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80 Awesome Rock and Roll Trivia Questions For Budding Musicians

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Who doesn't love a bit of rock 'n' roll?

Rock 'n' roll music is sometimes known for being the favorite music genre of the previous generation–a boomer music genre, in internet slang. But rock and roll has inspired countless modern pop and rock artists, and its impact is felt even today, making it essential for aspiring musicians to learn about the genre, its history, and the people that defined it.

Do you know the name of the most famous classic rock songs? Do you remember the name of the first album of rock music legends? Here is a classic rock quiz that you can attempt with your friends to see who remembers the genre the best! Here is a rock and roll quiz curated with rock 'n' roll history trivia, rock star trivia and band trivia questions, classic rock trivia, and more. If you like this quiz and want more music-related trivia why not try our rock trivia and 90's music trivia! Now let us move on with this classic rock music quiz and some rock and roll questions that will leave you bobbing your head and fist-pumping all throughout! Make sure you are prepared for these rock music questions by going through your old records, you can never be too prepared for rock quizzes!

Rock and Roll History Trivia

The first step to learning about any music genre is learning its history. So it’s only apt that we kick the rock and roll test off with a rock and roll history quiz. More than being fun rock n roll trivia, these rock and roll trivia facts take you to the roots of the genre and the history of how it came to be. See if you can get all of these classic rock trivia questions and answers right!

Girl playing rock music on drums

1. Question: When did rock and roll music originate?

Answer: 1940s and 1950s

2. Question: Rock 'n' roll was born from White artists covering songs by Black singers of which music genre?

Answer: Rhythm and blues

3. Question: When was the term ‘rock 'n' roll’ coined?

Answer: 1951

4. Question: Who coined the term ‘rock 'n' roll’?

Answer: Alan Freed

5. Question: What genres influenced the rock 'n' roll genre?

Answer: Blues, gospel, jazz, rhythm and blues, and country music

6. Question: Who is known as the “Father of Rock 'n' Roll”?

Answer: Chuck Berry

7. Question: Who is known as the ‘King of Rock 'n' Roll’?

Answer: Elvis Presley

8. Question: Which Rock and Roll star is known as “The Innovator, The Originator, and The Architect of Rock 'n' Roll”?

Answer: Little Richard

9. Question: Who is known as “The Godmother/Grandmother of Rock 'n' Roll”?

Answer: Sister Rosetta Tharpe

10. Question: What are African American artists who appealed to white audiences during the early days of rock 'n' roll called?

Answer: Crossover artists

11. Question: What is the most critical characteristic of rock and roll music?

Answer: The dead beat

12. Question: What are the main instruments in a rock and roll band?

Answer: Electric guitar, bass guitar, and drum set.

13. Question: What genre did rock 'n' roll later develop into?

Answer: Rock music

14. Question: What was the first rock song to become world-famous?

Answer: Rock Around the Clock

15. Question: When is “The Day the Music Died”?

Answer: February 3, 1959

16. Question: What was the lead instrument in early rock 'n' roll?

Answer: Piano or saxophone

Rockstar Trivia

No music genre can exist without the people that perform it – the artists, or in this case, the rockstars. They are the ones who have left a mark on music and styles of performance and inspired the newer generations of artists. Here are some questions and answers on artists that defined rock and roll and beyond, along with some 70 s rock trivia. Let's see how many answers in this rock music quiz you can get right!

17. Question: Who are the artists that influenced Elvis Presley?

Answer: BB King, Chuck Berry, and Fats Domino

18. Question: Who wrote and composed Elvis Presley’s hit songs like “All Shook Up,” “Return to Sender,” and “Don’t Be Cruel” which helped launch his career?

Answer: Otis Blackwell

19. Question: Who are some of the most popular artists of the rockabilly genre?

Answer: Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash

20. Question: How many Top 40 songs did Elvis Presley have?

Answer: 100

21. Question: How many number one songs did Elvis Presley have?

Answer: 18

22. Question: Which song by Little Richard is known as his signature song?

Answer: Tutti Frutti

23. Question: Which year did Little Richard’s song Tutti Frutti come out in?

Answer: 1955

24. Question: When was Little Richard’s hit single “Long Tall Sally” released?

Answer: 1956

25. Question: How many Little Richard songs did Elvis Presley make covers of?

Answer: Four

26. Question: What is the original name of Little Richard?

Answer: Richard Wayne Penniman

27. Question: Which was Elvis Presley’s last number one single?

Answer: Suspicious Minds

28. Question: The single “Sweet Little Sixteen” was released in 1958 by ___?

Answer: Chuck Berry

29. Question: Which rock musician won the Nobel Prize in Literature?

Answer: Bob Dylan

30. Question: What year did Bob Dylan win the Nobel Prize in Literature?

Answer: 2016

31. Question: What instrument did Jimi Hendrix play?

Answer: Electric guitar

32. Question: Who wrote the song Purple Haze?

Answer: Jimi Hendrix

33. Question: What was the original name of Jimi Hendrix?

Answer: Johnny Allen Hendrix

34. Question: At what age did Jimi Hendrix get his first guitar?

Answer: 15

35. Question: Who sang the song “Born in the USA”?

Answer: Bruce Springsteen

36. Question: Where was Freddie Mercury born?

Answer: Zanzibar

37. Question: What is the ethnicity of Freddie Mercury?

Answer: Parsi-Indian

38. Question: What is the original name of Freddie Mercury?

Answer: Farrokh Bulsara

39. Question: The 2018 biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is about which singer?

Answer: Freddie Mercury

40. Question: Which classic rock guitarist played the guitar riff in the hit single “Beat It”?

Answer: Eddie Van Halen

41. Question: Which rockstar is known for setting his guitar on fire?

Answer: Jimi Hendrix

Rock Band Trivia

What rock and roll trivia game is complete without the bands? Many rock bands, both old and new, have created music that is still loved today. Bands like the Beatles have redefined the genre and increased the fan following of this genre. So the next part of our rock 'n' roll quiz is all about the face of rock music: the rock bands. See how many questions you can answer in this rock music trivia and how many rock trivia facts you actually remember.

42. Question: Which band opened for Little Richard when he was touring in Europe?

Answer: The Beatles

43. Question: Which British band was heavily influenced by the African American rock and roll artist Little Richard?

Answer: The Beatles

44. Question: Which British band introduced the use of light shows?

Answer: Pink Floyd

45. Question: Who was the lead singer for the band AC/DC?

Answer: Brain Johnson

46. Question: Who formed the band called AC/DC?

Answer: Malcolm Young and Angus Young

47. Question: Which music genre were the bands Led Zeppelin and The Beatles influenced by?

Answer: Blues

48. Question: Who was the lead singer for Led Zeppelin?

Answer: Robert Plant

49. Question: The British rock band Led Zeppelin was first known as ___?

Answer: The New Yardbirds

50. Question: Which band sang the song “Under the Boardwalk”?

Answer: The Drifters

51. Question: Which British band is known for songs like “We are the Champions” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

Answer: Queen

52. Question: Which member of the Beatles was called the quiet Beatle?

Answer: George Harrison

53. Question: Who were the members of the Beatles?

Answer: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr

54. Question: Which rock band was created by Rose Stradlin?

Answer: Guns ‘N’ Roses

55. Question: Which rock band released the song Nevermind?

Answer: Nirvana

56. Question: Which rock band released the song Highway to Hell?

Answer: AC/DC

57. Question: Which member of the band Van Halen died in October 2020?

Answer: Eddie Van Halen

58. Question: Which country is AC/DC based in?

Answer: Australia

59. Question: Which Beatles member wrote the song Imagine?

Answer: John Lennon

60. Question: Which band recorded the song the Joshua Tree?

Answer: U2

61. Question: Which was the Beatles’ most successful album?

Answer: The White Album

62. Question: Who was the lead singer of Queen?

Answer: Freddie Mercury

63. Question: Which band had the famous guitarist Jimmy Page?

Answer: Led Zeppelin

64. Question: Which band recorded the song “Stairway to Heaven”?

Answer: Led Zeppelin

65. Question: Who is the lead member of the Beatles?

Answer: Paul McCartney

66. Question: Who was the lead singer of the band Rolling Stones?

Answer: Mick Jagger

67. Question: Who was the lead singer of the rock band Black Sabbath?

Answer: Ozzy Osbourne

68. Question: Which is Queen’s best-selling single?

Answer: Bohemian Rhapsody

69. Question: What year was Bohemian Rhapsody released by Queen?

Answer: 1975

70. Question: Which is the biggest-selling album of Queen?

Answer: Greatest Hits

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Trivia

They say if you’ve made it to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you’ve really made it as a rockstar. It is a museum that features some of the best, most well-known, and high achieving rockstars and musicians of the previous decades. No rock 'n' roll quiz or rock trivia game or rock music trivia is complete without discussing the hall of fame. Here’s a quiz on the famous museum.

71. Question: Where is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum located?

Answer: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

72. Question: When was the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame established?

Answer: April 20, 1983

73. Question: Who established the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: Ahmet Ertegun

74. Question: Which artists have the most songs in the Hall of Fame’s ‘Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll’ list?

Answer: The Beatles and the Rolling Stones

75. Question: How many songs do the Rolling Stones have each in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s ‘Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll’ list?

Answer: 8

76. Question: When was Elvis Presley inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: January 23, 1986

77. Question: When was Sister Rosetta Tharpe inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: 2017

78. Question: When were the Beatles inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: 1988

79. Question: When was the rock band Aerosmith inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Answer: 2001

80. Question: In which city is another branch of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum situated?

Answer: New York City

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully curated lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for rock and roll trivia then why not take a look at 80's trivia or song trivia.

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