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171 Thanksgiving Trivia Questions And Answers That You'll Want A Piece Of

Thanksgiving is a national holiday observed in November.

The first Thanksgiving was in November 1621 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. It was a celebration of  harvest shared by the Native Wampanoags and the Pilgrims.

Following this very first Thanksgiving, it became a tradition in the US and Canada to celebrate Thanksgiving. People come together, eat delicious food, and they also express their gratitude, whether that be for ample harvests or the health of their loved ones. If our American trivia and St. Patrick's Day trivia interested you, we're sure that you'll enjoy these fun Thanksgiving trivia facts! We hope you love this intriguing Thanksgiving quiz!

November Trivia Questions For Thanksgiving Day

Go through the following Thanksgiving day trivia questions and answers based on November to find out some great fun facts, such as that Thanksgiving wasn't always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November! You'll also find some curious Thanksgiving history trivia. So, are you ready for some November facts and trivia?

1. Question: When was Thanksgiving in 2020?

Answer: 26 November.

2. Question: When is Thanksgiving in 2021?

Answer: 25 November.

3. Question: Who decided to celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November?

Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

4. Question: On which day was this national holiday observed before Roosevelt?

Answer: The last Thursday of November.

5. Question: Who decided to hold Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of November?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

6. Question: When did Lincoln declare that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the last Thursday of November?

Answer: 1863.

7. Question: When did Roosevelt decide that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November?

Answer: 1939.

8. Question: When was Thanksgiving celebrated on the first Thursday of November?

Answer: 1865.

9. Question: Who decided to celebrate Thanksgiving on the first Thursday of November?

Answer: Andrew Johnson.

10. Question: When was Thanksgiving celebrated on the third Thursday of November?

Answer: 1869.

11. Question: Who decided that Thanksgiving would be celebrated on the third Thursday of November?

Answer: Ulysses S. Grant.

12.  Question: How many days were formerly reserved as national holidays for Thanksgiving?

Answer: One each in August and November.

13. Question: Who decided that there would be two days for Thanksgiving?

Answer: Lincoln.

Thanksgiving Fun Quiz Questions

Some surprising facts about this national holiday await you! Read through these to know some trivia questions and answers concerning Thanksgiving. How many of these questions about Thanksgiving will you get right?

14. Question: Who declared that Thanksgiving would be a national holiday?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

15. Question: When was Thanksgiving declared a national holiday?

Answer: 1863.

16. Question: Which is the world's largest Thanksgiving day parade?

Answer: Macy's Thanksgiving day parade.

17. Question: In which years did Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade not happen?

Answer: 1942, 1943 and 1944.

18. Question: Does Thanksgiving day has any significance in religion?

Answer: Yes.

19. Question: When was Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade first held?

Answer: 1924.

20. Question: What happens during a Thanksgiving parade?

Answer: Parades, floating balloons and music performances.

21. Question: Who organized the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: William Bradford.

22. Question: What is 'William Bradford: The First Thanksgiving'?

Answer: An animated show about the first Thanksgiving.

23. Question: When did Bradford's Thanksgiving show first air?

Answer: 1997.

24. Question: When was the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: 1621

25. Question: Which other national day did Thanksgiving effectively replace?

Answer: Evacuation Day.

26. Question: Which is the oldest Thanksgiving parade?

Answer: Gimbels Parade.

27. Question: What is the Gimbels Parade currently known as?

Answer: 6ABC Dunkin' Donuts Thanksgiving Parade.

28. Question: When was Evacuation Day celebrated?

Answer: 25 November.

29. Question: Where is the 6ABC Dunkin' Donuts Thanksgiving Parade based?

Answer: Philadelphia.

30. Question: Which countries observe national holidays on Thanksgiving?

Answer: The United States, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Liberia.

31. Question: What did the Macy's Parade initially start as?

Answer: A Christmas parade.

32. Question: When did a Thanksgiving parade first air on TV?

Answer: 1946.

33. Question: Where was this Thanksgiving parade first aired?

Answer: New York.

34. Question: When was a Thanksgiving parade first aired nationally?

Answer: 1947.

35. Question:  On which platform did this Thanksgiving parade first air nationally?

Answer: NBC.

36. Question: What happens at the end of Thanksgiving parades?

Answer: Santa Claus appears.

37. Question: Which giant Thanksgiving balloon is the oldest?

Answer: Felix the cat.

38. Question: In which year did Westminster Abbey in London host a Thanksgiving ceremony for American soldiers?

Answer: 1942.

39. Question: What sport is traditionally played on Thanksgiving day?

Answer: Football.

40. Question: Besides football, what other sport is played around Thanksgiving?

Answer: Basketball.

Thanksgiving Food Trivia

Shall we now indulge in some Thanksgiving food trivia? Do you think you know everything about Thanksgiving dinner? Test your knowledge with these Thanksgiving trivia questions (including turkey trivia). Brace yourselves for some funny Thanksgiving trivia in this turkey trivia quiz!

Catholic traditional thanksgiving food on table

41. Question: What is the main part of a Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: Turkey.

42. Question: How many deer did the Wampanoag Indians bring for dinner on the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Five deer.

43. Question: How long did the first Thanksgiving feast last?

Answer: Three days.

44. Question: How many people were at the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Around 50 Pilgrims and 90 Wampanoags.

45. Question: What constitutes a Thanksgiving feast?

Answer: Turkey, potatoes, cranberry sauce, beans, and much more.

46. Question: True or false? The first Thanksgiving feast was eaten outdoors.

Answer: True.

47. Question: Are female turkeys or male turkeys used in the Thanksgiving feast?

Answer: Both.

48. Question: What are female turkeys called?

Answer: Hens.

49. Question: What are male turkeys called?

Answer: Toms.

50. Question: Why do male turkeys gobble?

Answer: To attract female turkeys.

51. Question: What do you call the feathers on the breast of a male turkey?

Answer: Tassel/beard.

52. Question: What are the feathers of a turkey used for?

Answer: For adornments and steadying arrows.

53. Question: Which food from the first Thanksgiving is now hardly eaten during the celebration?

Answer: Seafood.

54. Question: Does a domestic turkey weigh more than a wild turkey?

Answer: Yes, almost double.

55. Question: What is Thanksgiving also known as?

Answer: Turkey day.

56. Question: Which state in the US has the most turkeys?

Answer: Minnesota.

57. Question: Why is Thanksgiving day also known as Turkey day?

Answer: Turkey is a staple food for Thanksgiving.

58. Question: True or false? Turkey was eaten at the first Thanksgiving.

Answer: False.

59. Question: What do we call young turkeys?

Answer: Poults.

60. Question: Which sport uses the term 'turkey'?

Answer: Bowling.

61. Question: True or false? You taste cranberries to see if they are ready for harvest.

Answer: False.

62. Question: What is a wattle?

Answer: A turkeys' red flesh under their beak.

63. Question: How do you know if cranberries are sweet enough for harvest?

Answer: You see if they bounce.

64. Question: How many feathers do adult turkeys have?

Answer: 3500.

65. Question: What do we call a group of turkeys?

Answer: Rafter/flock.

66. Question: What company is known for its pre-basted turkeys?

Answer: Butterball.

67. Question: How many questions can Butterball answer on their Turkey Talk-Line?

Answer: 100,000+.

68. Question: Does eating turkeys make you feel sleepy?

Answer: Not directly.

69. Question: What made Colchester, Connecticut postpone their Thanksgiving in 1705?

Answer: Lack of pumpkin pies.

70. Question: What percentage of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving?

Answer: 88%.

71. Question: What is pardoned by the President on Thanksgiving?

Answer: A turkey.

72. Question: Which berries are found indigenously in North America?

Answer: Cranberries.

73. Question: Where do we put the meat thermometer in turkeys?

Answer: Thighs.

74. Question: How many turkeys do Americans consume at Thanksgiving?

Answer: 46,000,000.

75. Question: On average, an American consumes how many calories on Thanksgiving?

Answer: More than 3000.

76. Question: Did the people at the first Thanksgiving use forks?

Answer: No.

77. Question: What causes lethargy at a Thanksgiving meal?

Answer: The high calorie feast.

78. Question: Which US President wanted turkeys to be the national bird?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin.

79. Question: What do you call the baggy skin on male turkeys' necks?

Answer: Snood.

80. Question: Can turkeys fly?

Answer: Yes.

81. Question: What type of turkeys can fly?

Answer: Wild.

82. Question: What meat do some families eat instead of turkey on Thanksgiving?

Answer: Ham.

83. Question: Who do we call gobblers?

Answer: Male turkeys.

84. Question: True or false? Turkeys contain more protein than beef?

Answer: True.

85. Question:  True or false? Turkeys are named after the country.

Answer: False.

86. Question: True or false? The majority of Americans don't like traditional Thanksgiving dishes?

Answer: True.

87. Question: In which year did Truman discourage people from eating meat because of food shortages?

Answer: 1947.

88. Question: Who came up with the idea of frozen turkeys?

Answer: Gerry Thomas.

89. Question: What meat product is highly in demand during Thanksgiving?

Answer: Turducken.

90. Question: What is a turducken?

Answer: A combination of turkey, duck and chicken.

91. Question: What do Americans love as much as the main feast?

Answer: Thanksgiving leftovers.

Thanksgiving Questions For Kids

Here is a funny Thanksgiving quiz for kids. Are you familiar with these easy Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers?

92. Question: To which country do people travel most on Thanksgiving?

Answer: USA.

93. Question: What is the name of the festival similar to Thanksgiving in China?

Answer: Chung Ch'ui.

94. Question: When does Chung Ch'ui happen?

Answer: Mid August.

95. Question: For how many days is Chung Ch'ui celebrated?

Answer: Three.

96. Question: What is Chung Ch'ui also known as?

Answer: August Moon Festival.

97. Question: Who travelled from England to Massachusetts on the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: The Pilgrims.

98. Question: True or false? America has a special stamp for Thanksgiving.

Answer: True.

99. Question: When was the first turkey ever pardoned?

Answer: On Christmas Day, by Abraham Lincoln.

100. Question: Which state in America consumes the most turkey every Thanksgiving?

Answer: California.

101. Question: What is the festival called that is similar to Thanksgiving in Ghana?

Answer: Homowa.

102. Question: When is Homowo observed?

Answer: August and September.

103. Question: Which tradition brings good luck at Thanksgiving?

Answer: Breaking the wishbone.

104. Question: What simple phrase do you say on Thanksgiving?

Answer: "Happy Thanksgiving!"

105. Question: What is the festival similar to Thanksgiving in Rome?

Answer: Cerelia.

106. Question: Which deity is honored during Cerelia?

Answer: Ceres.

107. Question: Who is Ceres?

Answer: The Goddess of harvest.

108. Question: When is Cerelia celebrated?

Answer: 4 October.

109. Question: True or false? There is a town in America called Turkey.

Answer: True, there are multiple.

110. Question: In the US, how many towns named Turkey are there?

Answer: Four.

111. Question: What is the festival similar to Thanksgiving in Korea?

Answer: Chuseok.

112. Question: What do Koreans often eat during Chuseok?

Answer: Rice cakes.

113. Question: When is Chuseok celebrated?

Answer: Late September.

114. Question: In which states are the four Turkey named towns in the US?

Answer: North Carolina, Arizona, Louisiana and Texas.

115. Question: Besides Philadelphia and New York, which two other cities in the US have big Thanksgiving parades?

Answer: Detroit and Chicago.

116. Question: What is the day after Thanksgiving commonly known as?

Answer: Black Friday.

117. Question: What happens on Black Friday?

Answer: Shops have large sales.

118. Question: Which balloon was first flown at Thanksgiving?

Answer: Felix the cat.

119. Question: When is Thanksgiving observed in Japan?

Answer: 23 November.

120. Question: What happens when Thanksgiving falls on Sunday in Japan?

Answer: It is celebrated on the following Monday.

121. Question: Is Thanksgiving a national holiday in Japan?

Answer: Yes.

122. Question: When was Thanksgiving established as a national holiday in Japan?

Answer: 1948.

123. Question: Who do Japanese children gift drawings to at Thanksgiving?

Answer: Police.

124. Question: Which animals were at the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Camels, bears, elephants and monkeys.

125. Question: What is Thanksgiving known as in Germany?

Answer: Erntedankfest.

126. Question: Which comic character has made the most appearances at Thanksgiving parades?

Answer: Snoopy.

127. Question: Which character owns Snoopy?

Answer: Charlie Brown.

128. Question: Was 'Jingle Bells' formerly a Thanksgiving song?

Answer: Yes.

129. Question: Who created the first Thanksgiving parade balloons?

Answer: Tony Sarg.

130. Question: What was Tony Sarg's profession?

Answer: Illustrator.

131. Question: Where was Tony Sarg employed as an illustrator?

Answer: 'Good Housekeeping'.

132. Question: True or false? Tony Sarg was interested in puppetry?

Answer: True.

Thanksgiving History Trivia

Here are some Thanksgiving quiz questions related to Thanksgiving history. Why not go through these Thanksgiving trivia questions and answers to enhance your knowledge about the day?

133. Question: Who led the Wampanoags during the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Massasoit.

134. Question: What was the name of the turkey pardoned in 2020?

Answer: Corn.

135. Question: Who sanctioned turkey pardoning?

Answer: George Bush.

136. Question: In which year did Bush sanction turkey pardoning?

Answer: 1989.

137. Question: Wampanoags have inhabited Massachusetts for how many years?

Answer: 12,000.

138. Question: In which year was football first played on Thanksgiving?

Answer: 1876.

139. Question: Which teams played the first football match on Thanksgiving?

Answer: Princeton and Yale.

140. Question: When were NFL games first played on Thanksgiving?

Answer: 1920.

141. Question: What was the Pilgrims' ship called?

Answer: Mayflower.

142. Question: Who urged Lincoln to turn Thanksgiving into a national holiday?

Answer: Sarah Josepha Hale.

143. Question: How many women participated in the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Five.

144. Question: Who is called the mother of Thanksgiving?

Answer: Sarah Josepha Hale.

145. Question: Who disagreed with making this day an annual holiday?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

Simple Thanksgiving Trivia For Kids

Here are some Thanksgiving trivia questions to enjoy the day. Let's get the Thanksgiving trivia game started!

146. Question: What color is a turkey's beak?

Answer: Yellow.

147. Question: How do you spell 'thanksgiving'?

Answer: T-H-A-N-K-S-G-I-V-I-N-G.

148. Question: What date will Thanksgiving be in 2021

Answer: Thursday 25 November.

More Thanksgiving Trivia Questions And Answers

Go through these funny Thanksgiving questions. You might be surprised by these Thanksgiving challenge answers!

Let's commence the next trivia questions and answers.

149. Question: In 'Friends' which character hates Thanksgiving?

Answer: Chandler.

150. Question: What did Wampanoag teach the Pilgrims?

Answer: Land cultivation.

151. Question: Who wrote about the first Thanksgiving?

Answer: Edward Winslow.

152. Question: What is the Turkey Trot?

Answer: A Thanksgiving footrace.

153. Question: Where are Turkey Trots held?

Answer: All over the US.

154. Question: What is the length of a Turkey Trot?

Answer: Five miles.

155. Question: When is Thanksgiving observed in Puerto Rico?

Answer: The last Thursday in November.

156. Question: What song did Sarah Josepha Hale write?

Answer: 'Mary Had A Little Lamb'.

157. Question: What was a Turkey Trot originally?

Answer: Ballroom dance.

158. Question: Why do Japanese children gift drawings to the police at Thanksgiving?

Answer: To honor them.

159. Question: When is Thanksgiving celebrated in Liberia?

Answer: The first Thursday in November.

160. Question: Which Australian island celebrates Thanksgiving?

Answer: Norfolk Island.

161. Question: When do Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving?

Answer: The second Monday in October.

162. Question: What animal did Calvin Coolidge keep as a pet rather than eating for Thanksgiving dinner?

Answer: Racoon.

163. Question: How many days did the Pilgrims cross the Atlantic in?

Answer: 66.

164. Question: On average, how much do turkeys weigh?

Answer: Fifteen pounds.

165. Question: What is the highest recorded weight of a turkey?

Answer: 86 pounds.

166. Question: True or false? Black Friday was meant to deter shoppers.

Answer: True.

Thanksgiving Movie Trivia

Know the answers to these Thanksgiving trivia questions? Try these trivia questions and answers based on movies!

167. Question: When was 'Hannah And Her Sisters' released?

Answer: 1986.

168. Question: Which 2013 movie features Reggie the Turkey?

Answer: 'Free Birds'.

169. Question: Was 'Free Birds' three dimensional?

Answer: Yes.

170. Question: Which movie features Todd and Terry?

Answer: 'Blood Rage'.

171. Question: Were Todd and Terry twins?

Answer: Yes.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Thanksgiving trivia questions then why not take a look at our Valentine's Day trivia questions, or Chanukkah trivia for more?

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