The Ultimate Song Trivia Quiz For Kids: Can You Name That Tune?

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Roll up your sleeves, gather around, and prepare to awaken those melodic minds with a song trivia quiz crafted for adults and kids alike. Here's a golden opportunity to put your child's music knowledge under the spotlight! From chart-topping pop tunes to classic Christmas songs, this music trivia is like a rollercoaster.

Whether you're humming along on a family road trip, turning a gloomy rainy day into a symphony of giggles, or simply cozying up for a fun-filled evening at home, this quiz hits all the right notes. Not only does it spark curiosity and encourage learning, but it's also a great way to strengthen bonds over shared laughter and maybe even a little friendly competition. Ready to test your music knowledge with our exciting song trivia challenge?

Pop Music Trivia Questions

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We all know that feeling when a catchy new tune takes your surroundings and your mind. One minute you're trying to focus on something important, the next, you're humming the latest chart-topper. Whether these infectious beats are your constant study companions or your ultimate dance party jams, it's time to put your pop savviness to the test. Can you guess the artists and their songs based on the clues mentioned in this quiz? Let's find out!

1. Question: Which song was One Direction's debut single?

Answer: 'What Makes You Beautiful'.

2. Question: In which year did the song, ‘Spice Up Your Life’, by Spice Girls come out?

Answer: 1997.

3. Question: What is the name of Ed Sheeran’s debut album?

Answer: '+'.

4. Question: ‘Reputation’ is the sixth studio album of which American artist?

Answer: Taylor Swift.

5. Question: Which song by Beyoncé became her first solo number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

Answer: 'Crazy In Love'.

6. Question: What is the title of Beyoncé's debut solo album, released in 2003?

Answer: 'Dangerously In Love'.

7. Question: What is the title of Miley Cyrus's most famous hit single released in 2013?

Answer: 'Wrecking Ball'.

8. Question: What does the word 'despacito' of the hit song, ‘Despacito’, by Luis Fonsi mean?

Answer: Slowly.

9. Question: As of 2022, which is the best-selling pop album of all time?

Answer: 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson.

10. Question: Which female artist released the album '1989'?

Answer: Taylor Swift.

11. Question: What is the title of Billie Eilish's debut album, released in 2019?

Answer: 'When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?'

12. Question: In which year was Kanye West's debut album, 'The College Dropout', released?

Answer: 2004.

13. Question: Which boy band had a hit with the song 'I Want It That Way'?

Answer: Backstreet Boys.

14. Question: Which rappers teamed up with Usher on his hit single 'Yeah'?

Answer: Lil Jon and Ludacris.

15. Question: Which pop icon released the album 'Purple Rain'?

Answer: Prince.

16. Question: Who collaborated with Mark Ronson on the hit song 'Uptown Funk'?

Answer: Bruno Mars.

17. Question: What is the title of BTS's first English-only track that topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart?

Answer: 'Dynamite'.

18. Question: Which three artists collaborated on the song 'Play Hard'?

Answer: David Guetta, Ne-Yo, and Akon

19. Question: Can you guess the title and singer of the song with the lyrics, "Tastes like strawberries on a summer evenin'"?

Answer: 'Watermelon Sugar' by Harry Styles.

20. Question: Which BTS member released the solo track, 'Sweet Night', which achieved significant success on iTunes?

Answer: V.

21. Question: Complete the lyrics of the song 'Bad Guy': “White shirt now red, ____”?

Answer: "My bloody nose."

Christmas Song Trivia

There's nothing like Christmas tunes to get you in the holiday spirit, right? Whether you're decking the halls or wrapping presents, those merry melodies just seem to make everything more festive. So, how about we make this yuletide season even more jolly with fun-filled Christmas song trivia? Let's see who's the Christmas music maestro in the house!

22. Question: Who is the singer of 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'?

Answer: Mariah Carey.

23. Question: In the song, 'Do They Know It’s Christmas', which member of Band-Aid sings first?

Answer: Paul Young.

24. Question: Can you finish the lyrics, “Santa baby, just slip a ____ under the tree, for me”?

Answer: "Sable."

25. Question: Which pop star sang the Christmas love song, 'Mistletoe'?

Answer: Justin Bieber.

26. Question: Which band released the Christmas song 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus'?

Answer: Jackson 5.

27. Question: How many drummers are mentioned drumming in the Christmas carol 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas'?

Answer: 12.

28. Question: Complete the lyrics: “Jingle Bell, jingle bell, jingle bell ___”.

Answer: "Rock."

29. Question: What is the name of the first Christmas album by Michael Buble?

Answer: 'Christmas'.

30. Question: In a Christmas song by Jimmy Durante about a snowman, what is the name of the snowman?

Answer: Frosty.

31. Question: As of 2022, which is the best-selling Christmas song of all time?

Answer: 'White Christmas'.

32. Question: Identify the song from the lyrics: “Chestnut roasting on an open fire”.

Answer: 'The Christmas Song'.

33. Question: Elvis Presley sang about what color of Christmas?

Answer: Blue.

34. Question: Can you name the song that begins with, “Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?”?

Answer: ‘Winter Wonderland’.

35. Question: Which Christmas song features the line, "You better watch out, you better not cry"?

Answer: 'Santa Claus Is Coming To Town'.

36. Question: The song, ‘What’s This?’, is featured in which Christmas film?

Answer: 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.

37. Question: Which girl group released the song ‘8 Days Of Christmas’?

Answer: Destiny’s Child.

38. Question: Which pop star is the voice behind the song ‘Santa Tell Me’?

Answer: Ariana Grande.

Movie And TV Theme Song Trivia

There's something so catchy about those TV and movie tunes. They've got this magic that just transports you into the world of your favorite characters. Are you up for a nostalgic trip down melody lane with the next quiz on TV and movie theme songs? Can you get a perfect score in this challenge?

39. Question: Guess the TV show with the theme song that goes, “Keepin' your head above water / Making a wave when you can”.

Answer: 'Good Times'.

40. Question: How does the theme song of the show, ‘The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’, begin?

Answer: “Now this is the story all about how / My life got flipped, turned upside down”.

41. Question: Complete the lyrics, “Scooby-Dooby-Doo, here are you / You’re ready, and you’re willing / If we can count on you, Scooby-Doo, _____”.

Answer: "I know we’ll catch that villain".

42. Question: Which show had the following lyrics in the theme song, “It’s like you’re always stuck in second gear”?

Answer: 'Friends'.

43. Question: Who is the singer of the theme song of ‘The Royal Family’?

Answer: Noel Gallagher.

44. Question: Which band composed and sang the theme song of ‘The Big Bang Theory’?

Answer: Barenaked Ladies.

45. Question: Guess the show with the theme song's lyrics, “If nautical nonsense is something you wish…”

Answer: 'SpongeBob SquarePants'.

46. Question: Which show has the theme song with the lyrics, “Who can turn the world on with her smile? / Who can take a nothing day / And suddenly make it all seem worthwhile”?

Answer: 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show'.

47. Question: Which song has the lyrics, “You’re living in the past, it’s a new generation”

Answer: 'Bad Reputation' by Joan Jett.

48. Question: In which movie was the song, 'I Will Always Love You', sung?

Answer: 'The Bodyguard'.

49. Question: Which song by Steppenwolf was featured in the movie 'Easy Rider'?

Answer: 'Born To Be Wild'.

50. Question: Which Bond movie has the title song ‘Live And Let Die’?

Answer: 'Live And Let Die'.

51. Question: Which movie featured the song, ‘I Just Called To Say I Love You’, by Stevie Wonder?

Answer: 'The Woman In Red'.

52. Question: Which animated Disney movie features the original song 'When You Wish Upon A Star'?

Answer: ‘Pinocchio’.

Rock Music Trivia

The electrifying vibes of rock music! It's got an undeniable edge, doesn't it? Those unforgettable tunes from the '80s can still give an adrenaline rush and make you start headbanging to the tunes. Who can forget the iconic bands, the lyrics that defined a generation, and that unmatchable, rebellious spirit? If you are an avid fan who has access to all the information about rockstars and rock music, then this quiz is your final chance to score some points in this trivia challenge. Let's see how well you rock this quiz!

53. Question: Which American punk band made it to the U.S. Billboard 200 with their album 'Dookie' in 1994?

Answer: Green Day.

54. Question: What was the name of the band that released their debut album 'Experience' in 1992?

Answer: The Prodigy.

55. Question: Which rock band debuted with the album 'Hybrid Theory' in 2000?

Answer: Linkin Park.

56. Question: Which rock band is famous for their song 'Hotel California'?

Answer: Eagles.

57. Question: Which legendary rock band performed the song 'Stairway To Heaven'?

Answer: Led Zeppelin.

58. Question: What is the title of AC/DC's best-selling album?

Answer: 'Back In Black'.

59. Question: Which rock band released the album 'Nevermind', featuring the popular song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'?

Answer: Nirvana.

60. Question: What is the title of the song by Red Hot Chili Peppers that begins with the line, "Psychic spies from China"?

Answer: 'Californication'.

61. Question: Which band released the iconic '90s rock ballad 'November Rain'?

Answer: Guns N' Roses.

62. Question: What is the name of the band known for their hit song 'Enter Sandman'?

Answer: Metallica.

63. Question: Which American singer-songwriter had a hit with the song 'Free Fallin'?

Answer: Tom Petty.

64. Question: Which iconic rock band is known for the hit song, 'Signs', with the memorable lyrics "Sign, sign, everywhere a sign"?

Answer: Five Man Electrical Band.

65. Question: Which rock band had a hit song titled 'Happy'?

Answer: The Rolling Stones.


There you have it! A delightful tour through the captivating world of songs and melodies! From pop chart-toppers to the rockin' classics, movie themes to those evergreen Christmas jingles, it's been an absolute blast, hasn't it? If you found some questions a bit tricky, don't worry, it just means there's more awesome music out there to explore. Remember, every song is a new adventure, a story waiting to be discovered. So keep those tunes flowing, and continue broadening your musical horizons. Let the melody of fun, learning, and adventure continue!

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