Easy Christmas Trivia: 110 Questions (And Answers) Perfect For Family Gatherings.

Christmas is the season of presents!

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Christmas is the holiday festive season celebrated throughout the world.

The whole world is decorated with fairy lights, bells, and Christmas trees. Children are happy as they will receive presents for being good the whole year, which also helps them lead a wonderful life ahead.

It is a perfect time for family gatherings and parties. Light up your family gathering with this fun Christmas trivia game with questions on Christmas music trivia, quiz on Christmas traditions, and fun facts on Christmas trivia. The great response to our 'A Christmas Carol' trivia and the Christmas movie trivia prompted us to come up with these fun Christmas trivia questions and answers and a very special quiz for Christmas.

Christmas Trivia For Kids

Take up this fun kids Christmas trivia game to know more about its history!

A Crib is usually set up in the first week of December.

1. Question: When is Christmas celebrated?

Answer: 25 December.

2. Question: The traditional Christmas tree originated from which country?

Answer: Germany.

3. Question: People buy Artificial Christmas trees more than real ones. True or false?

Answer: True.

4. Question: Name the first US president who decorated the Christmas tree at the White House.

Answer: Franklin Pierce.

5. Question: Where did the word Christmas originate?

Answer: It originates from the words Cristes Maesse meaning 'Mass Of Christ'.

6. Question: Why is Christmas celebrated?

Answer: Christmas is celebrated for the birth of Jesus Christ.

7. Question: The short version of Christmas is also known as what?

Answer: Xmas.

8. Question: What does the red color of Christmas symbolize?

Answer: Blood of Jesus.

9. Question: What does the green color of Christmas signify?

Answer: Continuity of life.

10. Question: What does mistletoe symbolize?

Answer: Love, laughter, and compassion.

11. Question: Christmas was once banned in Boston. True or false?

Answer: True.

12. Question: What is Santa's Canadian postal code.

Answer: HOH OHO.

13. Question: What is the use of a tree skirt?

Answer: Gifts are placed there.

14. Question: What did the three wise men gift baby Jesus?

Answer: Myrhh, gold, and frankincense.

15. Question: What is frankincense?

Answer: A plant resin with healing properties.

16. Question: What is Christmas originally known as?

Answer: Yule.

17. Question: What does 'X' in 'X-Mas' stand for?

Answer: Xristos, the Greek word for Christ.

18. Question: Where was Jesus born?

Answer: Bethlehem.

19. Question: Name the kings who visited baby Jesus.

Answer: Casper, Melchior and Balthazar.

20. Question: Which ornament is present on the tip of elves' shoes?

Answer: Bells.

21. Question: Which country started the tradition of decorating the Christmas trees?

Answer: Germany.

22. Question: What is the duration between Christmas and Epiphany?

Answer: 12 days.

23. Question: What is placed at the top of the Christmas tree?

Answer: Angel.

24. Question: Which country sends a huge Christmas tree to London, every year?

Answer: Norway.

25. Question: When is Christmas celebrated in Russia?

Answer: 7 January.

26. Question: Which famous scientist was born on 25 December?

Answer: Sir Isaac Newton.

27. Question: When is midnight mass celebrated?

Answer: At midnight on Christmas Eve.

28. Question: Which country celebrates its Independence day on Christmas Eve every year?

Answer: Libya.

29. Question: Is it true that Santa Claus has to travel 822 homes per second, to deliver presents on the night before Christmas? Yes or no?

Answer: Yes!

30. Question: Why is it necessary to water the Christmas tree?

Answer: Because each year, hundreds of fires are caused due to dry Christmas trees causing loss to life and property.

31. Question: How many packages are shipped every year?

Answer: 850 million.

32. Question: What is the scariest part of Christmas?

Answer: Krampus looking for misbehaving children.

Christmas Movies And Christmas Carols Trivia

Christmas is the time for movies and carols! Test your knowledge of Christmas carols and movies with this Fun Christmas quiz on Christmas movies and carols trivia. Here are some Christmas trivia with answers!

33. Question: Which Christmas song is the highest-selling single of all time?

Answer: 'White Christmas' by Bing Crosby.

34. Question: Who wrote 'A Christmas Carol'?

Answer: Charles Dickens.

35. Question: Name the highest-grossing movie about Christmas.

Answer: 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas.'

36. Question: 'Jingle bells', the most popular Christmas song was originally a thanksgiving song. True or false?

Answer: True.

37. Question: Which popular Christmas song was played in space?

Answer: 'Jingle bells'.

38. Question: Which famous Christmas carol talks about the gifts received during the twelve days of Christmas?

Answer: 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas'.

39. Question: What do the Twelve Days of Christmas signify?

Answer: The duration between the birth of Jesus and the day the three wise men visited baby Jesus.

40. Question: Who wrote the popular Christmas song 'Frosty The Snowman'?

Answer: Walter Rollins and Steve Nelson.

41. Question: Who sang the song 'Frosty The Snowman'?

Answer: Gene Autry and Cass County Boys.

42. Question: Name the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time.

Answer: 'Home Alone' (1990).

43. Question: Which famous poem popularized Santa?

Answer: 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'.

Santa Claus Trivia

Santa Claus works the hardest on Christmas. Check out these trivia questions about Christmas, Santa Claus, and his reindeers to know more about this them. We have curated a list of best Christmas questions for kids!

44. Question: Which country did St. Nicholas belong to?

Answer: Greece.

45. Question: What is the color of Santa's Belt?

Answer: Santa wears a black colored belt.

46. Question: What else is Santa Claus called?

Answer: Father Christmas, Grand Father Frost, and Kris Kringle.

47. Question: Where does Santa Claus live?

Answer: The North Pole.

48. Question: It is believed that naughty kids will receive coal from Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. True or false?

Answer: True.

49. Question: What is different about Rudolf compared to the other reindeer?

Answer: Rudolf has a glowing red nose.

50. Question: What do the Dutch call Santa Claus?

Answer: Sinterklaas.

51. Question: How many reindeers pull Santa's Sled?

Answer: Nine.

52. Question: Rudolf is the _____ reindeer.

Answer: Ninth.

53. Question: Name all the other eight reindeer of Santa Claus.

Answer: Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Prancer, Vixen, Dancer, and Donner.

54. Question: Who designed the Red outfit for Santa Claus?

Answer: Coca-cola company designed the red outfit for Santa Claus.

55. Question: Who was St. Nicholas?

Answer: He was the Christian bishop who always helped the poor and needy; he also loved giving gifts and presented to the children.

56. Question: The character of Santa Claus is based on St. Nicholas. True or false?

Answer: True.

57. Question: Who is Rudolf?

Answer: Rudolf is a red-nosed reindeer who pulls the Santa's sledge.

Christmas Traditions Trivia

A large Christmas tree is set up in London for Christmas cheer!

Christmas is celebrated throughout the world, but every country has a specific tradition they follow. Know more about these traditions by taking up these Christmas trivia questions and answers. Are you ready for this trivia about December and winter holiday trivia?

58. Question: In which country do the children put their polished shoes in front of the chimney, hoping that the Santa would drop presents inside them?

Answer: France.

59. Question: What is a 'Presepe'?

Answer: It is a nativity scene usually put up in the town squares, churches, and homes of Italy.

60. Question: In Italy, people wish each other "Buon Natale" which means "Merry Christmas". True or false?

Answer: True.

61. Question: Who is Julenisse?

Answer: The Norwegian Santa Claus is known as Julenisse.

62. Question: In Iceland, where do the kids place their shoes on Christmas eve?

Answer: The window sills.

63. Question: Which Country celebrates Christmas on 24 December?

Answer: Portugal.

64. Question: In which country can you find star-shaped Christmas lanterns called Parol?

Answer: Philippines.

65. Question: What does this lantern symbolize?

Answer: The star of Bethlehem.

66. Question: In which country do people celebrate Christmas by gathering on the beach?

Answer: Australia.

67. Question: Where is the largest Christmas tree situated?

Answer: The largest floating Christmas tree is situated in Rio De Janeiro.

68. Question: It is customary to send Christmas cards to friends and family in the US. True or false?

Answer: True.

69. Question: What do people hide in their home, in Norway on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Brooms.

70. Question: Why did the Europeans decorate their Christmas trees with spider web-shaped decorations?

Answer: They believed that spiders bring good luck. Jesus's blanket was woven with the spider webs, and it turned to gold when the sun shined over it.

71. Question: Statistically, in the US, many people land up in the ER while decorating the house Christmas. True or false?

Answer: True.

72. Question: What do the Swedish watch on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Donald Duck.

73. Question: In which ocean is Christmas island situated?

Answer: Indian Ocean.

Easy Christmas Food Trivia

Food is a major part of our wonderful life! Bring out the foodie in you by answering Christmas trivia questions on Christmas food! Test your knowledge with this trivia about Christmas and various dishes served during the holidays!

74. Question: What is eggnog and where was it created?

Answer: It is a British Christmas drink made with milk, eggs, brandy, and other flavorings.

75. Question: Where did candy canes originate from?

Answer: Germany.

76. Question: What food gift is given to Santa?

Answer: Cookies and milk.

77. Question: What is the general weight of a Christmas turkey?

Answer: 12 pounds.

78. Question: Which special chicken dish is eaten on Christmas in Japan?

Answer: Fried chicken, especially KFC.

79. Question: A fresh Christmas tree is edible and is extremely high in Vitamin C. True or false?

Answer: True.

80. Question: What can be made from a pine needle?

Answer: Tea, syrup, vinegar, and butter!

81. Question: How long was the biggest candy cane ever made?

Answer: 51 feet long.

82. Question: What do the well-behaved good kids get in their stockings, in the UK?

Answer: Tangerines.

83. Question: The gingerbread house was inspired by which fairy tale?

Answer: Hansel and Gretel.

84. Question: Why were candy canes invented?

Answer: To entertain kids in long church services.

85. Question: Which Christmas tree is not edible?

Answer: Yew tree.

86. Question: Finding a spider is good luck. True or false?

Answer: True.

87. Question: What is a mince pie?

Answer: It is a sweet dessert made with fruits, spices, and different kinds of meat stuffed in a pastry.

88. Question: The royal family used to eat swans in the UK on Christmas?

Answer: True.

89. Question: In which country are brussels sprouts eaten on Christmas?

Answer: Belgium.

90. Question: What has the tradition of 'Stir-it-up-Sunday' got to do with Christmas pudding?

Answer: Each member of the house stirred the mixture while facing Bethlehem and making a wish.

91. Question: Americans hate cranberry sauce, but eat it anyway. True or false?

Answer: True.

92. Question: Was it illegal to eat mince pies in England on 25 December? Yes or no?

Answer: Yes.

93. Question: Where does the stilton cheese get its blue color from?

Answer: The Penicillium Roqueforti.

94. Question: Which is the most re-gifted food item during Christmas?

Answer: Plum cakes or fruit cakes.

95. Question: When were Christmas crackers introduced?

Answer: In the year 1902.

96. Question: Which food item was used as window decoration in Pennsylvania?

Answer: Large cut-out cookies.

97. Question: In medieval Germany food items such as fruits and cookies were used as Christmas decor? True or false?

Answer: True.

98. Question: What does the famous dish Buche de Noel or Yule log symbolize?

Answer: It symbolizes the belief that the log should burn continuously on Christmas night.

99. Question: Where was the largest Gingerbread house created?

Answer: Traditions Golf club in Bryan, Texas.

100. Question: What is the name of the Pennsylvania state cookie?

Answer: Nazareth Sugar Cookie.

101. Question: Which month is termed as the National eggnog month?

Answer: December.

102. Question: Ikea made the largest Gingerbread man. True or false?

Answer: True.

103. Question: The largest Yule log was made in which country?

Answer: Canada.

104. Question: Where was the largest Christmas fruit cake made?

Answer: Germany.

105. Question: What was the weight of the largest fruit cake?

Answer: 9596 pounds.

106. Question: The largest mince weighed over a tonne. True or false?

Answer: True.

107. Question: Name the chef who made the tallest candy cane.

Answer: Chef Alain Roby.

108. Question: Where was the tallest candy cane made?

Answer: Geneva.

109. Question: What was the weight of the largest Christmas pudding?

Answer: 7,231 pounds.

110. Question: The monster mince pie was made in Burton? True or false?

Answer: True.

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