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52 President Quiz Trivia Questions (And Answers) To Boss Your School Project

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The 2020 US Presidential elections are being discussed everywhere, including schools.

This Presidential trivia is all about gaining knowledge of the former Presidents and finding fun facts that you might not know otherwise. So, lets see how much you know about the American Presidents of the past, present and future!

In the US, Presidents are elected for a four year term, after which new elections are conducted to elect a new President. The US President is lives in the White House (this is the official residence and the workplace of the United States of America President). From the first President, George Washington, to other famous Presidents such as Theodore Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln and the assassination of John F. Kennedy to the current 46th US President Elect, Joe Biden different Presidents have brought a lot of changes to the country.

If you find this President fun fact history quiz interesting, or if you have a school age child who needs to do a project on this topic, this is the ultimate place for you. We have created some US Presidential trivia questions with answers to test your knowledge, from the White House to John F Kennedy and Theodore Roosevelt. This President and Presidents Day trivia will be a great quiz on Presidents, full of fun President facts, Presidents Day trivia, funny Presidential trivia, interesting trivia about US Presidents, inauguration trivia, random President facts, President trivia for kids, trivia about the history of the White House, Vice President trivia, facts about each President, US political trivia and much more. Enjoy!

Basic US Presidents Trivia

Most of the US Presidents, from Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and Theodore Roosevelt to John F Kennedy, George W Bush and Harry S Truman, had a bold personality and a unique history. If you are working on your history project, this Presidential quiz will provide you with a lot of content. In this US President trivia section, you can expect more varied questions than you might find in a name all the Presidents quiz, with political trivia questions, American President quiz questions and much more. Test your knowledge with these President questions and see if you can get them all right. We hope you enjoy this quiz on US Presidents and learn some funny President facts!

The President lives and works in the White House.

1. Question: Which President was unanimously elected from 1732- 1799?

Answer: George Washington.

2. Question: Who was the only President in US history to hold the job of a hangman?

Answer: Grover Cleveland.

3. Question: Who was the only tailor ever to be President?

Answer: Andrew Johnson.

4. Question: Which President never lived in the White House?

Answer: George Washington.

5. Question: Which President never represented a political party?

Answer: George Washington.

6. Question: Who was the first president to be inaugurated in Washington DC?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

7. Question: Who was the only President to be elected for two non-consecutive terms?

Answer: Grover Cleveland.

8. Question: Name the first US President born in the United States, after the American Revolution.

Answer: Martin Van Buren.

9. Question: Who was the only President to serve in both WWI and WWII?

Answer: Dwight David Eisenhower.

10. Question: Who was the first ever President to visit all 50 states?

Answer: Richard Nixon.

11. Question: Who was the only President to resign?

Answer: Richard Nixon.

12. Question: Which US President was also a licensed bartender?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

13. Question: Which four Vice Presidents were elected to President in the next consecutive term?

Answer: John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Van Buren and George H. W. Bush

14. Question: Name the only presidential candidate that was not a Mason in the 1860 election.

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

15. Question: Who was the only President who was a lifelong bachelor?

Answer: James Buchanan.

16. Question: Who wrote 'The Life and Morals Of Jesus Of Nazareth'?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

17. Question: Who was the lightest President of the United States?

Answer: James Madison.

18. Question: Who made the shortest inauguration speech on record, at 133 words and less than two minutes long?

Answer: George Washington.

19. Question: Which former United States President holds the record for the longest inauguration speech in history, at 8,578 words long?

Answer: William Henry Harrison.

20. Question: Which President held the shortest Presidency on record?

Answer: William Henry Harrison.

21. Question: What was Gerald Rudolph Ford's name before he was adopted?

Answer: Leslie Lynch King Jr.

22. Question: Who became the youngest President at age 42?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt.

23. Question: Which three presidents died on 4 July?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson (1826), John Adams (1826) and James Monroe (1831).

24. Question: What does H and W stand for in George H. W. Bush?

Answer: George Herbert Walker Bush.

25.Question: Who was the first President to ever be photographed at his inauguration?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

26. Question: Who was the heaviest US President?

Answer: William Howard Taft.

27. Question: Who was the only 20th century President without a college degree?

Answer: Harry Truman.

28. Question: The capital of Liberia is named after which President?

Answer: James Monroe.

29. Question: Who was the first Southerner elected to the Presidency?

Answers: President Jimmy Carter.

30. Question: Who was the tallest President?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

Election Trivia Questions

Elections are among the most important days for a country. In the US, election day is the day when the people of America choose their President by casting their votes. So, our list of Presidential trivia for kids, could not ignore this all-important day! Let's see if you can ace these United States President trivia questions, full of funny election trivia and White House trivia. Good luck!

How much do you know about elections in the United States of America?

31. Question: Who was the first President under the Articles of Confederation?

Answers: John Hanson.

32. Question: How was the Vice President chosen up until 1804?

Answer: The person who became Vice President was the person who received the second highest amount of votes in a Presidential election.

33. Question: Under whose Presidency did the US embrace a new series of harsh penalties and laws against violent crimes?

Answer: Bill Clinton.

34. Question: Which President was a professor of law?

Answer: Bill Clinton.

35. Question: Which President was present during the ratification of the North American Free Trade Agreement?

Answer: Bill Clinton.

36. Question: Can you name the 32nd President of the United States?

Answer: Franklin D Roosevelt.

37. Question: Which President also became Assistant Secretary for the US Navy in 1913?

Answer: Franklin D Roosevelt.

38. Question: Which President opposed the annexation of Texas?

Answer: Van Buren.

39. Question: Which US President holds the records for both the lowest and highest approval ratings in history?

Answer: George H. W. Bush.

40. Question: Who is the only President in history to serve two nonconsecutive terms in America.

Answer: Grover Cleveland.

41. Question: Who was the first President born in Hawaii?

Answer: Barack Obama.

42. Question: Which President lived the shortest life?

Answer: John F Kennedy.

43. Question: Who was the first ever President to live in the White House?

Answer: John Adams.

44. Question: Who was the first President to be impeached?

Answer: Andrew Johnson.

45. Question: Who was the first president to appoint an African American to the Supreme Court?

Answer: Lyndon Johnson.

46. Question: Which President's first job was a lifeguard at Lowell Park in Illinois?

Answer: Ronald Reagan.

47. Question: Which US President was the only movie actor ever to become a President?

Answer: Ronald Reagan.

48. Question: Was the voting age always 18?

Answer: No, it was 21 and this was changed in the '70s.

The Hardest President Trivia Questions

Do you think you remember all the details about every President? Try out this hard Presidential trivia quiz to test your knowledge!

49. Question: Who was the smallest president?

Answer: James Madison.

50. Question: Which US President was famous for his cooking?

Answer: Dwight Eisenhower.

51. Question: What do all the assassinated presidents have in common?

Answer: They were all killed by gunfire.

52. Question: Who founded the University of Virginia?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for President quiz trivia questions (and answers), then why not take a look at our American trivia or election trivia for more?

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