, why not hand out sweets?

Added Extras

Now you have all of the birthdayparty essentials in place, you're well on your way to hosting the perfect party for your birthday child. If you're looking for a few extra touches for your kids' birthday party, here are some added extras to consider when planning a kids' party:

  • Balloons are a great added touch to a birthday party. Not only do they include hours of fun, but they're also incredible decorations and can tie in a colour scheme.
  • Head over to Pinterest and grab some inspiration for the decor and theme of the party. Consider inflatables such as a bouncy castle or a ball pit.
  • Make a playlist for the party. By creating a playlist before the party, it allows the music to be ready and you can pick enough songs to last the day.

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