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150 Guardians Of The Galaxy Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Are Out Of This World

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Hello fellow guardians!

We have for you the ultimate 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' quiz with trivia about James Gunn, Chris Pratt, Space Station, Peter Quill or Star Lord, Gamora, Drax, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, and all other marvelous characters from the marvel studios blockbusters. Try this list of Guardians Of The Galaxy trivia questions and find out if you're a true fan or not!

This Guardians Of The Galaxy trivia will have some Star Lord facts along with the madness of galaxy vol of thieves and smugglers. Find what Gamora, Drax, or Quill have been up to and relive the cuteness of Groot. A tip for every question you cannot answer, just say "I am Groot," and that will be accepted as right. Go ahead and play this Guardian of the galaxy trivia with your friends and family!

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'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Movie Trivia

What happens in the movie? Peter escapes from the planet Morag with a valuable orb that Ronan the Accuser wants. He eventually forms a group with unwilling heroes to stop Ronan. Have you watched it? Well, we might've given you some answers already. Knock yourselves out with this fun quiz!

1.Question: In the film, young Peter Quill was raised by which group of thieves and smugglers?

Answer: The Ravagers

2.Question: What is the title of the mixtape that Peter Quill makes?

Answer: Awesome Mix Vol.1

3.Question: What nickname does Peter Quill give himself?

Answer: Star-Lord

4.Question: Which prison are the gang taken to?

Answer: Klyn

5.Question: What color uniforms do they have to wear in prison?

Answer: Yellow

6.Question: How did Groot turn into Baby Groot?

Answer: He died and was reborn from a twig

7.Question: What is the name of the green alien in 'Guardians Of The Galaxy'?

Answer: Gamora

8.Question: Why was Peter Quill able to hold the Power Stone for a long time?

Answer: He was part celestial

9.Question: Which planet does Ronan The Accuser attack at the end of the first Guardians Of The Galaxy film?

Answer: Nova

10.Question: Which Guardian uses a Quad Blaster?

Answer: Peter Quill

11.Question: Which Guardian is seen petting Rocket Raccoon?

Answer: Peter

12.Question: What phrase is Groot most likely to say?

Answer: "I am Groot"

13.Question: Who is Rocket Raccoon's best friend?

Answer: Groot

14.Question: Where is Quill from?

Answer: Earth

15.Question: What is the name of Peter's ship that serves the Guardians?

Answer: Milano/Star Lord ship

16.Question: Of the six infinity stones, which attribute does the purple one that Peter finds signify?

Answer: Power Stone (Purple Infinity Stone)

17.Question: What does Yondu receive instead?

Answer: A doll

18.Question: What is the name of this planet where Peter finds the orb?

Answer: Morag

19.Question: Ronan the Accuser is a member of which star-faring race?

Answer: The Kree

20.Question: The first scene of the movie takes place on Earth in what year?

Answer: 1988

21.Question: Peter is seen at the hospital listening to a mixed tape. What was it titled?

Answer: Awesome Mix Vol.1

22.Question: Korath finds Peter just as he steals the orb. In an effort to hide his true intentions regarding the orb, what reason does Peter give for finding it?

Answer: "I am just a junker."

23.Question: When Peter escapes back to his ship, he has a rather bumpy ride as he takes off, a woman appears from the floor of the ship after being tossed about, Peter had forgotten about her. What was her name?

Answer: Bereet

24.Question: Peter was to bring the orb to his partner Yondu but changes his mind. Yondu says that he's breaking the code of the ravagers, but Peter claims that the code of the ravagers is?

Answer: Steal from everybody

Question: Peter goes to the planet Xandar to offload the orb, but who was to buy it from him?

Answer: The Broker

25.Question: The name Rocket is an alias, and he actually has a code number as his official identification. What is it?

Answer: 89P13

26.Question: After Peter, Gamora, Rocket, and Groot get arrested, we find out that Peter has a middle name. What is it?

Answer: Jason

27.Question: The planet Xander is the capital of which empire?

Answer: Nova Corps

28.Question: Peter gives himself a cool nickname and tries to get others to use it. What nickname does he choose?

Answer: Star Lord

29.Question: In the fight which leads to the four getting arrested on Xandar, what body parts did Groot have cut off by Gamora?

Answer: Arms

30.Question: Which of the four was the result of an "illegal genetic experiment on a lower life form"?

Answer: Rocket

31.Question: What is the name of the high-security prison the four are taken to?

Answer: Klyn

32.Question: While at the prison, the four plan to escape and bring the orb to Gamora's buyer, who is willing to pay a large sum for it. How much did Gamora claim they were willing to pay?

Answer: 4 billion units

33.Question: Rocket devises their plan of escape and claims that he needs three things, a guard's security band, a prosthetic leg, and what the third item?

Answer: A quarnex battery

34.Question: After Peter obtained the fake leg, it turned out that Rocket had only requested it as a joke, not believing they'd actually get it. How much money had Peter paid to obtain it?

Answer: 30,000 units

35.Question: Once they reached the guard tower in prison, what did Rocket turn off in order to escape?

Answer: Gravity

36.Question: The gang grabs their belongings before heading to Peter's ship, but what item is missing from Peter's bag, which he cannot leave without?

Answer: His walkman

37.Question: Back on his ship, Gamora claimed that it was dirty. Peter said that if he had what, it would look like a Jackson Pollock painting?

Answer: A blacklight

38.Question: Aside from calling himself Star Lord, how did Peter Quill introduce himself to Korath and his crew?

Answer: The legendary outlaw

39.Question: What did Quill has stowed away in his ship in the beginning?

Answer: Bereet, his one-night stand

40.Question: What was one of the more vintage pieces of equipment on the ship?

Answer: An audiotape player

41.Question: Why is Ronan the accuser so angry about the Kree-Xandar treaty?

Answer: He is angry about his family's death

42.Question: Who was ultimately thrilled to be cast as the Nova Corps leader, Nova Prime?

Answer: Glenn Close was the leader of the Nova corps

43.Question: Why does Ronan the accuser need the Orb - which Peter Quill had stolen from his own team?

Answer: To complete his deal with Thanos

44.Question: When we first meet Rocket Raccoon and Groot, what are their jobs?

Answer: They are bounty hunters

45.Question: Who is Peter meeting in Xandar, of all places?

Answer: The Broker

46.Question: Why is Drax the destroyer in Kyln prison in the first place?

Answer: For killing Ronan the accuser's people

47.Question: Whose smart idea was it to call up Ronan the accuser and his forces about where the Infinity Stone was?

Answer: Drax the destroyer

48.Question: What was the ship, the Milano, named after?

Answer: Peter Quill Star Lord's crush, Alyssa Milano

49.Question: The Nova Corps fighters may look small, but they have a big secret - what is it?

Answer: An energy net

50.Question: Stan Lee makes a cameo in nearly every Marvel movie; who did he play in Guardians?

Answer: Xandarian's lady man

'Guardians Of The Galaxy' 2 Trivia

After the success of the first film, the plot thickens. After a successful mission, Quill and his team of galactic defenders meet Ego, a man claiming to be Quill's father. However, they soon learn some disturbing truths about Ego. Oops! Have we given some spoilers? Let's see how you fare out on this GoTG trivia quiz after all this recap we've just given you.

51.Question: Who dies in Peter's flashback?

Answer: His mother

52.Question: What villainous character takes over the Ravagers in the second film?

Answer: Taserface

53.Question: We learn that Yondu was the one who took Peter from Earth as a child, but he doesn't call it Earth. What name does he use?

Answer: Terra

54.Question: Why was the young Peter Quill so upset in the beginning?

Answer: Quill Star Lord mother dies

55.Question: Which actor played both Thanos and Rocket?

Answer: Sean Gunn, brother of James Gunn

56.Question: What is Yondu's special weapon?

Answer: A whistle-controlled arrow

57.Question: What is the large space station Knowhere made of?

Answer: A large alien head

58.Question: Taneleer Tivan is called the Collector. Exactly what does he collect?

Answer: Trivial things

59.Question: In the film, Yondu is portrayed as a villainous mercenary, but in the comic book, he is?

Answer: Spiritual tribe warrior

60.Question: The Collector's residence in the film is also the comic home of the Guardians; what is this place called?

Answer: Knowhere

61.Question: What ability did Nebula, played by Karen Gillan, show after she was shot through a bulkhead with a bazooka?

Answer: She can repair herself like a machine

62.Question: During the final battle, aside from fighting bare-fisted, what kind of weapon set did Drax the destroyer prefer?

Answer: Daggers

63.Question: What was the name of Peter Quill's mother?

Answer: The mother of Star Lord was named Meredith Quill

64.Question: The Guardians are brought to the Sovereign to protect which of these?

Answer: An infinity stone- Power

65.Question: The Guardians meet Ego on which planet?

Answer: Berhert

66.Question: Who does not initially join Ego in traveling back to his homeworld?

Answer: Rocket

67.Question: Mantis has which of these abilities?

Answer: Controlling people's emotions

68.Question: Gamora and Nebula fight with one another, inevitably coming across which of these in a cave on Ego's planet?

Answer: Skeleton

69.Question: What is the name that Ego gives to his master plan?

Answer: The Expansion

70.Question: Who is required to place the bomb in the core of Ego's planet?

Answer: Groot

71.Question: Who saves Peter Quill when Ego's world is destroyed?

Answer: Yondu

72.Question: In which state does the film's opening scene take place?

Answer: Atlanta, Georgia

73.Question: Who is the leader of The Sovereign?

Answer: Ayesha

74.Question: Who sacrificed themselves in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2?

Answer: Yondu

75.Question: Who does Yondu look like?

Answer: Mary Poppins

76.Question: On which planet do the Guardians crash land on?

Answer: Berhert

77.Question: Which actor played Ego?

Answer: Kurt Russell

78.Question: Peter Quill is half-Terran. What is the other half?

Answer: Celestial

79.Question: What character besides Rocket Raccoon is shown to understand Groot at the end of the movie?

Answer: Peter Quill Star Lord

80.Question: Who was responsible for Meredith Quill's cancer?

Answer: Father of Quill, Ego

81.Question: Who is Peter Quill's dream father figure?

Answer: David Hasselhoff

82.Question: Which character most dislikes dancing?

Answer: Drax the destroyer

83.Question: Which song plays when the Guardians arrive at Ego's Planet?

Answer: My Sweet Lord

84.Question: 'You don't have to believe in yourself because I believe in you!' Who is Drax referring to?

Answer: Mantis

85. Question: How does Quill describe his relationship with Gamora?

Answer: An unspoken thing

86. Question: Which song was on the Awesome Mix Vol. 2 but wasn't used in the movie?

Answer: Fox on the Run

87.Question: What is Peter Quill's first line in the movie?

Answer: "They killed a little frog that ain't done nothing."

88.Question: When did Drax's father tell the story of impregnating his mother?

Answer: Every Winter solstice

89.Question: When Rocket Raccoon says, 'I love this song', he's referring to which track?

Answer: Southern Nights

90.Question: Drax constantly avoids using Rocket's aero-rigs because it hurts his?

Answer: Nipples

91.Question: Where were the Guardians originally going to after leaving the Sovereign?

Answer: Xandar

92.Question: What 80's toy does the device Quill use to track the Abilisk closely resemble?

Answer: Mattel Electronics Classic Football

93.Question: When Gamora says Rocket isn't a fox, he says he's also not a what?

Answer: Raccoon

94.Question: On which planet does Howard the Duck appear?

Answer: Contraxia

95.Question: What kind of tape does Drax ask Quill if 'will do'?

Answer: Scotch tape

96.Question: During Quill's flashback, there was a take from the first movie involving which other character?

Answer: Gamora

97.Question: 'You don't know anything about me, loser'. Who is Rocket Raccoon referring to?

Answer: Yondu

98.Question: What does Quill call Nebula when they reunite?

Answer: What's Smurfette doing here?

99.Question: 'What did Ego use to call Meredith?

Answer: River lily

100.Question: What was Taserface's second name choice, according to Rocket?

Answer: Scrotum hat

101. Question: What is the name of the Sovereign pilot whose ship is destroyed by Drax?

Answer: Zylak

102. Question: How many members of Yondu's Ravager faction survived the movie?

Answer: 1 (Kraglin)

103.Question: Which character from the first movie is mentioned several times but doesn't appear?

Answer: Thanos

104.Question: How many things does Baby Groot fetch before coming back with the fin?

Answer: 6 (underwear, an orloni, Vorker's eye, a desk, a toe, and a candy box)

105.Question: Who was Peter Quill's 'daddy'?

Answer: Yondu

106. Question: Who else laughs at Taserface's name besides Rocket?

Answer: Ayesha

107. Question: Who do the Ravagers plan on delivering Yondu to?

Answer: the Kree

108.Question: At which stage of Mantis' life did Ego find her?

Answer: Larval state

109.Question: What does Quill say he'll do to Rocket?

Answer: Shave him

110. Question: 'What does Rocket Raccoon call Peter Quill at Berhert?

Answer: Star-Munch

111.Question: The scene where Gamora escapes Nebula's aerial attack is a nod to which classic movie?

Answer: North by Northwest

112. Question: What does Yondu receive in the movie's final scene?

Answer: Colours of Ogord

113.Question: Which important character from the comic book had cameos in both films, without a line in either?

Answer: Cosmo

114.Question: When Rocket winks, it was meant to be behind whose back?

Answer: Ayesha

115.Question: What did Chris Pratt do to fit the role of Peter Quill Star-Lord perfectly?

Answer: Lose 60 pounds

116.Question: Drax is an unstoppable living tank, but what makes him so funny?

Answer: He takes everything literally

Marvel Cinematic Universe - Guardians of the Galaxy Fun trivia

Here are some trivia questions about the cast and behind the scenes!

Guardians of the Galaxy action figures

117.Question: What part of Karen Gillan's signature look did she sacrifice for the role of Nebula?

Answer: Her long red hair.

118.Question: "Groot" is a real word in 3 different languages. What does it translate to?

Answer: Large in Dutch

119.Question: Although Chris Pratt ended up with the role of Star Lord, which British celebrity was the runner-up for the part?

Answer: Eddie Redmayne

120.Question: What is the character of Rocket based off of?

Answer: Oreo, the raccoon who sadly died.

121.Question: Dave Bautista was previously in another film alongside Vin Diesel?

Answer: Riddick

Question: The post-credit scene featured an appearance from an early Marvel movie character. Who was it?

Answer: Howard the Duck

Question: Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana have great chemistry in Guardians, and they also almost starred together in Avatar, and which another blockbuster film?

Answer: Star Trek

122.Question: Guardians are the first in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to not feature what type of scene?

Answer: A kissing scene

123.Question: Guardians became the first Marvel film to break $300 million domestically at the box office without which actor?

Answer: Robert Downey, Jr.

124.Question: Which actor played Stakar?

Answer: Sylvester Stallone

125.Question: Which actor voiced Baby Groot?

Answer: Vin Diesel

126.Question: What was the last song that played on Quill's walkman before it was destroyed?

Answer: Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)

127. Question: How many times did Nebula defeat Gamora before their encounter at Ego?

Answer: None

128. Question: Which actor played Nebula?

Answer: Karen Gillan

129.Question: Which actor played Mantis?

Answer: Pom Klementieff

130.Question: What did Gamora think David Hasselhoff was called?

Answer: Zardu Hasselfrau

131.Question: Who was the composer for the movie's score?

Answer: Tyler Bates

132.Question: Which actor voiced Mainframe?

Answer: Miley Cyrus

133. Question: Besides Earth, which other planet is shown being consumed by Ego?

Answer: Xandar

134.Question: Which color was prominent in the first movie but mostly avoided in Vol. 2, according to James Gunn?

Answer: Purple

135.Question:'You people have issues.' Which character says this line?

Answer: Rocket

136. Question: After Quill's flashback, what does he say to Ego as The Chain starts playing?

Answer: You shouldn't have killed my mom and squished my walkman!

137. Question: How many relatives of James Gunn appear in the movie?

Answer: 3 (Sean, Jim, and Leota)

138.Question: What does the logo on Peter Quill's T-shirt translate to?

Answer: Gears Shift

139.Question: The movie has one continuity error within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which character is this error related to?

Answer: Stan Lee

140.Question: Who is the first character to suspect something's wrong with Ego?

Answer: Gamora

141.Question: What's the name of the red alien sorcerer that appears with Stakar's team at the end?

Answer: Krugarr

142. Question: Which character is played by Michael Rosenbaum?

Answer: Martinex

143.Question: What's the name of the Ravager who defended Yondu and is shown being frozen to death?

Answer: Tullk

144. Question: What is Nebula's species?

Answer: Luphomoid

 145.Question: Which actor played young Peter Quill?

Answer: Wyatt Oleff

146.Question: Who did the motion capture for Baby Groot's opening dance?

Answer: James Gunn

147. Question: How many Guardians of the Galaxy films are there in total?

Answer: Two

148.Question: What species did Gamora belong to?

Answer: Zen Whoberis

149. Question: In the comics, does Thanos actually have children?

Answer: Yes, he has a son named Thane

150.Question: What is Gamora's nickname in the galaxy?

Answer: Galaxy's deadliest assassin

Guardian Of The Galaxy Peter Trivia

Who does not love our very own Star Lord? Here are some questions to test your knowledge of him.

151.Question: When did Star Lord make his debut?

Answer:  1976

152.Question: Is his story the same through the comic book and movies?

Answer: No, his origin story has been rewritten multiple times.

153.Question: Was Peter always a GoTG member?

Answer: No

154.Question: Is Quill a superhuman?

Answer: Yes,

155.Question: How many elements can he conjure?

Answer: His signature sidearm can conjure all four elements

156.Question: Does he have cybernetic implants like Nebula and Gamora?

Answer: Yes

157.Question: In the comic book, who was his significant other?

Answer: He was engaged to Kitty Pryde, AKA Shadowcat.

158.Question: What did he do in the Battleworld?

Answer: While stranded in Battleworld, he became a lounge singer and sang Disney songs

Guardians Of The Galaxy Trivia Rocket

A raccoon or a build-a-bear? We shall never know. But here are some Rocket Trivia questions!

158. Question: How many times has Rocket appeared in the comics?

Answer: 30 years after his creation he only appeared in 10 comic book issues

159.Question: What was the inspiration behind his creation?

Answer: He was inspired by a Beatles song

160.Question: Can Rocket understand Groot?

Answer: Yes, he can.

161.Question: Who created Rocket Raccoon?

Answer: He was created by Robots

162.Question: Who is Rocket's soulmate?

Answer: His soulmate is an otter.

163.Question: Where did Rocket grow up?

Answer: Insane asylum

164.Question: Is there any connection between the comic book and the movie Rocket?

Answer: The scars he has in the movies are similar to the comic books

165. Question: The "We are standing up in a circle" line is very popular. Was it always in the script?

Answer: No, it was improvised.

167.Question: After whom was Rocket modeled?

Answer: His movie inspiration was a real Raccoon named Oreo

168.Question: Was he always a member of the GotG?

Answer: No he was not always a member of The Guardians Of The Galaxy

Guardian Of The Galaxy Drax Trivia

Drax is unarguably the most loved member of the movies, can you answer all of these trivia questions?

169.Question: How much does Drax weigh?

Answer: Over 1,000 pounds

170.Question: Does Drax only have combat skills as powers?

Answer: He has more powers in the comics

171.Question: Who was originally cast as Drax instead of Dave Bautista?

Answer: Jason Mamoa

172.Question: What was Dave's reaction after he got the part?

Answer: Dave Bautista cried after he got the news

173.Question: How long did it take for the actors to prepare the fight scene between Quill and Drax?

Answer: Two And A Half Months

174.Question: What is the real name of Drax?

Answer: Arthur Douglas

175.Question: Who killed Drax's family in the comics?

Answer: In the comics, Drax's family was killed by Thanos, not Ronan.

176.Question: When did his character first appear in the Marvel comics?

Answer: Iron Man #55

177.Question: What other galactic team is Drax a part of?

Answer: Drax was a member of the Infinity Watch

178.Question: How long did it take Dave Batista to get the makeup done for his character?

Answer: Five hours

179.Question: Why was Drax created? What was the reason?

Answer: Drax was created to kill Thanos

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our trivia about 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' like Star Lord, Gamora, and Rocket, then why not take a look at 'Avengers' trivia or 'Batman' trivia for more fun superhero content.

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