60 'Frozen' Trivia Questions (And Answers): Can You Beat Everyone Elsa? | Kidadl


60 'Frozen' Trivia Questions (And Answers): Can You Beat Everyone Elsa?

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'Frozen' is about the beautiful relationship shared by two sisters who would brave any obstacle for each other.

Oh, and the older one has superpowers! Both 'Frozen' (2013) and 'Frozen 2' (2019) directed by Jennifer Lee were such a huge success that you'll find 'Frozen' fans among people of all ages.

Whether you're the kind of Disney fan who occasionally watches Disney movies or the kind that launches into a Disney song at every possible moment, don't forget to check out our Disney song trivia and 'Toy Story' trivia. But for now you can try your hand at these 'Frozen' movie trivia questions and answers and check how well do you know these 'Frozen' trivia questions! It's a 'Frozen' trivia quiz for anyone and everyone, so don't 'Let It Go'!

'Frozen' Plot Trivia Quiz Questions

Okay, let's start our ultimate 'Frozen' trivia quiz with a little basic plot 'Frozen' quiz, this is so easy that it's perfect 'Frozen' trivia for kids too.

1. Question: How did the parents of Elsa and Anna die?

Answer: In a shipwreck.

2. Question: How many times does Elsa (accidentally) hit Anna with her ice magic in 'Frozen'?

Answer: Twice.

3. Question: Where did the King lose his father, Anna and Elsa's grandfather?

Answer: The Enchanted Forest.

4. Question: How old is Elsa on her Coronation Day?

Answer: 21 years old.

5. Question: What is the name of the kingdom that Anna and Elsa are the princesses of?

Answer: Arendelle.

'Frozen' Character Quiz Questions

As the 'Frozen' trivia games continue, next comes the character quiz! Get to know the characters better with these fun 'Frozen' trivia facts and get answering these questions.

6. Question: Who is the leader of the group of soldiers who were trapped in the forest?

Answer: Mattias.

7. Question: Who raised Kristoff?

Answer: The Rock Trolls.

8. Question: Who is the second reindeer-loving man (after Kristoff), introduced in 'Frozen' 2'?

Answer: Ryder.

9. Question: Who runs a trading post and sauna up in the mountains?

Answer: Oaken.

10. Question: There is an arrogant Duke of short stature who attends Elsa's coronation. Who is he?

Answer: The Duke of Weselton.

11. Question: What is the name of the snowman that Elsa creates to drive Anna away from the Ice Palace?

Answer: Marshmallow.

12. Question: What's the salamander called?

Answer: Bruni.

13. Question: How old are Elsa and Anna in 'Frozen'?

Answer: Anna is 18 and Elsa is 21.

14. Question: Who is the head of the Rock Troll family who healed Anna when she was a kid?

Answer: Grand Pabbie.

15. Question: Who is the leader of the Northuldra tribe?

Answer: Yelena.

'Frozen' True Or False?

Just like Elsa could sense from the very beginning that Hans was a liar and didn't really love Anna, let's see if you can recognize what is true and what is false from the film!

16. Question: Both Anna and Elsa have magical powers.

Answer: False.

17. Question: Jennifer Lee is both the screenwriter and director of 'Frozen'.

Answer: True

18. Question: Hans loved Anna.

Answer: False.

19. Question: The Earth Giants are friendly creatures.

Answer: False.

20. Question: Elsa crosses the Dark Sea on her journey.

Answer: True.

Easy 'Frozen' Trivia Questions

Perhaps the easiest segment in any Disney quiz ever, if you're as true a fan as you claim, this one will a piece of cake for you.

21. Question: When and how are the Snowgies created?

Answer: Elsa accidentally creates them when she sneezes.

22. Question: How many salad plates do Elsa and Anna own?

Answer: One thousand.

23. Question: Who does Anna fall in love with at first sight?

Answer: Prince Hans.

24. Question: Who started a trivia game that only he played while traveling through the enchanted forest?

Answer: Olaf (he's our kind of snowman!).

25. Question: What is the name of the wind spirit?

Answer: Gale.

26. Question: Who does Olaf call a "funky little donkey"?

Answer: Kristoff.

27. Question: What is the food that both Elsa and Anna love and smell at the Coronation?

Answer: Chocolate.

28. Question: Who is the fifth spirit?

Answer: Elsa.

29. Question: Who becomes Queen of Arendelle at the end of 'Frozen 2'?

Answer: Anna.

30. Question: What is Kristoff's profession?

Answer: He harvests ice.

31. Question: What is the name of Kristoff's reindeer?

Answer: Sven.

32. Question: Whose love revives Anna at the end of 'Frozen'?

Answer: Elsa's.

33. Question: Who sings 'Let It Go'?

Answer: Idina Menzel.

34. Question: Who does Anna get to destroy the dam?

Answer: The Earth Spirits.

35. Question: Where did Anna and Elsa's mother come from?

Answer: Northuldra.

Hard 'Frozen' Trivia Question Time

Discover the magic of winter in 'Frozen'.

Beware quiz-taker, this might be the hardest of all the 'Frozen' trivia quizzes out there! You can learn some really interesting facts about 'Frozen'.

36. Question: What is the surname of Anna and Elsa?

Answer: Oldenburg.

37. Question: Which real-life nation's geography inspired the design of Arendelle?

Answer: Norway.

38. Question: Which Disney Princess attends Elsa's coronation?

Answer: Rapunzel.

39. Question: Who is the voice of Elsa and Anna's mother in 'Frozen'?

Answer: Jennifer Lee.

40. Question: What is the King's name?

Answer: Agnarr.

41. Question: What is the Water Spirit called?

Answer: Nokk.

42. Question: What was 'Frozen' originally called ?

Answer: 'The Snow Queen'.

43. Question: What is Olaf's height?

Answer: Five feet, four inches.

44. Question: What is the color of the jewel on Elsa's Coronation cape?

Answer: Blue.

45. Question: What color are the princesses' eyes?

Answer: Blue.

46. Question: What's the other name of Prince Hans?

Answer: Hans Westergaard.

47. Question: What's the princesses' mother's name?

Answer: Iduna.

48. Question: At what number is Hans in line for the throne?

Answer: 13th.

49. Question: How long is 'Frozen 2'?

Answer: 103 minutes.

50. Question: Who decided what the real 'act of true love' would be in 'Frozen'?

Answer: Jennifer Lee.

Name The Song

Can you remember the 'Frozen' songs?

Just like no Disney movie is complete without songs, no Disney 'Frozen' trivia can be complete without a section about its songs! Can you name the songs from these lyrics?

51. Question: "Cut through the heart, cold and clear."

Answer: 'Frozen Heart'.

52. Question: "The wind is howling like the swirling storm inside."

Answer: 'Let It Go'.

53. Question: "Is it the clumpy way he walks?"

Answer: 'Fixer Upper'.

54. Question: "Tonight imagine me gown and all."

Answer: 'For The First Time In Forever'.

55. Question: "I'll just dream about a time."

Answer: 'When I'm Older'.

Who Said This?

Can you identify the speaker of these lines? Try these 'Frozen' trivia with answers!

56. Question: "You'll always have me."

Answer: Anna.

57. Question: "Were you raised in a barn?"

Answer: Kristoff.

58. Question: "Some people are worth melting for."

Answer: Olaf.

59. Question: "All one can do is the next right thing."

Answer: Grand Pabbie.

60. Question: "Fears can't be trusted."

Answer: Elsa.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Frozen' trivia questions (and answers), why not take a look at our 2000s trivia, or Disney trivia for more?

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