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April Trivia: 40+ Questions And Answers To Spring Into Action With

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Here is where you welcome the start of a day with the sun shining.

So close to April, a lot of you are excited to welcome a warm hugging atmosphere. However, there is a lot more in regards to this month that many of us are unaware of.

The best way for you to sit in the comfort of your home, surrounded by your family, and learn something new each day with our trivia questions. If you enjoyed October trivia and 4th of July trivia questions, then what are you waiting for? Try out this trivia now!

Fun Facts About The Month of April

Spring is like serenity and peace after the long slumber of winter.

April is the month where fun activities begin to happen. A nice time at the beach, chilling with friends at the ice-cream parlor, basically FUN! And what better way to start this trivia other than with some fun questions and answers to get you going. Here are some April trivia questions and answers.

1. Question: The poet T. S. Eliot wrote a poem about April. What is it called?

Answer: The Waste Land.

2. Question: A person tricked on April Fools' Day is called an April fool. However, how do the French call such a person?

Answer: April Fish.

3.Question: Who is the patron saint of England that is remembered on April 23rd?

Answer: St. George.

4. Question: What are the common occurrences that the month of April is best known for?

 Answer: The Lyrids Meteor shower and the Eta Aquariids meteors shower

5. Question: Of the many countries, which one doesn’t celebrate Independence Day in April?

Answer: Namibia

6.Question: Is Easter Sunday a day that is always celebrated in April?

Answer: False.

Significance of April

A month that is seen to outweigh the others. Here are a few fun facts, and trivia that resonates right from April Fools day to other similar important meanings.

7. Question: Why is April such a special month?

Answer: April represents innocence and new beginnings.

8. Question: What is the meaning of the word April?

Answer: To Open.

9. Question: Which flowers are linked to April?

Answer: Daisies and Sweet Pea.

10. Question: When is the earliest identification of the term “April”?

Answer: From the Romans, who named the month Aprillis.

11. Question: Which gem is associated with April?

Answer: Diamond.

12. Question: What is the name of the poem written by William Wordsworth about April?

Answer: 'I wandered lonely as a cloud.'

Trivia Dates for April

April is the month of celebration in many regards. Here are a few interesting facts like holidays in April, that focus on these trivia that you may find fascinating.

13. Question: What is the month of April best known for within the United Kingdom?

Answer: The Queen’s Birthday.

14. Question: What environmental day was first celebrated on April 22, 1970?

Answer: Earth Day.

15. Question: What is a yearly significant occasion that happens regularly in April?

Answer: National Siblings day on the 11th.

16. Question: Who is the writer that celebrates their birthday as well as their death anniversary in April?

Answer: William Shakespeare.

17. Question: Which day in April did the famous Titanic ship sink?

 Answer: 14th of April.

18. Question: April 25th is celebrated as Anzac day for which country?

Answer:  Australia.

19. Question: What is 26th April celebrated as?

Answer: Tree Plantation Day.

20. Question: In the year 1906, which city was hit by an earthquake on April 18th?

Answer: San Francisco.

21. Question: What would a person’s zodiac sign be if they were born on April 15th?

Answer: Aries.

22. Question: April 17th is celebrated as the birthday of which Disney fictional character?

Answer: Daffy Duck.

 23. Question: In 1955, which fast food joint first opened its doors on the 15th of April?

 Answer: McDonald's.

24. Question: Which zodiac sign is represented on the 28th of April?

Answer: Taurus.

25. Question: Of the many board games available, which is honored on April 13th?

 Answer: Scrabble.

What Happened In The Month of April Trivia Facts

Each and every one of us is a curious creature that wants to know what is happening or what has happened. The month of April is full of information that will get you bubbling to know more. Here are a few trivia about things that happen in April.

26. Question: Which of the many American presidents was born on April 13th, 1743?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

27. Question: Who was the American president that was born on 28th April 1758?

Answer: James Monroe.

28. Question: What is the name of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel that was published on 10th April 1925?

Answer: The Great Gatsby.

29. Question: What is the name of the patent that Gideon Sundback made on 29th April 1913?

Answer: Zipper.

30. Question:  A month after their inauguration, who was the American president that died on the 4th of April, 1841?

Answer: William Henry Harrison.

31. Question: On 13th April 1997, who was the youngest golfer to win the Masters tournament?

Answer: Tiger Woods.

32. Question: Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in which city on 4th April 1968?

Answer: Memphis.

Music Trivia For The Month of April

Rise and shine to all as winter is finally over.

Music is something that resonates within the heart of everybody, be it love, some rock, and roll, feeling the blues, or even a little bit of jazz. Even Broadway shows and musical theatres had a huge impact. Here are a few April facts and trivia that you may never have thought to ask about music in spring.

33. Question: When is the national trombone player day celebrated?

Answer: April 1st.

34. Question: What type of music event is recognized on 3rd April?

Answer: Barbershop Quartet Day.

35. Question: In honor of jazz music, when is international Jazz day celebrated?

Answer: April 30th

36. Question: With the growing number of musicians around the world, what event is celebrated on 16th April?

Answer: World Voice day.

37. Question: Which is the biggest music festival that occurs in April?

Answer: Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

38. Question: In April 1960, which song topped the chart two weeks in a row?

Answer: My old man’s a dustman by Lonnie Donegan.

39. Question: What happened to John Lennon in April of 1964?

Answer: After 17 years, he was reunited with his father Freddie.

40. Question: What was Ludwig Van Beethoven's accomplishment in April of 1803?

Answer: It was the first performance of the 2nd symphony in D.

41. Question: Which single by Elvis Presley was recorded on 5th April 1954?

Answer: That’s all right.

42. Question: What award did Julie Andrews win during the 37th Academy Award in April 1965?

Answer: She won the award for best actress in the musical Mary Poppins.

43. Question: Which musical instrument was invented on 14th April 1690 and where?

Answer: The clarinet was invented in Nurnberg, Germany.

44. Question: What is the name of the piece that Mozart completed in April 1785?

Answer: Dissonanzenquartett/ Dissonance quartet (opus 10)

Interesting Facts About April

Are we aware of the various events that have occurred during April? Unique and startling as well as famous people born in April. These amazing events would blow your mind as they draw you into a whole new world. Here are a few to get you started.

45. Question: On April 3rd of which year did the Pony Express Mail train start?

Answer: 1860.

46. Question: which of the two Poles did Robert Peary reach in April 1909?

Answer: The North Pole.

47. Question: In April of which year did Confederate General Robert E Lee surrender to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, thus ending the American civil war?

Answer: 1865.

48. Question: In which year did the mutiny on the royal navy vessel, HMS Bounty, occur, and who was its captain?

Answer: The mutiny occurred in April 1789 and the captain of the ship was William Bligh.

49. Question: When did Paul Revere’s famous midnight ride occur?

Answer: On 18th April 1775.

50. Question: Which is the major snow event that is held in April every year in Austria?

Answer: The Snowbombing event.

51. Question: How does Thailand mark the start of their new year during mid-April?

Answer: Through the Songkran water festival.

52. Question: Name a big festival that occurs in India during April?

Answer: The Thrissur Pooram elephant festival.

53. Question: After which Greek goddess is April named?

Answer: Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

54. Question: what happened in NASA on 9th April 1959?

Answer: America’s first astronauts were announced.

Historical Moments in April

The history of a place is what foretells what has happened and these April fun facts and trivia give us an idea of what our ancestors and theirs have lived through. Here are a few significant moments of April history that you may not be aware of.

55. Questions: What occurred on 1st April 1918?

Answer: The Royal Air Force was founded.

56. Question: In the United States, what was banned in April 1970?

Answer: Cigarette advertising.

57. Question: Which United States soldier was rescued from Iraq in April 2003?

Answer: Jessica Lynch.

58. Question: What major tragedy occurred in North America in April 1974?

Answer: 148 tornadoes hit from Georgia to Canada within 16 hours.

59. Question: Which year, in April, was the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) established?

Answer: 1949.

60. Question: What happened on 4th April 2006?

Answer: Saddam Hussein was charged with genocide.

61. Question: When was New York’s world trade center completed?

Answer: it was completed in April 1973.

62. Question: when was the World Health Organisation Established?

Answer: On 7th April 1948.

63. Question: What is the name of the musical hit by Rodgers and Hammerstein that was debuted in April 1949?

Answer: South Pacific.

64. Question: which is the world’s oldest run that occurred on 19th April 1897 for the first time?

Answer: The Boston Marathon.

Unbelievable Trivia About April

This is the month to shine, however, there are some interesting facts about April that many are unaware of. Be prepared to be shocked with these fun facts about April that make you second guess yourself!

65. Question: Before the Julian calendar came into existence, how many days the April have?

Answer: 29 days.

66. Question: April is considered to be the equivalent of which fall month?

Answer: October.

67. Question: What is considered to be the inspiration behind April fool’s Day??

Answer: Jeffery Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.

68. Question: After how many years did the modern-day Olympics take place in Athens on 6th April 1896?

Answer: 1500 years.

69. Question: On April 19th, 1775, which automobile was unveiled for the first time?

Answer: First Mustang by Ford.

70. Question: What is the famous silver lining about April?

Answer: April showers bring May flowers.

71. Question: Where does the line “Houston, we’ve had a problem” originate?

Answer: On 11th April 1970, after Apollo 13 was first launched and then ran into some issues a few days later, this famous line was used for the first time.

72. Question: On which day did William Shakespeare die?

Answer: April 23, 1616

73.Question: What was the major accomplishment of Noah Webster on April 18th, 1818?

Answer: the Webster dictionary of Noah Webster was published on this day.

74.Question: What is the beauty of April fools day?

Answer: Pranking people and getting away with it.

75.Question: What is the day does April 23 signify?

Answer: April 23 is celebrated as world book day.

76.Question: Why is sweet pea associated with April?

Answer: Sweet pea signifies a blissful pleasurable day.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for April Trivia then why not take a look at Inauguration Day trivia, or American trivia.

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