55+ Minnesota Trivia Questions (And Answers): Are You A True Minnesotan?

The lakes in Minnesota are some of the most beautiful views!

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Minnesota is indeed a beautiful place in the United States.

It is a state in the Upper Midwest, the northern region of the United States. Minnesota is popular for its natural landscape of lakes and forests.

Minnesota state is home to the Twin Cities: Saint Paul and Minneapolis. If you are Minnesotan, then take this quiz, which will include all types of facts about Minnesota. If you enjoy this trivia you should also give our American trivia and Seattle trivia a go.

Minnesota History

In 1984, the legal existence of Minnesota came into effect, becoming the 32nd US states. Do you know about the history of Minnesota? We have a Minnesota fun facts trivia quiz for you. Let us see how well acquainted you are with Minnesota history facts. Take up this Minnesota trivia game now!

1. Question: In which year was the current flag of Minnesota adopted?

Answer: 1893.

2. Question: What does the word Minnesota mean?

Answer: Cloudy Water.

3. Question: When did Minnesota celebrate their 150 years of statehood?

Answer: 2008.

4. Question: What is the correct abbreviation for Minnesota?

Answer: MN.

5. Question: What is the state fish of Minnesota?

Answer: Walleye.

6. Question: What is the number of dates on the state flag of Minnesota?

Answer: Three dates.

7. Question: How many United States representatives does Minnesota have?

Answer: Eight.

8. Question: Which is the oldest house in Minnesota?

Answer: Sibley House.

10. Question: In which year did Minnesota become a state?

Answer: 11 May 1858.

11. Question: What is the population of Minnesota?

Answer: 5.68 million.

12. Question: What is Minnesota's motto?

Answer: L’Étoile du Nord.

13. Question: What is Minnesota's bird?

Answer: Common loon.

14. Question: What is Minnesota's state song?

Answer: Hail! Minnesota.

Minnesota Geography

Read more about Minnesota's history for a riveting time!

What makes Minnesota unique? What is the climate like in Minnesota? Answer all these in the trivia about Minnesota quiz. The mid-western state of Minnesota borders Canada and Lake Superior, which is the largest of the Great Lakes. These Minnesota state facts and trivia questions have interesting things about Minnesota, and facts about Minnesota lakes for you to learn.

15. Question: What is the capital of Minnesota?

Answer: St Paul.

16. Question: Which city is the largest in Minnesota?

Answer: Minneapolis.

17. Question: Is it true that Minnesota is famous for its 1,000 mountains? True or false?

Answer: False.

18. Question: Which is the major river in Minnesota?

Answer: Mississippi.

19. Question: Minnesota shares how many state borders?

Answer: Four.

20. Question: How many countries share their boundary with Minnesota?

Answer: One, Canada.

21. Question: What is the major industry in Minnesota?

Answer: Agriculture.

22. Question: Which is the highest mountain in Minnesota?

Answer: Eagle Mountain.

23. Question: What is Minnesota's rank in the list of populous states in the USA?

Answer: 22nd.

24. Question: What is Minnesota called as?

Answer: Land of 10 000 Lakes.

25. Question: How many lakes are present in Minnesota?

Answer: 11,842 lakes.

26. Question: Which is Minnesota's largest lake?

Answer: Lake Superior.

27. Question: What is the number of mountains present in Minnesota?

Answer: 121.

28. Question: What is the type of climate in Minnesota?

Answer: Tropical continental climate.

29. Question: What is the state flower of Minnesota?

Answer: Showy Lady's Slipper.

30. Question: Which part of Minnesota is known as the Arrowhead Country?

Answer: Far Northeast of Lake Superior.

31. Question: What is another nickname of Minnesota?

Answer: The Gopher State.

32. Question: How many lakes with the name of 'Long Lake' are placed in Minnesota?

Answer: At least 91.

33. Question: What is the rank of Minnesota as per area?

Answer: 12th largest state with 86,943 square miles.

34. Question: Where is the University of Minnesota located?

Answer: Twin cities.

35. Question: Where is the Science Museum of Minnesota located?

Answer: St. Paul.

37. Question: Where does the Minnesota annual state fair take place?

Answer: Saint Paul.

36. Question: Where can you find Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox?

Answer: Bemidji.

37. Question: Which is the richest city in Minnesota?

Answer: Dellwood.

38. Question: What is the state tree of Minnesota?

Answer: Red Pine.

39. Question: What is the state crop of Minnesota?

Answer: Corn.

40. Question: What is the national park in Minnesota called?

Answer: Voyageurs National Park.

41. Question: What is Minnesota's geographic center?

Answer: Crow Wing.

42. Question: Which famous mall is in Minnesota?

Answer: Mall of America.

People of Minnesota

There is a list of notable people born in Minnesota and who spent a significant part of life there. Do you know which famous people are from Minnesota? Take this quiz to know how what makes Minnesota unique.

43. Question: This famous singer is from Minneapolis, and he sang 'Purple Rain'. Who is he?

Answer: Prince.

44. Question: Who was the folk legend born in Hibbing as Robert Zimmerman?

Answer: Bob Dylan.

45. Question: He was a former governor and also a pro-wrestler. What is his name?

Answer: Jesse Ventura.

46. Question: Who were the brothers who directed, 'No Country for Old Men'?

Answer: The Coen Brothers.

47. Question: Who was the cartoonist of 'Peanuts' born in St. Paul?

Answer: Charles Schulz.

48. Question: Who designed the state flag of Minnesota?

Answer: Edward H.Center.

49. Question: Who was the radio host of the show, 'A Prairie Home Companion'?

Answer: Garrison Keillor.

50. Question: Who did Senator Rush Limbaugh choose to hold office?

Answer: Al Franken.

51. Question: Who from St. Paul served as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

Answer: Warren Burger.

52. Question: Who from Roseville acted in the movie 'MacGyver'?

Answer: Richard Dean Andreson.

Minnesota Sports Trivia

Learning more about Minnesota through this trivia is a fun time!

The state of Minnesota is known in the world as it consists of teams in all five major professional leagues. Do you have knowledge of Minnesota state trivia champions? Prove it to us by taking this quiz which also has Minnesota Vikings trivia, Minnesota Twins trivia, and University of Minnesota fun facts.

53. Question: Which is the official basketball team of Minnesota whose home is based in Minneapolis?

Answer: Minnesota Twins.

54. Question: What is the official football team of Minnesota whose home is based in Minneapolis?

Answer: Minnesota Vikings.

55. Question: How many NFL teams does the state have?

Answer: Five.

56. Question: In the history of games, has there ever been a 100 point NFL game?

Answer: Yes, 101 points on 22 December, 1963.

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