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Ultimate Basketball Trivia Quiz: How Much Do You Know?

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Basketball has a humongous fan following and is a sport loved by people all over the world.

Who is your favorite basketball player? From LeBron James and Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant and Wilt Chamberlain, there are so many to choose from!

We have put together this set of easy to difficult basketball trivia questions to test the memory of fans across the globe. Read on to take up the challenge and answer our modern basketball trivia quiz! Do you want to test your basketball knowledge with some questions about the NBA and quizzes about basketball? If so, you are ready to take on these hardest NBA quiz questions about basketball? For more check out our baseball trivia and soccer trivia too.

Trivia About The Rules Of Basketball  

Are you ready to play our sports trivia quiz? Three points to you if you can answer these tough questions on the rules of basketball!

1. Question: What object was initially used as the 'basketball'?

Answer: A soccer ball.

2. Question: What is the movement when you use both hands at the same time to dribble?

Answer: Double dribble.

3. Question: Can you name the two lines at the end of the basketball court?

Answer: Base lines.

4. Question: How tall is a regulation goal in the game of basketball?

Answer: 10 feet.

5. Question: Name the violation when a person touches the ball on its way into the basket?

Answer: Goaltending.

6. Question: What is the number of total players on the basketball court during a professional game?

Answer: 10.

7. Question: When can a substitute enter the game during a two throw free shot?

Answer: Between the first and second shots.

8. Question: What is it known as when a person takes too many steps with the ball without bouncing it?

Answer: Traveling.

9. Question: A free throw is worth how many points?

Answer: One.

10. Question: What is it called when you make a shot behind the arc in the NBA?

Answer: Three-pointer.

11. Question: When a shot inside the paint is made, how many points are earned?

Answer: Two points.

12. Question: How many quarters are played in a professional game?

Answer: Four.

13. Question: What is a flagrant foul?

Answer: A foul made purposely to cause harm.

14. Question: What is the name of the penalty shot given to the team who has been fouled?

Answer: Free throw.

15. Question: In the NBA, how long can a defensive player stand in the paint without guarding?

Answer: Three seconds

Hard NBA Trivia

Here is a hard basketball quiz on some of your favorite players like Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James!

16. Question: In wheelchair basketball, how is a travelling violation committed?

Answer: Pushing more than twice before bouncing the ball.

17. Question: Can you name the player that brings the ball down the court and runs the offense ?

Answer: Point guard.

18. Question: What is the smallest difference of points needed to win a game, in a regulation game of basketball?

Answer: One point.

19. Question: Name the inventor of basketball?

Answer: James Naismith.

20. Question: Who is known as 'Hot Sauce'?

Answer: Phillip Champion.

21. Question: What was the first basketball basket made of?

Answer: A peach crate.

22. Question: In which New York neighborhood is the famous streetball court, Rucker Park?

Answer: Harlem.

23. Question: State the initial number of rules in the game.

Answer: 13.

24. Question: Which franchise traded away NBA greats Bob McAdoo and Moses Malone, in the 1976-77 NBA regular season?

Answer: Buffalo Braves.

25. Question: What is Earl Manigault's nickname?

Answer: Goat.

26. Question: Where was the game invented?

Answer: Massachusetts.

27. Question: Who has scored the most points in any basketball career?

Answer: Kareem-Abdul Jabbar.

28. Question: The first NBA game was won by which team?

Answer: New York Knicks.

29. Question: Name the first player in NBA history to be elected league MVP by unanimous vote.

Answer: Stephen Curry.

30. Question: Which team has the record for losing the most games in a row?

Answer: Cleveland Cavaliers.

A young man spinning Basketball

Basketball History Quiz Questions

Think you know the game too well? Play our NBA player trivia quiz full of basketball history and find out!

31. Question:  Which sportsperson scored the first three-point basket in the history of the NBA?

Answer: Chris Ford.

32. Question: Which new shot did Joe Fulls shoot to win a record point of 63 points in a single game in 1943?

Answer: A jump shot.

33. Question: The famous basketball player Dr. J's real name is what?

Answer: Julius Erving.

34. Question: In the 2000s which player was the first to record back to back 50 point games?

Answer: Antawn Jamison.

35. Question: Name the first player to win eight NBA scoring titles.

Answer: Michael Jordan.

36. Question: In China, what does "Red Oxen" refer to?

Answer: The Chicago Bulls.

37. Question: The coach of which team between 1950 to 1966 was Red Auerbach?

Answer: Boston Celtics.

38. Question: Who was the first African American to play NBA games?

Answer: Earl Lloyd.

39. Question: State the radius of a basketball.

Answer: 12 cm.

40. Question: Can you name three different shots in basketball?

Answer: Three from: layup, jump shot, hook shot, bank shot, free throw and slam dunk.

41. Question: What is the total number of teams in the NBA?

Answer: 30 teams.

42. Question: Which squad won the 2018 NBA championship?

Answer: Golden State Warriors.

43. Question: In the NBA how many minutes does each quarter consist of?

Answer: 12 minutes.

44. Question: State the basketball court size in the NBA.

Answer: 94 by 50 feet.

45. Question: The Los Angeles Lakers have appeared how many times in the NBA final?

Answer: 32.

Basketball Player Quiz Questions

How much do you know about Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and other famous basketball players? Take this quiz on the players from some of the most famous basketball teams like the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics and brag about your high score to your friends!

46. Question: Who is the shortest player in basketball history?

Answer: Tyrone Muggsy Bogues.

47. Question: In how many NBA games has Robert Parish appeared?

Answer: 1611 games.

48. Question: Who is the tallest basketball player ever?

Answer: Gheorghe Muresan.

49. Question: State the team which won the first NBA championship.

Answer: Philadelphia Warriors.

50. Question: Who was the first All-Star game MVP player?

Answer: Ed Macauley.

51. Question: Who holds the record for the most personal fouls?

Answer: Kareem-Abdul Jabbar.

52. Question: Name team which has the worst record in a season?

Answer: Charlotte Bobcats.

53. Question: Who has the most career rebounds?

Answer: Wilt Chamberlain.

54. Question: Who got the first MVP trophy?

Answer: Bon Pettit.

55. Question: Name the coach of Golden State Warriors in the 2018 NBA season?

Answer: Steve Kerr.

56. Question: Which team was Tyronn Lue the coach of in the 2017 NBA season?

Answer: Cleveland Cavaliers.

57. Question: Who was the top scorer of NBA season 2016-2017?

Answer: Russell Westbrook .

58. Question: Name the college Michael Jordan attended?

Answer: University of North Carolina.


NBA Championships Trivia Questions

Play some of these NBA trivia questions and test your knowledge about basketball. You might even spot the name of your favorite NBA player as one of the answers!

59. Question: Los Angeles Lakers let go of which player for Kobe Bryant?

Answer: Vlade Divak.

60. Question: Where is Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki from?

Answer: Wurzburg, Germany.

61. Question: In which country was Rick Fox born?

Answer: Canada.

62. Question: Which player was the all-time NBA leader in assists at the end of the 2001 season?

Answer: Job Stockton.

63. Question: Which player has won championships with both the teams of Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat?

Answer: Shaquille O'Neal.

64. Question: Which player almost left basketball to become a garbage man, but the won three NBA championships ?

Answer: Larry Bird.

65. Question: State the year when the three-point shot was introduced to the NBA.

Answer: 1979.

66. Question: Which sportsperson was nicknamed The Admiral?

Answer: David Robinson.

67. Question: Which players shared Rookie of the Year honors in 1999-2000?

Answer: Steve Francis and Elton Brand.

68. Question: Who is the only player to have three sons play in the league?

Answer: Rick Barry.

69. Question: Which player is the first in NBA history to play in 1000 straight games successfully?

Answer: A.C. Green.

70. Question: After the 2015 Olympics, who had been on the U.S. team a record number of times?

Answer: Carmelo Anthony.

71. Question: Which NBA sportsperson was nicknamed Chocolate Thunder?

Answer: Darryl Dawkins.

Easy Basketball Trivia Questions

Here is some NBA trivia for kids! Can you pass this quiz with flying colors?

72. Question: Which NBA player won multiple finals MVP awards?

Answer: Willis Reed.

73. Question: Which team won the NBA championship in 1995?

Answer: Houston Rockets.

74. Question: Despite being on the losing team, who won the first NBA finals MVP award?

Answer: Jerry West.

75. Question: Who was the first NBA basketball player to dunk?

Answer: Joe Fortenbury.

76. Question: When is the trail solely responsible for the action in the backcourt?

Answer: When play moves from one endline in the direction of the other.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our trivia about basketball quiz questions, then why not look at our hockey trivia or Super bowl trivia for more?

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