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A Christmas Carol Trivia: 70 Tricky Questions About The Classic Novel And Your Favorite Christmas Tunes

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Are you thrilled to have a go at this 'A Christmas Carol' trivia, set back in the 1800s on our favorite day, Christmas Day?

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. It is loaded with upbeat caroling, feel good motion pictures, delicious treats, and valuable family time.

But how much do you know about the Christmas classics? Test out your basic Christmas knowledge with this Christmas quiz on everyone's favorite novel 'A Christmas Carol' to see how much you know about this most magical novella. Some questions are easy, some are hard, but they’re all fun in this 'Christmas Carol' trivia quiz!

Alongside this difficult 'A Christmas Carol' quiz, you might also find some Christmas carols trivia quiz questions and holiday song trivia questions to test the memory of Christmas carol fans across the globe. Read on to take up the challenge and answer this Christmas lyric game trivia and see if you can name all these movies and songs! For more, check out our It's A Wonderful Life trivia and 'A Christmas Story Trivia.

Amazing Scrooge Trivia

Here are some questions about our favorite character: Scrooge. Let's see if you can pass this quiz!

1. Question: Which of the spirits don't speak to Scrooge?

Answer: The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come.

2. Question: What does Jacob Marley drag as a result of his sinful life?

Answer: Heavy chains forged from lockboxes

3. Question: Why does Scrooge like the darkness?

Answer: It costs less money.

4. Question: Who appears in Scrooge's door knocker?

Answer: Jacob Marley's ghost.

5. Question: Who is in the Grave in Stave Four in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Ebenezer Scrooge.

6. Question: In which year was 'A Christmas Carol' written?

Answer: 1843

7. Question: Who is Fred's Mother?

Answer: Fan, who is Scrooge's sister.

8. Question: Why does Belle end her engagement to Scrooge?

Answer: Because Scrooge is consumed by greed.

9. Question: To whom does Scrooge send a Christmas turkey?

Answer: The Cratchit family.

10. Question: Who brings Scrooge home from school?

Answer: Fan.

11. Question: Which spirit takes Scrooge to a ship at sea?

Answer: The Ghost of Christmas Present.

12. Question: Who asks Scrooge for a charitable contribution?

Answer: Two portly gentlemen.

13. Question: What's Scrooge's typical response to Merry Christmas?

Answer: "Bah! Humbug!"

14. Question: Who said, "Ye will erase it at no cost to us".

Answer: Scrooge.

15. Question: What actor plays the role of old Scrooge in the 1984 film?

Answer: George C. Scott.

Trivia About 'A Christmas Carol'

Can you answer some of these hard questions about the Cratchit family? Try our 'A Christmas Carol' trivia!

Test how much you know with our trivia about A Christmas Carol.

16. Question: Who is the author of 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Charles Dickens.

17. Question: What is the Ghost of Christmas Present's throne made up of?

Answer: Food.

18. Question: Which of the spirits has a glowing head?

Answer: The Ghost of Christmas Past.

19. Question: Where does Martha work?

Answer: At a milliner's.

20. Question: Who inherits Bob Cratchit's shirt?

Answer: Peter.

21. Question: Which character says, "God bless us, everyone"?

Answer: Tiny Tim.

22. Question: "Christmas has done me good, and will do me good." Who said these popular lines?

Answer: Fred.

23. Question: What is the name of Scrooge's faithful employee?

Answer: Bob Cratchit.

24. Question: Who said, "Why do you doubt your senses?"

Answer: Jacob Marley.

25. Question: Which ghost was a female?

Answer: The Ghost of Christmas Past.

26. Question: Who said, "He's so much kinder than he used to be".

Answer: Fan.

27. Question: The line, "Truth lives!" is quoted by which character?

Answer: The Ghost of Christmas Past.

28. Question: How many children does Bob Cratchit have?

Answer: Six.

29. Question: When Scrooge is asked to donate to the needy, what is his response?

Answer: "Are there no workhouses? Are there no prisons?"

30. Question: According to the Ghost of Christmas Present, when will the third ghost appear?

Answer: "In his own good time".

'A Christmas Carol' Trivia Questions About The Characters

If you pride yourself on your knowledge about the classic novel, then go ahead answer some of our questions about 'A Christmas Carol' characters! You could even enjoy these quiz questions as a Christmas Eve or Christmas Day activity!

31. Question: Who said, "My life on this globe is very brief"?

Answer: The Ghost of Christmas Present.

32. Question: How many brothers does the Ghost of Christmas Present have?

Answer: 1800.

33. Question: What does Scrooge say after, "A drum. You idiot. Everyone knows that"?

Answer: "Not very bright, my nephew's wife."

34. Question: After Scrooge has a change of heart, he goes to visit his nephew and his wife. What does Fred say?

Answer: "Hurrah!"

35. Question: What does Scrooge say when he dislikes something?

Answer: "Bah humbug".

36. Question: How old is Tiny Tim in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Seven.

37. Question: Finish this line that Scrooge says to the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come, "I fear you, more than any ___ I have seen".

Answer: "specter".

38. Question: When the story starts, how many years ago did Jacob Marley die?

Answer: Seven.

39. Question: Over how many nights do the ghosts visit Scrooge?

Answer: One.

40. Question: How is the Ghost of Christmas Past represented?

Answer: As a small elderly man.

41. Question: How is the Ghost of Christmas Present represented?

Answer: As a jolly giant.

42. Question: How is the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come represented?

Answer: As a silent phantom.

'A Christmas Carol' Trivia Games

Let's go back to the 1800s and find out about the one and only Scrooge and the other characters at his nephew's home. Try our fun yet hard Christmas book trivia quiz to find how much you can recall from the one and only 'A Christmas Carol'!

43. Question: Who is Scrooge's employee's disabled son?

Answer: Tiny Tim.

44. Question: What are the two children called who crawl out from the under the robes of the Ghost of Christmas Present?

Answer: Ignorance and Want.

45. Question: On what date does 'A Christmas Carol' take place?

Answer: 25 December.

46. Question: What date was 'A Christmas Carol' published?

Answer: 19 December 1843

47. Question: How many copies of Christmas Carol have been sold in the USA, to the nearest million?

Answer: Two million copies

48. Question: What period is 'A Christmas Carol' set in?

Answer: The early 1800s.

49. Question: How long did it take Dickens to write 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Six weeks.

50. Question: How many words are there in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: 30,000.

51. Question: Who published 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Chapman and Hall.

52. Question: How many pages are in the original 'A Christmas Carol' book?

Answer: 66 pages.

53. Question: What is the lifespan of the Ghost of Christmas Present?

Answer: One day.

54. Question: What, according to Jacob Marley, was his "business"?

Answer: Mankind.

Christmas Song Trivia Games

The fun and magic of the Christmas season starts with small kids. Christmas songs like 'Frosty The Snowman' and 'Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer' are played constantly all through the Christmas season, especially on Christmas Eve and are loved by children and adults alike. Go ahead and try our Christmas carols trivia for more musical Christmas fun!

Are you ready for a family Christmas carol quiz?

55. Question: What activity inspired the song 'Jingle Bells'?

Answer: A town-wide sled race.

56. Question: In 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town', the singer tells children, “You better not cry” and, “You better not _____”?

Answer: pout

57. Question: What year was 'It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year' first recorded?

Answer: 1963

58. Question: By whom was the Frank Sinatra hit song “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas' first recorded?

Answer: Judy Garland.

59. Question: When she recorded Christmas hit 'Rockin Around The Christmas Tree' how old was singer Brenda Lee?

Answer: 13

60. Question: What is the most published Christmas hymn?

Answer: 'Joy To The World'.

Christmas Music Trivia Questions And Answers

Christmas songs are a pleasure to sing, and they also help to celebrate the special time of the year we are commemorating. Can you answer these Christmas songs trivia questions with answers?

61. Question: In 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas' what number of geese are laying ?

Answer: Six.

62. Question: How many "las" are after each "fa" in 'Deck The Halls'?

Answer: Eight

63. Question: What number of times does Santa check his list before coming to town?

Answer: Twice.

64. Question: What wouldn't the other reindeer let Rudolph do?

Answer: Play games.

65. Question: What is the nose of Frosty made of?

Answer: A button.

66. Question: How many horses pull the sleigh in 'Jingle Bells'?

Answer: One.

67. Question: Where was mommy kissing Santa Claus?

Answer: Under the mistletoe.

68. Question: What does 'Feliz Navidad' mean?

Answer: Happy Christmas.

69. Question: What is another name  for 'O Tannenbaum'?

Answer: 'O Christmas Tree'.

70. Question: Which desert do you ask for once you finish singing 'We Wish You a Merry Christmas' ?

Answer: Figgy pudding.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our trivia about 'A Christmas Carol' and are looking for more Christmas movie trivia, then why not look at  our Home Alone trivia or The Grinch trivia for more?

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