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Dog Trivia: 35 Tough Questions (And Answers) About Our Canine Pals

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A dog is a man's best friend, but how much do you know about your canine friend.

Which breed do you like the most? From Golden retrievers to Chihuahuas, to German Shepherds, we love them all.

A dog is a carnivore animal and part of the Canidae family. It is the first species that was domesticated due to its physical characteristics and behavior. Dogs are now found in various breeds, each one differing in size, skills and physique. Some breeds of dog are considered working dogs. These dogs help to perform various jobs such as hunting, police work and rescue work. Dogs are mammals and are very intelligent. They also have a great sense of smell and vision. But most importantly, they are hugely lovable, and make amazing pets for so many of us!

Some of these questions might be easy, but some of them will surely blow your mind and truly test your dog knowledge. Covering famous dogs such as Lassie the film star and Trakr, the German Shepherd who is one of the most famous search and rescue dogs, this quiz has everything you need to know about the world of dogs!

This quiz also includes some fun facts about puppies and funny dog facts which will certainly bring a smile to your face. This quiz about dogs will increase your knowledge about some of the 10,000 dog breeds out there. If you are interested in knowing more about other animals, then you might check out our bird trivia and horse trivia as well. Good luck!

Trivia Questions About Dogs

Are you a dog lover? Do you enjoy fun dog questions? Then try this doggie quiz full of amazing dog trivia questions and answers to test how much you know about your canine friends. This section contains random dog facts and crucial information about dogs too, what's not to like? But first check out these three interesting facts about dogs: did you know that the smelling ability of a dog is 100,000 times better than that of a human being? The hearing ability of a dog is also thought to be ten times better than that of a human being. And lastly, people with a pet dog are found to be healthier and happier. It's a scientific fact!

Dogs are a man's best friend.

1. Question: True or false? Dogs are not able to see colors.

Answer: False. They can see colors, but only in a muddy way.

2. Question: Which of the five sense of a dog is their best?

Answer: Smell.

3. Question: The dog that appears on the front of the Cracker Jack box has what name?

Answer: Bingo.

4. Question: According to Prudent Pet Insurance, which is the most commonly used name of dogs in 2020?

Answer: Bella.

5. Question: Which animal has the most taste buds?

Answer: Dogs.

6. Question: Where are the sweat glands of a dog located?

Answer: Sweat glands of dogs are located in their paws.

7. Question: What is the meaning of a dog's tail being wagged to the left or the right?

Answer: Left wagging of the tail represents that the dog is scared and to the right represents happiness.

Dog Breeds Trivia

Dogs come in different breeds such as German Shepherd, Labrador, Retriever, Spaniel, and many more. The American Kennel Club recognizes most dog breed, and, according to the Federation Cynologique Internationale (FCI), the World Governing Body of dog breeds, there are 340 recognized breeds of dog in the world in total.

What is your favorite dog breed?

8. Question: Which dog breed is the Queen of England's favorite?

Answer: Corgi is the favorite dog breed of the Queen of England.

9. Question: Which breed of dog is said to have a black tongue?

Answer: Chow Chow dogs have a black tongue.

10. Question: What is the oldest breed of dog?

Answer: Australian Cattle Dog.

11. Question: Which breed of dog is said to be the smallest?

Answer: Chihuahua.

12. Question: Which breed of dog is cleverest?

Answer: Border Collie.

13. Question: What breed is the famous cartoon dog, Snoopy?

Answer: Beagle.

14. Question: What is the breed of the famous dog, Scooby-Doo?

Answer: Great Dane.

15. Question: What is the most famous breed of dog?

Answer: Labrador.

16. Question: Which breed is believed to be sacred in China?

Answer: Pekinese.

17. Question: What was the breed of the popular dog in 'The Wizard Of Oz'?

Answer: Cairn Terrier.

18. Question: What was the breed of the famous dog Rin Tin Tin?

Answer: German Shepherd.

19. Question: What is the breed of Barack Obama's dog?

Answer: Barack Obama's dog name is Bo, and the breed is Portuguese Water Dog.

20. Question: Which group of dogs was first registered in the American Kennel Club?

Answer: Sporting Group.

21. Question: What is the breed of Pluto ?

Answer: Bloodhound.

22. Question: What was the breed of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's dog?

Answer: Cocker Spaniel.

23. Question: What was the initial reason for dachshund breeding, before they became a popular pet?

Answer: Badger hunting.

Pet Trivia Questions About Dogs

Dogs are one of the best pets available due to their intelligence and loyalty skills. Dogs have been great pets for thousands of years. They are like your family members and will always stay by your side. Take this trivia about dogs to know more about the most popular dog breeds.

24. Question: Why do dogs lick?

Answer: Dogs lick to show affection, love, submission, and attention.

25. Question: Do dogs get jealous?

Answer: Yes, dogs do feel jealous. Especially when their owner pets another dog.

26. Question: What is the reason behind dogs walking in a circle before sitting?

Answer: Dogs inherit this behavior from their ancestors, it aims to push down tall grass and move away bugs or insects.

27. Question: Can a dog feel guilt?

Answer: Yes, dogs can feel guilty. Also, they understand your feelings as well and are good actors.

28. Question: Can a dog be left or right-pawed?

Answer: Yes, dogs can be left or right-pawed. You can test this on your own dog by performing simple tasks like shaking or scratching.

Puppy And Dog Facts Trivia Questions

There are many canine facts that you may not know. Check out this section of trivia to know some more fun dog facts and much more.

29. Question: How many teeth do adult dogs, have?

Answer: Adult dogs have 42 teeth.

30. Question: How many teeth do puppies, have?

Answer: 28 teeth.

31. Question: How long is the gestation period of a dog?

Answer: 58-68 days.

32. Question: True or false? Dalmatian puppies born with spots.

Answer: False, cute Dalmatian puppies are born white and their sports develop over time.

33. Question: True or false? Dogs do not have an appendix.

Answer: True.

34. Question: True or false? Dogs can sniff at the same time as they breathe.

Answer: True.

35. Question: What percentage of dogs curl up by their owners whilst they relax in front of the TV?

Answer: 87% of owners reported this.

Here at Kidadl, we carefully created lots of family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestion for dog trivia, why not look at our shark trivia and animal trivia for more?

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