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Christmas Vacation Trivia: 80+ Things You Might Not Know About The Iconic Film

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It has been over three decades since National Lampoon's 'Christmas Vacation' hit the big screen and became an evergreen Christmas classic.

The movie National Lampoon 'Christmas Vacation' (1989) revolves around the Griswold family that hosts the Christmas from hell. The reason for the chaos and hilarity is that the family's extended family including, four grandparents, one great aunt, one great uncle (Eddie), his wife and their two kids, descend upon them to spend Christmas with the Griswolds.

Written and produced by renowned John Hughes and directed by Jeremiah S. Chechik, 'Christmas Vacation' has become one of the most popular and cherished holiday movies to be ever made. The entire cast has lived up to the expectations of the film, delivered sharp dialogues and shared their comedic abilities to make Griswold's 'Christmas Vacation' stand out. If you enjoy this National Lampoon 'Christmas Vacation' movie trivia, you can also try our It's A Wonderful Life trivia and Home Alone trivia as well.

National Lampoon 'Christmas Vacation' Trivia

This section highlights the best National Lampoon 'Christmas Vacation' movie trivia questions and answers related to where and when the shooting of this amazing 'Christmas Vacation' film took place.

1. Question: Where was 'Christmas Vacation' filmed?

Answer:  Breckenridge, Colorado.

2. Question: What year did 'Christmas Vacation' come out?

Answer: 1989

3. Question: How long is 'Christmas Vacation'?

Answer: It is one hour and 37 minutes long.

4.Question: At the beginning of the movie, what did Clark and his family get stuck under while driving?

Answer: A truck.

5. Question: What were the names of Griswold's neighbors?

Answer: Todd and Margo.

6.Question: What is Clark Griswold's middle initial?

Answer: W.

7. Question: Which two characters are seen together at the end of the movie?

Answer: Clark and Snots.

8. Question: What was Eddie's dog's name?

Answer: Snots.

9. Question: What cured the crossed eyes of Ruby Sue?

Answer: When Ruby Sue got kicked by the mule, her eyes were cured.

10. Question: What did Eddie's dog Snots drink before leaving for Griswold's home?

Answer: Eddie's dog Snots drank half a quart of engine oil.

11. Question: What were the two gifts wrapped up by Aunt Bethany and brought for Christmas?

Answer: A leaking Jello mold and her meowing cat.

12. Question: When does cousin Eddie say he is leaving?

Answer: Cousin Eddie says he is leaving in a month.

13. Question: What product has Clark been working on?

Answer: Non-nutritive cereal varnish.

14. Question: What does Eddie gift Clark?

Answer: Eddie kidnaps his boss and puts a ribbon on his head to gift him to Clark.

15. Question: How did Aunt Bethany's cat die?

Answer: The cat chewed the Christmas light and was electrocuted.

16. Question: What happens to the Griswold family on the drive to cut down a Christmas tree?

Answer: The Griswold's car gets cut off, they drive beneath a trailer of logs, they hit a snowbank and the car takes flight.

17. Question: Which parts of Audrey's body does she complain about being cold while hiking for the family Christmas tree?

Answer: Her hips, legs and toes.

18. Question: Which cartoon character does Clark's coffee mug resemble?

Answer: The Tasmanian Devil resembles Clark Griswold's coffee mug.

19. Question: What is Clark Griswold doing when his grandparents show up?

Answer: Clark is trying on his Santa beard.

20. Question: How many light bulbs does Clark Griswold put on his house?

Answer: 25 000 Italian light bulbs.

21. Question: Who locks Clark in by closing the attic door so he couldn't join the family when they head to the mall?

Answer: Ellen's mother, Frances.

22. Question: Ellen, Clark Griswold's wife, has a nickname for him. What does she call him?

Answer: Sparky.

23. Question: What shop does Clark find himself in front of when his sled finally stops?

Answer:  Walmart.

Fun 'Christmas Vacation' Trivia Questions

This part of the trivia lets you know Clark better and understand him for his joyful character. Chevy Chase has done absolute justice and has delivered a splendid performance in this 'Christmas Vacation' movie.

24. Question: What sports team hat does Clark wear throughout the movie?

Answer: Chicago Bears.

25. Question: When asked to say grace at the dinner table, what does Bethany recite?

Answer: Bethany recites 'The Pledge Of Allegiance'.

26. Question: What item was crushed by Eddie in Clark's shopping cart when they were in Walmart?

Answer: A pack of light bulbs.

27. Question: What was Clark's plan to get rid of the squirrel in the house?

Answer: To catch the squirrel from 'Christmas Vacation' in a coat and smack it with a hammer.

28. Question: Which carol do the Griswold's sing in the station wagon on the way to get a Christmas tree?

Answer: 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas' and 'Deck The Halls'.

29. Question: What movie is Rusty watching when the relatives arrive?

Answer: 'It's A Wonderful Life'.

A well decorated room for Christmas evening

National Lampoon's 'Christmas Vacation' Fun Facts Trivia

This section gives you insight into more fun facts about 'Christmas Vacation' movie.

30. Question: What is the manufacturer of the pickup car from 'Christmas Vacation' that cuts off at the beginning of the movie?

Answer: It is a Dodge pickup truck.

31. Question: True or False? Santa is run over by his reindeer at the start of the opening cartoon?

Answer: False.

32. Question: What is the last line in the movie?

Answer: "I did it".

33. Question: What does Mr. Shirley call Clark?

Answer: Mr. Shirley calls Clark "Greaseball".

34.Question: What does Clark forget to bring with him when the Griswolds go hunting for a Christmas tree?

Answer: Clark forgets to bring a saw with him.

35.Question: When locked up in the attic, what does Clark do to occupy his time?

Answer: Clark watches old movies from when he was a kid.

36.Question: What bonus does Clark receive?

Answer: Clark receives a one-year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club as a bonus.

37.Question: What type of vehicle do Eddie and Catherine have?

Answer: Eddie and Catherine have an RV.

38.Question: What stops Audrey from seeing the Christmas tree that her family picked out?

Answer: Audrey's eyes got frozen, and that's the reason she couldn't see the Christmas tree that her family picked out.

39.Question: Who plays the female neighbor that hates the Griswold's?

Answer: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

40.Question: Who cooked the Christmas turkey?

Answer: Catherine.

41.Question: What breaks the neighbor's window and radio?

Answer: An icicle breaks the neighbor's window and radio.

42.Question: What was the secret ingredient that Aunt Bethany mixed in her Jello mold?

Answer: Cat food.

43.Question: Who got Clark's Christmas lights to work?

Answer: Ellen headed to the garage and flipped the switch that made the lights go on.

44.Question: What was for dessert, that the family enjoyed after dinner?

Answer: Cheesecake.

45.Question: What did Clark put on the sled to make it faster?

Answer: "A non-chloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant."

46.Question: Eddie asked Clark to save which part of the turkey for him?

Answer: The neck of the turkey.

47.Question: Who played the role of cousin Eddie in the movie?

Answer: Randy Quaid.

48.Question: What did Eddie to the sewer under Clark's home?

Answer: Eddie drained the motorhome toilet that exploded and made the Santa display fly up into the sky.

49.Question: How did Eddie's kids arrive in town?

Answer: Eddie had sold all his belongings to buy an old motorhome. Eddie's kids arrived in town in the old motor home.

50.Question: While their husbands were sleeping. What did Nora and Frances plan on making?

Answer: A gingerbread house.

51.Question: What is Ellen's dad's name?

Answer: Arthur.

52.Question: While talking to the sales lady, what did Clark use to wipe his face?

Answer: Underwear.

53.Question: When Clark and Eddie were having eggnog in the living room, what animal were the glasses shaped as?

Answer: Moose.

54.Question: What did Clark want to buy if he got a Christmas bonus?

Answer: A large swimming pool.

55.Question: What caused the family tree to dry up?

Answer: The dog drank the tree water.

56.Question: What musical group was on the poster in Audrey Griswold's room?

Answer: Guns N' Roses.

57.Question: How much money did Clark pay for the swimming pool?

Answer:  $7500

58.Question: Who said: "Oh dear, did I break wind?"

Answer: Aunt Bethany.

59.Question: What is Clark's occupation in the movie?

Answer: Food additive designer.

60.Question: What gifts did Uncle Louis and Aunt Bethany bring along with them?

Answer: Jello Mold and a cat.

61.Question: To get back at Clark's boss who comes to Clark's home?

Answer: A SWAT team.

62.Question: Where does Aunt Bethany think she is when she arrives home?

Answer: Aunt Bethany thinks that she is at the airport.

63.Question: What car do the Griswold's own?

Answer: Ford Taurus Wagon.

64.Question: The police officer said that he would beat Clark's boss with what if he did not give Clark a Christmas bonus?

Answer: A rubber hose.

65.Question: Every year Grandpa Griswold narrates the book 'Twas The Night Before Christmas'. Who reads it instead in the year that the movie is set?

Answer: Grandpa Griswold declares that Clark is now mature enough to read the book this year.

66.Question: While lying in bed with Ellen, what magazine is Clark reading?

Answer: Clark was reading 'People' magazine lying in bed and talking to Ellen.

67.Question: Where were the glasses from, that Clark and Ellen used to drink eggnog?

Answer: The souvenir glasses were from Wally World.

68. Question: Late on Christmas Eve, what did Clark receive through the mail?

Answer: Clark received a year membership to the Jelly of the Month Club.

Amazing 'Christmas Vacation' Trivia

More great trivia questions and answers about the Griswold family dinner and their overcooked turkey can be found in the section below. Learn more about Clark Griswold and his family with this part of the trivia, have fun!

69. Question: What was wrong with the turkey from 'Christmas Vacation' that the Griswold's had for dinner?

Answer: The turkey was overcooked.

70. Question: What happened to Todd at the end of the movie?

Answer: At the end of the movie Margo punches Todd and knocks him over the couch.

71. Question: What were the last words of the movie?

Answer: The final words of the movie are "I did it".

72. Question: Who yelled at Clark's boss and said that he was cheap and should have given the usual bonus?

Answer: The boss's wife said that he was cheap and should have given Clark the usual large bonus.

73. Question: Who played the role of Clark's boss in the movie?

Answer: The character of Clark's boss was played by Brian Doyle-Murray in the National Lampoon movie 'Christmas Vacation'.

74. Question: What is Audrey's boyfriend's name?

Answer: Alexander is the name of Audrey's boyfriend.

75. Question: What two words did Frank Shirley's wife use to describe Eddie?

Answer: Mrs. Shirley says that cousin Eddie is a "bulging" and "beastly" man.

76. Question: Which classic song do the characters sing near the end of the movie?

Answer: The characters sing 'The Star Spangled Banner' near the end of the movie 'Christmas Vacation'.

77. Question: What does Clark use to put up Christmas lights on his house?

Answer: Clark uses a staple gun to hang 25 000 lights and decorate his house.

78.Question: What does Clark wear on his head when using the chainsaw for the first time?

Answer: Clark wears a hockey goalie mask.

79. Question: What animal is found in the Christmas tree?

Answer: A squirrel jumps out of the tree and then gets chased by Eddie's dog throughout the house.

80.Question: How is Clark's boss saved when he is kidnapped?

Answer: By a SWAT team that shows up at the Griswold family dinner.

81.Question: What kind of pajamas does Clark Griswold wear?

Answer: Dinosaur pajamas.

82.Question: Who did Johnny Galecki play in 'Christmas Vacation'?

Answer: Rusty Griswold.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Christmas Vacation' trivia then why not take a look at our 'A Christmas Carol' trivia, or 'A Christmas Story' trivia too?

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