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Weather Trivia For Kids: The Ultimate Quiz Come Rain Or Shine.

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Read these Tokyo facts to learn all about the Japanese capital.

The events that happen daily in our atmosphere are known as weather, and the weather changes every single day.

Did you know that the average weather patterns for a place over time are referred to as its climate? If the answer is yes then you might just be a weather expert, perfect for this quiz!

As the global climate changes, weather patterns also tend to change. These events cause extreme weather conditions like droughts and thunderstorms, two of the more extreme weathers. Weather stations around the earth help to measure and map earth weather changes, they detect many different types of weather ranging from the everyday rain, wind and sun, to the more extreme snow, thunder and stronger winds. If you liked our summer trivia and science trivia, you might also like these fun weather trivia facts.

Types Of Weather

Weather depends on various factors like wind speed, humidity, atmospheric pressure and temperature. It can be sunny, cloudy, rainy or cold, all depending on these factors. Other factors that influence an area's climate can be the altitude at which the place is situated, as well as its proximity to mountains and rivers. Do you know what kind of weather conditions prevail over the globe? Take this trivia about the weather and see how strong your science knowledge really is about the weather.

Rainbow and clouds in sky.

1. Question: What is the name of a scientist who studies the weather.

Answer: Meteorologist.

2. Question: Small chunks of ice that fall from the clouds are often irregularly shaped. What are they called?

Answer: Hailstones.

3. Question: Greenland's ice melted further in 2019, how much of it melted?

Answer: 532 billion tonnes.

4. Question: What it the hottest temperature ever recorded on earth?

Answer: 56.7 degrees Celsius at Death Valley, USA.

5. Question: What it the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth?

Answer: -97.8 degrees Celsius at Antarctica.

6. Question: Can you name a place in America that experiences extreme weather conditions?

Answer: Tampa, Florida.

7. Question: What causes the "yellow snow" effect seen in some parts of the world?

Answer: Pollen.

8. Question: The amount of water vapor in the air tells us what measurement of a place?

Answer: Humidity.

9. Question: What is the name of the circulating ocean current which warms Western Europe?

Answer: The gulf stream.

10. Question: Where was the highest annual amount of rainfall recorded?

Answer: 507 inches of rain in Western Colombia.

11. Question: Where was the lowest annual amount of rainfall ever recorded?

Answer: 0.02 inches of rain at Chile port city, Arica.

Meteorology Fun Facts And Questions

Meteorology is the study of atmospheric sciences. This study explores the layers of gases surrounding the earth, their phenomenon's, and their effect on the weather. Let's take a look at some weather trivia to get to know more interesting facts about meteorology.

12. Question: What's the name of the most dangerous rotating air phenomenon?

Answer: Tornadoes.

13. Question: What is the difference between tornadoes and cyclones?

Answer: Tornadoes can be blue, and they are formed on land. At the same time, cyclones can be grey and they are generally more powerful.

14. Question: How is wind speed measured?

Answer: Wind speed can be measured using an instrument known as an anemometer.

15. Question: Where in the world is recorded as the windiest place?

Answer: Commonwealth Bay, Antarctica.

16. Question: When does frostbite occur?

Answer: When the temperature drops to below freezing point.

Severe Weather Quiz Questions

Here are some severe weather questions and answers for you to boost your extreme weather trivia knowledge! Put your game face on and play this trivia about weather.

17. Question: What's the hottest temperature in Al Aziziyah ever recorded?

Answer: 136 degrees Fahrenheit (58 degrees Celsius).

18. Question:What is the wind speed on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire?

Answer: 231 mph.

19. Question: What is the name of the driest desert in the world?

Answer: Atacama desert.

20. Question: What do we call tornadoes that can run over water?

Answer: Water tornadoes or water sprouts.

Winter Weather Trivia

Winter is, for some, the most loved season in the world, whilst others prefer summer. Winter's freezing temperatures can make trees lose their lush greenery or encourage animals to hibernate. There are so many fun weather facts about winter, for example did you know that American roads are covered with 22 million tons of salt to melt all that snow each year. Here are some fun winter weather trivia questions and answers to test your knowledge further.

21. Question: Which Asian city is one of the snowiest cities in the world?

Answer: Aomori City, Japan.

22. Question: What snow is the best according to science?

Answer: Wet snow.

23. Question: Where was the largest snowfall ever recorded.

Answer: The old Mount Shasta Ski Bowl in northern California.

24. Question: What was the single deadliest tornado to ever hit the USA?

Answer: The tri-state tornado in 1929, it reached speeds of 219 mph.

Climate Quiz Questions And Answers

How much do you know about the climate? Take a quick quiz and test yourself here.

25. Question: What is the leading cause of climate change?

Answer: Greenhouse gas emissions.

26. Question: What is the most abundant gas found in the atmosphere?

Answer: Nitrogen.

More Fun Weather Questions For Kids

The weather is interesting for everyone. The day to day changes that take place in the environment makes every kid curious. So can you answer every question about weather? Let's see, with this weather quiz and to help you learn some random weather facts!

27. Question: What happens first during a thunderstorm, thunder or lightning?

Answer: Lightning.

28. Question: Can you name some extreme weather conditions?

Answer: Tornado, hurricane, blizzard, dust storm and flood.

29. Question: What is used to measure extreme tornadoes?

Answer: The Enhanced Fujita Scale can be used to measure extreme tornadoes.

30. Question: What is known as the wettest place on earth?

Answer: Mawsynram in Meghalaya, India.

31.Question: Which insects chirps can you count to tell the temperature?

Answer: A cricket's.

32. Question: What causes the changes that we see in the atmosphere everyday?

Answer: The surface of the earth is not flat, it is oval and bent at the poles, this causes sun rays to fall unevenly on the land, so the land nearer to the equator heats up faster than the other areas. These changes cause the movement of winds and the change in daily weather conditions.

33. Question: What is the cause of different seasons?

Answer: Earth spins on its axis and revolves around the sun's orbit, this revolution and rotation causes different seasons.

34. Question: Why are clouds a white color?

Answer: The clouds reflect the light of the sun, light is a composition of seven colors that add up to make white.

35. Question: How many days does the earth take to revolve around the sun?

Answer: It takes approximately 365 and a quarter days to complete a revolution.

36. Question: What are El Nino and La Nina?

Answer: El Nino warms the Pacific Ocean and La Nina cools down the Pacific Ocean, they both together affect the climatic conditions.

37. Question: What causes the lightning to appear faster than the thunder in a storm?

Answer: Light travels faster than sound that is the reason why we see lightning first.

38. Question: What is used to measure atmospheric pressure by scientists?

Answer: A barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure.

39. Question: Tropical cyclone Olivia recorded what mph of winds?

Answer: 253 mph wind speed was recorded.

40. Question: What are the main components that determine the weather conditions?

Answer: Temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind, humidity, precipitation and cloudiness.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for weather trivia, then why not take a look at our rocks trivia or spring trivia for more? 

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