Meet Kidadl's writers


Mum of one teenage boy, near Leighton Buzzard, Beds. Born and raised in the Home Counties, Naomi has explored much of London, along with Beds, Herts and Bucks, with her son and husband. When she’s not driving to various skateparks around the UK, Naomi loves finding somewhere new to explore or a new activity they can all try.

Kate is based in Yorkshire but is a real adventurer who loves to travel around the far-flung corners of the globe. She's also a big fan of bright colours, animals, cartoons and novelty environments which helps her sniff out the best child-friendly destinations for Kidadl.

Rachel grew up in Switzerland and currently lives in north-west London. She is an avid reader, writer, and a real foodie and loves discovering new hotspots and trendy places to go in the city. She also enjoys planning days out for her family, she especially loves taking her little cousins swimming and to the park. When she has some free time she loves going to concerts, baking, or visiting her family at their home in Essex. She can sometimes be found travelling a bit further than Essex and loves meticulously planning and researching a trip before heading off to explore new places in Europe and further afield.

Laura grew up in London and loved special family trips out to the theatre, Science Museum and all of the city's wonderful parks. She loves travelling, writing, drawing, exploring new art exhibitions and finding the best food and drink spots in the capital! At Kidadl, Laura handles our social media channels and is part of the busy brief writing team, creating the blueprints for the diverse range of articles you'll find across the site. She also dabbles in graphic design pieces for Kidadl's Instagram and writing blog articles full of family fun herself.

Sam grew up in Leeds, where he currently lives. Trips to museums all around the country when he was younger sparked his love for all things to do with history, which he is now studying at university; he considers himself a bona fide history buff. He enjoys exploring new places, music, and eating vegan food.

Although originally from the Midlands, and trained as a biochemist, Matt has somehow found himself writing about London for a living. He's a former editor and long-time contributor to and has written several books about the capital. He's also the father of two preschoolers.

Emily has lived in London for ten years, and still loves discovering new places to explore in the capital with her two little brothers. She loves all things lifestyle and fashion, she is a fashion designer and artist, as well as working with arts charities to facilitate workshops and outreach on crafts, fashion, and design for children with special needs and children with difficult home lives who might otherwise not have access, from toddlers to teenagers. Emily is also a trained life coach and loves talking and writing about general wellness, mindfulness and healthy relationships.

Josie has grown up in London all her life and is an avid theatre go-er. She loves boogying along to her favourite musicals in the West End with her family. Her older sister always knows the best places to go in London for vegan food and her favourite attractions include the Victoria Palace Theatre and Borough Market.

Head of Design

Paul leads the design team at Kidadl, bridging the gap between user experience and technology. With his user-centric approach, he oversees delivery of our one-of-a-kind digital product, helping to define the Kidadl brand and how users interact with it. With over a decade of experience across multiple platforms and industries, Paul is passionate about modern, functional design. Prior to working at Kidadl, Paul worked on delivering digital products for brands including Nike, H&M, P&G, Unilever and Lenovo among others.

Born and living in London, Cheryl loves fun family trips to museums, art galleries, the theatre and city parks with her two kids, 11 and 6. She's a bookworm who also loves nature, cycling, drawing, and checking out the very best local foodie spots!

Originally from Chicago, Yael has lived in the UK for 30 years raising seven kids and typically juggling a full time job. Her parenting style is an extension of her sense of adventure, curiosity, need for excitement and pursuit of life-long learning. Loving life as an entrepreneur and frequent world traveller, Yael most enjoys the creature comforts of home and family and loves nothing more than having all the kids in the kitchen at once, baking, cooking and being together.

Jo is a longtime friend of Kidadl, and something of an education expert. As a former primary school teacher turned leadership entrepreneur, this mum-of-twins believes that childhoods are happiest when spent learning without boundaries.

Karen is a home educating Mum and startup entrepreneur. She embarked upon a home educating journey with her son, who was unfulfilled at school. Karen claims to have borrowed some of the innovation and courage that working in the world of startups produces, in order to find a style of learning that most suits the neurological makeup of her son.

Dr Gail Sinitsky is a leading child counselling psychologist and the founder of Young and Mighty, a social enterprise with a mission to nurture children's mental health.

Gabi is a Digital Content Creator and Family Blogger. Gabi is Brazilian, living in Hertfordshire and commuting into London for work. In her account @gabigandolfini you can find travel tips and days out inspiration with her 2 kids aged 2 and 5 (and her dog Cookie Monster!). Gabi also has a second account, a blog and YouTube channel with Disneyland Paris travel tips - @gabismagicalworld and search Gabi Gandolfini on Youtube for the best Disney travel hacks for parents.