43 Fearsome Shark Trivia Questions For Kids: How Many Can You Get?

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Despite their scary reputation, sharks are some of the most fascinating inhabitants of the deep blue. From pint-sized creatures to ancient giants, several water bodies of the Earth are booming with diverse shark species. However, excessive water pollution and fishing remain significant threats to the healthy and thriving life of sharks.

Now if you are ready to test what you know about sharks and uncover awe-inspiring facts about these finned friends, then here's a trivia challenge that is just right for you. We've got a whirlpool of questions and answers lined up, to help you learn about some of the coolest, quirkiest species of sharks and maybe even encounter some jaw-dropping surprises along the way. If you think your shark knowledge is quite sufficient, then try tackling the quizzes listed below and see for yourself if you are an expert yet.

General Shark Facts

Who's ready to deep dive into an exciting trivia on common facts about sharks? Sure, you've learned a few things back in school, but the underwater world holds so much more to explore! Packed with a wave of intriguing facts, this shark quiz is sure to reel you in. But, this is just a teaser! A whole ocean of tricky quizzes about sharks is coming up next. This is just a warm-up to test your general knowledge about sharks. Let's see how many questions you can guess right.

Common thresher shark swimming near the surface of ocean.

1. Question: Which living shark species currently has the largest size in the world as of 2022?

Answer: The whale shark.

2. Question: What are shark egg cases also known as?

Answer: Mermaid's purses.

3. Question: How many species of sharks are there?

Answer: Over 400.

4. Question: Sharks have bones. True or false?

Answer: False.

5. Question: When did sharks first appear in the ocean?

Answer: Over 400 million years ago.

6. Question: Which shark is known for its slender body and vibrant indigo color, making it one of the most recognizable species in the ocean?

Answer: Blue shark.

7. Question: Are sharks considered to be mammals or fish?

Answer: Fish.

8. Question: Which mammal is infamous for killing sharks?

Answer: Killer whales or orcas.

9. Question: Which shark species is the longest-living vertebrate on Earth?

Answer: Greenland shark.

10. Question: What is a shark's skeleton made of?

Answer: Cartilage.

11. Question: Apart from tiger sharks and bull sharks, which other sharks are responsible for the most number of shark attacks?

Answer: Great white sharks.

12. Question: What organ do sharks breathe with?

Answer: Gills.

13. Question: Which is the largest organ in a shark's body?

Answer: Liver.

Sharks In Movies Trivia

Our next quiz is to entertain and challenge the film buffs among the shark aficionados! How well do you know your shark flicks? From iconic thrillers like 'Jaws' to nerve-wracking survival tales like 'The Shallows', sharks have certainly made a splash on the silver screen. But remember, these cinematic portrayals aren't always accurate! Dive into this shark movies trivia and test your memory, while also uncovering some real-life shark truths.

14. Question: Who directed 'Jaws', the 1975 thriller about a deadly shark attack?

Answer: Steven Spielberg.

15. Question: What shark species was the main antagonist shark in 'Jaws'?

Answer: Great white shark.

16. Question: Who is the lead actress in the 2016 film, 'The Shallows'?

Answer: Blake Lively.

17. Question: Which American disaster horror comedy film about sharks was released in 2013?

Answer: 'Sharknado'.

18. Question: What extinct species of sharks was in the movie 'The Meg'?

Answer: Megalodon.

19. Question: Who directed the horror movie that featured great white sharks, '47 Meters Down'?

Answer: Johannes Roberts.

20. Question: In which horror/sci-fi movie is Samuel Jackson's character devoured by a shark?

Answer: 'Deep Blue Sea'.

21. Question: Where was the documentary film, 'Sharkwater', shot?

Answer: Cocos Island and the Galapagos Islands.

22. Question: What was the name of the vegetarian great white shark in the animated movie, 'Finding Nemo'?

Answer: Bruce.

Interesting Shark Facts Trivia

Think you're a shark-whisperer? Get ready to dive deeper than ever before with this collection of the wildest shark trivia! From quirky quirks to laugh-out-loud facts, and even some genuinely jaw-dropping revelations, there's a whole ocean of shark knowledge waiting for you to uncover. So, surf this wave of fun and fascinating shark facts, and prepare to have your mind swimming with awe!

23. Question: Sharks communicate using body language. True or false?

Answer: True.

24. Question: What is it called when a shark is turned upside down and goes into a trance-like state?

Answer: Tonic immobility.

25. Question: Which shark is considered one of the fastest swimmers in the ocean, reaching speeds of up to 45 mph (72.4 kph)?

Answer: Shortfin mako shark.

26. Question: The hammerhead shark species give birth to live young ones. True or false?

Answer: True.

27. Question: Which shark species are known to be the slowest-moving?

Answer: Greenland shark.

28. Question: Which shark species has 360-degree vision?

Answer: Hammerhead shark.

29. Question: Females of some shark species can produce offspring without mating. True or false?

Answer: True.

30. Question: How many teeth rows does a bull shark have?

Answer: 50.

31. Question: Which species of sharks are known to be the oldest?

Answer: Greenland shark.

32. Question: Known for their diverse diet, which shark species are often referred to as the 'garbage cans of the sea'?

Answer: Tiger sharks.

33. Question: How long are basking sharks pregnant?

Answer: Two to three years.

34. Question: Angel sharks are also known as monkfish, true or false?

Answer: True.

Shark Species Quiz

Can you tell your whale sharks from your bull sharks? What about a cookie-cutter shark? With over 400 unique species ruling the oceans, there's so much to discover about these underwater marvels. This is a carefully curated selection of some jaw-dropping facts about different shark species. Ready for the final round of this trivia challenge? Let's see how much you know about the different varieties of these ocean dwellers.

35. Question: Which shark species is known for its distinctive dark stripes, much like a terrestrial tiger?

Answer: Tiger shark.

36. Question: Which shark species looks like a sea serpent and hovers in the water?

Answer: Frilled shark.

37. Question: Which extinct shark had the biggest set of teeth?

Answer: Megalodon.

38. Question: What is the name of the smallest known species of shark in the ocean?

Answer: Dwarf lantern shark.

39. Question: Which shark is instantly recognizable due to its uniquely shaped head that resembles a flattened hammer?

Answer: Hammerhead shark.

40. Question: Which shark species is known for its whip-like upper tail lobes?

Answer: Thresher shark.

41. Question: Which shark species is known for speed and agility, often called the 'cheetahs of the ocean'?

Answer: Shortfin mako shark.

42. Question: Which shark species, despite its enormous size, feeds primarily on tiny plankton and small fish?

Answer: The whale shark.

43. Question: Which shark is unique for its ability to thrive in both salt and freshwater, even venturing far up rivers?

Answer: Bull shark.

This marks the end of this deep-sea journey through the amazing world and life of sharks. We hope that this trivia challenge served as a refreshing and entertaining method to help you recollect what you knew about sharks. In case you could not answer some questions, we expect that the quizzes helped add to your knowledge of these aquatic creatures and made you curious to learn more about them. These trivia questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding these animals. Hence, you will need to find more extensive reading material to become a confident expert on sharks.

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