Cook The Best Italian Recipes With A TV Chef

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What to expect

Cooking is fun and food is even more exciting when you help make it. Join TV chef Joe Hurd at the Scran School, which aims to teach parents and kids all of the best Italian recipes in a safe and fuss-free way. Joe's online cookery school is a great way for kids to learn a bit more about what they're cooking and ask any questions they might have. As well as sharing the recipes on the Scran School Instagram, Joe also posts the ingredients list and some general knowledge about the food you're making.

The cook-alongs are 10 minutes long, and you'll have a blast cooking up a storm in the kitchen with the Yorkshire chef, whose delivery of the class is easy to follow. You'll follow recipes for yummy meals like meatballs, tasty desserts like tiramisu, and even learn how to make your own delicious pasta. Sounds difficult? Think again. There is no need to book, just head to Joe's Instagram or Facebook pages for a live session each day. You'll be able to find the ingredients on his Instagram page prior to the class. Joe will choose a theme each week and he'll cook simple meals whilst outlining the processes and methods he’s using throughout, helping kids to gain a broad understanding of how meals are put together. No need to order more Italian cookbooks, this class is a great way to see and experience new dishes that you may like. A nice bitesize approach to a Food Technology lesson while kids are out of school - try one now!

What you’ll need

  • Some basic ingredients, which Joe will provide prior to his class on Instagram.
  • Make sure you have a good WiFi connection for the best user experience.

What you’ll do

  • The Scran School's free step-by-step videos are uploaded each day to their Instagram and Facebook pages.
  • You will learn how to cook simple meals and understand how they are put together. Maybe after a few classes, you'll have a mini food connoisseur on your hands.
  • For more ideas for little food lovers, check out The Kids' Kitchen or get stuck into a healthy Jamie Oliver cook-along.




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Hello Scran School students of Facebook! Apologies for the late upload today, but we're still in time for dinner... Got any leftovers from yesterday's risotto? Never fear, we've got the perfect solution here for you - some might say it's even better than the risotto itself; arancini! Learn to make these incredibly tasty little pieces of Italian goodness in this easy to follow recipe video. Let us know how you get on!

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Hey Scran Schoolers! In the first of this week's two recipes with Riso Gallo, you'll learn to crack the perfect risotto. The ingredients couldn't be simpler; the magic's in how you cook it! We're also awarding prizes to the best Scran Student dishes this week over on our instagram, so be sure to check it out and show us what you've made.

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Today we make Cotoletta Milanese, a hearty breaded cutlet and firm family favourite. Equipment: Frying pan, knife, chopping board, mixing bowls x3, kitchen paper towelsIngredients:1 chicken breast/beef steak OR 1 aubergine as vegetarian alternative200g breadcrumbs1 egg150g flour50g parmesan1 bunch of parsleyBag of rocketCherry tomatoes1 LemonOlive oilSunflower or veg oil for frying

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For day two of Scran School Live, we're rustling up a very special dish from Gennaro Contaldo. A breautiful dish not to be confused with gnocchi! Here's what you'll need:Equipment:A knifeMixing bowlSaucepanFrying panChopping boardIngredients:140g ricotta cheese100g 00 flour or plain white30g parmesan2 egg yolksPepper and saltHalf a tin of tomatoesFresh mintOlive oil

Posted by Scran School on Tuesday, 28 April 2020
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Scran School

Part-Italian but Yorkshire-born, TV chef Joe Hurd has launched the Scran School to teach parents and kids all of the best Italian recipes in a safe and fuss-free way. His aim is to teach kids and their parents the fundamentals of good cooking through the tastiest Italian dishes.

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