60 Fearsome Shark Trivia Questions For Kids: How Many Can You Get? | Kidadl


60 Fearsome Shark Trivia Questions For Kids: How Many Can You Get?

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Sharks may look scary but are some of the most docile creatures in the world.

Sharks have gained a bad reputation for the shark attacks every year. Although the fatality numbers are not all that high, the fish has definitely created a sense of terror in the deep oceans.

But that does not mean they are not some of the most phenomenal creatures in the sea. Do you know all the unique facts about sharks and cute shark species? There are over 420 species of sharks in the ocean, some older than the others. These prehistoric creatures have been roaming the oceans since before the dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Try out these shark questions and answers to see if you know all the true shark facts and learn some more awesome shark facts there are to know! Inspired by the success of 'Jaws' trivia and Animal trivia questions, we have curated this list of shark trivia questions and answers so you can learn about the coolest shark species and killer sharks facts. Some of these weird sharks that are real may even shock you! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, gather your friends and family and attempt these shark trivia facts and cool shark facts!

General Shark Facts

Not everyone knows about sharks, apart from what we all had learned in elementary school. But worry not! Here are some general but interesting facts about sharks. Give it a try to see if you can guess the right answers to this shark quiz. These are just the trial version of all the shark week facts we have out of all the crazy shark facts coming up!

Common thresher shark swimming near the surface of ocean.

1. Question: Which type of shark has the largest population in the world?

Answer: Spiny Dogfish

2. Question: Where do sharks live?

Answer: Some live in shallow waters, while others live in deep ocean waters.

3. Question: How big are sharks?

Answer: 5-7 feet

4. Question: What are shark eggs called?

Answer: Mermaid purses

5. Question: Which Shark is also considered as one of the longest fish in the ocean?

Answer: Whale shark

6. Question: How many species of sharks are there?

Answer: Almost 500 species.

7. Question: Sharks have bones. True or false?

Answer: False.

8. Question: What can the texture of a shark's skin be compared to?

Answer: Sandpaper

9. Question: When did sharks first appear in the ocean?

Answer: 455 million years ago

10. Question: How hard can a Great White Shark bite?

Answer: 4000 pounds per square inch

11. Question: A Blue shark can give birth to _____ pups in a single litter.

Answer: 135 pups

12. Question: Are sharks considered to be mammals or fishes?

Answer: Fish.

13. Question: Which mammal is infamous for killing sharks?

Answer: Killer Whales

14. Question: What do sharks eat?

Answer: Small fish and larger sharks prey on sea lions and seals.

15. Question: Do sharks sink when they are not swimming?

Answer: Yes.

16. Question: How long do sharks live?

Answer: 20-30 years.

17. Question: More than one-third of shark attacks are due to this species of shark.

Answer: Great White Shark

18. Question: Do sharks have good eyesight?

Answer: Yes.

19. Question: What do sharks breathe through?

Answer: Gills

20. Question: Which is the largest organ in a shark's body?

Answer: Liver

Shark Movies Quiz

Are you a fan of Shark movies like 'Jaws' and 'The Shallows'? As thrilling as they can be, many portray sharks as revenge-seeking creatures. While these portrayals are often false, these vicious beings often attack due to misunderstanding. Try out this Shark Week trivia questions to see if you can recollect all that you remember about these movies! You may learn new things about sharks through this one!

21. Question: Who directed 'Jaws', the 1975 thriller film about a deadly shark attack?

Answer: Steven Spielberg

22. Question: How heavy and long was the shark in 'Jaws'?

Answer: 1.2 tonnes and 25 foot

23. Question: Who is the lead actress in the 2016 film 'The Shallows'?

Answer: Blake Lively

24. Question: Which American disaster horror comedy film about Sharks was released in 2013?

Answer: 'Sharknado'

25. Question: What is the movie 'The Meg' based on?

Answer: A novel- 'Meg' by Steve Allen

26. Question: Who directed '47 Meters Down'?

Answer: Johannes Roberts

27. Question: In which horror/sci-fi movie did Samuel L. Jackson star in?

Answer: Deep Blue Sea

28. Question: Where was the documentary 'Sharkwater' shot?

Answer: Galapagos Islands

29. Question: What was the name of the vegan shark in 'Finding Nemo'?

Answer: Bruce

30. Question: In which movie does a scientist merge shark DNA with Dinosaur DNA?

Answer: 'Dinoshark'

Crazy Shark Trivia

Do you think you know all the facts about sharks? Here are some fun facts about sharks and unknown facts about sharks, which include interesting shark facts, funny shark facts, weird shark facts, and some really amazing facts about sharks! These facts will definitely leave your jaw hanging open, pun not intended. Put your knowledge to the test with these shark questions, and see if you can answer more than 10 facts about sharks!

31. Question: Can sharks glow in the dark?

Answer: Yes, some sharks have bioluminescence properties.

32. Question: Which Shark is known for its funny teeth?

Answer: Goblin Shark

33. Question: What is tonic immobility?

Answer: When the Shark is turned upside down, they go into a trance-like state. This is called tonic immobility.

34. Question: Do Great White sharks eat their young ones?

Answer: Sometimes

35. Question: Which Shark is born fully developed?

Answer: Hammerhead sharks

36. Question: Which is the slowest moving shark?

Answer: Greenland Shark

37. Question: How do sharks talk to other sharks?

Answer: Body language

38. Question: Which Shark has 360 vision and a soft head during birth?

Answer: Hammerhead shark

39. Question: How long can Great White Sharks survive without eating?

Answer: Three months

40. Question: Can sharks clone themselves, especially in captivity?

Answer: Yes

41. Question: How many teeth does an average shark mouth contain in a lifetime?

Answer: 30,000 teeth

42. Question: What do whale sharks, the biggest fish in the world, eat?

Answer: Plankton and small eggs

43. Question: How many fatal shark attacks took place in 2019?

Answer: 4 attacks

44. Question: Which species of shark is known to be the oldest?

Answer: Greenland shark

45. Question: Shark can sense a drop of blood in _______ drops of water.

Answer: 1 million

46. Question: How long can Basking Sharks be pregnant for?

Answer: 2 years

47. Question: What are Angel Sharks, also known as?

Answer: Monkfish

48. Question: What was used to polish wood before any polishing tools were invented?

Answer: Shark skin

49. Question: Can sharks vomit?

Answer: Yes

50. Question: In how many oceans can shark be found?

Answer: All 7 oceans.

Shark Species Quiz

Do you know the special features of all the species of sharks like Whale Shark, Bull Shark, and Cookie Cutter shark? There are over 420 species of sharks in the ocean. While knowing about all of them can be tough, there are some which you should definitely know about. These are some of the most important facts about sharks that you must know about. Read on these strange shark facts to find out more about these shark species, some while have existed for over a million years. This is the ultimate shark quiz, if you pass this one, you are all prepared for shark week!

51. Question: Which Shark is the most poisonous?

Answer: Greenland Shark

52. Question: With which organ allows the sharks to feel electromagnetic field?

Answer: Lorenzini

53. Question: ______ is an extinct shark with funny teeth.

Answer: Helicoprion.

54. Question: Which Shark looks like a sea serpent and hovers in the water?

Answer: Frilled Shark

55. Question: Relative to the size of the body, which shark has the biggest set of teeth?

Answer: Cookiecutter shark

56. Question: Which is the smallest species of shark in the ocean?

Answer: Dwarf Lantern Shark

57. Question: Which is the second biggest shark in the ocean?

Answer: Basking shark

58. Question: Which Shark has whip-like upper tail lobes?

Answer: Thresher shark

59. Question: Which shark species is light-colored and yellow-brown skin?

Answer: Lemon Shark

60. Question: Which is the rarest type of shark to be found in the ocean?

Answer: Pocket Shark

61. Question: Which funny looking species of shark has been roaming the oceans since 125 million years ago?

Answer: Goblin Shark

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for shark trivia questions, then why not take a look at Biology trivia or Horse trivia.

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