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Ultimate Avengers Trivia: 80+ Questions That Every MCU Fan Should Be Able To Answer

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Most of us have bid adieu to a decade of epic madness of Infinity Saga with Avengers Endgame.

A year to Endgame, and we still haven't moved on from its ending. The epic characters of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther, Ant Man, Spider Man, and many more superheroes have stayed in our heart.

Anyway, how much do you think you know about all the MCU movies? And, how many times have you rewatched all the Avengers movies? So we decided to have a little Marvel movie trivia quiz, which will be exclusive to MCU trivia questions. If you loved our Anime trivia and 'Lord Of The Rings' trivia, here is a chance for you to prove you are an ultimate avengers fan and you love MCU 3000! Let us get started with fun Marvel trivia questions and answers about Marvel movies trivia and find out if you know all the Avengers facts.

Trivia About MCU Dialogues

Avengers assemble


MCU movies are majorly famous due to the dialogues delivered by the characters in the movies. From "I am Iron Man" to "Avengers Assemble", we love them all. Now, let us see if you know the dialogues of your superheroes right. Take this ultimate avengers quiz!

1. Question: What did Thor call to Phill Coulson in the movie 'Thor'?

Answer: Son of Coul

2. Question: Who quoted the famous line of Avengers, "Whatever it takes"?

Answer: Captain America

3. Question: Who was the superhero within a loop of dialogue of "I came to bargain"?

Answer: Doctor Strange

4. Question: Who commented on Loki as "Puny God"?

Answer: Hulk

5. Question: Which superhero's fight backline was "I can do this all day"?

Answer: Captain America

6. Question: Which character was nagged by Tony Stark that if he is nothing without the suit, then he does not deserve it?

Answer: Spider Man

7. Question: Who said, "Nothing lasts forever"?

Answer: Black Widow

8. Question: Who was the character to give the philosophical learning, "Death is what gives life meaning"?

Answer: The Ancient One

9. Question:" There are no strings on me", this was said by which villain of MCU?

Answer: Ultron

10. Question: Which antagonist said, "Reality is often disappointing"?

Answer: Thanos

11. Question: Which character claimed that he is burdened with glorious purposes?

Answer: Loki

12. Question: In which movie did Groot first say "We are Groot"?

Answer: 'Guardian of the Galaxy Vol 1'

13. Question: In which movie Captain America finally says "Avengers Assemble"?

Answer: 'Avengers Endgame'

Trivia About Characters

We are sure that more than the movies, it is the character of the superheroes you loved. Be it, Captain America or Captain Marvel or Black Panther or Black Widow, they are loved everywhere and by everyone. Let us run a marvel superhero trivia questions and answers and test your MCU knowledge!

14. Question: In how many MCU movies does Phil Coulson make his appearance?

Answer: Five. They are Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, Avengers, Captain Marvel.

15. Question: In 'Iron Man 2', what was the fake name used by Black Widow?

Answer: Natalie Rushman

16. Question: Who is the actual father of Loki?

Answer: Laufey

17. Question: Which Avenger took training at the Kamar Taj?

Answer: Doctor Strange

18. Question: Nick Fury's middle name is?

Answer: Joseph

19. Question: Where does Dormammu live?

Answer: The Dark Dimension

20. Question: Who has fathered Thanos?

Answer: A'Lars

21. Question: Who does Tony befriend when stranded in 'Iron Man 3'?

Answer: A kid named Henry.

22. Question: What was the actual name of Doctor?

Answer: Doctor Stephen Strange

23. Question: How does Stan Lee cameo in 'Spider Man: Homecoming'?

Answer: He was a neighbor disturbed by a car alarm.

24. Question: In 'Thor Ragnarok', what was the Scrapper Number of Valkyrie?

Answer: 142

25. Question: In 'Avengers Infinity Wars', what is the elective class does Thor take on Asgard?

Answer: The class of learning the language of Groot

26. Question: What does Carol Danvers call Monica?

Answer: Lieutenant Trouble

27. Question: What kind of necklace does Peter buy for MJ in 'Spider Man: Far from Home'?

Answer: A black dahlia necklace

28. Question: What Captain America's shield made of?

Answer: Vibranium

29. Question: What is the full form of S.H.I.E.L.D?

Answer: Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division.

30. Question: What is Star Lord's mother's name?

Answer: Meredith

31. Question: What is the meaning of J.A.R.V.I.S?

Answer: J.A.R.V.I.S stands for just a rather very intelligent system. It was a tech assistant to Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man.

32. Question: Who was the father of Tony Stark?

Answer: Howard Stark

33. Question: In Wakanda, what are the female warriors referred to as?

Answer: Dora Milaje

34. Question: Empathic manipulation is a superpower of which character?

Answer: Mantis

35. Question: Who is the mentor of Doctor Strange?

Answer: The Ancient One

36. Question: In 'Avengers Endgame', who kills Thanos in the first half of the movie?

Answer: Thor.

37. Question: To which realm does Loki originally belong?

Answer: Jotunheim

39. Question: Who was the antagonist in Ant Man?

Answer: Yellowjacket, originally called Darren Cross.

40. Question: Who were the Revengers?

Answer: Revengers were a team of people who Thor assembles in 'Thor: Ragnarok'.

41. Question: Which alien force invaded New York in 'Avengers'?

Answer: The Chitauri

Trivia About The Plot

In MCU, the next best thing after the characters is the plot. The execution of the brilliant plots by the Russo brothers is something that keeps the audience, young and old hooked to their chair, even after the movie ends. Only a true MCU fan knows to stay till the last moment of a movie to see the post-credits scene. Now let us see if you know all the answers to this avengers trivia questions. Unleash the big MCU fanatic you are with this Marvel trivia game

42. Question: What color does Hawkeye's change into when Loki's scepter touches him in 'Avengers'?

Answer: Blue

43. Question: What was the reason Killmonger took the tribal mask from the museum?

Answer: He was feeling it

44. Question: Which of the infinity stones did Redskull keep?

Answer: Soul Stone

45. Question: How does Iron Man signal Spider Man to snatch Captain America's shield in 'Captain America: Civil War'?

Answer: By yelling "Underoos" to him

46. Question: Captain Marvel lived with which alien race from 1989 to 1995?

Answer: The Kree

47. Question: What was Scott Lang's job before he became the superhero, Ant Man?

Answer: He was a petty criminal.

48. Question: What did Thor lose while fighting against Hela?

Answer: His right eye

49. Question: In 'Avengers Infinity Wars', in which hand does Thanos wear the gauntlet?

Answer: His left hand

50. Question: Who cut Thor's hair in the movie 'Thor: Ragnarok'?

Answer: A character played by Stan Lee

51. Question: Who made the Infinity Gauntlet?

Answer: Eitri

52. Question: Who was the only Guardian of the Galaxy to survive the bloop in 'Avengers: Infinity War'?

Answer: Rocket

53. Question: What was the name of the Maximoff Twins?

Answer: Pietro and Wanda

54. Question: Who is the only Avenger who budged Mjolnir in 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'?

Answer: Captain America

55. Question: Who is the wife of Tony Stark?

Answer: Pepper Potts

55. Question: What color does Bruce Banner turn into when he is angry?

Answer: Green

56. Question: How did Bucky' die'?

Answer: He fell off a freight train.

57. Question: Who is Laura?

Answer: She is Hawkeye's wife.

58. Question: In the first Avengers movie, how many avengers do we see?

Answer: 6

59. Question: What do the Avengers eat at the post-credit scene in the first Avengers movie?

Answer: Shawarma

60. Question: In the first Iron Man movie, where is Tony Stark taken to?

Answer: Afghanistan

61. Question: Which of the infinity stones did give Wanda her powers?

Answer: Mind Stone

62. Question: Which company was run by Tony Stark?

Answer: Stark Industries

63. Question: In Captain America: The First Avenger, what is the rank of Chester Philips?

Answer: Colonel

64. Question: Everett Ross worked for which organization?

Answer: CIA

65. Question: Which of the infinity stones was with Ronan for a short time?

Answer: Power Stone

Trivia About The Cast

The casting of the MCU movies has been done brilliantly, more so with the actors doing their job wonderfully. There are many anecdotes that went behind the scenes of the movie. If you are a true MCU buff, answer these avengers quizzes.

66. Question: Which Sherlock star was present in MCU apart from Benedict Cumberbatch?

Answer: Martin Freeman

67. Question: Which Chris among the 3 played the character Star-Lord?

Answer: Chris Patt

68. Question: Paul Bettany gave the voiceover of which character before starring as Vision?

Answer: J.A.R.V.I.S

69. Question: Who was the actor to play the role of War Machine?

Answer: Dean Cheadle

70. Question: Who played the character of the Winter Soldier?

Answer: Sebastian Stan

71. Question: Natalie Portman plays which character in Thor?

Answer: Jane

72. Question: Who is the MCU star who got an opportunity to direct 2 MCU films himself?

Answer: Jon Favreau

73. Question: Which two actors played Spider Man before Tom Holland?

Answer: Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield

74. Question: Who played the War Machine before Dean Cheadle?

Answer: Terrence Howard

75. Question: Which two actors played Hulk?

Answer: Edward Norton and Mark Ruffalo

76. Question: The legendary Chinese actor Wang Xueqi played which character in Iron Man 3?

Answer: Dr. Wu

77. Question: Who directed 'Thor: The Dark World'?

Answer: Alan Taylor

78. Question: Who are the actors who have Chris as their first name in the MCU?

Answer: Steve Rogers played by Chris Evans, Thor played by Chris Hemsworth, and Star Lord by Chris Patt.

79. What role did Karen Gillian play in the MCU movies?

Answer: Nebula

Trivia About The Movies

Let us get started with the Avengers' quiz to know if you know your MCU movie right. And yes, we will see a lot of 'Avengers Endgame' trivia and 'Avengers Infinity War' trivia questions.

80. Question: In which movie does Tony get married?

Answer: 'Avengers Infinity War'

81. Question: In which movie does Black widow make her first appearance

Answer: 'Iron Man 2'

82. Question: In which movie can you see Avengers ship named Helicarrier?

Answer: 'Avengers'

83. Question: In which movie does Steve Rogers meet Bucky Barnes again?

Answer: 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier'

84. Question: In which Avenger movie do we see the first appearance of the Maximoff twins?

Answer: 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

85. Question: Which movie doesn't have post-credits?

Answer: 'Avengers: Endgame'

Miscellaneous MCU Trivia Quiz

Let us check your overall MCU knowledge with this general Marvel quiz.

86. Question: Which radiation is Bruce Banner tolerant to?

Answer: Gamma Radiation

87. Question: Which city has been shown the most number of times in MCU?

Answer: New York

87. Question: In 'Avengers Infinity War', Bruce Banner loses which power?

Answer: He cannot turn into Hulk

88. Question: In Avengers, where is Bruce Banner first spotted?

Answer: Calcutta, India

89. Question: Who does Hulk thrash multiple times in Avengers?

Answer: Loki

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for MCU Trivia, then why not take a look at 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' trivia or DC comics trivia.

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