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Cartoon Trivia: From Classic Disney To Phineas & Ferb, How Many Can You Get Right?

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Who doesn't love cartoons?

They are an integral part of our childhood, and we never seem to grow up from watching, and loving, them. If you are someone who loves watching cartoons and are a kid at heart, then this cartoon character trivia is for you!

From 'Power Rangers' and 'Rugrats' to Mickey and Minnie Mouse and 'Phineas And Ferb', this quiz has it all. This quiz has questions about '90s cartoon favorites, all the way up to the latest classics. Cartoons emerged in the '90s, bloomed in the 2000s, and many have now become the classics that adults still cherish even today. If you want to relive your childhood again, or you think you can answer all the questions about cartoons, then take this cartoon quiz and prove yourself.

Cartoon shows are something many of us grew up watching. We learn from them, they helped to shape us and had an undeniable impact on us as we grew up. Over the years, many cartoons and cartoon characters have made us laugh till we clutch our stomachs. Cartoon characters and plotlines have never failed to intrigue kids of a range of ages, opening up a whole new world of animation to them. Do you want to refresh your memory about your childhood cartoons? Have a go at our cartoon trivia questions in this quiz on cartoon characters and cartoons. We are sure you will enjoy these trivia questions and answers, for more check out our 'Simpsons' trivia and 'Spongebob' trivia.

'90s Cartoon' Trivia Quiz

It was the '90s when cartoons erupted onto the scene and started to get hugely popular among kids. These kids cartoon trivia questions will focus on shows that aired in the '90s. If you are a '90s kid, you might just be an expert at these cartoons trivia questions! So, why not test your knowledge and see if you can get these trivia questions and answers right?

1. Question: What ingredient did Professor Utonium accidentally add to the concoction with sugar, spice and everything nice?

Answer: Chemical X.

2.Question: What is the name of the rival monkey in 'The Powerpuff Girls'?

Answer: Mojo Jojo.

3.Question: Which member of the Gangreen Gang does not have black hair?

Answer: Big Billy.

4.Question: What is the name of Helga's older sister in 'Hey Arnold'?

Answer: Olga.

5.Question: What is the number on Gerald's T-shirt in 'Hey Arnold'?

Answer: 33.

6.Question: What is the name of Arnold's great aunt in the cartoon 'Hey Arnold'??

Answer: Mitzi.

7.Question: Who voiced Johnny Bravo in 'Johnny Bravo'?

Answer: Jeff Bennett.

8.Question: Who is Bunny Bravo to Johnny in 'Johnny Bravo'?

Answer: Johnny's mother.

9.Question: Who is Johnny's best friend in 'Johnny Bravo'?

Answer: Carl.

10.Question: What was Mr. Tick's battle cry in 'Tick'?

Answer: Spoon.

11.Question: What was the mayor's name in the show 'Tick'?

Answer: Mayor Blank.

12.Question: Who invented all the inventions on 'Duck Tales'?

Answer: Gyro Gearloose.

13.Question: What were the names of Scrooge's three nephews on 'Duck Tales'?

Answer: Huey, Louie and Dewey.

14.Question: Who is Scrooge McDuck's in 'Duck Tales'?

Answer: Launchpad.

15.Question: What was the name of Angelica's favorite doll in 'Rugrats'?

Answer: Cynthia.

16.Question: What is the name of Tommy's dog in 'Rugrats'?

Answer: Spike.

17.Question: Who is Lil and Phil's father in 'Rugrats'?

Answer: Howard.

18.Question: Where do Ren and Stimpy live in 'The Ren And Stimpy Show'?

Answer: Hollywood, Yugoslavia.

19.Question: In what year did 'The Ren And Stimpy Show' first air?

Answer: 1991.

20.Question: What was the name of 'The Ren And Stimpy Show' theme song?

Answer: Dog Pound Hop.

21.Question: In 'Animaniacs', which country is mentioned first in 'Yakko's World'?

Answer: United States.

22.Question: What was the name of Wakko and Dot's third sibling in 'Animaniacs'?

Answer: Yakko.

23.Question: What was the name of Goofy's cat in 'Goof Troop'?

Answer: Waffles.

24.Question: What was the name given to Jungle Gym on 'Recess'?

Answer: Old Rusty.

25.Question: Where is 'The Powerpuff Girls' set?

Answer: The city of Townsville.

'2000s Cartoon' Trivia Questions

During the 2000s, a many cartoons came up, and some old ones continued with better graphics and newer plots. Cartoons firmly became one of kids' favorite pastimes, and soon kids started to have favorite characters of their own from the new cartoons that they watched. Here are some cartoon trivia questions to bring back that nostalgia!

Pikachu is a popular cartoon character for many kids.

26.Question: What is the name of the Pokémon that follows Ash Ketchum?

Answer: Pikachu.

27.Question: What was the first Pokémon that Ash caught by himself?

Answer: Caterpie.

28.Question: Who wanted to take Billy's hamster from him in 'The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy'?

Answer: Grim.

29.Question: What is the name of the bully at Billy and Mandy's school in 'The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy'??

Answer: Sperg.

30.Question: What kind of dog is Scooby-Doo?

Answer: Great Dane.

31.Question: When did the show 'What's New, Scooby-Doo' release?

Answer: 2002.

32.Question: On what channel did 'What's New, Scooby-Doo' air?

Answer: Cartoon Network.

33.Question: Who created the show, 'Ed, Edd N Eddy'?

Answer: Danny Antonucci.

34.Question: How many seasons did 'Ed, Edd N Eddy' have?

Answer: Six.

35.Question: What is Edd's nickname in 'Ed, Edd N Eddy'?

Answer: Double D.

36.Question: Who was the scriptwriter of 'Courage The Cowardly Dog'?

Answer: John R. Dilworth.

37.Question: What is the name of the couple in 'Courage The Cowardly Dog'?

Answer: Muriel and Eustace Bagge.

38.Question: From where did Ron get Rufus in 'Kim Possible'?

Answer: The store.

39.Question: Who was Kim Possible's first crush in 'Kim Possible'?

Answer: Josh Mankey.

40.Question: Which cartoon character says “Dagnabit”?

Answer: Deputy Dawg.

41.Question: Who was the voice of the cartoon character, Tennessee Tuxedo?

Answer: Don Adams.

42.Question: What honor did Bugs Bunny receive in 1997?

Answer: His own postage stamp.

'Classic Cartoon' Trivia Quiz

Disney has produced many iconic cartoon characters, such as Minnie Mouse.

Despite the plethora of cartoon shows, there are some cartoon characters and series which will always remain classic no matter how much time goes by. From Disney cartoon trivia to Cartoon Network trivia, do you think you know all these classic cartoon trivia questions and answers? If yes, this cartoon characters quiz might be the one for you!

43.Question: What was the alternative name for Mickey Mouse?

Answer: Mortimer Mouse.

44.Question: What vegetable does the Popeye eat as his source of strength?

Answer: Spinach.

45.Question: What is the dog’s name in 'Tom And Jerry'?

Answer: Spike.

46.Question: What is Pooh’s original name in 'Winnie The Pooh'?

Answer: Edward Bear.

47.Question: Which cartoon character acts as the official mascot for Warner Bros Entertainment?

Answer: Bugs Bunny.

48.Question: What is the name of Dexter’s rival in 'Dexter's Labatory'?

Answer: Mandark.

49.Question: Which cartoon duck made a debut in the 1937 classic 'Porky’s Duck Hunt'?

Answer: Daffy Duck.

50.Question: What is Everest’s favorite food on 'PAW Patrol'?

Answer: Liver.

51.Question: What is Ned Flanders wife’s name in 'The Simpsons'?

Answer: Maude.

52.Question: What cartoon character did Bob Clampett create in 1942?

Answer: Tweety.

53. Question: In 'SpongeBob Squarepants' which character is always trying to steal Mr. Krabs' secret formula for Krabby Patties?

Answer: Sheldon J. Plankton.

54. Question: Who is obsessed with world domination in 'Family Guy'?

Answer: Stewie.

55. Question: What are the names of Popeye's four cousins?

Answer: Pipeye, Peepeye, Pupeye and Poopeye.

56.Question: Who was the original voice of Mickey Mouse?

Answer: Walt Disney.

57.Question: Who created 'Garfield'?

Answer: Jim Davies.

58.Question: Which two henchmen can you find in the cartoon 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles'?

Answer: Bebop and Rocksteady.

59.Question: Why was Donald Duck banned in Finland?

Answer: He did not wear pants.

60.Question: Who often loses his tail in 'Winnie The Pooh'?

Answer: Eeyore.

61.Question: What do you have to say to make the clubhouse appear in 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse'?

Answer: "Meeska, mooska, Mickey Mouse."

62.Question: What is the name of Minnie Mouse's cat?

Answer: Figaro.

63.Question: What is Minnie Mouse's full name?

Answer: Minerva Mouse.

64.Question: Who created the cartoon show 'Phineas And Ferb'?

Answer: Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.

65.Question: Who created 'Donald Duck'?

Answer: Walt Disney.

66. Question: What is the longest running cartoon series on Fox

Answer: 'The Simpsons'.

67. Question: Who gave Roger his assignment in 'Roger Ramjet'?

Answer: General G.I. Brassbottom

68: Question: What was the first prime time cartoon show in the USA?

Answer: 'The Flintstones'.

69. Question: What is the longest running cartoon series on fox?

Answer: The Simpsons.

70. Question: In the USA what was the first prime time cartoon show?

Answer: The Flintstones.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for cartoon trivia, then why not take a look at our Shrek trivia, or Anime trivia for more?

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