20+ Seattle Trivia Questions: How Well Do You Know America's Emerald City? | Kidadl


20+ Seattle Trivia Questions: How Well Do You Know America's Emerald City?

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Seattle is otherwise known as the city of innovation!

It is said that Seattleites take good ideas and turn them into great ideas! Located on the West Coast of the United States, this city has a lot to offer to every person who visits.

Found between Lake Washington and Puget Sound, Seattle is a city with scenic beauty. It is home to millions of people, the highest number of cafes in any US city, museums, many a city bar, spectacular views through the space needle, exciting music and nightlife, and much more! Even the weather is interesting in Seattle, where the summers are short and the winters are unexpected. Cold winds and minimal downpour can be expected. The weather in the Emerald City is very changeable but there are amazing spots to visit come rain or shine. Seattle is also famous for its seafood, yum!

We have come up with some exciting quiz trivia about Seattle for you to use in any upcoming trivia nights with friends and family. So, gather your family around, settle down for your Seattle quiz night and let's get this trivia night started! For more, check out our Boston trivia and New York city trivia.

Top Trivia On Seattle WA

To start your Seattle trivia nights, we have lots of interesting trivia on Seattle's lesser known facts and some of the most fun things to do in Seattle, WA. Why not take up the free quiz to see if you can get them all correct?

vertical panorama of the Seattle Space Needle on blue sky

1. Question: Name the birthplace of the world's largest coffee chain, Starbucks.

Answer: Seattle, WA.

2. Question: In which year was Starbucks opened in Seattle?

Answer: 1971.

3. Question: True or false? Seattle is ranked the most literate city in the country.

Answer: True.

4. Question: True or false? Seattle was the first American city to elect a female mayor.

Answer: True.

5. Question: What are people from Seattle called?

Answer: Seattleites.

6. Question: The famous Space Needle is located in which neighborhood?

Answer: Queen Anne.

7. Question: True or false? The Pacific Northwest Ballet from Seattle has the highest per-capita attendance.

Answer: True.

8. Question: Which is the tallest mountain in Washington located southeast of, and often visible from, Seattle?

Answer: Mount Rainier.

9. Question: Which famous show was shot in the city?

Answer: The famous medical show 'Grey's Anatomy'.

10. Question: What is the name of the world's longest floating bridge located in Seattle?

Answer: Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, also known as The 520 Bridge.

11. Question: How tall is the Space Needle?

Answer: 605 feet tall.

The Best Seattle Trivia Night Quiz Questions

Why not have a go at these Seattle trivia questions and see if you can be a trivia champ at your trivia nights?

12. Question: At which famous location in Seattle was the show 'The Killing' shot?

Answer: The shooting for the show was done at Discovery Park.

13. Question: What nickname is Seattle best known as?

Answer: The Emerald City.

14. Question: Where is the iconic Space Needle located?

Answer: At the Seattle Center on Broad Street, Seattle.

15. Question: What can you and your friends spot from the top of the Space Needle?

Answer: Panoramic views of downtown, Mt. Rainier, the Olympic Mountains and Puget Sound.

16. Question: True or false? The Puget Sound is home to the world's third largest ferry fleet.

Answer: True.

18. Question: Seattle is home to the largest human made island in the US. What is it called?

Answer: Harbor Island.

19. Question: Seattle is home to which famous music icon?

Answer: Jimi Hendrix.

20. Question: Seattle was home to which chapter of the Black Panther Party?

Answer: Second.

21. Question: Who created the design for the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle?

Answer: Frank Gehry (Gehry Partners, LLP).

22. Question: What is the famous street and commercial district The Ave N also called?

Answer: The University Way NE or The University Way Northeast.

23. Question: What does Ave N stand for?

Answer: The Avenue.

24. Question: Which famous University is located around The University Way NE?

Answer: University Of Washington.

25. Question: What is speed of the elevator that travel to the top of the Space Needle?

Answer: Eight hundred feet per minute!

Fun Things To Do With Friends In Seattle Trivia Quiz

From live music, to endless shopping, finding great nights and days out in and around Seattle, WA can get expensive, let's learn more about some fun things to do at Seattle for free! Try this trivia quiz with your friends and test your knowledge. You can find the best trivia Seattle has to offer with this West Seattle trivia quiz.

26. Question: Name a free spot to soak in the beauty of the Seattle skyline.

Answer: Gasworks Park.

27. Question: True or false? Golden Gardens Park provides one of the best sunset views in Seattle.

Answer: True.

28. Question: What is the entry fee at the Pike Place Market?

Answer: No entry fee! It is free!

29. Question: What is so special about the Waterfall Garden Park?

Answer: It is home to a 22ft waterfall and is a great picnic spot among locals.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy at home! If you liked our suggestions for Seattle trivia then why not take a look at our Superbowl trivia, or American trivia for more trivia for every family to try?

Second Image credit: Felix Mizioznikov / Shutterstock.com

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