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Bob's Burgers Trivia: Only True Fans Can Answer All 60 Of These Questions

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'Bob's Burgers' is an animated show about a family named the Belchers who run a hamburger restaurant.

The Emmy award-winning show created by Loren Bouchard has been dubbed one of the greatest television cartoons of all time, and it is a favorite show for both adults and youngsters alike. If you are a big fan of the show, how much do you really know about it?

How well versed are you on all your 'Bob's Burgers' facts? Take this quiz that only true fans of the show can answer to find out just how much you know about facts about 'Bob's Burgers' and to see how many questions you can get right. For more trivia, check out our 'The Simpsons' trivia and Cartoon trivia, but for now, focus on these questions. Can you answer more than your fellow 'Bob's Burgers' fans?

'Bob's Burgers' Characters Quiz Questions

There are lots of interesting and complex characters in 'Bob's Burgers', starting with, of course, the Belcher family members: Bob ( voiced by Harry Jon Benjamin), Linda, Gene, Louise, and Tina (voiced by Dan Mintz), and followed by the secondary supporting characters. It is not clear exactly which year the show is set in, so the 'Bob's Burgers' time period is not 100% clear. The characters, both within and outside of the Belcher family, all have complicated yet hilarious relationships between them, which keeps every fan on the edge of their seat during each and every episode of the show. Do you know the names of all the characters on the show and the 'Bob's Burgers' location too? See how many you can get right by playing this special 'Bob's Burgers' trivia game!

1. Question: What is the full name of Bob in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: His full name is Robert "Bob" Belcher, Jr.

2. Question: How many children do Bob and Linda Belcher have?

Answer: Three kids.

3. Question: What are the names of Bob and Linda's daughters?

Answer: Tina and Louise Belcher.

4. Question: Which child of the Belchers loves music?

Answer: Their son Gene loves music.

5. Question: What does Louise like to wear on her head?

Answer: Louise likes to wear bunny ears.

6. Question: Which child of Bob and Linda Belcher is most likely to put on a hamburger suit?

Answer: Gene.

7. Question: What was the name of the health inspector in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: Hugo Habercore.

8. Question: What was the name of Linda's sister in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: Gayle.

9. Question: What is the name of Bob's closest friend?

Answer: Teddy.

10. Question: What state is 'Bob's Burgers' set in, where the Belchers live?

Answer: New Jersey.

11. Question: Whose ex-fiancé is Hugo Habercore?

Answer: Linda Belcher.

12. Question: What is the name of Bob's rival in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: Jimmy Pesto.

13. Question: What is the name of Tina's crush?

Answer: Jimmy Jr.

14. Question: What is Phillip Frond's profession?

Answer: School guidance counselor.

15. Question: What does Linda's sister call herself in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: She calls herself an artist.

16. Question: Which business is next to the restaurant in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: The funeral home.

17. Question: What is the name of the kids' friend who is allergic to everything?

Answer: Rudy

18. Question: What is the real name of Jimmy Pesto in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: James Poplopovich.

19. Question: What are the names of the parents of Linda Belcher?

Answer: Their names were Gloria and Al.

Basic Quiz On 'Bob's Burger' Facts

'Bob's Burgers' is all about a burger restaurant.

Now that you have all the names of the main characters of the show, it is time to get into a quiz on some of the most basic facts about the show. If you can't answer most of these questions, then you might need to reconsider your status as a true fan! Here is a fun little quiz for you to test your basic knowledge about Bob and your love for the sitcom. Don't forget to count how many questions you can answer on this quiz!

20. Question: How much does the burger of the day in 'Bob's Burgers' cost?

Answer: $5.95

21. Question: The van of what kind of company appears at the beginning of each episode of 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: Pest control company.

22. Question: What did Kuchi Kopi start off as?

Answer: Kuchi Kopi started out as a Nightlight.

23. Question: What is the color of the restaurant on the outside?

Answer: The color of the hamburger restaurant run by Bob was green in color from the outside.

24. Question: What is Teddy afraid of in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: He is afraid of costumed characters.

25. Question: What is the name of the school that the Belcher kids (Gene, Louise and Tina) attend?

Answer: They went to Wagstaff School.

26. Question: What is Phillip Frond obsessed with?

Answer: He was obsessed with stuffed dolls.

27. Question: What was Bob allergic to?

Answer: Bob was allergic to lobster.

28. Question: Who else is allergic to lobster in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: His son Gene.

29. Question: Where did the kids look for treasure in the episode 'The Belchies' in season two?

Answer: They looked for treasure in a candy factory named Old Caffrey's Taffy Factory.

30. Question: What is the name of the new arcade game in the restaurant?

Answer: The new arcade game was called Burgerboss.

31. Question: What did Louise wear after a bully stole her rabbit hat?

Answer: Louise wears a hoodie after her rabbit hat gets stolen.

32. Question: Why does Louise wear a bunny hat?

Answer: They are a reference to Bugs Bunny.

33. Question: What is the name of Bob's uncle in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: Bob's uncle's name was Ernie.

34. Question: What did Bob inherit from his Uncle Ernie?

Answer: Bob inherited a mannequin from Uncle Ernie.

35. Question: What was Rudy's nickname?

Answer: Regular-Sized Rudy was Rudy's nickname.

36. Question: Rudy got the nickname Regular-Sized Rudy to differentiate from the smaller kid; what was his name?

Answer: Pocket-Sized Rudy.

37. Question: What word does Linda often say?

Answer: Linda often says the word "alright."

38. Question: What is the name of the local seaside entertainment zone?

Answer: Wonder Wharf was the name of the local amusement park or seaside entertainment zone.

39. Question: What is the name of the owner of Wonder Wharf?

Answer: Mr. Fischoeder was the owner of Wonder Wharf.

40. Question: Who tries to convince Mr. Fischoeder to sell Wonder Wharf?

Answer: Bob tries to convince Mr. Fischoeder to sell Wonder Wharf.

41. Question: What is the name of the girls' scout group that Tina is a part of?

Answer: The group was called Thundergirls.

42. Question: What was the thing that made Linda fall in love with Bob in 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: Linda fell in love with his mustache.

43. Question: The stores located along Ocean Avenue start competing for something in season five. What did they compete for?

Answer: They were competing for a lower rent.

44. Question: What does Bob do when Linda's parents visit their home?

Answer: Bob likes to hide in his crawl space.

45. Question: What is the name of the show that had a crossover episode with 'Bob's Burgers' in 2013?

Answer: 'Archers'.

46. Question: Who draws 'Bob's Burgers'?

Answer: Animators at Bento Box Entertainment

'Bob's Burgers' Quiz Questions About Special Episodes

Watching 'Bob's Burgers' is particularly fun with friends!

Christmas is one of the most wonderful times of the year, and it is no different for the characters in 'Bob's Burgers'. However, not everything goes according to plan. How much do you remember from the Christmas special episodes of each season of 'Bob's Burgers'? Take this quiz for a great 'Bob's Burgers' trivia night and see how many questions you can answer about Christmas with Bob and Linda and their family. There are also questions about other special holiday episodes included here!

47. Question: Where does Bob find his turkey, which he bought for the Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: Bob finds it in the toilet.

48. Question: In the two-part Christmas episode of season eight, 'The Bleakening', what item of Linda's goes missing?

Answer: The Christmas tree goes missing.

49. Question: What special thing did the Christmas tree that went missing have?

Answer: It had the ornaments made by her kids, Tina, Louise, and Gene.

50. Question: What kind of group costume do the kids wear?

Answer: A Chinese dragon costume so that all of them can fit underneath it.

51. Question: Who made the group Chinese dragon costume for the kids?

Answer: Linda, Bob, Mort, and Teddy.

52. Question: Why did Bob and Linda's kids decide to wear a Chinese dragon costume?

Answer: Because they wanted to pretend that there were more kids underneath it than there really were so that they could get more candy.

53. Question: What is the best cure for a breakup, according to Linda?

Answer: According to Linda, a makeover is the best cure for a breakup.

54. Question: What did Jimmy do at the Christmas party thrown by the Belcher family?

Answer: He put the fudge in their toilet.

55. Question: What is the name of the town's turkey festival?

Answer: It is called the Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival.

56. Question: What was the name of the ghost in the episode titled 'Tina And The Real Ghost'?

Answer: His name was Jeff.

57. Question: Tina entered the Cupid's Couple contest with whom in the Valentine's Day special episode titled 'Can't Buy Me Math"?

Answer: Darryl.

58. Question: Why did Tina decide to enter the Cupid's Couple contest in the Valentine's Day special episode titled 'Can't Buy Me Math'?

Answer: To make her crush Jimmy Jr jealous.

59. Question: What did Bob go in search of for Linda when he couldn't find a Valentine's Day gift at the mall?

Answer: He goes in search of a Love Tester machine for her.

60. Question: What do Bob and the kids sing in the episode titled 'My Fuzzy Valentine'?

Answer: They sing, “Buckle up, or you'll die!”

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly quizzes for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Bob's Burgers' trivia that only true fans can answer, then why not take a look at our Spongebob trivia, or Avengers trivia too?

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