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The Ultimate Simpsons Trivia Quiz That'll Make You Say "D'oh"!

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Try out the below Simpsons trivia questions and answers if you call yourself a Simpsons' fan.

One of the longest and the best TV shows ever created, 'The Simpsons' show has become a fundamental part of the lives of most children. It is a sitcom that was created for the Fox Broadcasting Company by Matt Groening.

The show is based on the town of Springfield and revolves around the characters Marge, Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. This animated series has been airing since 1989 and has amassed more than 30 seasons. The geography of the show comprises deserts, farmlands, coastlines, or whatever that might be required by the plot of the story. The series has used multiple characters and supporting characters at various points over the course of time. Try answering the below questions about the show and see how much you know about it. Plan a Simpsons trivia night and enjoy it with the complete knowledge of the show. Here we have collected all the best questions, whether it is about their family, like Homer and Marge, the married couple, the Springfield, the Simpsons address, and the supporting members, such as Milhouse, Ned Flanders, Troy McClure, and more.

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The Simpsons Characters Detailed Trivia

The Simpsons include many supporting minor characters along with the main characters. The Simpsons first appearance is engaging. In every episode, you will see various supporting characters, such as teachers, co-workers, family friends, townspeople, extended relatives, local celebrities, and some fictional characters. The ensemble of supporting characters, like Ned, Troy McClure, Milhouse, etc is huge. Initially, the creators wanted them supporting characters to be like various roles in a town. Gradually, few of them got appearances in more than one episodes of the show.

1.Question: How many members are there in the nuclear Simpsons family? Where do the Simpsons live?

Answer: There are five members of the family. The name of the place where Homer and his family lived was 742 Evergreen Terrace in Springfield town.

2.Question: Who are Homer and Marge?

Answer: Homer and Marge are a married couple of the Simpsons family.

3.Question: How many kids do Homer and Marge have?

Answer: Homer and Marge have three kids; Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.

4.Question: What is Bart's full name?

Answer: Bartholomew Jojo Simpson.

5.Question: What is the name of the Simpsons dog?

Answer: Santa's Little Helper

6.Question: How many cats do the Simpsons own?

Answer: Five.

7.Question: What is Homer's Job?

Answer: Homer was a nuclear safety inspector.

8.Question: Who is a vegetarian in the Simpsons family?

Answer: Lisa Simpson

9.Question: What is the name of Simpson's current cat?

Answer: Snowball

10.Question: What was the natural hair color of Marge?

Answer: Grey color

11.Question: In which town do the Simpsons live?

Answer: They live in Springfield town.

12.Question: What was Marge's maiden name?

Answer: Bouvier

13.Question: What was the age of Bart Simpson?

Answer: Bart was 10 years old.

14.Question: How old was Lisa Simpson?

Answer: Lisa Simpson was eight years old.

15.Question: Who is Mr. Burns?

Answer: Mr. Burns is an extraordinarily clever businessman.  

16.Question: What is Mr. Burns' catchphrase?

Answer: Excellent.

17.Question: What are the names of Marge's twin sisters?

Answer: Patty and Selma

18.Question: Has Maggie ever spoken?

Answer: No.

19.Question: At which bar Homer frequently drinks?

Answer: Homer prefers to drink at Moe's bar.

Random Simpsons Facts Quiz

Die-hard Simpsons' fans know every character inside out. Be it about the young 10-year old Bart, Lisa, Homer, or even the name of some random item that a character in the show liked, people like to engage in random Simpsons trivia games from time to time. We have curated a Simpsons trivia game that every fan might like.

20.Question: What was Lisa's IQ?

Answer: Lisa had an IQ of 159

21.Question: What did Bart want for Christmas in the first episode of season one?

Answer: A tattoo

22.Question: What was the name of Milhouse's first girlfriend?

Answer: Samantha Stanky

23.Question: With whom did Marge go for her High school's senior prom?

Answer: Artie

24.Question: What was the name of the clown on channel number 6?

Answer: Krusty

25.Question: How many fingers did the Simpsons have on each hand?

Answer: Four

26.Question: What was the name of the person who shot Mr. Burns?

Answer: Maggie shot Mr. Burns when he tried to steal her lollipop.

27.Question: Which is the only character in the series that has Five fingers?

Answer: God

28.Question: Why the Simpsons are yellow?

Answer: The Simpsons are yellow because it is an eye-catching bright color and make people go back to watch it.

29.Question: What is the meaning of "D'oh" in The Simpsons?

Answer: "D'oh" is an expression of frustration when things turn badly against the plan.

30.Question: Is Simpsons the longest-running primetime comedy series in U.S. television history?

Answers: Yes.

To date there are 32 seasons of The Simpsons.


The Simpsons Voice Actors Trivia Questions

The Simpsons have a wide array of characters, and all of them have the voice of various popular actors and actresses. They all are giving a voice to the show for years. Initially, the production team and Fox both wanted to hide the main and the guest voice actors, but later on, it was revealed. The voice actors have worked hard for this series. All the main voice actors have got the Emmy Awards for the outstanding voice-over performance. If you are a big Simpsons fan, then you must try the Simpsons quiz game with your family and friends.

31.Question: Do you know the name of Homer Simpson's voice actor?

Answer: Dan Castellaneta.

32.Question: Who was Bart Simpson's voice actor?

Answer: Nancy Cartwright.

33.Question: What was the name of Marge Simpson’s voice actor?

Answer: Julie Kavner.

34.Question: Name the voice actor of Lisa Simpson?

Answer: Yeardley Smith.

35.Question: Who did Matt Groening voice?

Answer: Matt Groening.

36.Question: Who did Santa’s little helper’s voice?

Answer: Frank Welker

37.Question: Who was Gloria’s voice actor?

Answer: Julia Louis Dreyfus.

38.Question: Who did Milhouse Van Houten voice?

Answer: Pamela Hayden.

39.Question: Who was Martin prince's voice actor?

Answer: Russi Taylor.

40.Question: How many voices were given by Harry Shearer?

Answer: He did the voice for Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers, Ned Flanders, and Principal skinner.

Simpsons Halloween Special Questions and Answers

The Halloween episode has become more like a tradition. It was broadcasted for the first time as part of the second season in 1990. Each Halloween episode comprises three different stories and is one of the best parts of the Simpson series. You might get to see a bit of horror or some new supernatural setting in the show. However, every episode has not aired on Halloween. The recent ones have gone on air even after Halloween. One major theme of the episode is to pay homage to famous works in the area.

41. Question: What does Homer get for free when he buys the Krusty the Klown doll?

Answer: Frogurt.

42. Question: What is written on Martin's t-shirt in the episode of the gremlin on the bus?

Answer: Wang Computers.

43. Question: Who destroyed the part of Lisa's world?

Answer: Bart.

44. Question: In which episode Homer wishes for the sandwich?

Answer: Monkey's Paw episode.

45. Question: What's wrong with that sandwich for which Homer wishes?

Answer: The meat's a little dry.

46. Question: Who is Pierce Brosnan?

Answer: Pierce Brosnan is the voice of Simpson's new hi-tech security system.

47. Question: Who is the head vampire?

Answer: Marge.

48. Question: What does Bart do, where Homer gets a hair transplant?

Answer: Bart witnessed Snake rob the Kwiki Mart.

49. Question: The episode of the gremlin on the bus is a skit of what movie?

Answer: The Twilight Zone

50. Question: Who is Benedict Arnold?

Answer: Benedict is a part of the jury when Homer is on trial for eating the forbidden donut.

51. Question: What is the complete statement of " No beer and no tv, ......... go crazy"?

Answer: "No beer and no tv

Make Homer, Go crazy"

The Simpsons Story Line Trivia

The entire Simpson series does not have a storyline as a whole. However, each new episode has a plot of its own. Some episodes might require you to watch the previous episodes. But, most of the new episodes will not require you to watch all the episodes to get the hang of the current plot. Below is some hard Simpsons trivia.

52.Question: What is 'The Simpsons' about?

Answer: A sitcom that is a satirical depiction of a flawed American family with Homer as the loving father.

53.Question: Who stars in 'The Simpsons'?

Answer: Matt Groening

54.Question: When did 'The Simpsons' first air?

Answer: 17 December 1989

55.Question: Which former “Cheers” star provides the voice for sideshow bob in the “The Simpsons”?

Answer: Kelsey Grammer

56.Question: Which magazine named it the best TV show of the 20th century?

Answer: Time magazine

57.Question: Where were shorts of 'The Simpsons' first shown?

Answer: The Tracey Ullmon show

58.Question: What is the name of Springfield’s founder?

Answer: Jebediah Springfield

'The Simpsons' Quotes Trivia

One of the longest-lasting television shows, 'The Simpsons', has given a plethora of quotes. Some of them might seem like genius, while others might seem amusing. Despite having anger issues, Homer has delivered a few of the funniest dialogues of the series, which would entertain most people. A true Simpsons fan always remembers the best quotes of the series. So test your knowledge with some Simpsons questions and answers.

59.Question: What was Ned Flanders’s catchphrase?

Answer: “Okilly-dokilly!”

60.Question: “If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about” Who said the above line?

Answer: Troy McClure

61.Question: Rainier Wolfcastle had one famous quote in the show. The quote was?

Answer: “My eyes! The goggles do nothing!”

62.Question: What was the quote of Milhouse Van Houten?

Answer: “Alf Pogs! Remember Alf? He’s back In Pog form!”

63.Question: What quote does Homer Simpson most commonly speak?

Answer: “D'oh”!

64.Question: “Ohhh, I’ve wasted my life” was the quote of?

Answer: Comic Book Guy

65. Question: Mention one famous quote from Bart Simpson?

Answer: “¡Ay, caramba!”

66.Question: “To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems” is the signature quote of?

Answer: Homer Simpson

'The Simpsons' Quiz Regarding the Production

The production of the series was a complex task writing, supervision, recording, and animation. This show required a lot of people and technology to complete this series. A real Simpsons lover should know the production history of this amazing series. Try our 'The Simpsons' questions and check your information regarding the production.

67.Question: What is the name of this show's production company?

Answer: Gracie Films

68.Question: How Fox and Gracie Films work together?

Answer: Fox orders a certain amount of episodes of any season from the Gracie Films.

69.Question: In which season Elizabeth Taylor was featured as a guest star?

Answer: Fourth season.

70.Question: How much time does it take to complete the episodes?

Answer: Approximately five months.

71.Question: How many writers are there in the production crew to pitch ideas for episodes?

Answer: Sixteen Writers.

72.Question: For the first three seasons, which animation company worked with Fox?

Answer: Klasky Csupo

73.Question: From which season they started using digital ink-and-paint for animation?

Answer: From the fourteenth season.

74.Question: 'The Simpsons' is available in how many mediums?

Answer: Episodes, the Simpsons shorts, comics, the Simpsons movie, and video games.

Simpsons Quiz Trivia With Their Songs

If you want to make the Simpsons trivia hard then add the quiz related to the songs. Fox network has released several songs by this series. Try these questions and enjoy the music quiz of the series.

75.Question: In the Fox network the "Testify" song was sung by?

Answer: Bart Simpson and his friends sang the song.

76.Question: Homer Simpson's Garbage Song "The Garbageman" was played in which episode?

Answer: In the "Trash of the Titans" episode.

77.Question: The song "I Just can't Help Myself" was released by the Fox network in which year?

Answer: 1998

78.Question In which year the Simpsons' main title theme was released?

Answer: The title theme was released by the Fox network in 1997.

79.Question: Who was the writer of the Simpsons theme song?

Answer: Danny Elfman

80.Question: How many awards have won by the theme?

Answer: National Music Award in 2002 for "Favorite TV Theme, BMI TV Music Award in 1996,1998,2003. The theme music was also nominated for the Emmy in 1990.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our article about the ultimate 'The Simpsons' trivia quiz , then why not take a look at Anime trivia, or Cartoon trivia.

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