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Civil War Trivia: 66 Questions With Unbelievable Answers, Can You Get Them All?

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The Civil War was one of the biggest turning points in American history.

This was one of the most historic and consequential wars out there. Over three million Americans joined this battle, and several lost their lives.

With the help of this quiz, we will test your knowledge of this significant war. If you think you have a good level of knowledge about the United State's past, then why not try to answer this Civil War quiz and prove it? For more US quizzes, check out these 4th of July trivia questions and American trivia to challenge your knowledge about the nation.

Trivia About The Origin Of The War

Here you will find some specially curated questions all about the origin of this historic war. For someone well aware of the history of the United States, this Civil War trivia quiz section might not be too much trouble. Find out where you stand with these questions and facts about the American Civil War.

Some people re-enact the American Civil War today.

1. Question: When did the war break out?

Answer: April 1861.

2. Question: What marked the beginning of the war?

Answer: When Confederate troops attacked Fort Sumter in South Carolina.

3. Question: What was a contentious issue contributing to the Civil War?

Answer: Slavery.

4. Question: Who won the election of 1860, which impacted the outcome of the dispute?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

5. Question: What was the first ever strategic battle plan for the Northern states?

Answer: Anaconda Plan.

6. Question: Which day marked the very first Battle of Bull Run?

Answer: 1 July 1861.

7. Question: The US Civil War was one of the deadliest wars in history, do you know how many soldiers died in this war?

Answer: Between 620,000 and 750,000 soldiers sacrificed their life.

8. Question: The Republicans led by President Lincoln were fighting morally against what?

Answer: Slavery.

9. Question: Which state was the first to set the notion that a state had the right to nullify Federal laws and secede from the Union?

Answer: South Carolina.

10. Question: Can you name the Supreme Commander of the Confederate army in the Siege of Vicksburg?

Answer: Lt. Gen. John C. Pemberton.

11. Question:  Who served as the Secretary of State throughout the Civil War?

Answer: William H. Seward.

12. Question: What tragedy took place on 14 April  1865, just five days after the surrender of General Robert E. Lee?

Answer: Lincoln's assassination.

13. Question: When was the American Civil War?

Answer: 12 April 1861 to 9 May 1865.

14. Question: What was the last battle of the Civil War?

Answer: Battle of Palmito Ranch.

15. Question: Who devised the first ever plan to win the war with as little bloodshed as possible?

Answer: General Winfield Scott.

16. Question: When did South Carolina secede from the union?

Answer: 20 December 1860.

17. Question: When did the Southern states agree to form a new Federal government, the Confederate States of America?

Answer: 4 February 1861.

18. Question: Who was the Commander of the Confederate Army?

Answer: General Robert E Lee.

19. Question: Can you name the ships fought in the first Battle between ironclads?

Answer: Monitor ships.

20. Question: How many Confederate States of America were there?

Answer: 11.

The American Civil War Facts And Trivia

This Civil War quiz covers the numerous battles in the Civil War. Here we have curated questions about the Civil War to test your knowledge and expertise.  Read on to find some more interesting Civil War facts and even some wonderful and weird facts about the Civil War.

How much do you know about the US Civil War?

21. Question: The second Battle of Bull Run was a part of which campaign?

Answers: The Northern Virginia Campaign.

22. Question: During the second invasion of the North, Robert E Lee faced defeat. Can you tell us which battle it was at?

Answer: The Battle of Gettysburg.

23. Question: Which battle was referred to as the bloodiest battle of the war and also termed as the turning point of the war?

Answer: The Battle of Gettysburg.

24. Question: Who was the president of the Confederate States of America during the war?

Answer: Jefferson Davis.

25. Question: Where did the Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrender to Union General Ulysses S. Grant marking the end of the Civil War?

Answer: Appomattox Court House.

26. Question: McClellan and Lee fought which battle near Sharpsburg, Maryland, on 17 September 1862, that marked the bloodiest single day in the United States' military history.

Answer: The Battle of Antietam.

27. Question: In April 1862, at which battle did the Confederates push Union forces against the river in a surprise attack?

Answer: The Battle of Shiloh.

28. Question: Who ordered P. G. T. Beauregard to attack Fort Sumter during the battle?

Answer: Jefferson Davis.

29. Question: Which Union General stated, "May God have mercy on General Lee for I will have none"?

Answer: Joseph Hooker.

30. Question: Which Southern American politician who was born into slavery stole a Confederate military ship on 13 May 1862?

Answer: Robert Smalls.

31. Question: What became a common cause of death of men during the Civil War?

Answer: Disease.

32. Question: Which was the longest single battle of the American Civil War?

Answer: The Battle of Port Hudson.

33. Question: Who served as Abraham Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy during the American Civil War?

Answer: Gideon Welles.

34.Question: Which battle took place at the 'River of Death' on 18 - 20 September 1863?

Answer: The Battle of Chickamauga.

35. Question: Who was the army officer who fired the first shot in defense of Fort Sumter?

Answer: Abner Doubleday.

36. Question: Which was the first combat submarine to sink an enemy warship on 17 February 1864?

Answer: CSS Hunley.

37. Question: Where was the Battle of Fort Donelson fought?

Answer: Washington Country.

38. Question: How many individual battles were fought in the Seven Days Battle?

Answer: Six.

39. Question: When was the Battle of Chancellorsville?

Answer: 30 April - 6 May 1863.

40. Question: Where was the Battle of Chickamauga fought?

Answer: Catoosa and Walker counties.

Questions About Important Facts About The Civil War

Here is the most difficult section of this Civil War trivia game. We have some strange Civil War facts here to check your sharpness as well as lots of challenging questions about everything about the Civil War. Why not go through these questions and prove your own level of knowledge? Here are some interesting facts about the Civil War.

41. Question: What was the name of the battle of the American Civil War that is otherwise known as the Battle of Pittsburg Landing?

Answer: The Battle of Shiloh.

42. Question: Which battle marked the end of the Civil War?

Answer: The Battle of Palmito Ranch.

43. Question: Can you name the southern town that was never under Confederate control during the US Civil War?

Answer: Key West, Florida.

44. Question: What were the monthly wages of the Union Privates during the Civil War?

Answer: $13 per month.

45. Question: Can you name the Confederate General who had a wooden leg?

Answer: Richard S. Ewell.

46. Question: What did Civil War veteran John Stith Pemberton invent in April 1865?

Answer: Coca-Cola.

47. Question: Can you the last man who died due to the US Civil War on 13 May 1865?

Answer: John J. Williams.

48. Question: Which US Senator had sons fighting on both sides of the war?

Answer: John J. Crittendon.

49. Question: Can you name the youngest general in the Civil War?

Answer: Galusha Pennypacker.

50. Question: What percentage of the people of the United States died in the U.S. Civil War?

Answer: Two percent, amounting to over 620,000 casualties.

51. Question: Can you name the Union's key strategist and tactician who won victories at Forts Henry.

Answer: Ulysses S. Grant.

52. Question: When did General Robert E. Lee surrender to Union General Ulysses S. Grant, which marked the end of the war?

Answer: 9 April 1865.

53. Question: Can you name the unit that provided aerial surveillance of Confederate troops for the Union army during the American Civil War?

Answer: Balloon Cops.

54. Question: How long did the Battle of Spotsylvania last?

Answer: Two weeks.

55. Question: Who was proclaimed the victor of the Battle of Cold Harbor?

Answer: The Confederacy.

56. Question: How long did Abraham Lincoln take to deliver his famous Gettysburg Address, which was considered one of the greatest speeches ever written?

Answer: Two minutes.

57. Question: Which Union spy served as a servant in the Confederate White House?

Answer: Mary Bowser.

58. Question: Can you name the general in the American Civil War who earned the nickname 'The Rock of Chickamauga'?

Answer: George H. Thomas.

59. Question: Why did Lincoln reject any negotiations with Confederate agents?

Answer: Because he never considered them a legitimate government.

60. Question: When did Lincoln announce the Union blockade of all Southern ports?

Answer: April 1861.

61. Question: In 1863, where was the 'Battle Above the Clouds' fought?

Answer: The Lookout Mountains.

62. Question: Can you name the legislative action that freed slaves in the South and enabled them to join the Union’s armed forces?

Answer: The Emancipation Proclamation.

63. Question: Which Civil War nurse founded the American Red Cross after the war?

Answer: Clara Barton.

64. Question: Which battle in the Civil War was named the Waterloo of the Confederacy?

Answer: The Battle of Five Forks.

65. Question: Can you name the amendment that guaranteed civil and legal rights to African Americans and enslaved persons who were liberated after the Civil War?

Answer: The Fourteenth Amendment.

66. Question: Following which legislation was the South divided into five military districts after the war?

Answer: The Reconstruction Acts.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Civil War trivia, then why not take a look at some more Inauguration trivia, or Boston trivia too?

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