120+ 'Star Wars' Trivia Questions To Become The Ultimate Stormtrooper | Kidadl


120+ 'Star Wars' Trivia Questions To Become The Ultimate Stormtrooper

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Test your knowledge with these hard Star Wars trivia questions.

1977 saw the debut of the first "Star Wars" film.

This "Star Wars" trivia quiz is ideal if you want to find out how much you know about Jabba the Hutt and Boba Fett and Obi-Wan characters. You may make your "Star Wars" trivia night more challenging with Kidadl's 'Star Wars' trivia questions.

Carrie Fisher, George Lucas, and other actors play a variety of characters in the space galaxy drama "Star Wars," which follows their exploits. Although the precise time period of "Star Wars" is unclear, the opening sequence makes it clear that it takes place in the past, not the future as some people have the misconception.

So, Jedi Master, may the force be with you for this fun 'Star Wars' trivia! If you like our funny 'Star Wars' trivia, do try Rogue One trivia and 80's movie trivia too. Prepare for some hard 'Star Wars' trivia and obscure 'Star Wars' trivia.

New Star Wars Trivia Questions Based on Characters

Test your knowledge of characters through this 'Star Wars' trivia game. This quiz about 'Star Wars' can be considered easy 'Star Wars' trivia!

1. Question: Darth Vader warns a bounty hunter that Han and his friends must not be disintegrated. Can you recall the name of that bounty hunter?

Answer: Boba Fett.

2. Question: In which Sith Lord's brain did the Empire start?

Answer: Palpatine.

3. Question: In 'Episode I', who was elected as the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic?

Answer: Darth Sidious.

4. Question: In the movie 'Attack Of The Clones', which character said, "Oh, not good"?

Answer: Obi-Wan Kenobi.

5. Question: Who was the person responsible for training Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Answer: Qui-Gon Jinn.

6. Question: Who is called the Chosen One during the prequel trilogy?

Answer: Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader).

7. Question: What was the name of the protocol droid that approached the two Jedi at the beginning of 'Episode I'?

Answer: TC-14.

8. Question: Who is the twin brother of Princess Leia?

Answer: Luke Skywalker.

9. Question: Who is the Queen of the planet Naboo?

Answer: Padme Amidala.

10. Question: Who is the adopted father of Princess Leia?

Answer: Bail Organa.

11. Question: Who brought Anakin to the Jedi Council in 'Episode I'?

Answer: Qui-Gon Jinn.

12. Question: Who did Han Solo and Luke Skywalker free from the Death Star in 'Episode IV – A New Hope'?

Answer: Princess Leia.

13. Question: Who is the killer near the end of the movie 'The Phantom Menace'?

Answer: Qui-Gon Jinn.

14. Question: Which of the main characters originates from the planet Corellia?

Answer: Han Solo.

15. Question: Who was the first to call Anakin Skywalker the Chosen One?

Answer: Qui-Gon Jinn.

16. Question: Who was sent to Tatooine to stop Darth Vader from getting the plans for the Death Star from Princess Leia?

Answer: R2D2 and C-3PO.

17. Question: Which battle was fought between the natives of Naboo and the Trade Federation's droid armies?

Answer: Battle of Naboo.

18. Question: Who spoke the words, "You want this, don't you?" in the movie 'Return Of The Jedi'?

Answer: Emperor Palpatine.

19. Question: How many characters feature in all six movies?

Answer: Four.

20. Question: Who is the oldest living Jedi, and who is also the oldest on the Council?

Answer: Yoda.

21. Question: Who had a tauntaun with a broken left arm?

Answer: Luke Skywalker.

22. Question: What is the name of the R2 that flies with Luke Skywalker?

Answer: R2D2.

23. Question: Who says the following lines, "Into the garbage chute, flyboy"?

Answer: Princess Leia.

24. Question: Who suggested his removal if Chancellor Palpatine stays in office after General Grievous is destroyed?

Answer: Ki-Adi-Mundi.

25. Question: Who says the words, "He's too old to begin the training" in 'The Phantom Menace'?

Answer: Mace Windu.

26. Question: In 'Episode I – The Phantom Menace', who destroyed the droid control ship?

Answer: Anakin Skywalker.

27. Question: What was the name of the clone who ordered shooting Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Answer: Commander Cody.

28. Question: Who is the Viceroy of the Trade Federation?

Answer: Nute Gunray.

29. Question: Who is the only Jedi Knight in the Council in 'Episode I'?

Answer: Ki-Adi Mundi.

30. Question: Who was fooled by Luke's Jedi mind trick?

Answer: Bib Fortuna.

31. Question: Who answers the telecommunicator when Luke is stuck in a trash pit?

Answer: C-3PO.

32. Question: How did Luke cut the ropes in 'Return Of The Jedi'?

Answer: Deflected blaster shot.

33. Question: What is the shape of Ishi Tib's head?

Answer: Star.

34. Question: What does Leia call Han Solo?

Answer: "Scruffy looking nerf herder".

35. Question: Who says the line, "Look at the size of that thing."?

Answer: Wedge.

36. Question: Which trader did Anakin help while on Tatooine?

Answer: Watto.

37. Question: Who is the speaker of the lines, "Do, or do not. There is no try."?

Answer: Yoda.

38. Question: What is the call sign of the clone commander pilot hailed by Obi-Wan?

Answer: Oddball.

39. Question: In which battle was Executor involved?

Answer: Battle of Endor.

40. Question: Which two characters are featured in five of the six movies?

Answer: Yoda and Palpatine.

41. Question: Who said the lines, "Asteroids do not concern me, Admiral"?

Answer: Darth Vader.

42. Question: Who was the owner of the Millenium Falcon after Lando Calrissian?

Answer: Han Solo.

43. Question: Who is Wedge in the first trilogy?

Answer: A fighter pilot.

'Star Wars' Fan Quiz Questions Based On The Story

For adults and kids, 'Star Wars' quiz questions are a great activity.

The more characters, the more story arcs we get from a movie. The following 'Star Wars' movie trivia will test how much of the story you can recall. Attempt the hardest' Star Wars' trivia questions and answers with all your knowledge here!

44. Question: Yoda found that Anakin possessed something that may lead him to the Dark Side in 'Episode I'. Can you remember what it was?

Answer: Fear.

45. Question: From which planet did the clones that formed the Empire's army come from?

Answer: Kamino.

46. Question: What, according to Yoda, are the two signs of the Dark Side?

Answer: Anger and hate.

47. Question: The Battle of Hoth took place in which movie?

Answer: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.

48. Question: In which battle did we see Darth Vader fly in?

Answer: Battle of Yavin.

49. Question: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker went on a rescue mission to save Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. During which battle was this?

Answer: Battle of Coruscant.

50. Question: What is the capital of the Republic?

Answer: Coruscant.

51. Question: During the Battle of Endor in 'Episode VI', where was Darth Vader?

Answer: He was dueling with his son.

52. Question: At the beginning of 'Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith', which battle is ongoing?

Answer: Battle of Coruscant.

53. Question: What are the first words shown at the beginning of the 'Star Wars' trilogy?

Answer: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…."

54. Question: According to Qui-Gon Jinn, what special thing did Anakin possess?

Answer: Huge amounts of midi-chlorians.

55. Question: Anakin was tested on which three subjects to prove that he had embraced the Force?

Answer: Ship, cup, and speeder.

56. Question: What does Darth Vader find disturbing when the power of the Force is questioned?

Answer: A lack of faith.

57. Question: In which movie was the bounty hunters employed by the Empire?

Answer: 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

58. Question: Which life forms can embody the Force?

Answer: Midichlorians.

59. Question: After the issuing of which order were hundreds of Jedi mown down by clones all over the galaxy?

Answer: Order 66.

60. Question: R2D2 is a droid. Can you recall what type of droid it is?

Answer: Astromech.

61. Question: What do Luke's aunt and uncle do?

Answer: Moisture farming.

62. Question: Which planet is Princess Leia originally from?

Answer: Alderaan.

63. Question: How did Kamino use Jango Fett in the movie 'Episode II'?

Answer: To build the clone army for the Empire.

64. Question: In which battle did Luke Skywalker destroy the Death Star, the Empire's superweapon?

Answer: Battle of Yavin.

65. Question: In which movie did Jabba the Hutt die?

Answer: 'Episode VI'.

66. Question: In which movie can we see Yoda fighting against Count Dooku?

Answer: 'Episode II'.

67. Question: How long had Yoda trained Jedi in 'The Empire Strikes Back'?

Answer: 800 years.

68. Question: Han Solo is from which planet?

Answer: Corellia.

69. Question: What advice did Biggs give Porkins when the X-Wing was damaged?

Answer: "Eject!".

70. Question: Which house did Leia's adoptive father belong to?

Answer: Royal House of Alderaan.

71. Question: Which planet did Yoda go to when the Empire was at its greatest power?

Answer: Dagobah.

72. Question: In which battle did Obi-Wan Kenobi kill General Grievous?

Answer: Battle of Utapau.

73. Question: In which movie does Luke go to Dagobah to receive Jedi training?

Answer: 'The Empire Strikes Back'.

Master Yoda is one of the most loved characters in the series.

'Star Wars' Movies Trivia Questions Based On The Cast

These 'Star Wars' movie-related questions will help you to remember the actors who portrayed these chracters. Find out how many cast members you recognise by taking this "Star Wars" quiz. Why not try it and see whether you struggle with this seemingly tough "Star Wars" trivia?

74. Question: How many actors appeared in all six movies?

Answer: Two.

75. Question: Who portrayed the role of C-3PO?

Answer: Anthony Daniels.

76. Question: In "Episode V" and "Episode VI," who played the part of Lando Calrissian?

Answer: Billy Dee Williams.

77. Question: Which actor played Shmi Skywalker, Anakin's mother?

Answer: Pernilla August.

78. Question: In 'A New Hope', who palyed the role of Darth Vader?

Answer: David Prowse.

79. Question: Who plays Darth Vader in the lightsaber duels in "The Empire Strikes Back" and "Return of the Jedi"?

Answer: Bob Anderson.

80. Question: In 'The Phantom Menace', who played the stunt double of Obi-Wan Kenobi?

Answer: Andreas Petrides.

81. Question: Who is the person behind Darth Vader's voice?

Answer: James Earl Jones.

82. Question: In 'The Phantom Menace', who was the main stunt coordinator?

Answer: Nick Gillard.

83. Question: In 'Episode II', who plays the role of Palpatine?

Answer: Ian McDiarmid.

84. Question: In 'The Phantom Menace', Who was the Qui-Gon Jinn stunt double?

Answer: Rob Inch.

Most Difficult 'Star Wars' Quiz Questions

Only the most ardent Star Wars fans who have been preparing to become Jedi master since they watched the first film would be able to answer these questions. In our comprehensive "Star Wars" quiz, let's put your knowledge of the universe to the test by answering some challenging "Star Wars" trivia. Keep in mind that these "Star Wars" trivia questions are written such that they are still ideal for youngsters. Have fun!

85. Question: Which famous actress played a minor role in 'Episode I: The Phantom Menace'?

Answer: Keira Knightley.

86. Question: A starship was captured at the beginning of 'A New Hope' by a Star Destroyer. Can you remember the name of the starship?

Answer: Tantive IV.

87. Question: Who is the director of photography for the movie "Episode I: The Phantom Menace'?

Answer: David Tattersall.

88. Question: In 'A New Hope', a Rebel pilot guesses the number of gun towers while flying down the trench. What was his estimation?

Answer: Twenty.

89. Question: Who is the first character to speak in 'Episode IV: A New Hope'?

Answer: C-3PO.

90. Question: Which creatures carry the Gungan shield generators into the battle?

Answer: Fambaas.

91. Question: When did 'The Empire Strikes Back' release in theatres?

Answer: 1980

92. Question: In which movie can one see Anakin Skywalker win the Boonta Eve Podrace?

Answer: 'The Phantom Menace'.

93. Question: Can you guess the height of the actor who played the role of Chewbacca?

Answer: Seven feet and two inches.

94. Question: In which movie can you see the speeder bike chase on the Forest Moon of Endor?

Answer: 'The Return Of The Jedi'.

95. Question: What was considered the main sin of Jar Jar Binks, because of which he was banished from the company of other Gungans?

Answer: He was extremely clumsy.

96. Question: Can you recall the line that the droid Threepio used to insult Chewbacca and all the Wookies?

Answer: "After all, he's only a Wookie."

97. Question: How many lights will you find on the wingtips of an X-Wing fighter?

Answer: Three.

98. Question: When Qui-Gon first met Anakin Skywalker, how old was he?

Answer: Nine.

99. Question: In which movie did we first meet Jango Fett?

Answer: 'Attack Of The Clones".

100. Question: In 'The Phantom Menace', what is the color of the Naboo Starfighter?

Answer: Yellow.

101. Question: In which location were the scenes of Tatooine shot in the original trilogy?

Answer: Tunisia.

102. Question: In 'A New Hope', which type of shield does thermal exhaust have on the Death Star?

Answer: A ray shield.

103. Question: Who is the composer of the music for all the 'Star Wars' movies?

Answer: John Williams.

104. Question: In 'A New Hope', which planet is said to be the farthest from the center of the universe?

Answer: Tatooine.

105. Question: Can you recall the name of the battle armor worn by Boba Fett?

Answer: Mandalorian.

106. Question: What words did C-3PO use to refer to Jawas in 'A New Hope' when he was angry?

Answer: "Disgusting creatures."

107. Question: In which two movies can we see an asteroid chase scene?

Answer: 'Attack Of The Clones' and' The Empire Strikes Back'.

108. Question: What word does Anakin call his rival, Sebulba, just before the pod race?

Answer: Sleemo.

109. Question: How were the Clone Wars brought to an end?

Answer: By the imposition of Order 66 on the Jedi.

110. Question: What is the name of the species of Zam Wesell, a bounty hunter?

Answer: Clawdite.

111. Question: What is the location of the Council Chambers?

Answer: Jedi Temple, Coruscant.

112. Question: How long was Executor, the ship?

Answer: 19,000 meters.

113. Question: What did the droid leader want to be addressed as?

Answer: General Grievous.

114. Question: What was the Rebel Base on Hoth called?

Answer: Echo Base.

115. Question: Where was Anakin when his shadow resembled Darth Vader?

Answer: Tatooine.

116. Question: What is the species of Yarael Poof?

Answer: Quermian.

117. Question: What was Ewok village supposed to be?

Answer: A village of Wookies.

118. Question: Why did Han return to help Luke?

Answer: He wanted a share of some of the rewards.

119. Question: How does Ben Kenobi escape after shutting down the power?

Answer: By distracting the stormtroopers.

120. Question: Can you remember the number of action scenes that happened at the end of 'The Phantom Menace'?

Answer: Four.

121. Question: What did Luke call the Millenium Falcon?

Answer: A piece of junk.

122. Question: From which planet was Chewbacca?

Answer: Kashyyyk.

123. Question: What is the name of the female Yoda on the council?

Answer: Yaddle.

124.Question: In which ship was Lieutenant Hija a gunnery officer?

Answer: Devastator.

125. Question: Who is the captain of Tantive IV?

Answer: Captain Antilles.

126. Question: Who said, "He is too old" when he met Luke and Anakin for the first time?

Answer: Yoda.

127. Question: Which ship commander for Senator Bail Organa was loyal to Princess Leia?

Answer: Captain Raymus.

128. Question: Why was Anakin ordered to go to the Mustafar system?

Answer: To kill a separate leader.

129. Question: Who says, "I've got your word for it, not a scratch"?

Answer: Han Solo.

130. Question: How many planets are in the Star Wars universe?

Answer: 460 planets.

131. Question: Who killed Jabba the Hutt?

Answer: Princess Leia.

132. Question: What mineral is used to make a lightsaber blade?

Answer: Various minerals were used throughout Star Wars films to make lightsaber blades - Cortosis Ore, Kyber Crystals, Kunda Stones from Kandril planet. While many Jedi and Sith used objects other than crystals, such as physical remains, glass fragments, and even specialized micromachinery, to make lightsaber blades.

133. Question: Who is Captain Phasma?

Answer: Captain Phasma is the commander of the stormtroopers.

134. Question: Who is the biological father of Princess Leia?

Answer: Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) is the biological father of Princess Leia.

135. Question: Who is the grandfather of Kylo Ren and Ben Skywalker?

Answer: Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) is the father of Kylo Ren and Ben Skywalker.

136. Question: Who is the great-grandfather of Allana Solo?

Answer: Darth Vader.

137. Question: How many times has "May the Force Be With You" been said in Star Wars films?

Answer: 16 times in seven movies.

138. Question: What were the last words said by Yoda to Luke Skywalker?

Answer: The dying words of Yoda to Luke Skywalker were, "Luke, there is another Sky- Skywalker...".

139. Question: "Be careful not to choke on your aspirations" is said by which character in "The Empire Strikes Back?"

Answer: Darth Vader.

140. Question: Which planet is home to the Jedi Temple?

Answer: Coruscant.

141. Question: Who betrayed Luke and his friends to Darth Vader on Bespin?

Answer: Lando Calrissian.

142. Question: "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" Who said this line in "A New Hope."

Answer: Princess Leia.

143. Question: "I have brought peace, freedom, justice, and security to my new empire." Who said this line in "Return of the Jedi?"

Answer: Darth Vader.

144. Question: "Obi-Wan has taught you well, but you are not a Jedi yet." Who says this line to Luke in" The Empire Strikes Back"?

Answer: Darth Vader.

145. Question: What is the name of Han Solo's trusty co-pilot?

Answer: Chewbacca.

146. Question: Who designed the Death Star?

Answer: Engineer and architect Bevel Lemelisk.

147. Question: How old was Darth Vader at the time of his death?

Answer: 45 years old.

148. Question: Who trained Yoda?

Answer: N'Kata Del Gormo.

149. Question: What was the color of the lightsaber of Grand Master Yoda?

Answer: Yoda uses a green-colored lightsaber whose crystal was obtained from the planet Ilum.

150. Question: The Millennium Falcon makes the Kessel Run in how many parsecs?

Answer: Less than 12 parsecs.

151. Question: How many members were in the Jedi Council during the High Republic?

Answer: 12 members.

152. Question: Who was Emperor Palpatine's Sith apprentice before Darth Vader?

Answer: Count Dooku.

153. Question: When does Anakin first meet Padme?

Answer: On Tatooine.

154. Question: What are Porgs?

Answer: Sea avian creatures from planet Ahch-To.

155. Question: How many moons does Naboo have?

Answer: Three moons

156. Question: What is the name of the first Death Star?

Answer: DS-1 Battel Orbital Station.

157. Question: Who is the only character to have appeared in all eight of the main Star Wars films?

Answer: Anthony Daniels, who played C-3PO.

158. Question: Who designed R2-D2 and C-3PO?

Answer: Ralph McQuarrie.

159. Question: What kind of animal is Chewbacca?

Answer: Wookiee.

160. Question: Who was originally going to direct Return of the Jedi?

Answer: George Lucas wanted David Lynch to direct Return of the Jedi, but he refused.

Here at Kidadl, we have created lots of family-friendly trivia for everyone! If you liked our for 'Star Wars' movie trivia questions, then why not take a look at 'Black Panther' trivia and 'Lord Of The Rings' trivia for more?

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