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"I've found so many great lockdown ideas and activities to do at home with my daughter on Kidadl - we love it!"
Sadia J.
Lives in Crouch End
“I would highly recommend it for busy parents who need ideas and shortcuts to keep the little ones occupied and happy.”
Miles M.
Lives in London
I love the brilliant ideas that Kidadl sends me each week and have come to rely on them. Their weekly dose of inspiration has been a life changer. My son just turned one, so I really appreciated the suggestions for creating an extra special birthday celebration during lockdown. Please keep it coming!
Katy K.
Lives in Whetstone
"Our daughter was mesmerised by the homemade ideas from your baby sensory article - thanks so much for helping her experience new things despite lockdown!"
Lives in London
“I get so many useful ideas from the Kidadl newsletter at the minute that my three-year-old daughter is never short of things to do. So much so that she hasn’t complained once about her new lockdown routine, I actually think she might prefer it!”
Susan P.
Lives in London
The Kidadl Story

Kidadl was started by mums who are passionate about helping other parents

After being endlessly frustrated by the lack of useful digital tools for families, mums Hannah and Sophie created Kidadl to give parents what they genuinely needed. The result is an app, website and engaged community built on empowering each and every one of us to provide the richest childhood for our kids, whether in lockdown or the great outdoors.

Right now we're taking it one day at a time and helping families get through lockdown and beyond with amazing family memories being made along the way.

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