Civil War Trivia: 60 Questions With Unbelievable Answers, Can You Get Them All?

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Can you believe there was a time when North America, united as it stands today, was actually a battlefield?

The American Civil War remains one of the darkest times in history. Yet, it also brought a dawn of change that marked a turning point in the great American story.

Time to dust off your history hats because you're about to embark on a journey back to a truly pivotal moment in the American past - the Civil War. The trivia questions and answers listed below are about some of the significant events in the American Civil War. History buffs can also enjoy learning a few facts about the war that they were unaware of. If you are confident about knowing about this period of American history, then this fun Civil War quiz is just right for you. So buckle up, it's time to put your confidence and knowledge to the test.

Trivia About The Origin Of The War

Get ready to dive into the swirling currents of our past with some specially selected nuggets of Civil War trivia. Test your smarts with these intriguing questions about the genesis of the Civil War. Let's see if you can compete with fellow trivia champs!

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1. Question: When did the war break out?

Answer: April 12, 1861.

2. Question: What marked the beginning of the war?

Answer: Attack on Fort Sumter by the Confederate troops.

3. Question: What was a contentious issue contributing to the Civil War?

Answer: Slavery.

4. Question: Who won the election of 1860, which impacted the outcome of the dispute?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

5. Question: What was the first-ever strategic battle plan for the Northern states?

Answer: The Anaconda Plan.

6. Question: Which day marked the very first Battle Of Bull Run?

Answer: July 21, 1861.

7. Question: The American Civil War was one of the deadliest wars in history. Do you know how many soldiers died in this war?

Answer: About 620,000-750,000.

8. Question: Which state saw the first shots fired during the Civil War in the attack on Fort Sumter?

Answer: South Carolina.

9. Question: Who was Abraham Lincoln's vice president during his first term?

Answer: Hannibal Hamlin.

10. Question: Can you name the general who led the Confederate army in the Siege Of Vicksburg?

Answer: Lt. Gen. John Pemberton.

11. Question: Who served as the Secretary of State throughout the American Civil War?

Answer: William Seward.

12. Question: What tragedy took place on April 14, 1865, just five days after the surrender of General Robert Lee?

Answer: Lincoln's assassination.

13. Question: How long did the American Civil War go on?

Answer: April 12, 1861, to April 26, 1865.

14. Question: Who was the president of the Confederate States of America during the war?

Answer: Jefferson Davis.

15. Question: Who devised the first-ever plan to help the Union win the war by strangulation of the South?

Answer: General Winfield Scott.

16. Question: Mention the date when the state of South Carolina officially decided to secede from the Union.

Answer: December 20, 1860.

17. Question: When did the Southern states agree to form a new Federal government, the Confederate States of America?

Answer: February 4, 1861.

18. Question: Who commanded the Army of Northern Virginia, considered to be the most successful of all Confederate armies?

Answer: General Robert Lee.

19. Question: Which US state was the first to set the notion that a state had the right to nullify Federal laws and secede from the Union?

Answer: South Carolina.

20. Question: How many Confederate States of America were there?

Answer: 11.

Trivia On Facts About The American Civil War Battles

Ready to sharpen your wits on the whetstone of Civil War trivia? This set of trivia questions covers the epic battles and some quirky tidbits that make history so fascinating. Let's see how much you can recall of what you read about the American Civil War battles.

21. Question: The Second Battle Of Bull Run was a part of which campaign?

Answers: Northern Virginia Campaign.

22. Question: During the second invasion of the North, Robert Lee faced defeat. Can you tell which battle it was at?

Answer: Battle Of Gettysburg.

23. Question: Which battle was referred to as the bloodiest battle of the war and also termed the turning point of the war?

Answer: Battle Of Gettysburg.

24. Question: What was the last battle of the Civil War fought on land?

Answer: Battle Of Palmito Ranch.

25. Question: The surrender of Confederate General Robert Lee to Union General Ulysses Grant marked the end of the war. Name the place where General Lee surrendered.

Answer: Appomattox Court House.

26. Question: McClellan and Lee fought which battle near Sharpsburg, Maryland, on September 17, 1862, that marked the bloodiest single day in the United States military history.

Answer: Battle Of Antietam.

27. Question: Who was in command of the Confederate army that bombarded Fort Sumter?

Answer: PGT Beauregard.

28. Question: Which South American politician who was born into slavery took command of a Confederate military ship on May 13, 1862?

Answer: Robert Smalls.

29. Question: What became a common cause of death of men during the Civil War?

Answer: Diseases.

30. Question: In the history of American warfare, which was the longest single battle?

Answer: Battle Of Port Hudson.

31. Question: Who served as Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy during the American Civil War?

Answer: Gideon Welles.

32. Question: Which battle took place on September 19-20, 1863 at a place also known as the 'River Of Death'?

Answer: Battle Of Chickamauga.

33. Question: Who was the army officer who fired the first shot in defense of Fort Sumter in 1861?

Answer: Abner Doubleday.

34. Question: Which was the first combat submarine of the Confederate States of America that sank an enemy warship on February 17, 1864?

Answer: HL Hunley.

35. Question: When was the Battle Of Chancellorsville fought?

Answer: April 30 to May 6, 1863.

36. Question: Where was the Battle Of Chickamauga fought?

Answer: Catoosa and Walker counties, Georgia.

Trivia On Interesting Civil War Facts

Brace yourselves as you dive into this final Civil War trivia game. The questions about the Civil War are about peculiar and fascinating facts that will put your smarts to the ultimate test. Let's see if you can tackle this challenging Civil War trivia quiz.

37. Question: Which battle during the American Civil War is otherwise known as the Battle Of Pittsburg Landing?

Answer: Battle Of Shiloh.

38. Question: What was the name of the legislation that officially abolished slavery in the United States after the Civil War?

Answer: The 13th Amendment.

39. Question: Name the fort in a southern town that was never under Confederate control during the US Civil War.

Answer: Fort Zachary Taylor, Key West, Florida.

40. Question: Name the Union general who was elected as the 18th US president.

Answer: Ulysses Grant.

41. Question: Can you name the Confederate General who had a wooden leg?

Answer: Richard Ewell.

42. Question: Civil War veteran John Stith Pemberton is also known as the inventor of which famous beverage?

Answer: Coca-Cola.

43. Question: What was the theater's name where President Lincoln was assassinated?

Answer: Ford's Theater.

44. Question: Which US Senator had sons fighting on both sides of the war?

Answer: John Crittenden.

45. Question: Name the youngest general in the Union Army.

Answer: Galusha Pennypacker.

46. Question: When did General Robert Lee surrender to Union General Ulysses Grant, which marked the end of the war?

Answer: April 9, 1865.

47. Question: Which unit supported the Union army by providing aerial surveillance of Confederate troops during the American Civil War?

Answer: Balloon Corps.

48. Question: How long did the Battle Of Spotsylvania last?

Answer: May 8-21, 1864.

49. Question: Who was proclaimed the victor of the Battle Of Cold Harbor?

Answer: The Confederacy.

50. Question: How long did Abraham Lincoln take to deliver his famous Gettysburg Address, which is considered one of the greatest speeches ever written?

Answer: About two minutes.

51. Question: A woman served as a spy for the Union while working in the Confederate White House as a servant. What was her name?

Answer: Mary Bowser.

52. Question: During the American Civil War, which Union Army general earned the nickname 'The Rock Of Chickamauga'.

Answer: George Thomas.

53. Question: When did Lincoln announce the Union blockade of all Southern ports?

Answer: April 1861.

54. Question: In 1863, where was the 'Battle Above The Clouds' fought?

Answer: Lookout Mountains, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

55. Question: Name the legislative action by Lincoln that granted freedom to all the enslaved people in the South.

Answer: The Emancipation Proclamation.

56. Question: Which Civil War nurse founded the American Red Cross after the war?

Answer: Clara Barton.

57. Question: Which battle in the Civil War was named the Waterloo Of The Confederacy?

Answer: Battle Of Five Forks.

58. Question: Which amendment ensured civil and legal rights to enslaved African Americans?

Answer: The 14th Amendment.

59. Question: Following which legislation was the South divided into five military districts after the war?

Answer: Reconstruction Acts.

60. Question: What was the name of the famous speech given by Abraham Lincoln during the Civil War that began with "Four score and seven years ago..."?

Answer: Gettysburg Address.

You have read through each Civil War quiz and that brings that end to this trivia. Whether you aced every question or stumbled upon a few surprises along the way, hopefully, the trivia served as a fun way to develop more interest in learning history. Remember, history isn't just about dates and battles; it's about the people, the stories, and the lessons you can learn from the past. 

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