Anatomy Trivia: 30+ Questions About The Gross, Coolest, And Craziest Facts About The Human Body | Kidadl


Anatomy Trivia: 30+ Questions About The Gross, Coolest, And Craziest Facts About The Human Body

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The human body is as mysterious as it is fascinating.

Since time immemorial, scientists and enthusiasts alike have gotten together to compile bundles and bundles of research matter to help us learn more about our own bodies. Even though we are now closer to answering more questions than ever before, a lot still remains largely unanswered.

After our readers loved our animal trivia questions and science trivia articles, we decided to compile this anatomical quiz to share with you some craziest facts about the various organs of the body. So, attempt the human body trivia and find out how many human anatomy questions you can answer for yourself!

Easy Human Anatomy Trivia

Stethoscope, medicines and illustrative human intestine cut-out on a blue table

Before we launch into the more mind boggling and complicated aspects of the human body, it's important that we acquaint ourselves first with the easier anatomy trivia questions. So take this basic anatomy quiz to find out what are some easy questions about anatomy!

1. Question: How much percentage of the human body is constituted by water?

Answer: 66%

2. Question: Is the nose of an average human being as long as the length of their thumb?

Answer: Yes

3. Question: At what rate does an average human being sneeze?

Answer: 100 miles per hour

4. Question: Cells related to which part of the body divide considerably faster when compared to the rest?

Answer: Hair

5. Question: The smallest bone in the human body can be compared with which real life object?

Answer: A grain of rice

6. Question: In which part of the human body do the smallest bones occur?

Answer: Ears

7. Question: Where are the smallest set of muscles in the human body found?

Answer: Ears

8. Question: How many taste buds does our tongue comprise of?

Answer: 9,000

9. Question: Which is the largest organ in our body?

Answer: The skin

10. Question: What is the hardest substance in our bodies?

Answer: Tooth enamel

11. Question: What is the average lifespan of a red blood cell in our body?

Answer: Around 120 days

12. Question: In our body, which kind of cells are the longest?

Answer: The nerve cells

Hard Anatomy Questions And Answers

Now that you've gone through a basic quiz about the human body and read through our set of easy anatomy questions, it's time that we stepped things up a notch. Take this hard quiz on anatomy and arm yourself with some difficult science facts about the human body!

13. Question: How many molecules of oxygen can a single hemoglobin molecule carry?

Answer: 4

14. Question: Sleep is regulated by which part of the human brain?

Answer: Suprachiasmatic nucleus

15. Question: What is the name of the space that exists within a tubular structure such as the vein?

Answer: Lumen

16. Question: What is the name of the molecule that resides on the mitochondria's inner membrane?

Answer: ATPase

17. Question: The average human brain comprises how many neurons?

Answer: 86

18. Question: Which artery forms the main source of blood in our arms?

Answer: Brachial artery

19. Question: Under which muscle does the axillary artery pass?

Answer: Pectoralis minor

20. Question: The two hemispheres of the human brain are connected by what?

Answer: Corpus callosum

21. Question: Which part is known as the heart of the heart?

Answer: SA node

22. Question: Which blood type has no antigens?

Answer: Blood Type O

23. Question: Which is the thickest wall in the heart?

Answer: Left ventricle

24. Question: Which mineral is responsible for the formation of our bones?

Answer: Calcium

Craziest Body Parts Trivia

No matter how much your brush up on your human anatomy 101, there will always exist a set of cool anatomy facts and fun medical trivia that will never cease to surprise you. Take this quiz on fun health trivia and body trivia to know what are the craziest facts about the human body!

25. Question: Which set of muscles in the human body never rest?

Answer: Heart Muscles

26. Question: How many dead skin cells do we shed in a minute?

Answer: Around 30,000

27. Question: Which part of the human body gets replaced every month?

Answer: The skin

28. Question: How much skin does the average human being shed in their lifetime?

Answer: Around 22 kilograms

29. Question: Higher mental activities are controlled by which part of the brain?

Answer: Frontal lobe

30. Question: Water comprises how much of a percentage of our brain?

Answer: 80%

31. Question: What portion of our body weight is constituted by blood?

Answer: 8%

32. Question: How much blood does the adult body contain?

Answer: Around 1.325 gallons

33. Question: Which blood cells do not have a nucleus?

Answer: Red blood cells (RBC)

34. Question: What is the total length constituted by all the blood vessels in our body?

Answer: 100 000 km

35. Question: How many bones does the wrist contain?

Answer: 54

36. Question: What is the only bone in our body that is not connected to another?

Answer: Hyoid

37. Question: On average, how much time does it take for a bone to heal?

Answer: About 12 weeks

38. Question: What is the name of the spongy substance that fills our bones?

Answer: Bone marrow

39. Question: Which portion of the body is stronger than our bones?

Answer: Teeth

40. Question: How much water does our body lose on average per day?

Answer: Around 2 liters

41. Question: At what speed are nerve impulses sent from the brain?

Answer: Approximately 274 km per hour

42. Question: During our average lifetime, how many liters of blood is pumped by our heart?

Answer: Around 182 million liters

43. Question: At any given time, how many enzymes are active in our body?

Answer: At least 700

44. Question: What is the scientific name for the belly button?

Answer: Umbilicus

45. Question: What percentage of people are left-handed?

Answer: 7%

46. Question: Which muscle is the strongest in us?

Answer: Tongue

47. Question: How much does an adult's heart weigh?

Answer: Around 220-260 grams

48. Question: HCL is produced by which cells in the stomach?

Answer: Oxyntic cells

49. Question: The disorder of which system causes the disease jaundice?

Answer: Digestive system

50. Question: What is the name of the membrane that covers our lungs?

Answer: Pleural membrane

51. Question: What is the total count of alveoli in both of our lungs?

Answer: 700000000

52. Question: The larynx consists of how many unpaired cartilages?

Answer: 3 (Cricoids, thyroid, and epiglottis)

53. Question: How many parts is the small intestine divided into?

Answer: 3 (duodenum, jejunum, and ileum)

54. Question: What are the sinuses of the spleen filled with?

Answer: Blood

55. Question: What is the average duration of our cardiac cycle?

Answer: 0.8 seconds

56. Question: What is the graphic illustration of the cardiac conduction system known as?

Answer: Electrocardiogram

57. Question: What portion of the pancreas produces and secretes insulin?

Answer: Islets of Langerhans

58. Question: Which enzyme is activated by the bile salts in the liver?

Answer: Lipase

59. Question: The liver is responsible for the production of which vitamin in our bodies?

Answer: Vitamin A

60. Question: How many different kinds of colors can our eyes distinguish?

Answer: Around 10 million

61. Question: How many muscles do we make use of when we smile?

Answer: 17

62. Question: Is it possible to sneeze with our eyes open?

Answer: No

63. Question: How many different kinds of smells can our noses detect?

Answer: Around 1 trillion

64. Question: What is the name of the gland that secretes the hormone melatonin?

Answer: Pineal gland

65. Question: How much salt do our bodies contain on average?

Answer: Around 2,650 grams

66. Question: What is the length of the small intestine in an adult?

Answer: 7 meters

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for anatomy trivia then why not take a look at biology trivia, or horse trivia.

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