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45 Full House Trivia Questions (And Answers) That Are Tanner-Tastic

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Test your knowledge on the 'Full House' family troubles and their adventures with this ultimate 'Full House' quiz.

This 'Full House' trivia quiz is composed of all fun and interesting questions. Let us go back to the '90s of San Francisco and relive the classic show once again!

We have covered all the fun facts about the 'Full House' show in this 'Full House' trivia game of ours. This 'Full House' trivia book will get you all nostalgic by making you remember all the 'Full House' cast members. The Tanner family made us feel like they were just our neighbors in San Francisco. They have made us laugh and cry but most importantly they made our childhood hilariously entertaining. So, you should try our 'Full House' trivia board game and have the best time. Once you’re done with our 'Full House' trivia, why not try our 'Golden Girls' trivia and 'Cheers' trivia, we are sure you will enjoy those! Now get your team ready and start this quiz, and make sure to keep a point system!

'Full House' Characters Trivia

Everyone thinks that they know all the characters of the 'Full House' classic show very well until they try our 'Full House' characters quiz. Everywhere you look, there is a reference to 'Full House'. So, try this 'Full House' characters quiz and answer as many as you can. Let us see whether you are really a fan of the show and if you are you must answer all the questions correctly in one go. There's also so much to learn here. We will trick you with our fun questions but a true fan should be able to answer them without any trouble. The first question might make you that this a 'Full House' trivia season one quiz but it isn't. Let us start!

Play this guessing game of 'Full House' characters and have a super fun time.

1. Question: Can you remember what Jesse's last name was in the first season of the show?

Answer: Jesse's last name was Cochran in the first season. It was Katsopolis for all the remaining seasons. He was known as Uncle Jesse in the show.

2. Question:  What is the name of the father?

Answer: Danny Tanner.

3. Question: Who played the character Stephanie Tanner?

Answer: Jodie Sweetin played the character Stephanie Tanner in the show.

4. Question: If you meet the person who plays Danny Tanner in the show, what name would you use to call him?

Answer: Bob Saget.

5. Question: She shared a room with one of her sisters throughout the show. She used to treasure a stuffed animal that she names Mr. Bear and made a brain for a science fair project. Who is she?  

Answer: Stephanie. She shared a room with DJ, but later DJ moved out and Michelle moved in.  

6. Question: You are at a park. You meet the person whom you identify to be Jesse Katsopolis of the classic TV show 'Full House'. Guess the actor's name?

Answer: John Stamos.

7. Question: Where was 'Full House' set?

Answer: The 'Full House' set was located in San Francisco.

8. What was 'Full House' about?

Answer: The show 'Full House' chronicles the events of widowed father Danny Tanner who checks in with his best friend Joey Gladstone and his brother-in-law Jesse Katsopolis to help raise his three daughters.

9. Question: Which famous actors starred in 'Full House'?

Answer: John Stamos as Uncle Jesse, Bob Saget as Danny Tanner, Candace Cameron Bure rose as DJ Tanner, Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie Tanner, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, the Olsen twins took turns playing the youngest Tanner.

10. Question: He is obsessed with keeping things neat. He is tall and often nicknamed 'Stringbean'. He once had a girlfriend named Vicky. Who is he?

Answer: Danny.

11. Question: He loves cartoons, jokes, and puppets. People say he is very immature and he wants to become a comedian. Who is he?

Answer: Joey Gladstone.

12. Question: Stephanie does a commercial role for which cereal?

Answer: Oat Boats.

13. Question: What was Uncle Jesse's birth name?

Answer: Hermes.

14. Question: She played Aunt Becky in the classic TV show 'Full House'. Who is she?

Answer: Lori Loughlin.

15. Question: He used to be on a soccer team but accidentally scored for another team once. Who is he?

Answer: Michelle.

16. Question: What did Danny and Pam actually want to name DJ?

Answer: Farrah.

17. Question: Joey fell in love with one of the back-up singers in Jesse's band. What was her name?

Answer: Stacy.

18. Question: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen both appeared in the same scene how many times?

Answer: The Olsen twins appeared in the same scene four times.

19. Question: She is known for many catchphrases such as, "you got it, dude". She is the youngest of Tanner's daughter. Who is she?

Answer: Michelle Tanner.

20. Question: Whom does Stephanie tease in second grade in the episode, 'Nerd For A Day'?

Answer: Walter.

21. Question: She is a co-host of a popular talk show that has two kids. Who is she?

Answer: Becky.

22. Question: Guess the name of the annoying friend?

Answer: Kimmy.

23. Question: Who was the role of Kimmy played by?

Answer: Andrea Barber.

24. Question: Who is the twin sister of Ashley Olsen that appeared as the youngest Tanner girl in the show?

Answer: Mary Kate Olsen.

25. Question: Michelle gives who a special pig?

Answer: Jesse.

'Full House' Episodes Trivia

Here we have mixed up some fun facts about 'Full House' and some fun questions from different episodes. We also turned this into a 'Full House' trivia facts quiz. You will have fun answering these questions for sure. Let us start!

26. Question: Danny, Joey, and Jesse live in the house throughout which season?

Answer: First season.

27.Question: What is the show 'Fuller House' is about?

Answer: 'Fuller House' is a sequel to the series 'Full House'.

28. Question: How long did 'Full House' run?

Answer: For eight years.

29. Question: When was 'Full House' released?

Answer: 22 September 1987.

30. Question:  What did Danny do wrong?

Answer: He fell asleep.

31. Question: Guess the name of the person Michelle is matched with?

Answer: Her teacher.

32. Question: Jesse calls Danny this name when he enters the house?

Answer: Danno.

33. Question: How many seasons of 'Full House' were there?

Answer: Eight seasons.

34. Question: Guess the name of the person who first saw the car in the kitchen?

Answer: Michelle.

35. Question: Becky said she'd miss which animal?

Animal: A cow.

Famous Cameos In 'Full House' Trivia

'Full House' was equipped full of surprises as guest stars gave wonderful cameos throughout the show. Along with guest star questions, we have included some behind the scenes facts about 'Full House' in this section of the fun game. Play this game by making a list of 'Full House' trivia team names and have a super fun time. Let us start!

Have fun with your family by guessing and answering this 'Full House' cameos section.

36. Question: Guess the star who cameoed as Ronnie Gardner?

Answer:  Belita Moreno.

37. Question: Guess the star who cameoed as Jesse's girlfriend, Samantha?

Answer: Chelsea Noble.

38.Question: Which main cast member missed appearing in the episode 'Subterranean Graduation Blues'?

Answer: Candace Cameron Bure.

39. Question: Guess who purchased the house that was used in the show?

Answer: Jeff Franklin. He is the creator of the show.

40. Question: Guess the star who cameoed as Jesse's high school girlfriend Carrie Fowler?

Answer: Erika Eleniak.

41.Question: What is 'Full House'?

Answer: 'Full House' is an American television sitcom.  

42. Question: Stamos later guest-starred in which episode of 'Friends'?

Answer: 'The One With The Donor'.

43. Question: 'Fuller House' was also the name of which episode in the original show?

Answer: Episode 20 in season four.

44. Question: Franklin, creator of 'Full House' re-shot the pilot for which cast member?

Answer: Bob Saget. This was after he was fired from 'The Morning Program'.

45. Question: The character name Uncle Jesse was originally meant to be called what name?

Answer: Uncle Adam.

46. Question: Guess the star who appeared as Gia Mahan on the show and became a recurring role?

Answer: Marla Sokoloff.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for 'Full House' Trivia then why not take a look at '90s trivia or 'Friends' Trivia.

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