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84 Kyurem Nicknames

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Kyurem is a Generation V Legendary Pokémon of the Dragon/Ice type.

Along with Reshiram and Zekrom, he is a member of the Tao Trio. Kyurem is depicted as a hunched-back, ice-covered, draconian creature with short arms, massive, thick legs, and a broken wing and chipped horn.

Here are some cool Kyurem nicknames.

Creative Kyurem Nicknames

Here are several frosty themes when considering names for your Ice Type Pokemon.

  • Alaska - a nickname inspired by the northernmost US State of Alaska.
  • Alduin - is named after the dragon from The Elder Scrolls V: Drag Queen.
  • Alps - Named after the mountain range that crosses several European nations.
  • Antarctica - a nickname inspired by the planet's southernmost area, Antarctica.
  • Arctic - a nickname inspired by the planet's northernmost area, the Arctic.
  • Atlas - a name inspired by the mountains of Morocco, there is Atlas.
  • Aurora - After the Northern Lights, there is Aurora.
  • Avalanche - A snowslide is another name for an avalanche.
  • Big Bertha - a pun on the phrase 'large iceberg.'
  • Blizzard- This Pokémon's ability to generate a severe snowfall is Blizzard.
  • Carbon dioxide - a name inspired by the gas used to create dry ice.
  • Coldwater - A short distance from the ice!
  • Draco- is short for Draco Malfoy, a character in the Harry Potter books.
  • Drafreeza - one of the fun ideas for Kyurem nicknames.
  • Dragon Queen - a cool nickname for a female dragon.
  • DragonGlass - Named after the enigmatic volcanic rock that has the power to destroy White Walkers.
  • Dragonstone - After the island in Game of Thrones comes to DragonStone.
  • Dragoons - The mounted infantry used by the British army in the 1800s were called dragoons.
  • Dragunov - a nickname inspired by the sniper rifle employed by the old Soviet Union.
  • Drogon - Named after a Game of Thrones dragon.

Unique Kyurem Nicknames

They not only have the dual-form ability but are also incredibly strong. You've come to the correct spot if you're seeking cute nicknames for your Kyurem.

  • Evalanche- A play on words is Evalanche.
  • Everest - a nickname inspired by the planet's highest point.
  • Frieza- After the Dragon Ball Z character Frieza.
  • Frost- is a Pokémon that makes you think of chilly winter mornings.
  • Frosty - Just like the snowman Frosty.
  • Frozen- When this Pokémon joins the battle, everything freezes because it is cold.
  • Fucanglong - a nickname inspired by the mythical Chinese dragon.
  • Glacicles - a name inspired by a smaller glacier.
  • Glacier - A glacier is a vast accumulation of ice in the mountains.
  • Glacigon - is one of the most incredible Kyurem nicknames.
  • Hail - a Pokémon move that causes brittle ice to fall from the sky in place of rain.
  • Hibernator - a nickname inspired by an animal that hibernates.
  • Himalaya - a nickname inspired by the Himalayas is the Himalayas.
  • Hungarian Horntail - inspired by the dragon from the Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie.
  • Hydra - Another dragon from Greek mythology is the Hydra.
  • Ice beam - a nickname inspired the move of the same name, Ice Beam.
  • Ice Cold- Don't allow this Pokémon's Ice Fang to bite you; it can cause you to freeze to death.
  • Ice cube - a cool Kyurem nickname.
  • Ice Fang - After the renowned passenger ship sunk by an iceberg.

Cute Kyurem Nicknames

Playing the games is much more enjoyable and individualized when you come up with amusing nicknames for the Pokemon. The prettiest possible names for Pokemon of the ice type are listed here.

  • Ice King - of all things frosty is Ice King.
  • Ice Sick - a name inspired by the rapper of the same name, Ice Cube.
  • Ice Pick - Climbers utilize an ice pick as a tool.
  • Ice Queen - of all things frosty, the Ice Queen.
  • Iceberg - A huge chunk of ice that is drifting.
  • Iceman - This Pokémon, known as Iceman, is a little vicious.
  • Icicle - A hanging chunk of ice typically created by water dripping.
  • Iistas - inspired by the Native American term for snow.
  • Jabberwock - refers to the dragon from Alice in Wonderland, Jabberwock
  • K2 - a name inspired by the planet's second-highest peak.
  • Kaiju - The Japanese film genre 'Kaiju' features large monsters attacking cities.
  • Kilimanjaro - a name taken from the highest peak in Africa, which is second only to a mountain in Tanzania.
  • Kruz - is one of the cool ideas for Kyurem nicknames.
  • Krystian - one of the unique ideas for Kyurem nicknames in the English language.
  • Ksawery - one of the great ideas for Kyurem nicknames.
  • Kuba - is one of the best ideas for Kyurem nicknames.
  • Ladon - Greek mythology's Ladon is a dragon with one hundred heads.
  • Machete - one of the cool ideas for Kyurem nicknames.
  • Mammoth: Named for the ancient woolly elephant.
  • Mushu - a nickname inspired by the Mulan character.
  • Norbert - another Dragon from the Harry Potter movie series.
  • Permafrost - a term used to describe earth and rock that has been frozen for more than two years.
  • Pingu - a nickname inspired by an animated series of the same name.
  • Puff - is one of the best nicknames for Kyurem.
  • Reptilian - a term used to describe the characteristics of reptiles.
  • Rhaegal - The final dragon from Game of Thrones is Viserion.

Cool Kyurem Nicknames

Here are some cool ideas for Kyurem nicknames in English for your perusal.

  • Scales - a nickname inspired by dragons.
  • Sleet - a great nickname for a Kyurem.
  • Slush - is a suitable term for melting snow.
  • Snow -  is something that young people like as a nickname.
  • Snowflake - For a delicate and exquisite ice-type Pokémon, choose SnowFlake.
  • Snowflurry - A snow flurry is a mass that is whirling.
  • Snowman - Another name for a Pokémon usually coated in the snow is the snowman.
  • Snowy - a nickname for a Pokémon that is perpetually coated in snow.
  • Spyro - a nickname inspired by the video game character of the same name.
  • Toothless - a nickname inspired by the dragon from 'How to Train Your Dragon.'
  • Trasque - A mythological dragon hybrid called Tarasque is rumored to reside in southern France.
  • Tundra - a great nickname for a Kyurem, as trees cannot grow on the tundra because it is too cold.
  • Typhoeus - A cool nickname for Kyurem.
  • Typhon - Yet another mythical Greek dragon.
  • Whitey - a Pokémon that is essentially all white.
  • Winter - a cool Kyurem nickname inspired by the coldest time of the year.
  • Wyvern - a nickname inspired by a two-headed dragon with a barbed tail.
  • Yukon - a nickname inspired by a territory in northwest Canada called Yukon.
  • ZmeyGorynych - A dragon from Slavic folklore, is called ZmeyGorynych.

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