175+ Hardest Trivia Questions (And Answers) To Test The Biggest Brainiacs

If you study hard, maybe you'll be the biggest brainiac in every room.

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Who doesn't like to prove the fact that they are the smartest in the room?

What could be better than trivia questions? These short questions usually do not require a lot of skills to be answered.

Do you remember all the facts about World War? Or have you made a science model which won the first prize at the science fair? Or did you memorize all the countries in the world like Bhutan and New Zealand? Then we are sure you will enjoy this hard trivia, made especially for kids! You can make it even more fun by setting a time limit and watch your friends and family members rush to give an answer to the hardest trivia questions about war, geography, sciences, and what not as they try to match the ticking of the stopwatch. If you are up for some fun trivia questions that test your general knowledge then you have come to the right place.

The list of hard trivia quiz presented here consists of the questions that will test how much you know about the world around us. Check out the quiz of hardest questions based on sciences, history, geography, and more to pass the time while being educationally productive. Give these really hard questions with answers a try to prove that you can answer all the hard trivia questions and answers in the room! If the American trivia and book trivia have kept you satisfied, we are sure that this set of super difficult trivia questions will be really entertaining!

Trivia Questions Based On History Of The World

If you consider yourself to be a history brainiac, then check out the hard quiz questions listed below. These questions cover the best history of the world, from the first kings and queens of the world to the civil rights movement of the United States of America. Let's see if you can answer these hard random trivia questions and answers.

1. Question: When did World War II end?

Answer: 1945

2. Question: How long did Queen Victoria reign for?

Answer: 63 years and seven months from 1837 to 1901.

3. Question: The Taj Mahal was constructed as a tomb of the wife of which Mughal Emperor?

Answer: Shah Jahan

4. Question: According to Greek mythology, who is considered the Goddess of Agriculture?

Answer: Demeter

5. Question: Where does the Greek Goddess Persephone spend half of the year when she is not with her mother?

Answer: Underworld

6. Question: What was the name of Henry VIII’s first wife?

Answer: Catherine of Aragon

7. Question: What did the Romans call Scotland?

Answer: Caledonia

8. Question: Who is the youngest President of the United States of America?

Answer: John F. Kennedy. He was 43 years old at his inauguration.

9. Question: Who is the first female Prime Minister of Australia?

Answer: Julia Gilliard

10. Question: In which year was Joan of Arc burnt at stake?

Answer: 1431

11. Question: In which year America was declared independent from England?

Answer: 1776

12. Question: Which President has been given credit for abolishing slavery in the USA?

Answer: Abraham Lincoln.

13. Question: Who was the renowned civil rights leader who fought through the means of non-violence?

Answer: Martin Luther King, Jr.

14. Question: What was the name of the ship that was brought to New England in 1620, carrying the Pilgrims?

Answer: Mayflower

15. Question: When was the right to vote for women, as per the nineteenth amendment, ratified?

Answer: 1920

16. Question: Which European is given the credit of reaching North America first?

Answer: Christopher Columbus

17. Question: Who was the first president to live in the White House?

Answer: John Adams

18. Question: Which country gifted the famous Statue of Liberty?

Answer: France

19. Question: What was the name of the first college founded in the United States?

Answer: Harvard in 1636 in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

20. Question: Which English monarch had the second-longest reign, only after Queen Elizabeth II?

Answer: Queen Victoria

21. Question: Where were the two atomic bombs dropped in Japan that resulted in the end of World War II?

Answer: Hiroshima and Nagasaki

22. Question: Which two houses were involved in the War of the Roses?

Answer: York and Lancaster

Trivia Questions Based On Art And Culture

Aerial view of Christ the Redeemer at Rio de Janeiro.

Art enthusiasts, it is your time to showcase your knowledge to the world. Whether it is about paintings or buildings, these questions will test all the facets of the world of art and culture. These general knowledge questions centered around art and culture will make you travel around the world. Attempt these hard trivia questions and prove your knowledge!

23. Question: In which country is the stature of Jesus Christ, called Christ the Redeemer, located?

Answer: Brazil

24. Question: When is World Literacy Day celebrated?

Answer: September 8

25. Question: Which date is celebrated as World Environment Day?

Answer: June 5

26. Question: What is the day after Christmas called?

Answer: Boxing Day

27. Question: When is May Day observed?

Answer: May 1

28. Question: What is the Japanese sake made from?

Answer: Rice

29. Question: What is the most famous Mexican beer?

Answer: Corona

30. Question: Where was Frida Kahlo born?

Answer: Mexico

31. Question: Who is the painter of the painting shown in the picture below?

Answer: Pablo Picasso

32. Question: Where is the original Starry Night by Van Gogh located?

Answer: Museum of Modern Art, New York

33. Question: Which philosopher stated the famous line “I think, therefore I am”?

Answer: Rene Descartes

34. Question: When is Earth’s Day celebrated?

Answer: April 22

35. Question: When is International Women’s Day observed?

Answer: March 8

36. Question: Which Dutch Master painted the 1888 oil painting named 'Café Terrace at Night'?

Answer: Vincent Van Gogh

Trivia Questions Based On Science And Technology

Did you find our trivia questions hard so far? Good. The biggest flex is showing off your knowledge of science and technology that you studied years ago but still remember the trivial facts and figures. Here are some of the trivia questions and answers based on sciences, including physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy, that will have your brain running in a hyper mode in seconds.

37. Question: Which company makes the Galaxy series of smartphones?

Answer: Samsung

38. Question: What is the chemical symbol for Chlorine?

Answer: Cl

39. Question: What do the mycologists study?

Answer: Mushroom

40. Question: How many bones are there in an elephant’s trunk?

Answer: Zero

41. Question: When was the first model of the iPhone released?

Answer: 2007

42. Question: Who was the discoverer of the vaccine Penicillin?

Answer: Alexander Fleming

43. Question: In a Glossectomy, which body part is removed?

Answer: Tongue

44. Question: Elon Musk is the CEO of which famous brand?

Answer: Tesla

45. Question: Which was the first American satellite to successfully reach the surface of Mars?

Answer: Mariner 9

46. Question: What is the name of the person credited with creating the world’s first car?

Answer: Karl Benz

47. Question: Who was the first person to step on the moon?

Answer: Neil Armstrong

48. Question: Which force attracts everything towards the earth?

Answer: Gravity

49. Question: How many years make a millennium?

Answer: 1000

50. Question: Which gas is the most found in abundance in the earth’s atmosphere?

Answer: Nitrogen.

51. Question: How long does Mercury take to revolve around the sun?

Answer: 88 days.

52. Question: Which planet is the farthest to the sun?

Answer: Neptune

53. Question: What is the name of the strongest and longest bone in the human body?

Answer: Femur

54. Question: Dolphins are classified as what kind of animals?

Answer: Mammals

55. Question: Which planet in the Solar System has the largest number of moons?

Answer: Jupiter

56. Question: Which is the nearest galaxy to Milky Way?

Answer: Andromeda

57. Question: What is the distance between earth and sun termed as?

Answer: Astronomical Unit

58. Question: Which is the hottest planet in the Solar System?

Answer: Venus

59. Question: What is the unit of electrical resistance of a conductor?

Answer: Ohm

60. Question: Who is the inventor of the Steam Engine?

Answer: James Watt

61. Question: What is the scientific name of Marsh gas?

Answer: Methane

62. Question: What is the scientific name of Potash Alum?

Answer: Potassium Aluminium Sulphate

63. Question: The chemical Calcium Sulphate is commonly known by which name?

Answer: Gypsum

64. Question: What is the chemical name of the Vermillion used by most Indian women?

Answer: Mercuric Sulphide

65. Question: Who was the founder of the cause of Beri Beri?

Answer: Eijkman

66. Question: Which theory was made and published by Albert Einstein?

Answer: Theory of Relativity

67. Question: The study of ultrasound imaging is known as?

Answer: Sonography

68. Question: What is the study of the function of various systems of organism known as?

Answer: Physiology

69. Question: What is the study of kidneys called?

Answer: Nephrology

70. Question: Which instrument is used to measure the sound produced underwater?

Answer: Hydrophone

71. Question: Which instrument detects the presence of an electric charge?

Answer: Electroscope

72. Question: What is the scale of the Richter Scale?

Answer: 0 to 9

73. Question: Are piranhas classified as reptiles?

Answer: No

74. Question: Which is the largest animal in the world?

Answer: Blue Whale

75. Question: Which technique is used by bats to fly in the dark?

Answer: Echolocation

76. Question: What is the technical term for a lie detector?

Answer: Polygraph

77. Question: Which is the hardest natural substance found on earth?

Answer: Diamond

78. Question: What is the scientific or chemical formula of table salt?

Answer: Sodium Chloride or NaCl

79. Question: Which vitamin can be obtained from sunlight?

Answer: Vitamin D

80. Question: Which is the largest bird?

Answer: Ostrich

81. Question: Fibula is found on which body part?

Answer: Leg

82. Question: The people who have cryophobia are afraid of what?

Answer: Ice or cold

83. Question: What is the chemical symbol of gold?

Answer: Au

84. Question: How many permanent teeth do dogs have?

Answer: 42

85. Question: Which part of the plant is responsible for the process of photosynthesis?

Answer: Leaves. They have a pigment called chlorophyll that is essential for photosynthesis.

86. Question: How many hearts does an octopus have?

Answer: 3

87. Question: Which is the only metal that is found in liquid at room temperature?

Answer: Mercury

88. Question: Which planet in the solar system is considered the most beautiful planet?

Answer: Saturn

89. Question: Which planet has rings around it?

Answer: Saturn

90. Question: Why the surface of Mars appears red?

Answer: Because of the high concentration of iron oxide.

91. Question: Which metal is the most reactive?

Answer: Potassium

92. Question: Where will you find the smallest bone in the human body?

Answer: Ear

93. Question: What kind of an animal is a joey?

Answer: Kangaroo’s offspring

94. Question: Which was the most successful and highest-selling model of the iPhone?

Answer: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

95. Question: When did the Microsoft XP operating system release?

Answer: 2001

96. Question: Which mammal has the longest gestation period?

Answer: Elephants

97. Question: At what temperature (in centigrade) does the water start boiling?

Answer: 100

98. Question: Which Apollo mission was the first successful mission to land on the moon?

Answer: Apollo 11

Trivia Questions Based On Math

Now that the gears of your brain are oiled, and working let us move on to the best and hardest math trivia questions. These quiz questions will test your calculation skills and just how good you are with numbers. Remember, no calculators are allowed during this round. Find the answer to these trivia questions as quickly as you can to be crowned the Math King among your friends and family.

99. Question: Was 2014 a leap year?

Answer: No

100. Question: What will be 120% of 20?

Answer: 24

101. Question: How many sides are there on a dice?

Answer: Six

102. Question: Is pi a rational number?

Answer: No

103. Question: What is the square root of 196?

Answer: 14

104. Question: If it takes ten men to build a wall in 4 hours, how many hours will five men take to build it?

Answer: 8 hours

105. Question: What is six cubed?

Answer: 216

106. Question: Which is longer, a nautical mile or a mile?

Answer: A nautical mile is 1.15 miles long.

107. Question: How many centimeters make a meter?

Answer: 100

108. Question: A baker’s dozen is equal to which number?

Answer: 13

Trivia Questions Based On The United States Of America

How well do you know your country? Let us find out with these hard trivia questions based on the country of the United States of America and its allies like New Zealand. These questions will test your general knowledge about one of the world’s most developed countries and superpower country. Remember your school classes and try to answer these best and fun trivia questions.

109. Question: Which U.S. city is termed as “City of Angles”?

Answer: Los Angeles

110. Question: In which US state was Donald Trump born?

Answer: New York City

111. Question: Which is the smallest state in the USA?

Answer: Rhode Island

112. Question: Which is the largest lake in the USA?

Answer: Lake Superior

113. Question: Which state is also known as Finlandia because of its resemblance to Finland?

Answer: Minnesota

114. Question: Which US President was born in Hawaii in the year 1961?

Answer: Barack Obama

115. Question: In what year was President John F. Kennedy assassinated?

Answer: November 22, 1963. He was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald

116. Question: Which American city is also known as “Motor City”?

Answer: Detroit

117. Question: How many territories does the United States of America have?

Answer: 5 territories, including Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Marina Islands, and American Samoa.

118. Question: Which mountain has the highest peak in the USA?

Answer: Denali at 6,194 meters.

119. Question: What was the official name of New York before it was known as New York?

Answer: New Amsterdam

120. Question: Which state of America has the highest population?

Answer: California

121. Question: In which year the first Disneyland opened in the USA and in which state?

Answer: In 1955 in California

122. Question: In which state is Mount Rushmore located?

Answer: South Dakota

123. Question: America’s Republican Party is usually referred to as GOP. What is the full form of GOP?

Answer: Grand Old Party

124. Question: Who was the vice-president during the tenure of Donald Trump?

Answer: Mike Pence

125. Question: In which US state will you find the city Nashville?

Answer: Tennessee

126. Question: What are the colors of the stars on the flag of the United States of America?

Answer: White

Trivia Questions Based On Geography

Let us travel the world with the trivia questions ever regarding world geography. Earth inhabitants a wide diversity of people in numerous countries. Do you know all about them? Test your knowledge regarding the capitals of various countries, famous monuments in each country, and more through the list of these toughest trivia questions. Let's see if you can answer these country based hardest trivia crack questions.

127. Question: In which continent does the country Argentina reside?

Answer: South America

128. Question: Which continent is usually best associated with kangaroos?

Answer: Australia

129. Question: True or False: When in Norway, you can go visit the city of Stockholm.

Answer: False

130. Question: Which country is best known as the Gift of Nile?

Answer: Egypt

131. Question: Which continent has the greatest number of countries?

Answer: Africa

132. Question: Where is the headquarters of the World Health Organization located?

Answer: Geneva

133. Question: Where is the headquarters of the International Atomic Energy Agency?

Answer: Vienna

134. Question: Which country is known as the sugar bowl of the world?

Answer: Cuba

135. Question: Which country is best known as the Land of the Midnight Sun?

Answer: Norway

136. Question: What is the name of the parliament of Spain?

Answer: Quotes

137. Question: Which country’s parliament is known as Duma?

Answer: Russia

138. Question: What is the currency used in South Korea?

Answer: Won

139. Question: In which country will you find Anne Frank’s House?

Answer: Netherlands

140. Question: Which is the smallest country in the world?

Answer: Vatican City

141. Question: In which country is Mount Everest located?

Answer: Nepal

142. Question: Where is the tallest building in the world located?

Answer: Dubai

143. Question: What is the highest mountain in Britain?

Answer: Ben Nevis

144. Question: How many countries still have shilling as currency?

Answer: Four countries including Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Somalia

145. Question: Where will you find the river, Thames?

Answer: London, UK

146. Question: Which is the hottest continent on Earth?

Answer: Africa

147. Question: Which organization is responsible for finding solutions and action path for world problems and disputes between countries?

Answer: United Nations

148. Question: Which is the longest river in North America?

Answer: Missouri River

149. Question: What is the capital of Chile?

Answer: Santiago

150. Question: What language is spoken in Brazil?

Answer: Portuguese

151. Question: What do the French call the English Channel?

Answer: La Manche

152. Question: What is the capital of Canada?

Answer: Ottawa

153. Question: Which language is best spoken in Norway?

Answer: Norwegian

154. Question: In which country is the Leaning Tower of Pisa located?

Answer: Italy

155. Question: Which is the only continent where no species of ants are found?

Answer: Antarctica

Trivia Questions Based on Sports

Some people like playing sports while others like to know them. These quiz questions are for the people belonging to the second category. If you think you are a know-it-all when it comes to sports, especially about what each equipment is called and its use, try answering these questions regarding sports and games that are played around the world. Test your general knowledge regarding sorts through these trivia difficult questions.

156. Question: Which company did Michael Jordan promote during his career?

Answer: Nike

157. Question: For which sport is the event the Super Bowl organized?

Answer: American Football

158. Question: How many soccer players should each team have on the field at the beginning of each game?

Answer: Eleven

159. Question: Which piece cannot move in a straight line?

Answer: Knight

160. Question: Which sport has the legend, Babe Ruth?

Answer: Baseball

161. Question: At the Men's’ 2018 FIFA World Cup, how many goals were scored by England (excluding penalty shoot-outs)?

Answer: 12

162. Question: What is the name of the horse who is only a three-time winner of the Grand National?

Answer: Red Rum

163. Question: Who was the winner of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2019?

Answer: USA

164. Question: What are the five colors of the Olympic rings?

Answer: Blue, yellow, black, green, and red.

165. Question: Which fruit will you find at the top of the trophy of the Men’s Wimbledon?

Answer: Pineapple

166. Question: Phil Taylor holds how many world titles in darts?

Answer: 16

167. Question: How many chukkers are there in a polo match?

Answer: 6

168. Question: Which is the fictional game played in the Harry Potter universe on broomsticks?

Answer: Quidditch

169. Question: Who won the 2019’s Sports Personality of the Year?

Answer: Ben Stokes

170. Question: How many horses are on each team in a polo match?

Answer: Four

Trivia Questions Based on Literature

This section is for the most prolific readers.

Book readers are expected to know a lot about stuff. After all, is reading not their favorite thing to do? Readers may not know everything about quantum mechanics, but they do have a ton of knowledge regarding the world of literature. Try answering these hard trivia questions to test your knowledge of the literature of the world. But first, make sure you read up as these are some trivia questions hard.

171. Question: Which word is used to describe those words which are spelled the same backward as well as forwards?

Answer: Palindrome

172. Question: In which forest is the legend of Robin Hood centered?

Answer: Sherwood

173. Question: Who is the writer of the famous Kafka on the Shore?

Answer: Haruki Murakami

174. Question: Which author lost their billionaire status after donating money?

Answer: J.K. Rowling

175. Question: What is the name of the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

Answer: Quasimodo

176. Question: Overlook Hotel is the setting of which of Stephen King’s novel?

Answer: The Shining

177. Question: Who is the author of the book Gone Girl?

Answer: Gillian Flynn

178. Question: What does the Latin work Tempus mean in English?

Answer: Time

179. Question: What do the initials of the author J.R.R. Tolkien’s name stand for?

Answer: John Ronald Reuel

180. Question: What is the best-selling novel of all time?

Answer: Don Quixote

Random Trivia Questions Based On General Knowledge

Now that we have covered most of the topics for quiz questions for the smartest people, here are some random questions that one must know if they are not living under the rock. These questions range from pop culture to the most obvious answers that one must know. You can make this part even more fun by limiting the time and asking them in the form of a rapid-fire questions round. Use the best of your knowledge to answer these hardest movie trivia questions and more!

181. Question: What does a white flag symbolize?

Answer: Surrender

182. Question: What kind of animal is a Labrador?

Answer: Dog

183. Question: What is the name of the frog in Sesame Street and the Muppet Show?

Answer: Kermit

184. Question: Which superhero has kryptonite as his only weakness?

Answer: Superman

185. Question: Which reading system is used by blind people?

Answer: Braille

186. Question: What is the last color in the rainbow?

Answer: Violet

187. Question: Which colors mix together to form purple color?

Answer: Red and Blue

188. Question: The fictional character of Daredevil is based in which city?

Answer: Hell’s Kitchen

189. Question: Which car company manufactures the Corolla?

Answer: Toyota

190. Question: What was the official name of Thailand before 1939?

Answer: Siam

191. Question: I die when I drink and live when I eat. Who am I?

Answer: Fire

192. Question: What is the hottest chili pepper in the world?

Answer: California Reaper

193. Question: Other than the six main stars of the Friends cast, who is the most regular character to appear on the show?

Answer: Gunther

194. Question: What is the real name of David Bowie?

Answer: David Jones

195. Question: What was the first single released by Britney Spears?

Answer: Baby One More Time

196. Question: Tom Cruise is an outspoken follower of which religion?

Answer: Scientology

197. Question: On what type of farm did Taylor Swift grow up on?

Answer: Christmas Tree Farm

198. Question: How many notes are there in a musical scale?

Answer: 7

199. Question: Who is next in line for the throne after Queen Elizabeth II?

Answer: Prince Charles

200. Question: Which is the busiest airport in the world?

Answer: Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, USA.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created tons of interesting and family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for the hardest trivia questions ever to test the biggest brainiacs, then why not take a look at 80's trivia and anime trivia.


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