120+ 'Frasier' Trivia Questions To Make You Say 'Cheers'! | Kidadl


120+ 'Frasier' Trivia Questions To Make You Say 'Cheers'!

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'Frasier' is an American sitcom from the '90s created as a spin-off for the show Cheers, starring Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves, David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin and John Mahoney.

'Frasier' was created by David Angell, David Lee and Peter Casey in association with Paramount Network Television and Gramenet. The show aired on NBC from 16 September 1993 to 13 May 2004, throughout 11 seasons.

The story revolves around Dr. Frasier Crane who is a successful therapist. He moves to Seattle to start a new life, meeting new friends and spending time with his brother Niles Crane. This 'Frasier' game helps you reconnect with your favorite TV show and you will get to know more about 'Frasier' fan theories. Play this 'Frasier' quiz with your friends to see who knows the show better. If you loved the 'Cheers' trivia and 'Friends' trivia then you will certainly enjoy this fun 'Frasier' quiz too!

Fun 'Frasier' Facts

What better way to know how aware you are  of the show than playing this game with some fun questions and answers. If you are apart of the 'Frasier' fan club then it will be easy for you to answer most of these questions. Find out now!

1: Question: Where did Frasier Crane move to, to start his new life?

Answer: He moved to Seattle.

2: Question: What role did John Mahoney play in the show?

Answer: He played the role of Martin Crane, Frasier's brother.

3: Question: What is Frasier's name in real life?

Answer: Kelsey Grammer.

4: Question: What is the name of 'Frasier' closing theme song?

Answer: 'Tossed Salad And Scrambled Eggs'.

5: Question: Which cast member supposedly got the most fan mail?

Answer: Moose.

6: Question: Who was the first choice to play Martin Crane?

Answer: John Mahoney was the first and only choice for the character.

7: Question: What was Eddie's real name?

Answer: Moose.

8: Question: Whose show was played after Frasier's on the radio station?

Answer: The Bulldog.

9: Question: Who sung the 'Frasier' theme song?

Answer: Kelsey Grammer.

10: Question: Who is Daphne?

Answer: Daphne was a housekeeper and physical therapist for Martin.

11: Question: Who played Daphne's character?

Answer: Daphne's character was played by Jane Leeves.

12: Question: Who worked with an accent coach?

Answer: Jane Leeves had to work on her accent to sound more American.

13: Question: True or False? The story of 'Frasier'  was inspired by a real-life story.

Answer: True.

14: Question: Why was the 'Frasier' set moved to Seattle?

Answer: To avoid crossover syndrome.

15. Question: Which character from 'Cheers' did not make an appearance on 'Frasier'?

Answer: Kirstie Alley.

16. Question: What is Eddie's breed?

Answer: Jack Russell Terrier.

17. Question: Who was Frasier's first wife?

Answer: Nanny Guzman.

18. Question: What is Niles and Daphne's baby's name?

Answer: The name of their baby is David.

19. Question: What is the age difference between 'Frasier' and Niles?

Answer: The age difference between both of them is about five years.

2o. Question: In what episode does Niles have a baby?

Answer: In the episode 'Goodbye Seattle'.

21. Question: Was the actress who played Roz pregnant while shooting for 'Frasier'?

Answer: No.

22. Question: At what age did Moose pass away?

Answer: Moose passed away at the age of 16.

23. Question: Who played the role of Niles Crane in 'Frasier'?

Answer: David Hyde Pierce.

24. Question: What is Nile's profession?

Answer: He starred in the show as a psychiatrist.

25. Question: Who's role did Peri Gilpin play?

Answer: Roz Doyle.

26. Question: Where was Roz born?

Answer: She was born in Wisconsin.

27. Question: Who worked at the radio station?

Answer: Frasier Crane worked at the radio station as a radio psychiatrist.

28. Question: What is the name of Frasier's radio show?

Answer: The Dr. 'Frasier' Crane Show.

29. Question: What is the name of the 'Frasier' radio station?

Answer: KACL 780.

30. Question: What is the name of the episode of 'Frasier' that Daphne is pregnant in?

Answer: In the episode 'A Man, A PLan, And A Gal'.

Dr. Frasier worked as a radio psychiatrist.

The Ultimate 'Frasier' Trivia Game

This is the hardest 'Frasier' quiz that you can find. Know more 'Frasier' trivia facts by playing this game.

31. Question: Who played Daphne's mother on the set?

Answer: Daphne's mother was Gertrude moon played by Millicent Martin.

32. Question: Why did Daphne leave the show in season eight?

Answer: The actress was pregnant.

33. Question: How did the writers for 'Frasier' disguise the actress who played Daphne's maternity leave?

Answer: They disguised her pregnancy by writing that Daphne went to the health spa.

34. Question: Who left Frasier at the altar?

Answer: Diane Chambers.

35. Question: What is Niles Crane allergic to on the show?

Answer: He is allergic to parchment mites.

36. Question: Why was Maris arrested?

Answer: Maris was arrested for murdering her lover.

37. Question: Who was first offered the role of Roz Doyle?

Answer: Lisa Kudrow was first offered the role of Roz Doyle.

38. Question: How much did the furnishing on the 'Frasier' apartment cost?

Answer: It was estimated that Frasier's apartment furniture cost $500,000.

39. Question: Does Kelsey Grammer play the piano?

Answer: Yes, of all instruments played by Kelsey Grammer, piano is his favorite.

40. Question: How old was Frasier on the show?

Answer: He was 40 when the shoot began and 51 when it ended.

41. Question: Where was the show filmed?

Answer: Major parts of the show were filmed in Los Angeles.

42. Question: What was the name of Frasier Crane's apartment?

Answer: It was named Elliott Bay Towers.

43. Question: What is present in the 'Frasier' logo?

Answer: The logo has the name of the show with an outline of buildings behind it.

44. Question: Does the show have a 'Frasier' laugh track?

Answer: Yes.

45. Question: What was the name of the final episode?

Answer: 'Goodnight, Seattle.'

46. Question: When was the series finale aired?

Answer: It was aired on 13 May 2004.

47. Question: Where is the backdrop image used in the 'Frasier' apartment set taken from?

Answer: Kerry Park.

48. Question: How many times did David Hyde Pierce win the Primetime Emmy Awards?

Answer: He won the award four times.

49. Question: What is given on the 'Frasier' title card?

Answer: The title card has the name 'Frasier' written on it with an outline of Seattle's buildings in the background.

50. Question: Is the color of the title card constant every season?

Answer: No, it changes every season.

51. Question: How many different 'Frasier' intro animations are there?

Answer: 21.

52. Question: How are Frasier and Niles related?

Answer: They are siblings.

53. Question: How many seasons of 'Frasier' were aired?

Answer: 11.

54. Question: When did John Mahoney pass away?

Answer: He passed away in 2018.

55. Question: Where did Jane Leeves grow up?

Answer: She grew up in London.

56. Question: Who took up Eddie's role when Moose retired?

Answer: The role of Eddie was taken up by Enzo after Moose retired.

57. Question: For how many years did Kelsey Grammer play the role of 'Frasier'?

Answer: He played the role for 20 years.

58. Question: Who was given an Emmy Nomination for playing the same role on three series?

Answer: Kelsey Grammer.

59. Question: Where is the radio station KACL, Frasier worked at located?

Answer: It was a fictional radio station.

60. Question: Who were Frasier and Niles named after?

Answer: They were named after their mother's lab rats.

Major parts of the show were filmed in Los Angeles.

More Fun 'Frasier' Games And Questions

This quiz is all fun and games. Get to know some unknown facts about this sitcom and many more interesting things. So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and family and start playing now! You could even get creative with these questions to make a 'Frasier' card game, to match you favorite Frasier Crane action figure, if you have one!

61. Question: How many times was Niles married?

Answer: He was married three times

62. Question: How does Roz Doyle know Frasier?

Answer: She was his producer.

63. Question: What did Frasier say before signing off his show?

Answer: "Goodnight, Seattle - and good mental health".

64. Question: What was the name of the zoologist supermodel?

Answer: Kelly Easterbrook.

65. Question: Who swallowed the wedding rings?

Answer: Eddie.

66. Question: Where did Daphne deliver her baby?

Answer: At the vet's office.

67. Question: Why was Frasier thrown out of the Fox and Whistle?

Answer: For making fun of England.

68. Question: Who was the host of the 'Gonzo Sports Show'?

Answer: Bob Briscoe.

69. Question: What was Niles second wife's name?

Answer: Mel.

70. Question: Which universities did Frasier go to?

Answer: Harvard University and the University of Oxford.

71. Question: Which Universities did Nile attend?

Answer: Yale University and the University of Cambridge.

72. Question: Where is Daphne from?

Answer: Manchester.

73. Question: Where did Frasier live before moving to Seattle.

Answer: Boston.

74. Question: What car does Niles drive?

Answer: A Mercedes Benz E320.

75. Question: Where does Sherry work?

Answer: McGinty's.

76. Question: How does Frasier respond to calls on the set?

Answer: He says, "I'm listening."

77. Question: Who sets a news stall on fire?

Answer: Frasier.

78. Question: Niles and Frasier try to write a book on what topic?

Answer: Sibling rivalry.

79. Question: Was the book published?

Answer: No, as they wrote only two lines.

80. Question: At what time does Charlotte leave for Chicago?

Answer: She left at midnight.

81. Question: How many people does Frasier live with?

Answer: Frasier lives with three people.

82. Question: Whenever Frasier was late, who took over the show?

Answer: Kenny.

83: Question: In which month was Frasier born?

Answer: March.

84. Question: What is Frasier's apartment door number?

Answer: 1901.

85. Question: Who is Alice's father?

Answer: Rick Garrett.

86. Question: What is the name of season one episode one?

Answer: 'The Good Son'.

87. Question: Why is Bob Briscoe called The Bulldog?

Answer: Because he barked at people.

88. Question: In season two, who was the manager of KACL?

Answer: Tom Duran.

89. Question: Which city did Frasier move to?

Answer: Chicago.

90. Question: What is the profession of both Frasier and Niles?

Answer: They are both psychiatrists.

'Frasier' Characters Quiz Questions

We have curated a detailed quiz that revolves around the smallest details of every character on the show. This quiz has random facts about the show that everyone will definitely like.

91. Question: Apart from the 'Frasier' end credits, what was his last words?

Answer: He said, "wish me luck."

92. Question: Who did Daphne almost marry?

Answer: Donny.

93. Question: Who was the other person, along with Frasier, that a novel was written on?

Answer: His piano teacher.

94. Question: In which episode does Daphne first meet Niles?

Answer: in the episode 'Dinner At Eight'.

95. Question: When does Frasier's show begin?

Answer: Two in the afternoon.

96. Question: When did Martin accidentally book his wedding for?

Answer: 15 May .

97. Question: What is the name of Frasier's son?

Answer: Frederick.

98. Question: What was Niles and Frasier's favorite sport

Answer: Squash.

99. Question: Who is Frederick's mother?

Answer: Lilith Sternin.

100. Question: Who was the character Roz named after?

Answer: She was named after Roz Doyle a producer of 'Wings' as a tribute.

101. Question: Whose face was never mentioned throughout the series?

Answer: Maris.

102. Question: What is the secret behind Maris's fortune?

Answer: She made urinal cakes.

103. Question: What is the total number of episodes of 'Frasier'?

Answer: 264 episodes.

104. Question: How many Emmys did 'Frasier' take home?

Answer: While still airing, the show took 37 Emmy awards home.

105. Question: Which celebrities were called to Frasier's show?

Answer: Kevin Bacon and Billy Crystal.

106. Question: True or False? David Hyde Pierce was nominated for consecutive years for the role of Niles.

Answer: True, he was nominated 11 times in a row, out of which he won four times.

107. Question: Why is Niles attracted to Daphne?

Answer: Because of how her hair smells.

108. Question: Martin pays $30,000 for what object in the episode 'A Tsar Is Born'?

Answer: A used Winnebago.

109. Question: What is Niles' mother's name?

Answer: Hester.

110. Question: Which café did the characters visit frequently?

Answer: Café Nervosa.

111. Question: Who gets a horse for Martin?

Answer: Niles.

112. Question: What is the horse's name?

Answer: Agades.

113. Question: What is the name of the apartment Niles lived in?

Answer: Montana.

114. Question: Who was Frasier trying to start a fight within season one?

Answer: Derek Mann.

115. Question: Where does Frasier find a job in the last season?

Answer: San Francisco.

116. Question: What is Gil's full name?

Answer: Gil Chesterton.

117. Question: Who fathered Roz's daughter?

Answer: Rick.

118. Question: What was Martin's job before he was forced to retire?

Answer: He was a cop.

119. Question: What special ability does Daphne thinks she has?

Answer: She believes she is a psychic.

120. Question: Why was Frasier given a pink slip?

Answer: For hanging a door knocker outside the door of the Condo Board President.

123. Question: In the episode 'Three Dates And A Breakup', who went on three dates?

Answer: Frasier goes on three dates.

125. Question: Frasier can play which musical instruments?

Answer: He can play the piano and the clarinet.

126. Question: How many brothers does Daphne have?

Answer: She has eight brothers.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Frasier' trivia, then why not take a look at our Seattle trivia, or 'Gilmore Girls' trivia for more?

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