50+ Minnesota Trivia Questions (And Answers): Are You A True Minnesotan? | Kidadl


50+ Minnesota Trivia Questions (And Answers): Are You A True Minnesotan?

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Ready to lace up your trivia boots and put your knowledge of Minnesota to the test? Tucked away in the Upper Midwest, this gem of a state is more than just pretty landscapes, boasting a dazzling array of lakes and forests that'll take your breath away. Minnesota is packed with history, culture, and a welcoming community. Home to the bustling Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, Minnesota has its own charm. The Land of 10,000 Lakes has a wealth of knowledge just waiting to be explored!

Whether you're a native Minnesotan or a curious explorer, this fact-filled quiz is a fun way to discover more about the North Star State. A trivia challenge that’s brimming with facts about beautiful Minnesota. It’s a chance to explore this incredible state without leaving your comfy chair. While you assess how much you know about this US state, some trivia questions might also introduce you to new information about Minnesota that you were not aware of. So, if you are ready to hop into this trivia extravaganza, then let's get started!

Minnesota History

Get ready for a blast from the past, as we start off with a quiz about the history of Minnesota. Back in 1858, Minnesota officially strutted onto the scene as the 32nd star on the US flag. But, how much more do you know about Minnesota's colorful past? It's time to put your knowledge to the test with this fun-filled Minnesota history facts trivia! So, grab a comfy seat and let your curiosity take the wheel as we dive into the riveting chronicles of Minnesota.

1. Question: Which year was the current flag of Minnesota adopted?

Answer: 1957.

2. Question: What does the word Minnesota mean?

Answer: Cloudy water.

3. Question: When did Minnesota celebrate its 150 years of statehood?

Answer: 2008.

4. Question: What is the correct abbreviation for Minnesota?

Answer: MN.

5. Question: What is the state fish of Minnesota?

Answer: Walleye.

6. Question: What is the number of dates on the state flag of Minnesota?

Answer: Three.

7. Question: How many United States representatives does Minnesota have?

Answer: Eight.

8. Question: Which is the oldest house in Minnesota?

Answer: The Sibley House.

10. Question: In which year did Minnesota become a state?

Answer: 1858.

11. Question: What is the population of Minnesota as per July 2022 census estimates?

Answer: 5.72 million.

12. Question: What is Minnesota's motto?

Answer: L’Étoile du Nord (Star of the North).

13. Question: What is Minnesota's state bird?

Answer: Common loon.

14. Question: What is Minnesota's state song?

Answer: 'Hail! Minnesota'.

Minnesota Geography

Science museum of Minnesota

Ever wondered what makes Minnesota so special? Or perhaps you've pondered about the climate up there in the heart of the Midwest? Well, let's unlock those answers with a sizzling hot trivia quiz all about Minnesota's geography! Bordered by Canada and the mighty Lake Superior, Minnesota's got some geographic secrets just waiting to be discovered. Buckle up to tackle some trivia questions filled with facts and surprises.

15. Question: What is the capital of Minnesota?

Answer: Saint Paul.

16. Question: What is the largest city in Minnesota?

Answer: Minneapolis.

17. Question: Is it true that Minnesota has 1,000 mountains?

Answer: No.

18. Question: Which is the major river in Minnesota?

Answer: Mississippi.

19. Question: Minnesota shares how many state borders?

Answer: Four.

20. Question: How many countries share their boundary with Minnesota?

Answer: One, Canada.

21. Question: What is the major industry in Minnesota?

Answer: Agriculture.

22. Question: Which is the highest mountain in Minnesota?

Answer: Eagle Mountain.

23. Question: What is Minnesota's rank in the list of populous states in the USA?

Answer: 22nd.

24. Question: What is Minnesota also called?

Answer: Land of 10,000 Lakes/North Star State.

25. Question: How many lakes are present in Minnesota?

Answer: 11,842.

26. Question: Which is Minnesota's largest lake?

Answer: Red Lake.

27. Question: How many mountains are present in Minnesota?

Answer: 176.

28. Question: What is the coldest temperature ever recorded in Minnesota as of 2022?

Answer: -60 F (-51.1 C).

29. Question: What is the state flower of Minnesota?

Answer: Showy lady's slipper.

30. Question: Which part of Minnesota is known as the Arrowhead Country?

Answer: Northeastern.

31. Question: What is another nickname for Minnesota?

Answer: Gopher State.

32. Question: How many lakes named 'Long Lake' are there in Minnesota?

Answer: 150.

33. Question: What is the rank of Minnesota as per area?

Answer: 12th largest.

34. Question: Where is the University Of Minnesota located?

Answer: Minneapolis.

35. Question: Where is the Science Museum Of Minnesota located?

Answer: St. Paul.

37. Question: Where does the annual Minnesota State Fair take place?

Answer: St. Paul.

36. Question: Where can you find Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox?

Answer: Bemidji.

37. Question: Which is the richest city in Minnesota as of 2022?

Answer: Orono.

38. Question: What is the state tree of Minnesota?

Answer: Red Pine.

39. Question: What is the state crop of Minnesota?

Answer: Corn.

40. Question: What is the national park in Minnesota called?

Answer: Voyageurs National Park.

41. Question: What is Minnesota's geographic center?

Answer: Crow Wing County.

42. Question: Which famous mall is in Minnesota?

Answer: Mall of America.

People of Minnesota

Minnesota is more than just stunning landscapes; it's also the birthplace and home to some incredibly noteworthy people! So, how about we put your knowledge of famous Minnesotans to the test? Ready to discover what makes this state so unique through the lives of its most notable residents? Then strap in, and let's dive into this next trivia adventure!

43. Question: Name the famous singer from Minneapolis who sang 'Purple Rain'.

Answer: Prince.

44. Question: Who was the folk legend born in Hibbing as Robert Zimmerman?

Answer: Bob Dylan.

45. Question: Born in Minnesota, he was a former governor and pro wrestler. What is his name?

Answer: Jesse Ventura.

46. Question: Name the Minnesota-born filmmaker duo who directed 'No Country For Old Men'?

Answer: Ethan and Joel Coen.

47. Question: Who was the cartoonist of the comic strip, 'Peanuts', born in St. Paul?

Answer: Charles Monroe Schulz.

48. Question: Who designed the state flag of Minnesota?

Answer: Amelia Hyde Center.

49. Question: Name the Minnesota-born radio host of the show, 'A Prairie Home Companion'?

Answer: Garrison Keillor.

50. Question: What is the name of the mascot for the University Of Minnesota?

Answer: Goldy Gopher.

51. Question: Who from St. Paul, served as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

Answer: Warren Burger.

52. Question: Who from Roseville acted in the movie 'MacGyver'?

Answer: Richard Dean Anderson.

Minnesota Sports Trivia

Fancy a dash through the exhilarating world of Minnesota's sporting legends? Minnesota is a powerhouse in the sports world, boasting teams in all five major professional leagues. Do you think you've got the home-field advantage when it comes to Minnesota sports trivia? Strap on your cleats, grab your trivia playbook and let's kick off a quiz that's sure to score big on fun and facts.

53. Question: Which official basketball team is based in Minneapolis?

Answer: Minnesota Timberwolves.

54. Question: What is the official American football team of Minnesota, whose home is based in Minneapolis?

Answer: Minnesota Vikings.

55. Question: How many NFL teams does the state have?

Answer: One.

56. Question: Which company manufactures Super Bowl rings and has its headquarters in Minnesota?

Answer: Jostens.

Well, there you have it, trivia aficionados - a deep dive into the heart of Minnesota, covering its captivating history, unique geography, notable people, and thrilling sports. We have reached the end of this trivia-packed tour through the stunning state of Minnesota. Whether you aced every question or learned something new along the way, remember the journey is just as important as the destination. There is a lot more that you can learn about Minnesota and other US states and satisfy your curiosity. Don't forget to share this quiz with your friends and family. Maybe challenge them to beat your score?

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