Bird Trivia: 110+ Questions (With Answers) For Budding Ornithologists | Kidadl


Bird Trivia: 110+ Questions (With Answers) For Budding Ornithologists

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Ever marveled at a bird's vivid plumage or grace as it swoops through the sky? They're truly wondrous creatures! Let's dive into this quirky quiz filled with intriguing avian anecdotes. Whether you're a fledgling birder or an old owl in the field, this brain-teasing bird bonanza has something for everyone!

With fun and quirky questions - and answers to hatch - you'll be ready to spread your wings in no time. From identifying bird calls to learning about unique adaptations, this trivia is designed to tickle your curiosity and deepen your understanding of our feathered friends. As you explore the answers, you might also uncover fascinating facts that will make you appreciate the wonders of the avian world even more. Now, if you are ready, it's time to dive into this bird trivia challenge!

Trivia About Birds From All Over The Globe

Get ready for a thrilling trivia adventure exploring fascinating facts about birds from around the world! Uncover tidbits about these remarkable creatures, from their diverse abilities to their captivating charm. Let's begin by putting your bird-spotting skills to the test with this exciting set of questions. Can you ace this quiz?

1. Question: Which bird found in South America, has a large, strong, and brightly colored beak?

Answer: Toco toucan.

2. Question: How many species of birds are there in the world as of 2023?

Answer: More than 10,000.

3. Question: Name the national bird of the United States.

Answer: Bald eagle.

4. Question: Which bird is China's national bird?

Answer: Red-crowned crane.

5. Question: Which flightless bird is also the tallest in South America?

Answer: Greater rhea.

6. Question: Which country is home to most of the population of the Endangered bird, the Northern bald ibis?

Answer: Morocco.

7. Question: Where is the single largest colony of puffins situated in the world?

Answer: Vestmannaeyjar/Westman Islands.

8. Question: Which bird's male counterpart has a red-colored gular sac near its throat and chest area?

Answer: Frigatebird.

9. Question: How many states have the red cardinal as their official bird in North America?

Answer: Seven.

10. Question: Which bird has the longest bill in the world?

Answer: Australian pelican.

11. Question: Which is the largest flying parrot species in the world that has bright blue feathers?

Answer: Hyacinth macaw.

12. Question: Which bird almost became the national bird of India?

Answer: Great Indian bustard.

13. Question: Which country has a raven as its national bird?

Answer: Bhutan.

14. Question: Which owl-faced bird is native only to New Zealand?

Answer: Kakapo.

15. Question: Name the largest known flying bird, native to Africa.

Answer: The Kori bustard.

16. Question: Which is the national bird of Peru?

Answer: Andean cock-of-the-rock.

17. Question: Which country has the flamingo as its national bird?

Answer: The Bahamas.

18. Question: Which migratory birds make the longest journey from pole to pole?

Answer: Arctic tern.

19. Question: What is the national bird of Brazil?

Answer: Rufous-bellied thrush.

20. Question: Which is the national bird of Guatemala?

Answer: Resplendent quetzal.

21. Question: What is Jamaica's national bird known as?

Answer: Red-billed streamertail.

22. Question: Which is the colorful national bird of Nepal?

Answer: Himalayan monal.

23. Question: Kiwi is the national bird of which country?

Answer: New Zealand.

24. Question: Which small and currently Critically Endangered bird of the Philippines that was thought to be extinct, resurfaced in 1992?

Answer: Cebu flowerpecker.

25. Question: Which small bird bearing blue eyes and belonging to Brazil, was considered to be extinct but resurfaced in 2015?

Answer: Blue-eyed ground dove.

26. Question: Which country has the lilac-breasted roller as its national bird?

Answer: Kenya.

27. Question: Where is the hoatzin bird native to?

Answer: South America.

28. Question: Which large flightless bird, that was endemic to Mauritius is now extinct?

Answer: Dodo.

29. Question: What is the national bird of Israel?

Answer: Hoopoe.

30. Question: What is the national bird of Singapore?

Answer: The crimson sunbird.

31. Question: What is the fastest bird in the world?

Answer: Peregrine falcon.

32. Question: Which is the largest bird in the world?

Answer: Common ostrich.

33. Question: What is the national bird of Belgium?

Answer: Common kestrel.

34. Question: Wilson's bird-of-paradise can be found only on which two islands?

Answer: Waigeo and Batanta.

35. Question: Which bird is named after the famous biologist who contributed to the theory of evolution?

Answer: Darwin's finch.

36. Question: What is the Sri Lanka blue magpie also known as?

Answer: Ceylon magpie.

37. Question: Which country or region has the highest number of bird species as of 2023?

Answer: Colombia.

38. Question: Which black-plumaged bird, native to the rainforests of Ecuador and Mexico, is on the brink of extinction?

Answer: Great curassow.

39. Question: Which species of parrot is being used in the illegal wildlife trade and is being pushed into extinction?

Answer: African gray parrot.

40. Question: What is the name of a bird native to southeast Australia that has been Critically Endangered and is known for its unique habit of feeding on the nectar of eucalyptus trees?

Answer: Regent honeyeater.

41. Question: What is the scientific name of the snowy owl that became well-known since appearing in the Harry Potter movie series (Hedwig)?

Answer: Bubo scandiacus.

42. Question: What is the official state bird of California, USA?

Answer: California quail.

43. Question: Which type of birds are adapted to thrive in hot desert environments?

Answer: Desert birds.

44. Question: What is the state bird of New York?

Answer: The eastern bluebird.

45. Question: Which island is home to a diverse range of bird species, including the famous birds of paradise?

Answer: New Guinea.

Trivia About Bird Wings And Feathers

Welcome to our next quiz where you'll uncover fascinating facts about the wings and feathers of different birds. From the tiniest hummingbird that flutters its wings at breakneck speed to the majestic eagle that soars high above the mountains, every bird species has a unique wing design that allows them to develop different skills. This fun-filled trivia is a ticket to explore aeronautical wonders, diverse flight patterns, and the natural engineering marvels of our feathery friends.

46. Question: What are birds' wings made of?

Answer: Feathers and hollow bones.

47. Question: How do bearded vultures dress themselves up?

Answer: Dye the feathers.

48. Question: What are the weightless bones in birds also known as?

Answer: Pneumatic bones.

49. Question: What are the birds that fly backward and lack a keel called?

Answer: Ratite birds.

50. Question: Which species of bird uses its feathers to carry water?

Answer: Male sandgrouse.

51. Question: What pigment, also found in humans, gives feathers their eye-catching colors?

Answer: Melanin.

52. Question: How do flamingos get their pink tinge?

Answer: Eating algae.

53. Question: Which bird can produce sound with its wings due to stridulation?

Answer: Male club-winged manakins.

54. Question: Birds cleaning their feathers is called?

Answer: Preening.

55. Question: What is the wingspan of an ostrich?

Answer: Over 6 ft (1.8 m).

56. Question: What is the wingspan of the wandering albatross as measured by the research ship USNS Eltanin in 1965?

Answer: 11 ft 11 in (3.6 m).

57. Question: Which bird has the largest wingspan as of 2022?

Answer: Wandering albatross.

Fun Facts About Different Bird Species

The European robin bird on branch in rain.

This challenge is about to whisk you off on a fun-fueled quiz exploring unique bird species and their amazing attributes. Ready to squawk about dazzling colors, mesmerizing songs, and intriguing habits? Prepare to have your mind ruffled by the sheer variety and coolness of these avian creatures. Let's see how well-versed you are with the features and behaviors of different species of birds.

58. Question: Which two birds are the closest relatives to the majestic Tyrannosaurus rex?

Answer: Chickens and ostriches.

59. Question: What percentage of a bird's body weight does its skeleton weigh?

Answer: 6-8%.

60. Question: What is the size of the hummingbird's eggs?

Answer: 0.39-0.59 in (0.99-1.5 cm)

61. Question: Which is the only bird that has two toes on each foot?

Answer: Ostrich.

62. Question: Cardinals cover themselves voluntarily with what?

Answer: Ants.

63. Question: What is the most talkative bird?

Answer: African gray parrot.

64. Question: What do bearded vultures feed on?

Answer: Bones.

65. Question: Which Japanese bird is one of the rarest in the world?

Answer: Crested ibis.

66. Question: What bird can stay in the air for as long as 10 months?

Answer: Common swift.

67. Question: Which is the only bird that can swim but cannot fly?

Answer: Penguin.

68. Question: Which bird species hibernate throughout winter?

Answer: Common poorwill.

69. Question: Which swan has the most feathers?

Answer: Tundra swan.

70. Question: What was the first poisonous bird documented?

Answer: Hooded pitohui.

71. Question: What poisonous compound does the hooded pitohui have?

Answer: Batrachotoxin.

72. Question: How do blind kiwi birds hunt?

Answer: By smell.

73. Question: What is a group of chickens called?

Answer: Flock.

74. Question: What is a group of geese called?

Answer: Gaggle.

75. Question: What do you call a group of ravens?

Answer: Unkindness.

76. Question: For how long are the nests of some sociable weaver birds occupied?

Answer: Over 100 years.

77. Question: How long can an emperor penguin stay underwater?

Answer: Over 20 minutes.

78. Question: Do kingfishers have bones that are as hollow as that of other birds?

Answer: No.

79. Question: Birds have two types of formations while they fly as a flock. What are these formations called?

Answer: Echelons.

80. Question: Which brilliant invention did the kingfisher birds inspire?

Answer: The bullet train.

81. Question: Name the slowest flying bird.

Answer: American woodcock.

82. Question: What is a group of flamingos called?

Answer: Flamboyance.

83. Question: Which is the most dangerous bird whose name starts with a C?

Answer: Cassowary.

84. Question: What is the name for the phobia where you feel you are constantly being watched by a duck or a goose?

Answer: Anatidaephobia.

85. Question: Which water-dwelling bird sleeps with one eye open?

Answer: Duck.

86. Question: Which bird uses flatulence to hunt its prey?

Answer: Bassian thrush.

87. Question: What is the fear of birds known as?

Answer: Ornithophobia.

88. Question: How do the turquoise-browed motmots swing their tails?

Answer: Like a pendulum.

89. Question: What are the largest birds in Asia?

Answer: Rhinoceros hornbill.

90. Question: Which bird is also known as the black bird-of-paradise?

Answer: Ribbon-tailed astrapia.

91. Question: Which day is celebrated as Bird Day in the US?

Answer: May 4.

92. Question: What is a baby swan called?

Answer: Cygnet.

93. Question: What type of light can some birds see that humans cannot?

Answer: Ultraviolet light.

94. Question: What is a common species of bird found in North America known for its distinctive orange breast?

Answer: American robin.

95. Question: Which species of bird can often be seen standing on just one leg?

Answer: Flamingo.

96. Question: Which bird lays the largest egg relative to its size?

Answer: Kiwi.

97. Question: When is the mating season for most birds?

Answer: Spring.

98. Question: Name a popular bird that is often associated with intelligence and mimicry.

Answer: Parrot.

99. Question: Which is the only species of penguin that is known as the 'emperor'?

Answer: Emperor penguin.

100. Question: Which bird is known for its distinctive 'hoo-hoo-hoo' call?

Answer: Great horned owl.

101. Question: Name a bird famous for its incredible speed during hunting dives.

Answer: Peregrine falcon.

102. Question: Which bird species can fly backwards?

Answer: Hummingbird.

103. Question: What gender is a peacock?

Answer: Male.

104. Question: Which bird's beak consists of a pouch adapted to catch fish?

Answer: Pelican.

105. Question: Which bird species is known for its long, curved bill, used for catching fish?

Answer: Painted stork.

Random Bird Trivia

Get ready to spread your wings of knowledge with some random bird trivia! We have covered a range of interesting facts and intriguing details about birds in this set of questions. Expect the unexpected as you explore little snippets of knowledge about birds from different regions of the globe. It's time to nestle in and enjoy a delightful peck at facts you may never have heard before.

106. Question: What do certain birds use to camouflage themselves against tree trunks?

Answer: Tree bark.

107. Question: Which bird can create nests that house hundreds of other birds' nests?

Answer: Sociable weaver.

108. Question: How many feet tall can a common ostrich grow?

Answer: 6.9-9.2 ft (2.1-2.8 m).

109. Question: What is a generic term for an adult male bird?

Answer: Cock/rooster.

110. Question: Name a bird with a bill that resembles a sword.

Answer: Sword-billed hummingbird.

111. Question: Name a bird species that lays blue eggs.

Answer: Robin.

112. Question: What are baby owls called?

Answer: Owlets.

113. Question: What is the smallest bird species in the world?

Answer: Bee hummingbird

114. Question: What is the scientific name for a bee hummingbird?

Answer: Mellisuga helenae.

Congratulations, budding ornithologists! You've successfully made it to the end of this myriad of bird trivia questions. We hope this was a fun experience to both test and expand your knowledge about our feathered friends on Earth. By engaging in bird trivia, you've tapped into a world of fascinating facts, discovering the wonders of the world of birds and how they live among us. Now, armed with this newfound knowledge, it's time to take your passion for birds to the next level. To improve your trivia expertise you should look for more such interesting materials to learn about more about avian fauna. The sky's the limit when it comes to exploring the world of birds!

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