Disney Song Trivia: How Well Do You Know These Classic Disney Anthems?

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Who can resist the pull of those enchanting Disney tunes that instantly spark joy and nostalgia? Are you ready to transform that love into an exciting challenge?

Dust off your Disney knowledge and jump right into this ultimate Disney song quiz! From the unforgettable moment Snow White bites into the infamous apple to the everyday courage and kindness radiated by Cinderella, Disney's captivating world continues to mesmerize fans of all ages. If you think the enthusiasm for all things Disney is infectious, no one would disagree! So why not pause, shrug off all worries, say "hakuna matata", and indulge in the timeless magic of Disney with this delightful Disney music trivia quiz?

Know Your Disney Songs

Can any Disney movie be complete without those toe-tapping, heartwarming tunes? Certainly not! It's time to set aside your worries and immerse yourself in the magic. Brace yourself for a musical adventure with this fantastic Disney song trivia! Here's your chance to flaunt your affection for Disney songs and guess those unforgettable lyrics from your most-loved Disney movies.

1. Question: Finish the lyrics, "Try the grey stuff, it's delicious. Don't believe me, __________".

Answer: "Ask the dishes".

2. Question: Complete this line from a famous pick-me-up Disney song sung under the sea, "The seaweed is always greener _____"

Answer: "In somebody else's lake".

3. Question: Name the Disney song with the lyrics, "I can open your eyes. Take you wonder by wonder."

Answer: 'A Whole New World'.

4. Question: Complete the lyrics, "Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil. If she doesn't scare you ______".

Answer: "No evil thing will".

5. Question: Name the Disney song with the lyrics, "The winds are restless, could that be why I'm hearing this call?"

Answer: 'Some Things Never Change'. 

6. Question: Name the Disney song with the lyrics, "A robin feathering his nest has very little time to rest. While gathering his bits of twine and twig".

Answer: 'A Spoonful Of Sugar'.

7. Question: What comes after in this song from 'The Lion King', "Well, I've never seen a king of beasts ______"?

Answer: "With quite so little hair".

8. Question: Fill in the missing word in these lyrics sung by the villain in 'Tangled', "Listen to your mother, it's a _______ world out there"?

Answer: "Scary".

9. Question: Complete this line from the dark Disney villain song, 'Be Prepared', "So prepare for the chance _______".

Answer: "Of a lifetime".

10. Question: Complete the lyrics of this song in 'The Little Mermaid', "Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think _____".

Answer: "My collection's complete?"

11. Question: What comes after the lyrics "Oh, oh, oh! Let's go fly a kite, ______" song from 'Mary Poppins'?

Answer: "Up to the highest height".

12. Question: Guess the name of this classic Disney song from 'Mary Poppins', "Good luck will rub off when I shakes 'ands with you".

Answer: 'Chim Chim Cher-ee'.

13. Question: Complete these lyrics from 'Moana', "I wish I could be the perfect daughter, but ________"

Answer: "I come back to the water".

14. Question: What comes after, "Put 'em together and what have you got? ________", in the song from 'Cinderella'?

Answer: "Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo".

15. Question: What word comes next in the lyrics of this song from 'Peter Pan', "Think of the happiest things, it's the same as having ______"?

Answer: "Wings".

16. Question: Complete the lyrics from this song from 'Peter Pan',  "A special offer for today, I'll tell you what I'll do, all those who __________, will get a free tattoo."

Answer: "Sign without delay".

17. Question: What do the villains in 'Pocahontas' sing after, "Drive them from our shore, they're not _______"?

Answer: "Like you and me".

18. Question: Which song from 'Tangled' has the lyrics, "Can't ya see me on the stage performin' Mozart"?

Answer: 'I've Got A Dream'.

19. Question: Complete this line from this song from 'Zootopia',  "I won't give up, no, I won't give in, till I reach the end, then _________".

Answer: "I'll start again".

20. Question: Can you identify the iconic Disney song from 'Toy Story' with the lyrics, "When the road looks rough ahead, and you're miles and miles"?

Answer: 'You've Got A Friend In Me'.

21. Question: What comes next in the song, "Still, whatever mess I land in, who is always understanding'? ____" from the Walt Disney movie, 'A Goofy Movie'?

Answer: "Nobody else but you".

22. Question: Finish this song from 'Moana', "What has two thumbs and pulled up the sky ______".

Answer: "When you were waddling yay high?"

23. Question: In which Disney movie is there a song with the lyrics, “When you smile and you sing, everything is in tune and it’s spring”?

Answer: 'Snow White'.

24. Question: Complete the lyrics of this Disney song, "A dream is a wish your heart makes, _____".

Answer: "When you're fast asleep".

Guess The Songs And Movies Trivia

Did you have a blast crooning through the first Disney lyrics quiz? Well, it's time to amp up the fun! Your next trivia task is to guess the Disney songs from subtle hints or identify the movie based on its songs. Whichever path you choose, it's guaranteed to spark laughter and create memorable moments with your loved ones. So, buckle up and dive into this exciting collection of Disney song guessing games featuring the best lyric quizzes.

Disneyland view from far

26. Question: Snow White duets this song with a baby bird. Name the song.

Answer: 'With A Smile And A Song'.

27. Question: Which movie has the songs, 'Under The Sea,' 'Part Of Your World,' and 'Kiss The Girl'?

Answer: 'The Little Mermaid'.

28. Question: Which famous all-time favorite Disney movie has songs titled 'Circle of Life', 'Hakuna Matata', and 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight'?

Answer: 'Lion King'.

29. Question: 'One Jump Ahead', 'Friend Like Me', and 'A Whole New World' are the popular soundtracks of which movie?

Answer: 'Aladdin'.

31. Question: 'Once Upon A Dream' is all about the love between an amazing Disney couple in which movie?

Answer: 'Sleeping Beauty'.

32. Question: Which Disney princess story is described in the song, 'A Tale As Old As Time'?

Answer: 'Beauty And The Beast'.

33. Question: The song, 'A Pirate's Life' is a hit from which Disney movie?

Answer: 'Peter Pan'.

34. Question: What do the words "Hakuna Matata" from a song in the movie 'The Lion King' mean?

Answer: "No worries".

35. Question: The song, 'Colors Of The Wind' is from which movie?

Answer: 'Pocahontas'.

36. Question: Which Disney movie had the songs 'How Far I'll Go' and 'You're Welcome'?

Answer: 'Moana'.

37. Question: 'Happy Working Song' is from which movie?

Answer: 'Enchanted'.

38. Question: Which Disney movie has the song, 'Someday My Prince Will Come'?

Answer:  'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs'.

39. Question: Name the movie with the songs, 'He Mele No Lilo', 'Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride', and 'Hound Dog'.

Answer: 'Lilo & Stitch'.

40. Question: 'Let It Go' is a famous song from which movie?

Answer: 'Frozen'.

Matching The Song To The Disney Princess Trivia Quiz

Are you ready to sprinkle a little Disney magic on your day? Get ready for a spellbinding challenge. Let's see if you can pair those enchanting Disney songs with the right princess! This delightful trivia quiz isn't just fun, it's a royal ball! It's time to see if you've got what it takes to match these melodies to their regal counterparts. Are you ready to test your Disney knowledge and take a memorable musical journey through Disney's royal realm? Let the magical match-up begin!

41. Question: Which princess sang the words, "I have crossed the horizon to find you, I know your name"?

Answer: Moana.

42. Question: Name the princess that sang the song with the lyrics, "Every inch of me is trembling, but not from the cold".

Answer: Elsa.

43. Question: Which Disney character sings by a well with the words, "And if you hear it echoing your wish will soon come true"?

Answer: Snow White.

44. Question: Who is the princess to whom Grandmother Willow sang the words, "Listen with your heart, you will understand"?

Answer: Pocahontas.

45. Question: Which princess was serenaded with a song that had the words, "Be our guest"?

Answer: Belle.

46. Question: Which princess sang the words, "Almost, almost there, people would have come from everywhere"?

Answer: Tiana.

47. Question: Name the princess that sang the words, "Flower gleam and glow, let your power shine".

Answer: Rapunzel.

48. Question: Which princess sang the words, "Some things never change, like the feel of your hand in mine"?

Answer: Anna.

49. Question: Name the princess that sang a song with the lyrics, "When will my reflection show who I am inside?"

Answer: Mulan.

50. Question: Which princess was friends with dwarfs that sang the words "Heigh-ho"?

Answer: Snow White.

Fun Facts About Disney Songs Quiz

Everyone adores the magic of Disney movies and tunes, but some fans delve even deeper, mastering the tales told off-screen as well as on. Do you count yourself among these Disney elites? Here's your chance to demonstrate your expertise with this quick and quirky Disney music quiz! Get ready to uncover just how deep your Disney knowledge runs.

51. Question: Name the first Disney song to win an Oscar and the 1940 Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Answer: 'When You Wish Upon A Star'.

52. Question: What is the Disney film with the most songs?

Answer: 'Alice In Wonderland'.

53. Question: Who was the voice behind 'The Little Mermaid' in the animation?

Answer: Jodi Benson.

54. Question: Which one of the songs from 'The Lion King' gives reference to every living thing existing as part of a delicate balance?

Answer: 'The Circle Of Life'.

55. Question: Which soundtrack from 'Cinderella' was nominated for an Academy Award?

Answer:  'Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo'.

56. Question: Which one of the songs from 'Mary Poppins' did Walt Disney ask the Sherman Brothers to play for him?

Answer: 'Feed The Birds'. 

57. Question: Henry Mancini composed the music for 'The Great Mouse Detective'. True or false?

Answer: True.

And that's a wrap on this magical Disney anthem adventure! Hope you've had a blast reminiscing over memorable tunes and putting your Disney knowledge to the test. If there were a few stumps along the way, don't sweat it - there's always an excuse to revisit those cherished Disney classics! Remember, the joy of Disney isn't just in knowing every lyric by heart, but in the shared laughs, lessons, and love found in each enchanting tale. Who knows? You might just find yourself the master of Disney trivia at your next family game night!

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