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Wonder Woman with the Bracelets of Victory
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'Wonder Woman' entered the (super)man's world and reformed DC Comics for the better.

Marvel Wonder Woman brought with her a certain morality and strength that inspired a whole generation of young women and has continued to do so for every generation since. Her character has inspired many.

Right after the first appearance of Wonder Woman original in 1941 in the 'Wonder Woman' comics, she became a sensation and her popularity hasn't stopped shining even today, after almost eight decades. If anything, she has now become even more popular, especially since the newest film adaptation named 'Wonder Woman' was released in 2017, and every superhero now knows Wonder Woman's name. This 'Wonder Woman' movie trivia will test your knowledge of the DC comics universe just like our 'Batman' trivia and comic book trivia must have done.

Origin And History of 'Wonder Woman'

Wonder Woman action figure

For these great 'Wonder Woman' facts and trivia, it's important to start from the very beginning of the story of 'Wonder Woman'. So, let's see if you need a 'Wonder Woman' character history lesson or if you know everything already!

1. Question: In which exact year did the 'Wonder Woman' first comic come out?

Answer: 1942.

2. Question: What was Wonder Woman real name?

Answer: Diana, Princess of the Amazons.

3. Question: What was 'Wonder Woman' originally made of?

Answer: Clay.

4. Question: Who was her mother?

Answer: Queen Hippolyta.

5. Question: What is the other name of Paradise Island, which is Wonder Woman's home?

Answer: Themyscira.

6. Question: What was the pen name of the man who created 'Wonder Woman'?

Answer: Charles Moulton.

7. Question: During which World War was the character created?

Answer: World War II.

8. Question: In the later storyline, who are Wonder Woman's parents ?

Answer: Zeus and Hippolyta.

9. Question: Who was the original actress to portray the first Wonder Woman on screen?

Answer: Lynda Carter.

10. Question: What is the name of Wonder Woman's alias?

Answer: Diana Prince.

11. Question: In which comic was Wonder  Woman's debut appearance?

Answer: 'All Star Comics #8'.

12. Question: Which actress has played 'Wonder Woman' both, on TV and in films?

Answer: Lynda Carter.

13. Question: Which magazine was the first to publish an issue with 'Wonder Woman' on the cover?

Answer: Ms. Magazine.

14. Question: Which was the first superhero team that Wonder Woman became a part of as Diana Prince and not princess Diana?

Answer: Justice Society of America

15. Question: Who was the creator of 'Wonder Woman'?

Answer: William Moulton Marston.

16. Question: When were  the stories of 'Wonder Woman' first published as 'Wonder Girl'?

Answer: 'Wonder Girl' was first published in the '50s.

17. Question: What is  Wonder  Woman's  catchphrase?

Answer: “I will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.”

18. Question: Queen Hippolyta became Wonder Woman for some time instead of Princess Diana. True or false?

Answer: True.

19. Question: Young Amazons, including princess Diana, were not permitted to leave Paradise Island and go to the "man's world". True or false?

Answer: True.

20. Question: Steve Trevor was the first and only 'Wonder Woman' love interest ever written according to DC Comics. True or false?

Answer: False.

Abilities And Powers

Who doesn't want the power to make any man tell the truth? Ask your mothers, they'll tell you. And to think this was only one of Wonder Woman's abilities! Let's see how much you know about all the amazing 'Wonder Woman' powers and 'Wonder Woman' superpowers (like Wonder Woman flying ability) of our star 'Wonder Woman' the superhero!

21.  Question: Which one of Wonder Woman's accessories was forged from the magic girdle of Aphrodite that makes people tell the truth?

Answer: Lasso of Truth.

22. Question: Who among the Amazons taught Diana to control her powers and master martial arts?

Answer: Phillipus.

23. Question: Originally which four Gods gifted Princess Diana with powers that became the most important characteristics of 'Wonder Woman'?

Answer: Hercules, Aphrodite, Athena, Mercury.

24. Question: Which accessory of hers allowed Wonder Woman to breathe in outer space?

Answer: Earrings.

25. Question: How could Wonder Woman possibly lose her powers?

Answer: The chained bracelets.

26. Question: Wonder Woman can speak to animals. True or false?

Answer: True.

27. Question: Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman were once opponents, Wonder Woman walked out of the contest as the winner. True or false?

Answer: True.

28. Question: Does Wonder Woman have super-breath like Superman?

Answer: Yes.

29. Question: Can Wonder Woman use telepathic communication to read minds?

Answer: Yes.

30. Question: When given the choice of leaving the human World and remaining with Steve but losing her powers, what did Diana choose?

Answer: To stay with Steve and lose her powers.

31. Question: Wonder Woman once wielded Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, back in the 90s. True or false?

Answer: True.

32. Question: During the '60s, Wonder Woman became the pupil of a Chinese martial arts master. What was his name?

Answer: I Ching.

Movie Adaptations

Don't worry, we know you kids don't watch old movies and TV shows, and nobody blames you since the new ones have better graphics and video effects. So, these questions are based on the film adaptations released in recent years.

33. Question: Where were the scenes of Paradise Island, Themyscira, filmed in real life?

Answer: Southern Italy.

34. Question: Was Erich Ludendorff, in 'Wonder Woman', a real person?

Answer: Yes.

35. Question: For her role in the film franchise, how long did Gal Gadot train for?

Answer: Nine months.

36. Question: In the 2017 movie, 'Wonder Woman', Steve Trevor and Princess Diana meet during which war?

Answer: World War I.

37. Question: At what number does 'Wonder Woman' (2017) fall on the shared DC Extended Universe line-up?

Answer: Fourth.

38. Question: Which actor plays the role of Steve Trevor?

Answer: Chris Pine.

39. Question: Who played the role of young Diana in 'Wonder Woman 1984' (2020)?

Answer: Lilly Aspell.

40. Question: What does princess Diana use her tiara as?

Answer: A boomerang.

41. Question: What was the name of Steve's secretary in the movie?

Answer: Etta Candy.

42. Question: Who gives Diana the name "Diana Prince" in the movies?

Answer: Steve Trevor.

43. Question: What's the name of Maxwell Lord's son in the movies?

Answer: Alistair.

44. Question: What is Cheetah's alias in the movie?

Answer: Barbara Minerva.

45. Question: Who is Maxwell Lord's business partner in the movie?

Answer: Simon Stagg.

46. Question: In modern times, where does Diana Wonder Woman work in the movie?

Answer: The Louvre Museum in Paris.

47. Question: Wonder Woman wears a variety of earrings in the movies. True or false?

Answer: False.

48. Question: Which famous boxer was cast as Artemis in the movie?

Answer: Ann Wolfe.

49. Question:  What is Doctor Poison's other name?

Answer: Doctor Isabel Maru.

50. Question: What letters do the Wayne Enterprises armored van license plates begin with?

Answer: JL.

51. Question: 'Wonder Woman' (2017) is the first DC movie since 'Green Lantern' that doesn't have Superman or Batman in it. True or false?

Answer: True.

52. Question: Who is the only character to address Diana as "Miss Prince"?

Answer: Colonel Darnell.

53. Question: What weapon does Artemis wield while fighting the Germans in the movie?

Answer: An Axe.

54. Question: Who plays the role of Queen Hippolyta in the movie?

Answer: Connie Nielsen.

55. Question: Whose dress does Diana steal for the gala?

Answer: Fausta Grables.

56. Question: What is the device whose drawing is shown in the epilogue of the 2017 movie?

Answer: Motherbox.

57. Question: What alias does Ares hide under?

Answer: Sir Patrick.

58. Question: In which movie does Gal Gadot appear as Diana Prince before 'Wonder Woman'?

Answer: 'Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice'.

59. Question: Who does Diana think Ares is hiding as?

Answer: General Ludendorff.

60. Question: What is the weapon called which Diana believes is meant to kill Ares?

Answer: The Godkiller.

Other Important Characters

There are so many characters brought to us by DC Comics that have become so familiar to us over the years it is almost as if they really exist and we have met them. The same minds that created 'Wonder Woman' created so many other amazing characters. Let's see how much you know about the other 'Wonder Woman' characters!

61. Question: 'The Golden Age' Wonder Woman has a daughter. True or false?

Answer: True.

62. Question: What is the name of Wonder  Woman's daughter?

Answer: Hippolyta Trevor.

63. Question: Who is Wonder  Woman's half brother?

Answer: Lennox Sandsmark.

64. Question: What is Fury's real name?

Answer: Helena Kosmatos.

65. Question: Which Amazon warrior comes from Bana-Mighdall?

Answer: Artemis.

66. Question: Which sharpshooter was encountered in a barroom brawl?

Answer: Charlie.

67. Question: How many languages could Sameer speak?

Answer: 24.

68. Question: What was Sameer's profession?

Answer: Spy.

69. Question: Who led the Amazonian army?

Answer: Antiope.

The Justice League

Being one of the founding members of the Justice League, and perhaps one of the most important links of the same, you cannot claim to know 'Wonder Woman' characters unless you know about the League too.

70. Question: Which comic book did the Justice League first appear in?

Answer: 'The Brave and The Bold #28'.

71. Question: What was the original headquarters of the League?

Answer: A Cave.

72. Question: Who is the teenager that accompanied the League in many of its earliest missions?

Answer: Lucas Carr.

73. Question: What is the Kryptonian name of Superman?

Answer: Kal-El.

74. Question: Batman carries a crayon in his utility belt. True or false?

Answer: True.

75. Question: Which member dissolves the League after it fails to fight off a Martian invasion?

Answer: Aquaman.

76. Question: What is the name of John Stewart and Hawkgirl's child?

Answer: Warhawk.

77. Question: Which League member got their powers after being exposed to a meteorite?

Answer: Vandal Savage.

78. Question: Who is Aquaman's octopus sidekick?

Answer: Topo.

79. Question: Where does Batman send twisted people who need rehabilitation?

Answer: Arkham Asylum.

80. Question: What is Green Lantern's weakness?

Answer: Yellow.

'Wonder Woman' Villains

Because every hero (and heroine) is incomplete without a villain!

81. Question: Who was the first villain in the 'Wonder Woman' comics?

Answer: Ares.

82. Question: Which villain "knew all the angles"?

Answer: Angle Man.

83. Question: How many people have appeared as 'Cheetah' throughout the years?

Answer: Four.

84. Question: Which witch, based on a Greek Mythological character of the same name, triggered a war of the Gods?

Answer: Circe.

85. Question: Who is the God of Dread and the Son of Ares and Aphrodite?

Answer: Deimos.

86. Question: Doctor Cyber was a man. True or false?

Answer: False.

87. Question: Which 'Wonder Woman' villain is famous for her biochemical experiments?

Answer: Doctor Poison.

88. Question:  Who was the mad genius of small stature and strange appearance?

Answer: Doctor Psycho.

89. Question: Who was the servant of the evil god of Mars sent to cause war and conflict?

Answer: Duke of Deception.

90. Question: Who was originally a gorilla and later super-evolved into a woman by Professor Zool?

Answer: Giganta.

91. Question: Which Nazi Valkyrie did Wonder Woman battle to retrieve Steve Trevor from Valhalla?

Answer: Gundra.

92. Question: Who was the evil businessman who had powers of mind control and made Superman attack Batman and Wonder Woman?

Answer: Maxwell Lord.

93. Question: Who was the pharmaceutical company part-owner who worked with Doctor Psycho and Circe to destroy Wonder Woman?

Answer: Veronica Cale.

94. Question: What is the Goddess of Discord called?

Answer: Strife.

95. Question: In how many comics has the Sliver Swan made an appearance?

Answer: Three.

96. Question: Who was the Atlantean queen who became Wonder  Woman's foe?

Answer: Queen Clea.

97. Question: Who is the God of Fear and son of Ares and Aphrodite?

Answer: Phobos.

98. Question: Which villain from Greek mythology, who is known for her ability to turn people into stone by merely looking them in the eyes, appeared in 'Wonder Woman'?

Answer: Medusa.

Who Said This?

Do you really know 'Wonder Woman' if you don't know some of the most iconic lines spoken on screen by this super-heroine? Let's have a 'Wonder Woman' movie quiz and test your knowledge!

99. Question: “What one does when faced with the truth is more difficult than you’d think.”

Answer: Diana.

100. Question: “You are stronger than you believe. You have greater powers than you know.”

Answer: Antiope.

101. Question: “If no one else will defend the world, then I must.”

Answer: Diana.

102. Question: "A deal is a promise and a promise is unbreakable.”

Answer: Diana.

103. Question: “Fighting doesn’t make you a hero.”

Answer: Queen Hippolyta.

104. Question: “Now I know, that only love can truly save the world. So I stay, I fight, and I give, for the world I know can be.”

Answer: Diana.

105. Question: “I am the man who can.”

Answer: Diana.

106. Question: "This World Is Not Yet Ready For All That You Will Do."

Answer: Queen Hippolyta.

107. Question: "What do you wish for?"

Answer: Maxwell Lord.

108. Question: "I've been doing this a long time"

Answer: Asteria.

109. Question: “You cannot be the winner because you are not ready to win. And there is no shame in that.”

Answer: Antiope.

110. Question: “No true hero is born from lies.”

Answer: Antiope.

111. Question: “The truth is bigger than all of us.”

Answer: Diana.

112. Question: “Somedays my childhood feels so very far away, and others I can almost see it.”

Answer: Diana.

113. Question: "I Don't Want To Get On One, I Want To Fly One!"

Answer: Steve.

114. Question: "I Wish We Had More Time."

Answer: Steve.

115. Question: "I can save today. You can save the world."

Answer: Steve.

116. Question: "Be careful in the world of men, Diana. They do not deserve you. You have been my greatest love. Today you are my greatest sorrow."

Answer: Queen Hippolyta.

117. Question: "Well, I do everything. I go where he tells me to go and I do what he tells me to do."

Answer: Etta Candy

118. Question: "But may we never get what we deserve."

Answer: Sameer

119. Question: "I don’t think “want” is the word, right? I guess I got to try. My father told me once, he said, “If you see something wrong happening in the world you can either do nothing, or you can do something.” And I already tried nothing."

Answer: Steve.

120. Question: "They do not deserve your protection!"

Answer: Ares.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked this 'Wonder Woman' trivia then why not take a look at superhero trivia or 'Black Panther' trivia too!

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