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In Greek, the name Alexander means 'defender or warrior'.

Alexander is the Latin version of the Greek name 'Alexandros'. The name became widely popular because of Alexander the Great, who was history's one of the most powerful military commanders.

The name was a popular one throughout history. Coming to its popularity, the name Alexander has remained in the top 20 names for baby boys for more than 20 years. Alexander Graham Bell is another famous personality with the same name.

Baby Alexander was the most popular name from 2008-2015. In 2020, the name was the 10th most popular name for baby boys in the US. The name Alexander is also a preferred choice among Romanian parents. There are many famous persons with the name of Alexander such as Alexander Hamilton, Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander the Great, and more who have popularized the name.

Nicknames are given to our dear ones to show our love and affection. Nicknames are just short forms of longer names but can include other names also. If you are searching for a good nickname for your friends or siblings whose name is Alexander, here is a compiled list of funny, cute, cool, and famous nicknames for Alexander. Go through the list of these names and pick the one that you think is unique and charming.

Funny Nicknames For Alexander

Funny and delightful nicknames for Alexander will add fun to your life. These nicknames are easy to remember and pronounce and can be used by anyone. Here are a few nickname suggestions that will be a perfect nickname for someone you dearly love.

  • A Legx - For the boy who has long legs.
  • Ace - Very cool.
  • Alakesander - One of the funny nicknames for Alexander.
  • Alaster - Acute and handsome guy who is fun to hang out with.
  • Alcander - One of the nicknames for Alexander.
  • Ale - oops - It is quite a creative name.
  • Ale Ale - For the fan of short names.
  • Alien - A funny name for Alexander that you can try.
  • Ale-mazing - For the amazing Alexander.
  • Ale-ooops - A funny name for someone who is unorganized.
  • Alex Flex - For the playful Alexander who is close to you.
  • Alex Thunder - Just a name change of Alexander for fun.
  • Alexalandra - A name that will make anyone laugh.
  • Alexandario - One of the funny nicknames for Alexander you will love to use.
  • Alexander the Weak - A variation of Alexander the great for those who are lazy
  • Alexina - One of thehilarious nicknames for Alexander usually used for a girl
  • Alexity - A different nickname for Alexander
  • A-Licks - A suitable name for a charming personality
  • Alixandra - Tease Alexander with this girl's name when you want to have some fun
  • Allie-Cat - For someone flirtatious
  • Al-ligator - Inspired by the word alligator
  • Ally bo - For a cute little Alexander
  • Alo - The o sound turns it into a charming nickname
  • Aloco - A Spanish name for someone who drives you crazy
  • Alondra - Say it when you want to share some laughs
  • Alyosha - A Russian name, better used as a pet name
  • Andro - Sounds fun and different
  • A-Rod - This is the nickname of an American baseball player whose full name is Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez
  • Dro - Just turn the der in Alexander to Dro
  • Ender - A shortened version of Alexander
  • Ex - For Alexander with the 'x' factor
  • Fed-Ex - Thename of the courier service for those who are always busy
  • Ginger Ale-X - Sweet and spicy like the drink ginger ale
  • Insta Ale - Call Alexander who is always on social media by this nickname
  • Lander - For the sports lover
  • Lex - Lex nickname will wear well for a bold personality. It is a diminutive of Alexander, lesser used than Alex ideal for those looking for a unique name
  • Lexam - A combination name for lectures and exams. Ideal nickname for a studious Alexander
  • Lexan - A Greek origin name. Ideal nickname for those who are stable and responsible
  • Lexatron - Ideal for a Nicki Minaj fan called Alex whose album was titled Megatron
  • Lexie Gray - For those with gray hair
  • Lexie Lou - Thename of a Canadian racehorse
  • Lexing - Just a variation of the nickname Lex
  • Lexington - A city in the US state of Kentucky
  • Lexman - Cool friends can give this one of the coolest nicknames to Alexander
  • Laxer - Foran awesome boy
  • Lexter - Similar to Dexter from the famous cartoon
  • Lexurious - For a sophisticated girl named Alexandra
  • Lynx - Is a type of wild animal that belongs to the feline family
  • Miraculous Alexander - Ideal nickname for Alexander who you are impressed with
  • Mr. Alexander - When you want to sound satirical
  • Sanie - For the one who is mentally sound. You can even emphasis more on the letter e
  • Smart Lexy - For the smartest Alexander in your group
  • Stupidex - For the silly fellow; refer to him whenever he does something silly
  • T-Rex - Like the dinosaur T-Rex
  • Xela - A funny name that has letters from the name Alexander

Cute Nicknames For Alexander

Cute nicknames for Alexander include shortened versions of the full name ideal for your baby boy. Alexander is a long name and as your baby grows he will get many short names like Alex, Al, Zan, and others in his life. These nicknames for Alexander can be given to a child by their family members.

  • A - Simply call A which stands for Alexander.
  • A-Bell - This name is derived from the renowned scientist Alexander Bell
  • Adrian - A Latin name that can be used as a nickname for Alexander
  • Al - A short nickname that gives a friendly vibe. It is a short form for many names including Alexandra.
  • Al-choo - Similar to the sound of sneezing for someone who always catches cold
  • Alder - Germanic meaning is to adhere
  • Alec - A cute and unique name that ends with a c and not an x. Though it is an old nickname for Alexander it is less used compared to Alex. Alec is one of the classic Greek names for boys.
  • Aleck - Rude and sarcastic, but sweet and sensitive too
  • Alecks - A variation of the nickname Aleck
  • Alecs - A variation of the nickname Alec
  • Alek - A rare nickname for Alexander
  • Aleks - A variation for Alek
  • Aleksandra - A cool name variation that can be easily remembered
  • Aleksius - A variation name of Alexander. Aleksius also means defender or warrior
  • Alena - Strong-willed and determined
  • Aleron - A unique but cute nickname for Alexander
  • Ales - One of theshort nicknames for Alexander
  • Aleski - For a beautiful human being who lights up everyone's life
  • Alex Frost - Full name Alexander Robert Frost is an American actor known for his role in Elephant
  • Alexan - Ashort nickname derived from Alexander
  • Alexanderie - Use it to tease Alexander
  • Alexey - An easy to say and remember nickname for Alexander
  • Alexio - A Greek nickname for Alexander
  • Alexito - Nicknames for Alexander thatsounds good
  • Alexus - For the adorable little Alexander
  • Aley - Is not one of the trending nicknames for Alexander. You can use it if you are searching for a rare nickname
  • Ali - From the Arabic language, which means 'smart and intelligent'.
  • Ali-Belle - Rhyming nickname for Alexander
  • Alix - A similar nickname to Alex. Alix can be used as a nickname for one of your closest friends
  • Alkeos - For the caring and thoughtful
  • Alla - A unique name for boys
  • Ally - Fresh and spirited name for Alexander
  • Ally-boo - A cute name for a baby whose name is Alexander
  • Ally-Darlin - For someone who is a darling
  • Aloha - In the Hawaiian language, Aloha means greeting
  • Alyx - Theperfect boy. Its Greek meaning is 'helper'.
  • Alz - A Belgian slang for chill or alright
  • Andy - A not-so-trending name that not only works for Andrews, but for Alexander too
  • Axe - General meaning is a tool
  • Axel - Cute and funny nickname
  • Axx - Say it with more stress on the letter x
  • Baxter - A wonderful boy
  • Baxxel - A unique nickname that sounds cute too
  • Bro-Lex - A name for a brother named Alexander
  • Dex - Dex is a cute nickname and has all the letters in the name Alexander
  • Lester - A nickname for Alexander who is handsome and outgoing
  • Sweet Alexandre - For someone who is super sweet
  • Xandri - Use this cool name when you want to show some love

Cool Nicknames For Alexander

Share with the world the below cool nicknames for Alexander. These modern nicknames are a great way to connect with your dear Alexander. Cool nicknames for Alexander are usually given by a friend or sibling. If you are struggling to find nicknames for Alexander, the below list goes pretty well with any Alexander in your life.

  • Aleca - A clever guy.
  • Alejo - Call your friend Alejo whose name is Alexander
  • Aleksey - For a mature and well-educated Alexander
  • Alesandro - Refer to this nickname for a sincerely nice boy
  • Alexas - A name variation for the nickname Alexa
  • Alick - A name form of Alexander
  • Alik - Name of an Armenian footballer
  • Alyc - A variation nickname for Alyk
  • Alyck - One of the trending nicknames for Alexander
  • Alyk - Fun boy with a great smile
  • Alysander - For a boy who is compassionate and idealistic
  • Anders - Reliable person who is a warrior
  • Axl - A controversial human being
  • Dexy - An even shorter name
  • Iksander - A stylish nickname for Alexander
  • Ixsander - Replace k with x to make it sound unique
  • Leccy - In the UK, Leccy is slang for electricity.
  • Lex Luther - For comic book fans,Lex Luther is a perfect nickname as it is a character from the DC series Superman
  • Lexander - A creative name for Alexander
  • Lexicon - Who has a good vocabulary
  • Lexie - Ideal for a smart Alexander
  • Lynx Alec - A unique and creative name
  • Sander - A boy who is just awesome for others
  • Sanders - An awesome boy
  • Sandie - Meaning wonderful
  • Sasha - Though Sasha sounds like a girl's name, family members of baby boys have also embraced this name. For example - Shakira, the singer, and Gerard Pique, a soccer player have named their sons Milan and Sasha. Sasha is also a common Russian nickname.
  • The Great - A nickname originating from Alexander The Great
  • The Lion - From the Madagascar-inspired character called Alex The Lion
  • Tough guy - This nickname comes from the meaning of Alexander, that is, defender or warrior.
  • Xan - This nickname has the sound of Alex Xan der. Yet Xan is a rare nickname. One of the extended British royal family member's name is Xan Windsor.
  • Xandy - A unique nickname for the coolest Alexander
  • Zan - A unique nickname for Alexander
  • Zane - For someone who is extremely good looking

Famous Nicknames For Alexander

The name Alexander is a strong and traditional name for your baby boy. Being used throughout history, the name remains trendy even today. A great source of nicknames is the names of famous people such as Alexander Hamilton (founding father of the US), and Alexander Skarsgard (Swedish actor). Such names are usually given by parents to their sons to boost their morale. There are several such instances where Alexander is used as a family name. It is not unusual for a family to have more than one member named Alexander. However, can sure maintain a difference in the nicknames. Check out the list of famous nicknames for Alexander given below and choose the one that you would like to go with.

  • Addie - The German meaning is sweet or pleasant.
  • Adonis - Means a very handsome young person
  •  Adryan - A Latin derivation boy's name
  • Alandra - From the Greek language
  • Alasdair - Fromthe Gaelic language
  • Alastair - From the Scottish language
  • Alastrina - From the Greek language
  • Alban - A boy from Alba
  • Aleastriona - From the Irish language
  • Alejandro - From the Spanish language
  • Aleksander - From Albanian and Denmark language
  • Aleksandr - From the Russian language
  • Alessandra - Variation in Spanish and Italian
  • Alessandro - In the Italian language
  • Alex - The most common and famous gender-neutral nickname. It is a short form of formal names such as Alexander used for boys and Alexandra used for girls.
  • Alex The Lion - A character from the Madagascar animated series
  • Alexa - Popular as Amazon's smart device. This nickname is relatively well used in the US.
  • Alexander Chilton - An American singer and songwriter
  • Alexander Falko - A character from the movie MouseHunt
  • Alexander Fleming - Famous personwho founded penicillin
  • Alexander Galchenyuk - An American NFL player
  • Alexander Graham Bell - Famous personality andinventor of the telephone
  • Alexander Hamilton - Alexander Hamilton was well known as the founding father of the United States.
  • Alexander Hartdegen - Character in the book 'The Time Machine'.
  • Alexander Jr - When you have two members named Alexander. Refer to the youngest one as Jr.
  • Alexander McQueen - This famous personality was a British fashion designer.
  • Alexander Ovechkin - Russian professional hockey player
  • Alexander Pierce - A character from the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Alexander Skarsgaard - Alexander Skarsgaard is a Swedish actor known for his role in the TV show True Blood
  • Alexander Smith - Alexander Smith was an NFL player for the Washington Redskins
  • Alexander Turner - An English singer and songwriter
  • Alexander Van Halen - American musician is well known as the drummer of the rock band Van Halen
  • Alexandr - From the Czech language
  • Alexandre - From the French language
  • Alexandrine - From the German language
  • Alexandros - From the Greek language
  • Alexandru - Call him lovingly by this nickname
  • Alexanne - One of thebest possible nicknames for Alexander
  • Alexei - From the Russian language
  • Alexene - Another versionin the Greek language
  • Alexia - Similar to Alex and Alexis
  • Alexios - In the Greek language you call Alexander Alexios
  • Alexis - One of the top gender-neutral names used for both Alexander and Alexandra.
  • Alicio - For the perfectionist
  • Aliki - Another one in the German language
  • Alissandre - Related to the Greek name Alexandra, but isalso used as a boy's name.
  • Allie - For those who have lots of friends
  • Alsander - From the Irish language
  • Alyosha - A Russian name
  • Amadeus - Means Love of God
  • Andre - Means brave or warrior
  • Atlas - General meaning book of maps
  • Eskandar - From the Persian language
  • Eskander - From the Persian language for Alexander
  • Fergie Time - The term is used as a famous soccer reference. Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson and his team used to enjoy extra time goals called Fergie Time. Fergie is used in context with Ferguson.
  • Iskander - From the Arabic language, meaning one more
  • Lexo - One of the top trending nicknames which means defender or warrior
  • Sacha - From the Russian language
  • Sandor - Short form of Alexander in Hungarian
  • Sandro - Short form of Alexander in Greek
  • Sandros - From the Hungarian language
  • Sandy - A diminutive name of Alexander in Scottish. It is an unusual baby boy name that is not heard frequently for baby Alexander.
  • Xander - A name for an outgoing and fun person. This name became famous when one of the characters was named Xander on the popular tv show Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
  • Xane - A variation of the name Xan
  • Zandra - Variation of Sandra for Alexander. A name that is rarely heard and is associated with British Fashion designer Zandra Rhodes
  • Zandro - From the Slavic language

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