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50 Inauguration Trivia Questions (And Answers) We Swear You Will Enjoy

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How much do you know about the inauguration of Presidents of the United States?

Inauguration day is a day to mark the beginning of a new President's term in office. It occurs at the beginning of every four year Presidential term.

From questions on the history of inauguration, to questions about specific US Presidents, this inaugural trivia quiz is perfect for families to test their knowledge! For more trivia, you can also check out our American trivia and Boston trivia.

Presidential Inauguration Trivia

How much do you know about the Presidents of the United States and the inaugural ceremony?

1. Question: Which President was the last person to follow the tradition of wearing a top hat at Presidential inaugurations?

Answer: John F. Kennedy.

2. Question: Which President did not parade down Pennsylvania Avenue after the swearing-in ceremony?

Answer: Ronald Reagan.

3. Question: Which President did not use the Bible to take the Oath of Office?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt.

4. Question: Who gave the longest inaugural address during his Presidential inauguration?

Answer: William Henry Harrison.

5. Question: Who was the first First Lady to attend inaugural celebrations.

Answer: Dolly Madison.

6.Question: Who was the only President to be sworn in on an airplane?

Answer: Lyndon B. Johnson.

7. Question: Who was the first President to include African Americans in his parade?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

8. Question: Who was the last President inaugurated on 4 March?

Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

9. Question: Whose inaugural address was the shortest in his second inauguration?

Answer: George Washington.

10. Question: Whose Presidential inauguration was the first to be broadcast on television?

Answer: Harry Truman.

Obama Inauguration Trivia

Obama had two inaugurations.

Barack Obama was the first black President, do you know any inauguration facts about him?

11. Question: Who was the Pastor who delivered the invocation at the first Presidential inauguration of Barack Obama?

Answer: Rick Warren.

12. Question: Which Washington DC landmark was the site of Obama’s first swearing-in ceremony?

Answer: Capitol Building.

13. Question: Who did Obama run against in his second term election?

Answer: Mitt Romney.

14. Question: How many terms did Barack Obama serve at the White House?

Answer: Two.

15. Question: In which state was Barack Obama born?

Answer: Hawaii.

16. Question: Who was assigned to deliver the Oath of Office to Barack Obama?

Answer: John Roberts.

17. Question: Which former US President's oath did Obama take on the Bible during his swearing-in ceremony?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

18. Question: At what time of the day did Barack Obama begin his first term as President ?

Answer: Noon.

19. Question: Who swore-in Barack Obama for the second day of his President ?

Answer: Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.

20. Question: Which song was immediately played after Obama concluded the Oath of Office?

Answer: 'Hail To The Chief'.

Trivia About Firsts At Presidential Inaugurations

How well can you recall the most ground-breaking Presidential history?

21. Question: Who was the first President to start the legacy of swearing-in the Oath of Office using the Bible?

Answer: George Washington.

22. Question: Who held the offices of the President and the Vice President for the first time without being elected?

Answer: Gerald Ford.

23. Question: Where was the first inaugural ceremony held before Washington DC became the capital?

Answer: New York.

24. Question: Who was the first President to skip his successors swearing-in?

Answer: John Adams.

25. Question: Who hosted the first Inaugural Ball?

Answer: James Madison.

26. Question: Who was the first President to be inaugurated at the Capitol?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

27. Question: Name the constitutional amendment that designated 20 January to be the first day of a President's term.

Answer: The 20th Amendment.

28. Question: Who was the first President whose inaugural ceremony was photographed?

Answer: James Buchanan.

29. Question: Who was the President whose inauguration was the first to ever be on 20 January?

Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

30. Question: Who was the first President whose inaugural ceremony was filmed?

Answer: William McKinley.

Inauguration Dates Trivia

Do you remember the dates of Inauguration well? How aware are you of the history of the inaugurations? Test your knowledge with this inauguration quiz!

31. Question: What American document does the elected President pledge to "support and defend" during the Oath?

Answer: The Constitution.

32. Question: When was Bill Clinton inaugurated to the House?

Answer: 1997.

33. Question: What was the temperature recorded at Ronald Reagan's inaugural ceremony?

Answer: Seven degrees.

34. Question: When was the first Presidential inauguration?

Answer: 1789.

35. Question: In which year did President George W. Bush take the Oath of Office?

Answer: 2001.

36. Question: Who took the Oath of Office on a Super Bowl Sunday?

Answer: Ronald Reagan.

37. Question: Who was the only woman in US history to have sworn in a President ?

Answer: Sarah T. Hughes.

38. Question: On which day do the Presidential inaugurations take place?

Answer: 20 January.

39. Question: Which year did Abraham Lincoln swear in as the President of the United States?

Answer: 1861.

40. Question: Which year was Lyndon B. Johnson sworn into the Office?

Answer: 1963.

Presidents In America Trivia

The United States has an interesting history.

Test your knowledge of US Presidents with these questions all about inauguration interesting facts.

41. Question: Who was the President of the United States for one day?

Answer: David Rice Atchison.

42. Question: Who served the shortest term in US history?

Answer: William Henry Harrison.

43. Question: Who was the richest President ever elected?

Answer: Donald Trump.

44. Question: Who was the third US President?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

45. Question: Which year did the second inauguration of Barack Obama take place?

Answer: 2012.

46. Question: Who is the only President to have served four terms of the Presidency?

Answer: Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

47. Question: How long was George Washington's famous inaugural address?

Answer: 135 words.

48. Question: What did Thomas Jefferson wear to his inaugural ceremony?

Answer: A black coat.

49. Question: How many Presidents have been inaugurated?

Answer: 45, Joe Biden will be the 46th.

50. Question: Who was the first President inaugurated in Washington DC?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

Here, at Kidadl, we have created lots of family-friendly trivia for everyone! If you liked our inauguration trivia, why not look at our Presidents Day trivia and 4th July trivia. 

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