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Our newsletter provides amazing ideas and inspiration for you and your family. Keep the kids happy with entertaining and educational ideas and inspire a love of learning while having lots of fun. From quotes to quizzes, coloring to crafts, baking to badminton and great days out to great days in, Kidadl is your home for family Edutainment.

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All of our content is aligned with Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences and is curated, researched and hand-picked by parents to enrich the lives of your children.

Arts & Crafts

Craft up a storm with hundreds of inspirational ideas for mini masterpieces in the making and the whole family get involved.

Reading & Writing

Enhance your kids’ linguistic and verbal skills in a fun way with our bank of educational resources.

Maths & Logic

Find the answers to curriculum-based logical and mathematical problems - and how to explain them to your kids.

Sports & Active

We’ve got hundreds of winning activities for the whole family to stay fit and healthy whether you’re at home or out and about.

Music & Dance

Make the most of your children’s natural musicality and movement with hundreds of ideas to inspire even the youngest melody makers and dancing divas.

Social & Community

From helping collect litter to volunteering with charities, we’re here to help teach your kids how they can contribute to the world they live in.

Mindful & Reflective

Practical advice from our team of expert writers on how to teach kids about meditation, mindfulness and more.

Outdoor & Nature

Embrace nature as a family with our insider tips on all the best places to visit according to the ages of your kids.

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Whether you're entertaining a toddler or a teenager, our simple age sorting tab allows you to easily find curated lists of fun-packed activities and home-learning ideas to meet your needs.

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