Football Coaching Sessions For Beginners And Youngsters

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Subjects: Physical Education

What to expect

If you are looking for the perfect live-streamed football for beginners classes, father-of-four Robert Francis is coaching kids at home. Little kickers can learn ball skills from the comfort of their own sitting rooms during the period of lockdown. You can expect weekly training hints, drills and tips to help youngsters improve their games.

There's no need to feel like your young children are missing out on starting to play football. Just make sure you tune in every Friday to the live ball mastery sessions stream on Facebook. During this 30 minute football for kids session, Robert will clearly explain the exercises whilst eldest brother Luke demonstrates the drills, helped out by his younger brother Finley.  You may wonder if it's possible to play football indoors, but the exercises have been devised to be safe for indoor play. Toddlers and young kids will learn all the basic skills they need to play the sport, and they will develop football juggling, dribbling and defending skills, plus lots more, in these free sessions. Mums, dads and siblings are all encouraged to take part.

Home is the ideal environment for beginners to perfect their football skills! More advanced players can check out the coach's other classes instead.

What you’ll need

  • A football and a couple of markers.
  • Clear some space in the living room or garden so you have room to move.
  • Make sure you are wearing comfy clothes and trainers.

What you’ll do

  • The live sessions are on at 5.30pm every Friday.
  • These are live football sessions for kids. Robert will clearly explain his ball mastery exercises, including shuffles and dribbling techniques, whilst his children demonstrate.
  • Want to keep practising your football skills after? Little Kickers is another great class for under 8s.




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Stay At Home Football

Robert Francis is a father and stay-at-home football coach from Romford in Essex.  He is now streaming live football coaching sessions for girls and boys of all ages to practice at home whilst in lockdown.

With Robert's family helping him demonstrate exercises, his aim is to keep us all kicking the ball with a series of regular Facebook and YouTube live streams.

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