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85+ Hockey Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Will Stick With You

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

Hockey is a much loved sport played across the world.

Started in the mid 18th century in England, the sport has now become the national game of India and is played across the world in championships like the Olympics. Today, the game is popular among thousands of children, who might one day be the sports stars of the future.

The game is played with a hockey stick and a rubber puck and it is recognized internationally. Ice hockey players wear protective gear including elbow pads and shoulder pads, as well as protective gloves. Field hockey requires less protective equipment, but players still wear shin guards and mouth guards to keep safe. The 60 minutes of the game demonstrate the skills and expertise of the players. But will our sports trivia hockey questions show your skills today? We have curated this hockey trivia for kids quiz for you and your family to play. For more, check out our America trivia and Super Bowl trivia to further test your knowledge of sports.

Easy Hockey Trivia

Here's a warm-up! We have curated some easy hockey trivia questions and answers to start with, let's see if you can strike a perfect score in the first round. We bet you will win this with a ten score, won't you?

1.Question: How many players are there in a field hockey team?

Answer: 11.

2.Question: What is the name of the "ball" used to play hockey?

Answer: Hockey puck.

3.Question: How many players are there in each team of ice hockey?

Answer: Six.

4.Question: How many substitutes are there in each hockey team?

Answer: Six.

5.Question: In a hockey match, who is allowed to use their feet along with the stick to direct the hockey puck?

Answer: Goalkeeper.

6.Question: Which side of the stick are you allowed to use only?

Answer: The flat side.

7.Question: How many different ways can you hit a hockey puck?

Answer: Three.

8.Question: Which country has Hockey as its national game?

Answer: India.

9.Question: What is the surface on which field hockey is played on called?

Answer: Turf or grass.

10.Question: What are the referees in a hockey game called?

Answer: Umpires.

11.Question: Are hockey sticks right-handed or left-handed?

Answer: Right-handed.

12.Question: How many types of hockey are played in the world?

Answer: Five.

13.Question: Where would you go if the coach assigns you the position of the sweeper?

Answer: Behind the center.

14.Question: What is the term used when a player blocks another player from getting the ball?

Answer: Obstruction.

15.Question: Can you score from anywhere in the hockey field, yes or no?

Answer: No.

NHL Hockey Trivia

The National Hockey League is a celebrated ice hockey tournament in the United States, it has lots of history and facts to tell. We have curated these NHL trivia questions for you to assess your knowledge of the sport and the celebrated tournament. Play on!

16.Question: Can you name the first player in NHL history to score 100 points in a single season?

Answer: Phil Esposito.

17.Question: Who scored the first goal in the NHL?

Answer: Dave Ritchie.

18.Question: When was the offside rule introduced to the NHL?

Answer: 1930.

19.Question: Who was the first woman in NHL history to play a game?

Answer: Manon Rheaume.

20.Question: Name the famous sports curse which supposedly prevented the Chicago Blackhawks from winning for 40 years in any NHL game.

Answer: Curse of Muldoon.

21.Question: Who was the first to win more than two trophies in an individual NHL season?

Answer: Stan Mikita.

22.Question: Who holds the record for most points in a single period?

Answer: Bryan Trottier.

23.Question: For how many decades did Gordie Howe play?

Answer: Six.

24.Question: Which was the first team to wear white pants in NHL history?

Answer: Washington Capitals.

25.Question: Who was the first player to break the record of 50 goals in a season?

Answer: Bobby Hull.

26.Question: Which NHL sniper had Japanese ancestry?

Answer: Paul Kariya.

27.Question: In which year was the first Art Ross Trophy awarded?

Answer: 1948.

28.Question: Which NHL player has been suspended for a lifetime?

Answer: Billy Coutu.

29.Question: Who is the oldest man ever to coach an NHL game?

Answer: Al Arbour.

30.Question: Name the father-son duo to score 1000 points each in the NHL.

Answer: Bobby Hull and Brent Hull.

NHL Hockey Team Trivia

Who is in for some more facts and figures about the NHL hockey tournament? Do you know the teams well, their stories, their wins and their losses? Let's test your knowledge in the hockey trivia game below.

31.Question: Name 'original six' NHL teams.

Answer: Montreal Canadiens (est. 1909), Toronto Maple Leafs (est. 1917), Detroit Red Wings (est. 1926), Chicago Blackhawks (est. 1926), Boston Bruins (est. 1924) and New York Rangers (est. 1926).

32.Question: What was the nickname given to the Philadelphia Flyers in the '70s?

Answer: Broad Street Bullies.

33.Question: What was Artemi Panarin affectionately nicknamed?

Answer: Bread Man.

34.Question: What is the nickname given to Jonathan Toews from the Chicago Blackhawks?

Answer: Captain Serious.

35.Question: Can you name the twins who played for the Vancouver Canucks?

Answer: Daniel and Henrik Sedin.

36.Question: What is the mascot of the team Vegas Golden Knights?

Answer: Chance, the Gila Monster.

37.Question: Who last played an NHL game without a helmet?

Answer: Craig MacTavish.

38.Question: Who had the most NHL season wins in his career?

Answer: Scott Stevens.

39.Question: What was the nickname given to the Los Angeles Kings line that featured Dave Taylor, Charlie Simmer and Marcel Dionne?

Answer: The Triple Crown Line.

40.Question: What is the goal horn of the Buffalo Sabres?

Answer: Kahlenberg F-3, a type of yacht horn.

41.Question: How many cups did the Montreal Canadiens win in the '90s?

Answer: One.

42.Question: What jersey number did Jeremy Roenick wear when he played for the Phoenix Coyotes?

Answer: #97.

43.Question: Who holds the NHL season single's record for shooting percentage?

Answer: Charlie Simmer.

44.Question: Which goalkeeper had three assists in one game?

Answer: Jeff Reese.

45.Question: Name the member from the NHL team, Chicago Blackhawks who scored a hat trick in a game in 21 seconds.

Answer: Bill Mosienko.

Ice Hockey Trivia Questions

Ice Hockey is played a lot in the States. Do you follow ice hockey as an ardent fan? Can you answer the hockey quiz questions below? Let's see how much you know about ice hockey and the players with these trivia questions!

Players in the field of ice hockey

46.Question: What do players wear on their feet while playing ice hockey?

Answer: Ice Skates.

47.Question: Who from the Toronto Maple Leafs scored the most regular season goals?

Answer: Mats Sundin.

48.Question: When were the Montreal Canadiens founded?

Answer: 1909.

49.Question: Who is the first player to win the Kelly Cup, the Calder Cup and the Stanley Cup?

Answer: Jay Beagle.

50.Question: When was ice hockey introduced in the Winter Olympics?

Answer: 1924.

51.Question: Who published the first known rules of ice hockey?

Answer: The Montreal Gazette.

52.Question: What is the dimensions (length and width) of standard ice rinks in North America?

Answer: 200 feet long, 85 feet wide.

53.Question: What is the goalkeeper also known as?

Answer: Goalie.

54.Question: Who was the NHL Rookie of the Year in 2004?

Answer: Andrew Raycroft.

55.Question: Who replaced his brother as the head coach of the Washington Capitals?

Answer: Terry Murray.

56.Question: Who won the Vezina Trophy in the 1990-91 season?

Answer: Ed Belfour.

57.Question: Who wrote the rules of modern ice hockey?

Answer: J. C. A. Creighton.

58.Question: How many times have the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup?

Answer: Six times.

59.Question: What is the machine called which is used to keep ice in the ice rink intact?

Answer: Zamboni.

60.Question: Who invented the Zamboni machine, and when?

Answer: Frank Zamboni, in 1949.

Stanley Cup Trivia Quiz Questions

The champions of the NHL win the Stanley Cup and are hockey champions, whilst the champions of this questionnaire are the masters of their own knowledge. So, are you one of the masters? Can you play the hockey trivia games below and win your very own victory?

61.Question: When was the prestigious Stanley Cup first introduced?

Answer: 1893.

62.Question: Who was the first woman to get her name on the Cup?

Answer: Marguerite Norris.

63.Question: Who is the shortest player in NHL history?

Answer: Roy Worters.

64.Question: Which team has won the maximum number of Cups in the NHL season?

Answer: Montreal Canadiens.

65.Question: Who was the youngest NHL captain ever to hoist the Cup?

Answer: Sidney Crosby.

66.Question: Can you name the only coach to ever be suspended in a Cup Final?

Answer: Jack Adams.

67.Question: Where was the first indoor ice hockey match played?

Answer: Montreal, Canada.

68.Question: In which years were the Cup tournament not held?

Answer: 1919 and 2005.

69.Question: Who is recorded as the player with the most goals in the Cup finals?

Answer: Maurice Richard.

70.Question: Who made history by winning an Olympic Gold Medal and the Stanley Cup in the same year for the first time?

Answer: Ken Morrow.

71.Question: Who is the only goalie whose name appeared on the Cup as the captain?

Answer: Charlie Gardiner.

72.Question: When did NHL assume control over the Cup tournament?

Answer: 1926.

73.Question: In which year there was no Stanley Cup winner?

Answer: 1919.

74.Question: Who was the first player to wear jersey #99?

Answer: Joe Lamb.

75.Question: Who was the first goalie to wear a mask in a game?

Answer: Clint Benedict.

Hockey Trivia Facts

We are at the Finals, champ! So far, we have covered everything around the brilliant hockey game: ice hockey, the Cups, the people associated with the sport and the championships themselves. But, are you ready for the ultimate challenge? This is a battle of crazy facts about hockey, these hockey trivia quiz questions and answers will prove your skills, play on champ!

76.Question: What is the origin of the word 'hockey'?

Answer: It is derived from the word 'hoquet', meaning "a shepherd's staff".

77.Question: Name five different types of hockey played across the world.

Answer: Field hockey, roller hockey, ice hockey, sledge hockey and street hockey.

78.Question: According to a legend, what was the first hockey puck ever used made of?

Answer: Frozen cow dung.

79.Question: The NHL team, Pittsburgh Penguins, had a live penguin as their mascot. What was the name of the mascot?

Answer: Slapshot Pete.

80.Question: Who introduced curved hockey sticks?

Answer: Stan Mikita.

81.Question: Who set the record for shooting the fastest hockey puck at 118 miles per hour?

Answer: Bobby Hull.

82.Question: Who played Hockey before becoming a celebrity: Keanu Reeves or Paul Rudd?

Answer: Keanu Reeves.

83.Question: What was the original height of the Stanley Cup?

Answer: Seven inches tall.

84.Question: Who is someone described as a 'Joe Hockey'?

Answer: A person who knows nothing about hockey.

85.Question: Name the first hockey player to be honored with the Sportsman of the Year by 'Sports Illustrated'.

Answer: Bobby Orr.

86.Question: Name the popular Canadian singer and songwriter who played at the 2017 NHL All-Star Celebrity Shootout.

Answer: Justin Bieber.

87.Question: Who was the first African American on a Team USA Olympic roster for hockey?

Answer: Jordan Greenway.

88.Question: What is the meaning of the phrase "to put the biscuit in the basket"?

Answer: To score a goal.

89.Question: Who is nicknamed 'The Chief', who has captained for the Boston Bruins?

Answer: Johnny Bucyk.

Here, at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for hockey trivia, then why not look at our baseball trivia and soccer trivia too?

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