Explosive Science Sessions With The Potty Professor

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Subjects: Science

What to expect

If your children are missing their explosive science experiments at school, there are lots of ways to keep learning at home. Join the Potty Professor in his fun laboratory for wacky and fun science experiments live-streamed on his Facebook page Buzz Kids Parties. Aimed at children 4-12 years old (although anyone is welcome to join in the fun), these sessions are the perfect opportunity to get your child back to the classroom.

What can you expect from a class? These will be interactive videos showing some really amazing experiments to help your children learn the wonders of science in the comfort of your own homes. And the best bit - you may even get to try some of the experiments. The Potty Professor will demonstrate how to make slime, a homemade lava lamp and an erupting volcano in his live science show. Your children won't believe their eyes when they see the magic of science. They will soon discover that things that may seem impossible can be done with good old-fashioned know-how.

Get ready for some crazy science experiments and activities that will help your kids learn and use time at home productively. Who said you can’t learn and have fun at the same time?! So, put on your lab coat, grab your safety goggles and enjoy the best science class online for mini scientists. If you love science, check out these 6 Top Lockdown Live Science Sessions for Kids.

What you’ll need

  • Pen and paper - The Potty Professor will list the items required for you to recreate afterwards. So, be ready to take notes.
  • Make sure you have a good WiFi connection for the best user experience.

What you’ll do

  • The live sessions are on every weekday at 3.30pm until 9th April.
  • These are live science classes streamed on Facebook for your kids aged 4-12 years old. The Potty Professor will demonstrate explosive science experiments.
  • If you want even more science classes, check out Wacky Wednesdays or Live Science Classes With CBBC's Maddie Moate.




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