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Bird Trivia: 110 Questions (With Answers) To Emu-se Budding Ornithologists

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Birds are truly fascinating animals.

Are you a fan of the brightly colored, sleek, and graceful charmers? Take this tricky trivia that has some fun facts about birds and their amazing features to reveal the truth!

Birds are an amazing work of nature as they are able to defy gravity and fly through the skies above us. We have put together this collection of questions that bring you a wide range of facts about birds, bird identification games and more. You will either come out with flying colors like a pro or become a student and learn some amazing and really interesting facts about birds, its a win-win!

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Trivia About Birds All Over The Globe

The birds we see outside our window sills are not the same as those we will see if we travel to a different country. Let's find out how good you are at spotting the different species of birds that can be found far and wide around the globe with these bird trivia questions.

1. Question: Which bird in South America has a large, strong and brightly colored beak?

Answer: The Toco Toucan.

2. Question: How many species of birds are there in the world as of 2020?

Answer: More than 10,000,

3. Question: Which bird is chosen as the emblem of the United States?

Answer: The Bald Eagle.

4. Question: What proportion of the total population of bird species are found in the tropical rainforests?

Answer: Two thirds.

5. Question: Which bird is China's national bird?

Answer: The Red Crowned Crane.

6. Question: Which flightless bird is also the tallest bird in South America?

Answer: The Greater Rhea.

7. Question: Which country holds the majority of the population of the endangered bird, the Northern Bald Ibis?

Answer: Morocco.

8. Question: What is the more common name of the black and electric blue colored bird species, Lophorina niedda?

Answer: The Vogelkop Superb Bird of Paradise.

9. Question: Where is the single largest colony of Puffins situated in the world?

Answer: The Westman Isles.

10. Question: Which bird's male counterpart has a red colored gular sac near its throat and chest area?

Answer: The Frigatebird.

11. Question: What is the Temminck Tragopan bird also known as?

Answer: The Crimson Bellied Tragopan.

12. Question: How many states have the Red Cardinal as their official bird in North America? Can you name them?

Answer: Seven: Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina and Ohio.

13. Question: Which bird has the longest bill in the world, measuring half a meter in length?

Answer: The Australian Pelican.

14. Question: Which is the largest flying parrot species in the world that leaves you in awe with its bright blue feathers?

Answer: The Blue Macaw!

15. Question: Which bird almost became the national bird of India?

Answer: The Great Indian Bustard.

16. Question: Which country has the Raven as its national bird?

Answer: Bhutan.

17. Question: Which owl-faced bird is native only to New Zealand?

Answer: The Kakapo.

18. Question:  What is the largest flying bird native to Africa?

Answer: Ardeotis.

19. Question: Which is the national bird of Peru?

Answer: The Andean Cock-Of-The-Rock.

20. Question: Which country has the Flamingo as its national bird?

Answer: The Bahamas.

21. Question: Which migratory birds makes the longest journey from pole to pole and how far does it travel?

Answer: The Arctic Tern, they travel 44,000 miles (or 70,900 km) on average.

22. Question: Which bird of Africa has enlarged air sacs and a wingspan of 8.5 feet?

Answer: The Marabou Stork.

23. Question: What is the national bird of Brazil?

Answer: Rufous-Bellied Thrush.

24. Question:  Which is the national bird of Guatemala?

Answer: Resplendent Quetzal.

25. Question: What is Jamaica's national bird known as?

Answer: The Doctor Bird or the Swallow-Tailed Hummingbird.

26. Question: Which is the colorful national bird of Nepal?

Answer: Himalayan Monal.

27. Question: The Kiwi is the national bird of which country?

Answer: New Zealand.

28. Question: What university has the database called 'Birds of the World' that holds a collection of life stories of birds recorded by four famous ornithologists?

Answer: Cornell University.

29. Question: Which small and currently critically endangered bird of the Philippines that was thought to be extinct was rediscovered in 1992?

Answer: Cebu Flowerpecker.

30. Question: Which small bird bearing blue eyes belonging to Brazil was considered to be extinct but resurfaced in 2015?

Answer: Blue-Eyed Ground-Dove.

31. Question: Which country has the Lilac-Breasted Roller as its national bird?

Answer: Kenya.

32. Question: Where is the Hoatzin bird native to?

Answer: The Amazonian rainforests.

33. Question: Which flightless bird, that was endemic to Mauritius, is now extinct?

Answer: The Dodo.

34. Question: What is the national bird of Israel?

Answer: Hoopoe.

35. Question: What is the national bird of Singapore?

Answer: Crimson Sunbird.

36. Question: What is the fastest bird in the world?

Answer: Peregrine Falcon.

37. Question: Which is the largest bird in the world?

Answer: Ostrich.

38. Question: What is the national bird of Belgium?

Answer: Common Kestrel.

39. Question: What is the most frequently found bird in the UK?

Answer: House Sparrow.

40. Question: The Wilson's Bird of Paradise can be found only on which two islands?

Answer: The islands of Waigeo and Batanta in Indonesia.

41. Question: Which bird is named after the famous biologist who contributed to the theory of evolution and where is it found?

Answer: Darwin's Finch, Galapagos Islands.

42. Question: Where are Albatrosses commonly found?

Answer: The Galapagos Islands.

43. Question: What omnivorous birds can only be found in Japan?

Answer: Amami Jay.

44. Question: Which bird shares the name of the only place where it can be found? (Clue: an African island.)

Answer: Madagascar Jacana.

45. Question: What is the Sri Lanka Magpie also known as?

Answer: Ceylon Magpie.

46. Question: Which country or region has the highest number of bird species and how many does it have?

Answer: As of 2019, Columbia has 1878 bird species.

47. Question: Which black plumaged bird that is native to the rainforests of Ecuador and Mexico is on the brink of extinction?

Answer: The Great Curassow.

48. Question: Which species of parrot is being used in the illegal wildlife trade and is being pushed into extinction?

Answer: The African Grey Parrot.

49. Question: A bird native to south east Australia has been critically endangered and is known for its unique habit of feeding on the nectar of eucalyptus trees. What is the name of the bird?

Answer: Regent Honeyeater.

50. Question: What is the scientific name of the Snowy Owl that became well known from the 'Harry Potter' movie series (Hedwig) and where can it be found?

Answer: Bubo scandiacus, found in the Arctic region.

Trivia About Bird Wings

Find funny and strange facts about birds for kids here.

The majority of the world's birds are capable of defying gravity with their most powerful appendages: their wings! But that's not their only secret weapon. Do you know what else contributes to them taking off into the air? If not, get ready to learn with our trivia which tests your knowledge on some of the amazing birds facts and information, interesting birds facts, and fun facts about bird wings! Are you ready to dive into the questions and answers about birds and learn some amazing bird facts?

51. Question: What are bird's wings made of?

Answer: Feathers and hollow bones.

52. Question: What percentage of a bird's body weight does its skeleton weigh?

Answer: Five percent.

53. Question: What are the weightless bones in birds also known as?

Answer: Pneumatic bones.

54. Question: What is the name of the connector of the large hollow bones of birds?

Answer: Keel.

55. Question:  What are the birds that lack a keel called?

Answer: Ratite birds.

56. Question: Which species uses its feathers to carry water?

Answer: The male Sandgrouse.

57. Question: What are the three pigments that give feathers their eye-catching colors?

Answer: Melanin, porphyrins and carotenoids.

58. Question: How do Flamingos get their pink tinge?

Answer: From the carotenoid pigments that are present in the algae and crustaceans they feed on.

59. Question: What bird species produces sound by means of their wings via stridulation?

Answer: Male Club-Winged Manakins.

60. Question: Why do birds clean their feathers and what is this called?

Answer: To get rid of the dirt and bacteria, it is called preening.

61. Question: Which organ of the bird's body extends into the wings?

Answer: The lungs.

62. Question: What is the wingspan of an ostrich?

Answer: Two meters.

63. Question: What is the wingspan of the Wandering Albatross as measured by the research ship, USNS Eltanin in 1965?

Answer: 11 feet and 11 inches.

64. Question: What are the four general wing types in birds?

Answer: Elliptical, high speed, long soaring, and high lift.

Trivia About Cool Bird Facts

How many random bird facts do you know?

Did you know that Flamingos can only eat when their head is upside down? Well, there are hundreds of other crazy bird facts that might leave you gasping. How many weird bird facts do you know? Are you one of the spectacular birdwatchers? Find out with these bird trivia questions!

65. Question: What three birds are considered to be smarter than we think?

Answer: Crows, Ravens, and Pigeons.

66. Question: Which two birds are the closest relatives to the majestic Tyrannosaurus Rex we all have come to love, thanks to 'Jurassic Park'?

Answer: Chickens and Ostriches.

67. Question: How do Ospreys hold their prey (mostly fish)?

Answer: Parallel to their body.

68. Question: Why do Ospreys hold their prey in this way?

Answer: To provide aerodynamic advantage while flying.

69. Question: How do bearded vultures dress themselves up?

Answer: They dye their plumage with red soil.

70. Question: What is the size of the hummingbird's eggs?

Answer: The size of a pea.

71. Question: What is the only bird that has two toes on each foot?

Answer: Ostrich.

72. Question: Cardinals cover themselves voluntarily with what?

Answer: Ants.

73. Question: What bird is often mistaken for an airplane sometimes?

Answer: California Condors.

74. Question: What is the most talkative bird?

Answer: The African Grey Parrot. They can say around 800 words.

75. Question: What do Bearded Vultures feed on?

Answer: Bones.

76. Question: What Japanese bird is one of the rarest in the world?

Answer: The Japanese Crested Ibis.

77. Question: What bird was found to stay in the air for as long as 10 months?

Answer: The Common Swift.

78. Question: Which is the only bird that can swim, but cannot fly?

Answer: Penguin.

79. Question: Which bird species, hibernates throughout winter?

Answer: The Common Poorwill.

80. Question: Which Swan has the highest number of feathers and how many does it have?

Answer: The Tundra Swan, also known as the Whistling Swan has more than 25,000 feathers.

81. Question: What is the first poisonous bird documented?

Answer: The Hooded Pitohui.

82. Question: What poisonous compound does the Hooded Pitohui use?

Answer: Homobatrachotoxin.

83. Question: How do Kiwi birds, that are blind, hunt?

Answer: They hunt by smell.

84. Question: What is a group of chickens called?

Answer: Peep.

85. Question: What is a group of geese called?

Answer: Gaggle.

86. Question: What do you call a group of ravens?

Answer: Murder.

87. Question: Can you name some of the renowned mimics of the bird kingdom?

Answer: Marsh warblers, mockingbirds and lyrebirds.

88. Question: For how long were the nests of some Social Weaver Birds occupied for?

Answer: More than 100 years.

89. Question: How long can Emperor Penguins stay underwater for?

Answer: Around 20 minutes.

90. Question: How many different notes is the song of a European Wren made up of?

Answer: 700 notes.

91. Question: Which extinct bird that was the heaviest in its time?

Answer: Flightless Elephant Birds, weighing around 730 kg.

92. Question: Name two birds that can sleep in the air.

Answer: The Common Swift and Sooty Terns.

93. Question: Do Kingfishers have bones that are as hollow as that of other birds?

Answer: No, they have less air in their long bones.

94. Question: Birds have two types of formations while they fly as a flock. What are these formations called? What are the two shapes?

Answer: Echelons: 'V' shaped and 'J' shaped formations.

95. Question: Which great invention did the Kingfisher inspire?

Answer: The bullet train.

96. Question: What is the slowest flying bird?

Answer: The American Woodcock.

97. Question: What is a group of Flamingos called?

Answer: Flamboyance.

98. Question: Which is the most dangerous bird whose name starts with C?

Answer: Cassowary.

99. Question: Can you give three different names for a group of Swans.

Answer: Wedge, lamentations and a ballet.

100. Question: What is the name for the phobia that you are constantly being watched by a duck or a goose?

Answer: Anatidaephobia.

101. Question: Which Australian bird is known for its tailoring skills as it weaves its nest from spider web with its needle-like beak?

Answer: The Golden Headed Cisticola.

102. Question: When researchers studied a bird's nest in 2009, they found the nest to be around 2500 years old. Which bird did the nest belong to and from what time period was the nest being used?

Answer: The Gyrfalcon, the nest was being used from the Roman Era.

103. Question: Which water-dwelling bird sleeps with one eye open?

Answer: Ducks.

104. Question: Which bird uses flatulence to hunt its prey?

Answer: The Bassian Thrush.

105.  Question: Where is Bird Island located?

AnSwer: The Seychelles.

106. Question: What is the fear of birds known as?

Answer: Ornithophobia.

107. Question: How do the Turquoise-Browed MotMots swing their tails?

Answer: Like a pendulum.

108. Question: What are the largest Rhino birds in Asia?

Answer: The Helmeted Hornbill.

109. Question: Which bird is also known as the Blackbird of Paradise?

Answer: Ribbon-Tailed Astrapia.

110. Question: Which day is celebrated as Bird Day in the US?

Answer: 4 May.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for bird trivia to emu-se budding ornithologists and are looking for more quizzes about birds and other amazing animals, then why not take a look at our biology trivia, or animal trivia for more?

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