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Boston, also known casually as Beantown, is state capital of Massachusetts in the United States Of America.

Boston is known for its rich history and diverse neighborhoods and culture, it has something for everyone. This city not only houses the oldest public places but is also known for its famous inventions. too.

Boston is also a famous destination for its history of Irish immigrants. Let's learn more about this beautiful city with our Boston trivia which includes questions about cool things about Massachusetts and some fun facts about Boston and Boston Harbor facts, as well as plenty of fun facts about Massachusetts for kids. If you enjoy this city trivia, you should check out our Seattle trivia or find out more about US history with Inauguration trivia too. Now get going and learn some cool things about Boston!

Trivia Questions About Boston And Its Firsts

Massachusetts was home to a lot of firsts. Take up this quiz all about Boston history facts and brush up your knowledge. Let's start learning more cool facts about Massachusetts and all about Boston!

1. Question: Boston's original name is from a town in which country?

Answer: England.

2. Question: True of false? The Boston Fire Department is the oldest in the United State.

Answer: True.

3.Question: Which is the oldest public park in Boston?

Answer: Boston Common is the oldest public park in Boston.

4. Question: When was Boston common developed?

Answer: 1634.

5. Question: What are three things Boston is known for?

Answer: The Fenway Park, the Boston Marathon, and baked beans.

6. Question: What was Boston's original name?

Answer: Tremontaine.

7. Question: Which act was imposed after the Boston Tea Party?

Answer: The Tea Act.

8. Question: What happened during the famous midnight raid?

Answer: American colonists dumped 342 chests of tea into the harbor, as an act of protest against the British.

9. Question: What did the Tea Act mean?

Answer: It meant that the British East India Company could sell tea to the colonies at a much cheaper rate but still taxed the tea when it reached the ports.

10. Question: How much tea was emptied into the water during the Boston Tea Party?

Answer: 45 tonnes of tea.

11. Question: Name the oldest public institution for higher education found in Boston.

Answer: Harvard.

12. Question: Which famous event is reenacted every year on 16 December in Boston Harbor?

Answer: The Boston Tea Party.

13. Question: When was the city Boston, Massachusetts founded?

Answer: 7 September 1630.

14. Question: When and where did the Great Boston Molasses flood occur?

Answer: 15 January 1919, in the North End neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts.

15. Question: When and where was the first American lighthouse built?

Answer: It was built in Boston Harbor in the year 1716.

16. Question: Can you name America's first subway built in Boston?

Answer: The Tremont Street Subway.

17. Question: Name the first public beach in the United States.

Answer: Revere Beach.

18. Question: Name America's first public botanical garden.

Answer: Boston Public Garden.

19. Question: Name the first Municipal public library situated in Boston.

Answer: Boston Public Library.

20. Question: True or false? The Boston Latin School is the first public school in America.

Answer: True.

21. Question: Name the first female marathon runner who ran the Boston Marathon.

Answer: Kathrine Switzer.

22. Question: Who invented the first disposable razor in the year 1901 in Boston?

Answer: A man named King Gillette.

23. Question: When and y whom was the microwave invented?

Answer: It was accidentally invented by Boston's Percy Spencer in the '40s.

24. Question: True of false? Chocolate chip cookies are native to Massachusetts.

Answer: True.

25. Question: Which famous American coffee and donut company was founded in Massachusetts?

Answer: Dunkin Donuts.

26. Question: Which social media network was created in Boston?

Answer: Facebook.

27. Question: Who invented Candlepin Bowling?

Answer: Justin White, a bowling alley owner in Boston city.

28. Question: True or false? The very first Thanksgiving in the United States was celebrated in Massachusetts.

Answer: True.

29. Question: Name the United States Of America's first continuously published newspaper.

Answer: The Boston News-Letter.

30. Question: What is Saugus Iron Works National Historic site famous for?

Answer: It is the site of the first integrated ironworks in North America.

31. Question: When did the first Boston Marathon take place?

Answer: 19 April 1897.

Boston Quiz Questions Full Of Fun Facts About Massachusetts

Massachusetts is located in the north-eastern part of the US and houses about 6.8 million people. All these people make the state even more vibrant and exciting. Learn more about fun facts about Boston Massachusetts by taking up this Massachusetts facts and history trivia quiz.

William Lloyd GaStatue of abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison at Commonwealth Avenue Mall

32. Question: What is the state flower of Massachusetts?

Answer: Mayflower.

33. Question: What is the state bird of Massachusetts?

Answer: Chickadee.

34. Question: Who wrote the state song 'All Hail To Massachusetts'?

Answer: Arthur J Marsh.

35. Question: What are the Area Codes of Boston city?

Answer: 617 and 857.

36. Question: What is the name of the primary airport of Boston?

Answer: Logan International Airport.

37. Question: What does authentic Bostonian cuisine comprise?

Answer: Lots of seafood, baked beans and dairy products.

38. Question: True or false? Was the Christmas carol, 'O'Little Town Of Bethlehem' written by a Bostonian?

Answer: Yes.

39. Question: Name the capital city of Massachusetts.

Answer: Boston.

40. Question: Name the most populous city of Massachusetts.

Answer: Boston.

41. Question: What is the nickname of Boston city?

Answer: Beantown.

42. Question: Why is Boston known as Beantown?

Answer: Boston is known for its production of baked beans.

43. Question: When was Christmas banned in Boston?

Answer: Christmas was banned in Boston in 1659.

44. Question: True or false? 20% of Bostonians walk to work.

Answer: False.

45. Question: Name the American professional baseball team which is situated in Boston.

Answer: Boston Red Sox.

46. Question: How many world series championship have the Red Sox won?

Answer: Nine.

47. Question: Boston city is made up of 23 distinct neighborhoods.

Answer: True.

48. Question: Is it illegal or legal in Boston to snore with the windows open at night?

Answer: Illegal.

49. Question: True or false? Happy hour drink specials are banned in Massachusetts.

Answer: True.

50. Question: Name the only US state capital with a coastline.

Answer: Boston.

51. Question: The world's biggest art heist took place in which Museum?

Answer: Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner.

52. Question: Bostonians hold a world record for which activity?

Answer: Lighting 30,128 Jack-o-lanterns.

Boston Architecture Quiz

Boston, Massachusetts is a well planned city with world class schools, colleges, buildings, stadiums, and much more. The Boston University Bridge is a unique display of Bostonian architecture at play. Have a fun time answering this trivia on the cool facts about Boston, Massachusetts.

53. Question: What is so special about the Boston University Bridge?

Answer: It is the only place in the world where a boat can sail under a train while the train runs under a bridge carrying cars, while the car drivers are driving under an airplane.

54. Question: True or false? The deepest tunnel in North America is situated in Boston.

Answer: True.

55. Question: What is the name of the deepest tunnel?

Answer: Ted Williams tunnel.

56. Question: Name the first underground rapid transit station in the US.

Answer: Boylston Station, right below the Boston Common.

57. Question: What is the Boston Emerald Necklace?

Answer: It is a landscape project which consists of a 1100 acre chain of parks in Boston and Brookline,


58. Question: Name the tallest skyscraper in Boston.

Answer: 200 Clarendon Street (formerly known as John Hancock Tower).

59. Question: Name the oldest original major league baseball stadium, which is also home to Boston Red Sox.

Answer: Fenway Park.

60. Question: Where is the Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site situated?

Answer: 10 miles northeast of Downtown Boston in Saugus, Massachusetts.

61. Question: What makes the Boston Harbor one of the cleanest harbors in the world?

Answer: Two large egg-shaped sewage digesters situated in Deer Island, Boston.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our fun facts about Boston and suggestions for Boston trivia then why not take a look at our American trivia, or New York city trivia.

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