Ultimate Baseball Trivia Test: 110+ Questions From The History Of The Sport | Kidadl


Ultimate Baseball Trivia Test: 110+ Questions From The History Of The Sport

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Regarded as America's national sport since the 19th century, Major League Baseball is the oldest of the four major professional sports leagues in the US and Canada. With over 2,400 games per season, there's plenty of baseball trivia for fans to digest!

Baseball has a humongous fan following and is a sport crazed over by people all over the world. It is exhilarating to watch a match at the stadium and cheering your favorite team, and it is also exciting watching the match with your family on the television and praying for the next home run! Did you know some of these common facts about baseball? Did you know some famous baseball teams like the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, and St. Louis Cardinals! Encouraged by the success of our Hockey trivia and Soccer trivia articles in the past, we decided to come up with this set of these difficult Baseball trivia to test the memory of the fans across the globe. Read on to take up the challenge and answer this modern baseball trivia! Will you get caught or hit a home run? Let's go take the best baseball trivia to know more about this thrilling game!

Fun Baseball Trivia

Hanley Ramirez, Baseball player on field

Many baseball games are played in the St. Louis stadium or in Kansas City. Some of the famous players in this game are Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Willie Mays, Cy young. So let's see if you get these trivia questions right.

1. Question: When and between whom was the first World Series played?

Answer: 1903, Pittsburg and Boston

2. Question: Which team has won 26 World Series titles?

Answer: New York Yankees

3. Question: Which player holds the record for the most home run and RBI's in the World Series history?

Answer: Mickey Mantle, right fielder of the former Yankees

4. Question: Which player has won the National League MVP award seven times?

Answer: Barry Bonds

5. Question: Where is the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum?

Answer: Cooperstown, New York

6. Question: When and why was the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum?

Answer: 1935, to celebrate baseball's 100th anniversary

7. Question: What year did the White Sox start?

Answer: 1894

8. Question: How many games are played in a season?

Answer: 162

9. Question: How many innings are in Baseball?


10. Question: How many players are there in the game?

Answer: 9

11. Question: How much does a Baseball weigh?

Answer: 5-5.25 ounces

12. Question: When was the first professional baseball game aired on T.V.?

Answer: August 26, 1936

13. Question: Who is the richest player?

Answer: Alex Rodriquez

14. Question: Where did the game originate?

Answer: America and London

15. Question: Who is the first woman to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

Answer: Effa Louise Manley

16. Question: Where is the oldest baseball field in the world?

Answer: Labatta Park, London, Ontario, Canada

17. Question: Who is the oldest Baseball player?

Answer: Leroy Robert 'Satchel' Paige

18. Question: Who holds the record for the most winnings in the Olympics?

Answer: Cuba

19. Question: Name the movie made after the famous player Babe Ruth.

Answer: Headin' Home

20. Question: Which is the shortest game?

Answer: September 28, 1919, between New York and Philadelphia

21. Question: Which player has been named 'Kung Fu Panda'?

Answer: Pablo Sandoval

22. Question: Where is the Little League World Series played?

Answer: South Williamsport, PA

23. Question: Which player was named the MVP of the 2014 National League Championship series?

Answer: Madison Bumgraner

24. Question: Who is the Baseball player also called 'Pronk'?

Answer: Travis Hafner

25. Question: Which Baseball player was born in Osaka, Japan?

Answer: Hideo Nomo

26. Question: Which team finished the 2014 season with the best record in all of Major League Baseball?

Answer: Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

27. Question: Who is the baseball player nicknamed "Zorilla"?

Answer: Ben Zobrist

28. Question: Who won the 2011 National League Cy Young Award?

Answer: Clayton Kershaw

29. Question: Who won the 2012 World Series?

Answer: San Francisco Giants

30. Question: In the 2000s decade, which team won two World Series?

Answer: Boston Red Sox

Random Baseball Trivia


Here are some random curveballs, see if you can hit them out.

31. Question: Who was the first to win four Manager of the Year Awards?

Answer: Tony LaRussa

32. Question: Which Hall of Fame umpire was nicknamed "Jocko"?

Answer: John Conlan

33. Question: Which Major League Baseball team finished the 2014 season with the worst record?

Answer: Arizona Diamondbacks

34. Question: Who were the first player to hit 50 home runs and 50 doubles in a season?

Answer: Albert Belle

35. Question: In which decade did the Boston Red Sox win two World Series championships?

Answer: 1910s

36. Question: Who was the first player to hit 30 home runs in a season?

Answer: Babe Ruth

37. Question: Who was the first player in history to hit 700 home runs?

Answer: Babe Ruth

38. Question: In 1975, baseball scored its 1,000,000th run in history. Which team provided this milestone?

Answer: Houston Astros

39. Question: Which player was known for the "Pine Tar Incident" in 1983?

Answer: George Brett

40. Question: Who was the first batter in history to strike out 2500 times in a career?

Answer: Reggie Jackson

41. Question: What shape is the infield around which the "bases" are placed in a "baseball diamond"?

Answer: Square

42. Question: Which baseball Hall of Famer played College Hoops at the University of Cincinnati?

Answer: Sandy Koufax

43. Question: Who was the first left-handed pitcher to strike out 4000 batters in their career?

Answer: Steve Carlton

44. Question: Who was the first player in history to become a member of the '500 home run club'?

Answer: Babe Ruth

45. Question: Who was the first 300 game winner to win all their games with the same team?

Answer: Walter Johnson

46. Question: In which year was the National League formed?

Answer: 1876

47. Question: Which team was the first to lose 100 games in the 2004 season?

Answer: Arizona

48. Question: Which pitcher won 16 Gold Gloves?

Answer: Jim Kaat

49. Question: Who was the first player in history to hit 50 home runs in four consecutive seasons?

Answer: Mark McGwire

50. Question: Which team won the 1972 World Series and saw their own Gene Tenace win the Series MVP?

Answer: Oakland Athletics

51. Question: Which 2003 American League team played at Comerica Park?

Answer: Detroit Tigers

52. Question: How many different ways are there for a batter to reach first base in baseball?

Answer: 8

53. Question: Who was the 2003 World Series MVP?

Answer: Josh Beckett

54. Question: What pitcher set a record for most season wins in his final year of baseball?

Answer: Sandy Koufax

55. Question: Who was the first 2003 Major League pitcher to win 20 games in the season?

Answer: Roy Halladay

56. Question: What was the first Major League baseball team to call Seattle its hometown?

Answer: Pilots

57. Question: What player was the 1st first baseman to retire with 11 Gold Gloves?

Answer: Keith Hernandez

58. Question: In 1923, who hit the very first World Series home run in Yankee stadium?

Answer: Casey Stengel

59. Question: Of the great pitching brothers, Jim and Gaylord Perry, who was the oldest?

Answer: Jim

60. Question: Whitey Ford played his entire career with what team?

Answer: New York Yankees

Hardest Baseball Trivia!

Oh, was it too easy for you so far? Well, here are some trivia that will surely get you a strike!

61. Question: Whitey Ford played his entire career with what team?

Answer: New York Yankees

62. Question: What team was the first to win 75 games in the 2003 season?

Answer: Atlanta Braves

63. Question: Who was the first 2003 player to hit 35 doubles in the season?

Answer: Todd Helton

64. Question: Who was the first 2003 team to win 60 games in the season?

Answer: Atlanta

65. Question: Hank Aaron retired with what team?

Answer: Milwaukee Brewers

66. Question: The California Angels, who became the Anaheim Angels in 1997, began their franchise name as what?

Answer: Los Angeles Angels

67. Question: In what year did the New York Mets win their first World Series?

Answer: 1969

68. Question: What team scored 25 runs in a game prior to the All-Star break in 2003

Answer: Boston Red Sox

69. Question: In 1892, who became the first team to win 100 games in a season?

Answer: Boston Beaneaters

70. Question: Which team won the first World Series back in 1903?

Answer: Boston Pilgrims

71. Question: Who was the first player to retire with over 750 home runs?

Answer: Hank Aaron

72. Question: Who died in a dune buggy accident on January 1, 1977?

Answer: Danny Frisella

73. Question: The New York Mets won their first World Series in which year?

Answer: 1969

74. Question: In the 2003 season, who was the first player to smack ten home runs?

Answer: Jeff Bagwell

75. Question: Babe Ruth hit the final home run of his career with which team?

Answer: Boston Braves

76. Question: Don Drysdale played his entire career with what team?

Answer: Dodgers

77. Question: What was the name of the first player in the 20th century to hit .400 in a season 3 times?

Answer: Ty Cobb

78. Question: Who was the first player in the 20th century to hit 50 doubles in a season in 1912?

Answer: Tris Speaker

79. Question: Who led the Major Leagues in 2002 with the highest batting average?

Answer: Barry Bonds

80. Question: What player was the second in history to hit 60 home runs?

Answer: Roger Maris

81. Question: The great Sandy Koufax retired with what team in 1966?

Answer: Los Angeles Dodgers

82. Question: Before becoming the San Francisco Giants, the team was called what?

Answer: New York Giants

83. Question: Who led the 2002 Chicago Cubs in home runs?

Answer: Sammy Sosa

84. Question: Who was the shortest person ever to play in Major League baseball?

Answer: Eddie Gaedel

85. Question: Yogi Berra was born to the name of what?

Answer: Lawrence Peter Berra

86. Question: What was the most number of home runs that Lou Gehrig hit in a season?

Answer: 49

87. Question: What pitcher threw the first World Series perfect game?

Answer: Don Larsen

88. Question: Who was the first player to get the nickname "Hammerin Hank"?

Answer: Hank Greenberg

89. Question: Who was the first player to hit 500 home runs?

Answer: Babe Ruth

90. Question: Who was known as the "Say Hey Kid"?

Answer: Willie Mays

Amazing Baseball History Quiz!

Here are some trivia questions completely based on the huge history of Baseball.

91. Question: What Angel in 1961, their inaugural year, led the team in home runs?

Answer: Leon Wagner

92. Question: What 20th Century newest team was the last to join the National League?

Answer: Arizona Diamondbacks

93. Question: Who was the only player to be inducted in the 2002 Hall of Fame?

Answer: Ozzie Smith

94. Question: What nickname did Leo Durocher earn throughout his career?

Answer: Leo the Lip

95. Question: Name the former 21 game winner for the NY Yankees, who later became a best-selling author?

Answer: Jim Bouton

96. Question: Who was the first manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks?

Answer: Buck Showalter

97. Question: Who was the first pitcher to strikeout over 5,000 hitters?

Answer: Nolan Ryan

98. Question: Who is the only man to win batting titles in three different decades?

Answer: George Brett

99. Question: Who won the 2019 Cy Young Award?

Answer: Justin Verlander

100. Question: How many Triple Crowns were hit in the 1960s?

Answer: 2

101. Question: What was the time period for the longest baseball game?

Answer: 8 hours 6 minutes

Impossible Baseball Trivia!

Hard wasn't hard enough? Try out these trivia questions to decide if you are the ultimate Baseball champion!

102. Question: Which player injured himself with his own false teeth?

Answer: Clarence Blethen

103. Question: What is the unofficial anthem of American baseball?

Answer: 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame'

104. Question: Where was the baseball term first mentioned?

Answer: John Newbery's A little pretty pocketbook.

105. Question: Which player can hold seven baseballs in one hand?

Answer: Hall of Famer, Johnny Bench

106. Question: What are the odds of getting injured while sitting in the stands?

Answer: 300,000 to 1

107. Question: Which player was recorded for a hit for different teams in two different cities in one day?

Answer: Joel Youngblood

108. Question: Which player celebrated his 100th homering by running the bases backward?

Answer: Jimmy Piersall

109. Question: When did Gaylord Perry hit a home run?

Answer: After his manager said he'd put a man on the moon first.

110. Question: Who turned two triple plays in a single play?

Answer: Minnesota twins

111. Question: What was made on the first baseball uniforms worn by Knickerbockers?

Answer: Straw hats

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our baseball quiz questions, then why not look at Boston trivia or Superbowl trivia.

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