30+ Saint Patrick's day trivia Questions For Kids: How Much Luck Will You Have?

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The traditions of St. Patrick's day are hugely important to Irish culture, involving a whole lot of food and drink, dancing and parades.

This special holiday was created to mark the death of the patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. This special occasion brings into focus a variety of mystic folklores like leprechauns and the four-leaf clover that brings good luck.

If you enjoy learning about different St Patrick's day fun facts and trivia, you will love this quiz full of St Patrick's day trivia questions! If you are looking for questions about funny facts about St Patrick's day, questions about the story of St Patrick's day, or general Irish trivia questions, you will find what you are looking for on this list of questions based around fun facts about Saint Patrick’s Day as well as the story behind the origin of St Patrick's day and the meaning of Saint Patrick's day. This St Patrick's day quiz is full of Saint Patrick's day fun facts that are both fun and knowledgeable. For more fun quizzes, check out our Irish trivia and Channukah trivia too, but for now why not get together with your family to answer this fun Ireland trivia quiz that might even teach you something new?  

Questions About The History Of Saint Patrick

As we all know, history is full of the best stories that tell us all about the interesting things that have happened in the past. Here are some questions all about the Irish history of St Patrick's day and facts about Saint Patrick and the Holy Trinity.

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1.  Question: Who was Saint Patrick?

Answer: He was a missionary who is credited with bringing Christianity to areas of Ireland.

2. Question: Where is believed to be Saint Patrick’s place of birth?

Answer: Britannia.

3. Question: According to historians, what was Saint Patrick’s name at birth?

Answer: Maewyn Succat.

4. Question: Where and when was the first Saint Patrick’s Day Parade held in


Answer: It was held in New York in 1762.

5. Question: What is the significance of the green shamrock?

Answer: Saint Patrick used the green shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity (the father, the Son and the Holy Spirit).

6. Question: Which city celebrated Saint Patrick’s day for the first time in 1813 and since has turned it into a huge Saint Patrick's Day Parade?

Answer: Savannah, Georgia.

7. Question: What is the meaning of the phrase "Erin go Bragh"?

Answer: Ireland until eternity.

8. Question: What is a culinary tradition of St Patrick’s Day?

Answer: Eating corned beef and cabbage.

9. Question: When is Saint Patrick's Day celebrated?

Answer: 17 March.

10. Question: Which Italian historic site has been lit up in recent years as part of St Patrick’s Day celebrations?

Answer: The Leaning Tower Of Pisa.

11. Question: Worldwide, how many pints of beer are consumed on Saint Patrick’s Day?

Answer: 13 million.

General Saint Patrick's Day Trivia

What is the origin of St Patrick's Day? It is a time for some fun, dancing and enjoyment, so here are some funny facts about Saint Patrick's Day that are all about the St Patrick Day background, including lots of fun facts about St Patrick Day celebrations that will make you rethink what you already know about this day.

12. Question: Which country celebrates Saint Patrick’s day as a national holiday?

Answer: Ireland.

13. Question: Which is the original color that was affiliated to Saint Patrick?

Answer: Blue.

14. Question: The official symbol of Saint Patrick’s day is associated with which plant?

Answer: The shamrock.

15. Question: What is the widely recognized color that is now associated with Saint Patrick?

Answer: Green.

16. Question: What is the name of the official act that recognizes Saint Patrick’s Day as an Irish public holiday?

Answer: Bank Holiday (Ireland) Act 1903.

17.  Question: Is Saint Patrick’s Day only celebrated by Irish people?

Answer: Though it is celebrated worldwide, Saint Patrick’s Day is traditionally considered to be a religious celebration of all things Irish.

18. Question: Which is a dry stout drink that is famous in Ireland?

Answer: Guinness.

19.   Question: What is the famous mascot creature associated with Saint Patrick’s Day?

Answer: Leprechaun.

St Patrick's Day Facts And Myths

Myths and folklore are tales that have been said to have some truth to them. Dazzle  your mind with  St Patrick day facts for kids.

20. Question: Why, traditionally, do people wear green on Saint Patrick’s day?

Answer: To avoid getting pinched by a leprechaun.

21. Question: Which city in the US dyes its river green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?

Answer: Chicago dyes its river green on St Patrick's Day.

22. Question: When is traditionally considered the best time to sneak up on a leprechaun?

Answer: When he is busy mending his shoes.

23. Question: According to  myth, once captured, what will a leprechaun do in order to gain its release?

Answer: They will lead you to a rainbow and barter their pot of gold for their release.

24. Question: What is the real meaning behind Saint Patrick’s Day?

Answer: It commemorates the arrival of Christianity and Saint Patrick into Ireland.

25. Question: True or false? Saint Patrick drove out hordes of snakes from Ireland?

Answer: False.

26. Question: Cultural influence from which country linked leprechauns with celebrations of Saint Patrick's Day?

Answer: America.

27. Question: What is the aim of kissing the Blarney stone on Saint Patrick's Day?

Answer: To get the gift of the gab.

More St Patrick Trivia

From the 17th century, Saint Patrick's day started as a Roman Catholic feast for Saint Patrick, celebrating his arrival in Ireland. It was then transformed over time into the large Saint Patrick's Day celebrations and parades that we recognize today. Here are a few fun facts about St Patrick's Day for kids to enjoy that also involve lots of trivia about Ireland. Join in the St Patrick Day fun with these St Patrick's day history and facts!

28. Question: If you are looking for a pot of gold and you see a leprechaun with a shillelagh, what does this mean?

Answer: He is carrying a long magical stick.

29. Question: Why was the name ‘Patrick’ was given to Saint Patrick?

Answer: He was considered to be a father figure to the people.

30. Question: What does the color green signify in Ireland?

Answer: It signifies hope for the country.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for St. Patrick's Day trivia  then why not take a look at our Spring trivia, or 4th of July trivia for more?

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